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Eliza Dushku's Alleged Abuser Responds to Allegations, Calls Them 'Atrocious Lies'

Eliza Dushku's Alleged Abuser Responds to Allegations, Calls Them 'Atrocious Lies'

Joel Kramer, the True Lies stunt coordinator who Eliza Dushku has accused of sexually assaulting her at the age of 12, is speaking out to deny the accusations made against him.

Kramer told THR that the allegations are “atrocious lies” and that he is already getting death threats because of them. He says he did spend time with Eliza as she stated in her story, but that he was never alone with her.

“We took care of her like she was our kid,” he said. “I don’t ever remember being alone with her. ‘Luring’ her up to my hotel room, is just crazy.”

Kramer claims that Eliza had a crush on him, something he says an assistant on set alerted him to. He said, “I don’t know what goes through a young girl’s mind, I don’t know what goes through anyone’s mind. Something set her off somewhere.”

While Kramer plans on talking to a lawyer, he will not countersue if this goes to court. “I’m not even angry, I’m just so hurt,” he said. “I’m probably going to have to talk to an attorney at some point, that will cost me thousands of dollars to get to the bottom of this, but why would I want to countersue and ruin her life? It’s a lose-lose for everybody.”

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  • Will

    So because he’s now receiving abuse after abusing her he can’t take it, no surprise there.

  • Casey C

    oh sweetie, like you could ruin her life

  • HG

    Her story is completing horrifying. I can’t even fathom going through something like that at 12 years old, or any age for that matter. :(

  • Anna Nguyen

    how do we even know her story is true? not fair to condemn a person when all we have is her words vs his

  • gwen

    No I’m sorry. I don’t buy his version at all.

  • Sansa Squad

    the rate of false accusation for sexually based crimes is estimated at 2-3%, which, for context, is about the same as any other crime. (and that’s just the ones that get reported – the majority of these instances sadly go unreported because they’re so hard to prove.) so to automatically assume she’s lying is not only cruel, it’s statistically unlikely. the myth that women frequently make up stories about sexual assault/abuse just to ruin men’s lives is a lie propagated by guilty men to discredit their victims… tell me, *what* would she have to gain by lying about this? she says herself she told people when it happened, and no one did anything. I have trouble believing a 12 year-old would make something like that up out of nowhere for malicious reasons (but hey, maybe I’m naive). at the end of the day, if it really is just her word against his, I can live with myself for believing her if it turns out she’s one of that tiny percentage of liars, but if it turns out HE’S lying about his innocence (which is something MOST abusers tend to do), I’d feel awfully guilty for doubting her. just a thought.

  • Kat

    The last line sounded like an abuser type of line ” I could ruin your life”, you can try. Delusional men everywhere these days.
    Funny how he wants to plant that she was in love with him, sure Bob

  • j.


  • ShellBell

    Something else to add to it is when she was acting on Buffy and other shows when she was younger, she did interviews saying she didn’t want to do love/sex scenes because of earlier experiences. She said this around 99-03 so a long time before these allegations came out. It might not have anything to do with her allegations but as many know who have been abused, the thought of being touched even if it’s innocent can still chill you even years later.

  • sunny_dayze

    Creep…you ruined her life years ago. And no doubt more will come forward. I applaud each and every one of them.

  • gwen

    Hi Cool Boots! Another round of impersonating me, I noticed that after you made posts in my name, you also start posting from the account you made in Harryetcraig’s name!

  • Johnny Sack-Sacrimony

    Why would she lie? For attention ?

  • Teresa

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  • Jonathan Alexander

    look at hollywood… their perspective on life is so fucked.. that they will promote their own movie in the midst of true lies. “atrocious lies”,, anyone got a better adverb for hollywood? how about “hypocritical lies” thats a doc i wanna make on youtube, this doc of videos i can easily merge together and throw a voice over details how far id theoretically shove a stick up ur ass. “theoretical truth”

  • dee

    he doesnt know what goes through a young girls mind??? is he fucking serious…? what a fucking cop out. hope he burns in hell.