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Aziz Ansari Responds to Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Aziz Ansari Responds to Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Aziz Ansari is now speaking out after a sexual misconduct allegation made against the 34-year-old actor and comedian by a 23-year-old Brooklyn-based photographer was published on Saturday (January 13).

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“In September of last year, I met a woman at a party. We exchanged numbers. We texted back and forth and eventually went on a date. We went out to dinner, and afterwards we ended up engaging in sexual activity, which by all indications was completely consensual,” Aziz wrote in a statement on Sunday (January 14).

“The next day, I got a text from her saying that although ‘it may have seemed okay,’ upon further reflection, she felt uncomfortable. It was true that everything did seem okay to me, so when I heard that it was not the case for her, I was surprised and concerned. I took her words to heart and responded privately after taking the time to process what she had said. I continue to support the movement that is happening in our culture. It is necessary and long overdue.”

To read the original allegation, head to Babe.

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  • bree buckley

    Oh, how enlightening! Ha.

  • Granpa0

    Regret = rape in 2018 .. someone should have told him

  • Harjit Hamsafar

    Aziz is ugly

  • whatdoido
  • Kathryn

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  • Hattie McDish

    I’d have to be pretty drunk to get down with this dude. Creep factor is high.

  • sheigh

    Every man has an excuse…

  • StanUlam

    The “regret” Rapist Ansari is expressing rings hollow everywhere.


    Most overrated comedian like ever but he did nothing wrong.she’s looking for fame or money.

  • MansaMusa

    the woman has buyer’s remorse. grow up. real rapes that need investigating are taking a backseat to this bullshit and wasting precious resources(didn’t want to say MANpower and trigger anyone).

  • moody

    If he apologized to her privately and if she accepted it, why did she go public? Attention?

  • Shelby

    Gross but probably not criminal. Girls need to say no and not feel pressured to do anything. It would be nice too if men could focus more on the females cues than pointing to their own. Seriously? How crass and obnoxious. Oh how I feel for this girl but live and learn and move on. This wasn’t force.

  • mw webster

    she regrets having done it, however he didn’t rape her bc it was consensual. bringing this “non rape” story to the media is unconscionable and mean on her part bc it is a serious and criminal allegation which he doesn’t deserve.

  • Anna

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  • Flying_postman

    We men don’t use “cues” as communication like women/girls but women should make a better effort to verbalize those cues that men must magically interpret and these incidents will always continue to occur when it’s the guys responsibility to initiate sex. My suspicion in Ansari’s accuser wasn’t that she afraid for her safety but rather her fear was in losing a solid Hollywood networking opportunity and being potentially shut/frozen out from that circle.

  • 777

    No one can accuse me of being his fan, i find him not funny at all and just annoying, but he did nothing wrong here. These accusations actually piss me off because this is exactly the kind of crap that make people not believe victims and true victims being afraid to speak up.

  • Fawkes

    Flirty fast-talking entitled brats who think they’re God’s gift, married or not, who’ve become famous often miss social cues because of their narcissism. There are some men who think no or not now only means try harder.

  • Michael

    If this was in video format, nobody would hesitate in calling it revenge porn.

  • しょうがない

    I agree that this wasn’t real “rape” and calling it that is definitely trivializing real rape victims. I disagree that there was totally nothing wrong with what he did. MANY women have been in such situations, where they showed they weren’t down but the guy kept pushing and it made them uncomfortable.

    Why does the guy keep pushing? Why should we just accept that as okay? I get it, men are “sexually aggressive by nature”. But in this day and age, there’s got to be less coddling of that. Respect of boundaries for both parties needs to be taught.

  • しょうがない

    I agree that this wasn’t really “rape” and calling it that is definitely trivializing real rape victims and being completely dismissive of this man’s career. I disagree that there was totally nothing wrong with what he did. MANY women have been in such situations, where they showed they weren’t down but the guy kept pushing and it made them uncomfortable.

    Why does the guy keep pushing? Why should we just accept that as okay? I get it, men are “sexually aggressive by nature”. But in this day and age, there’s got to be less coddling of that. Respect of boundaries for both parties needs to be taught.

  • Ronald Youre

    Isn’t great how anonymous people can just post unsubstantiated claims online and ruin someone’s career or life!

  • Bobby Victory

    You just said men are sexually aggressive by nature. Perhaps someone should put themselves in a sexual situation and the entire thing could be avoided. It was consensual, boundaries are out the door lol.

  • wearing

    Just because one person over exaggerated doesn’t mean the entire movement should be blown up. grow up.

  • wearing

    we need to stop making babies with men who are sexually aggressive. take it out of their genes.

  • Bill Reagan

    You’re right. He either knew she wasn’t into it and didn’t care (this), or he is the most myopic, out of touch dude that ever walked. Decent men need only the slightest hint that the game is not on. It’s really *not complicated at all*. At all. Especially for men over 17.

    That being said, it seems some women appear to need assertiveness training. There’s a kind of lack of agency or infantilizing that keeps coming up in these situations. I think this is a disservice to women. There’s nothing wrong with saying “Dude, you need to chill the F out. Now.” Yes, we can all agree that most of the time most women shouldn’t have to, but that’s not reality. It’s the equivalent of wishing teens don’t have sex so you remove condoms from the equation. Wrong move. Teens will fool around, always. Some men will press the issue, always.

    Be assertive. Use words, get up and leave. Even if this seems unjust or not totally correct, it is actionable right now. And it’s much more reasonable than this protracted war against the unknowable patriarchy and so-called rape culture. None of that works because it’s fake (or, at best, empirically elastic). The question ‘is rape OK’ never came up at any time in my life, ever. I never needed a goddamned class to tell me that cruelty is wrong. “Rape culture” is going after something that doesn’t exist. Rapists rape and they will do so regardless of how many times you tell them not to. That’s because they’re rapists. As a regular red-blooded man person, the idea of solving these issues with the premise that all men are default rapers is sheer lunacy. Let’s reverse the sexes: Some women kill their babies, so let’s start a nation-wide movement to educate all women that killing babies is bad (mm’kay). Total madness on its face.

  • MansaMusa

    grow up and go home. homeboy put a gun to nobody’s head. women need to take responsibility and speak up. If my little cousin can speak up about a grown man touching him, a grown woman with a degree from an accredited university can do the same and leave if she’s not feeling the vibe. brittle spirits everywhere.

  • しょうがない

    I agree with you but don’t you think all of what you said goes along with the idea that men *should* learn new norms?

  • Shelby

    Any gentleman knows how to behave. And any smart girl knows the difference. Problem is that some girls are desperate for attention and are afraid to disappoint.

    It used to be that girls saying no was expected. With the new hook up generation I think it makes girls feel obligated. And that’s very sad.

    Internet porn has hurt too in that men expect girls to be just as into sex as they are. Most are not.

  • Shelby

    Agreed. An attractive man who knew how to treat a lady wouldn’t have to resort to such antics.

    Come on girls. Wise up. Have some self respect.

  • Shelby

    Responsibility? To initiate sex? Lol. As if it’s something that must be done. It’s not.

    Ever try moving slowly and letting nature take its course? If a woman is interested, she will make it known. If you have to push, at all, she would rather not. Trust me. Girls unfortunately appease men way too much these days.

    Movies, music, Internet, advertising all tell girls it’s expected and normal. That flies in the face of how many girls actually feel. Are they to blame for this new “attitude”? Yep. Partially. The notion that we are all the same… men and women… is false. We are not.

  • slixx

    Appropriate response should be, I feel the same way.

  • ola akande

    u answered your own question

  • moody

    it sickens me. i was very sympathetic to the original women but #metoo has gone off the rails. it’s a witch hunt now.

  • Volomon

    It’s not one person though its a LOT. As far as I’m concerned it’s already soured this whole situation. Too many are thinking about ME TOO even when they suffered nothing but would like to join in.

  • Jack Walsh

    Women will never understand what it is to be a man. We are driven by sex 1000 times more than women are. It is a constant battle for any man from 12 to 65 years old, sometimes older. We were designed that way, I suppose, to ensure the species keeps reproducing. The reason guys keep pushing is that they are horny, simple as that. They haven’t learned to master their impulses. Part of being a man is learning how to rise above the instinct to reproduce, not let it run our life, and most importantly not hurt other people. So to answer your question: They haven’t learned to rise above their instincts. maybe they don’t want to learn?

  • Jack Walsh

    Why would he apologize for nothing? Makes him look guilty.

  • moody

    I think he privately apologized to her after getting her message. It’s perfectly fine if he’s sorry she feels bad.

  • Khazija

    It is not an excuse. He did not rape her. He did not force her to have oral sex. Even her own version, describes that she never said anything about stopping or being uncomfortable during the actual date. She waited until the date was over, to text him about “non-verbal cues” and being uncomfortable. Mixed signals and a lack of communication was the issue here. He did not deserve to be misportrayed as a sexual harasser over a consensual experience.

  • Khazija

    She needed to say NO to him during the actual date. She waited until after the date was over to text him that she was uncomfortable instead of telling him that during the date. You can’t expect a person to read into non-verbal cues during sex. Both parties during a sexual encounter have that responsibility to communicate both before and during sex to make sure nobody’s boundaries are being violated.

  • Khazija

    He is not a rapist and “Grace’s” account does not describe a situation of rape. She had consensual oral sex with him and waited until after the date was over to text him that she was uncomfortable & reprimand him for not reacting to “non-verbal” cues.

  • StanUlam

    Rapist Ansari tells another version of his assault narrative.

  • Khazija

    He is not a rapist. He did not physically or verbally force anybody to have sex. “Grace”‘s own words and text messages indicate that.

  • StanUlam

    Thanks for your rape-apology, but no, you are wrong and the Rapist Ansari is already being shunned by women everywhere.

  • StanUlam

    Interesting that Rapist Ansari seems to have a forum. Have white non- intersectional feminists thrown their principles to the wind?

  • Khazija

    He did not committ rape and even the own words from “Grace” did not describe rape. What you are doing is spreading slander. He won’t be arrested for false charges of abuse.

  • StanUlam

    Rape apology. Right here.

  • Khazija