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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck's Son Samuel, 5, Left the Sweetest Note in a Library Book

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck's Son Samuel, 5, Left the Sweetest Note in a Library Book

Jennifer Garner posted a photo that is definitely going to make your day.

The actress posted a note that her five-year-old son with ex Ben Affleck, Samuel, stuck inside a picture book.

“When the librarian finds a love note your son tucked into a picture book..” Jennifer captioned the photo on her Instagram account, with the hashtags #actsofkindness, #spreadlove, #belikemlkjr, and #lovenote.

The note from Samuel read, “Hello. You are loved. I believe in you.” He also drew a heart at the bottom of the note. So sweet!

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  • Hattie McDish

    Sorry but that’s made to look like child’s handwriting but it’s not.

  • plez

    Doesn’t look like a five year old writing or spelling. But who am I to question.

  • Lauren 2017

    I feel nothing but pity for these kids. Is nothing sacred? Must everything be an IG post to generate press?

  • persononhere

    really? what would be the point of faking this?

  • wearing

    She didn’t explicitly say he wrote it, just that he tucked it in the book. I do agree they definitely don’t spell that great at that age. perfect punctuation too lol.

  • cafeast

    Obviously that kid has a great mother. He has not inherited these social graces from that nanny fucking boozer.

  • guest

    They pretend to look annoyed that they get photographed at the kid’s basketball game but then the next day, are posting his little notes and exposing him on social media. Fakers.

  • guest

    Is nothing sacred? GIve me a frekin break. Its a little note not an embarrassing picture like I get on my facebook feed from friends about their kids all the time. Calm down.

  • guest

    It looks like a 5 year old handwriting, but I would bet he copied it from somewhere, to get the spelling and punctuation all correct. Its still a sweet gesture from him to “play it forward” and tuck it in a library book. That’s the point.

  • guest

    Ew omfg it’s guest56.

  • guest

    You and your 56 personalities should calm down.

  • guest

    And now you’re off to change your username yet again. How many usernames do you have over on Daily Mail? More than a dozen? WTF is wrong with you?

  • Stoni

    Your post made me laugh because it’s true. I love how you worded it. Lol

  • parisjok

    not true. no five year old does that

  • LolaBurns

    Cute. He gets that from mom, clearly.

  • angie egan

    Why do grown adults have to ruin something so innocent, here is a very proud mom enjoying something great from her son. Who cares whats going on in both adults life this is pure, and caring.. And grown ass people take pleasure in wrong comments… Such a sick world we do live in. I take joy in watching my grandson whos hand writting is about the same.. Such a blessing..

  • Terry Martin

    What a sweet gesture for a 5 year old period !

  • Elizabeth Hyatt


  • Johnny Sack-Sacrimony

    Poor Ben will never escape that horrible woman

  • Barbara

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  • lina759

    You mean SHE does .This poor woman is only relevant when she post or says something about Ben or her kids.Otherwise people don’t care what she does.