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Chloe Sevigny Express 'Turmoil' After Working With Woody Allen

Chloe Sevigny Express 'Turmoil' After Working With Woody Allen

Chloe Sevigny is opening up about her “turmoil” after working with Woody Allen.

The 43-year-old actress worked with the director, who was accused of sexual assault by his daughter Dylan Farrow, starred in his 2004 comedy Melinda and Melinda.

“I have my own turmoil that I’m grappling with over that decision,” Chloe told Variety.

She added, “Would I work with him again? Probably not.”

In the recent weeks other actors including Timothee Chalamet, Greta Gerwig and Rebecca Hall have all vowed to never work with Woody again.

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  • GroundControl500

    After investigation, Allen hasn’t been found to have committed any offense. Just accused by a crazy and vengeful ex who has poisoned their daughter into believing this story. Shame on Mia. Shame on her.

  • wearing

    After investigation he was found to have probable cause, but the prosecution didn’t want to put a 7 year old child through the trauma of testifying in court. #ReadBeforeYouMisspeak

  • Maria M.

    Yeah, I bet fame hungry state attorney didn’t want to destroy famous director in court for child abuse with all the evidence he amassed just to spare the child.

  • wearing

    nice try. He was ordered to counseling too. #READ

  • Maria M.

    I did read. Such cases are career makers and if they had anything solid they would go for it. I believe to Moses Farrow. He was 15 years old at the time and he has no reason to lie. He is a neutral party unlike Allen, Mia Farrow or Dylan Farrow.

  • wearing

    You sound *so* sure of how court proceedings work. This isn’t a movie. Absolute justice is not always handed out. Tons of cases get thrown out because of the victim’s inability to continue forward. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t evidence against him. And speculating about the prosecution, judge, and counselors ALL trying to get famous is ridiculous. ALL of them? No. Weak counterpoint.

  • GroundControl500

    First of all, probable cause is not determined by a prosecutor. It is determined by a finding by a judicial officer – as in a JUDGE – who determines whether the very low standard of probable cause is met. Often all it takes for probable cause is a credible accusation. That’s it.

    And, secondly, it is a very weak explanation given by that prosecutor. These cases involving children are charged and prosecuted every day of the week in courts all across the country. The court systems do all they can to prevent trauma to complaining witnesses – even going so far as to have the child testify in another room with closed circuit live video going into the courtroom – BUT they do not just let people go who are believed to have done what was accused here. No one in criminal law believes this prosecutor. He had no case and that was it. Period.

    Allen was never ordered to counseling in a criminal case. Court ordered counseling in civil family matters is routine. With the awful things Mia had also been accused of doing – and is still being accused of – I sure hope she was also ordered into counseling.

    Moses was very clear – both at the time it happened and now – that his father never left the public rooms and went off with Dylan anywhere that day. He was old enough to have been a reliable witness.

  • Dieter from Sprockets

    They all worked with him, cashed the paychecks , used his fame to further themselves , he was cleared by authorities . HYPOCRISY

  • Esther

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  • lolo13

    Oh shut up, everybody was more than happy to work with him. Bla bla what a bunch of hypocrites

  • David

    All materminded by sick Mia Farrow…. sad revenge…..but what for?
    She planted her child with this horrible story……
    All these actors, they didn’t get to choose the director,
    be grateful…hypocrites!