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Joel McHale Defends Aziz Ansari Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Joel McHale Defends Aziz Ansari Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Joel McHale is defending fellow comedian Aziz Ansari against claims that he sexually assaulted a woman during a date.

“It was probably just a really bad date,” Joel told TMZ. “The problem is that people will read just the name and then just the accusation, and they don’t find out anything more than that. But it sounds like it was consensual.”

Joel said he does support the #MeToo movement.

“The Me Too movement is tremendous and it is awesome and needs to continue forever. But if someone had a bad date, then it was a bad date,” he continued.

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  • laura

    It was not just a bad date, though.
    Certainly Aziz Ansari is no Harvey Weinstein, but there’s a big problem and it is that he insisted when the girl expressed the fact that she didn’t feel good about what they were doing. If someone says no it’s no.
    Men are taught that they have to conquer women, that they have to convince them even when they resist. That’s a problem.

  • Khazija

    It was too, just a bad date. Did you read the entire version of her account as well as the text message that she sent him which was shared to TMZ? You need to go by accurate portrayals about what happened and not twist it around in your version where you don’t take the actual account into consideration in order to pursue an agenda. She did not say no, that was the problem. He had no idea she was uncomfortable until she had expressed it, after the date was over during the text message. You appeared to not even grasp the details of what she said, which is important. You can’t expect people to read your mind when you are out on a date. Expressing directly that you are not comfortable or saying no is very important. Destroying somebody’s life by misportraying a bad date as sexual harassment is vile and ignorant.

    She willingly gave and received oral sex. She did NOT say NO or stop. She never said during the date, that she didn’t feel good about what they were doing. She didn’t say anything to him during the date about her discomfort. She waited until AFTER the date was over, to complain about him ignoring “NON-VERBAL” cues and said she was uncomfortable. Then he apologized. He did not force her to have sex and they didn’t have a full sexual encounter. There was a clear miscommunication here and mixed signals given out. Any person, whether it be men or women, could be capable of making the same mistake that Aziz Ansari did. The majority of people who have been on dates have had similar experiences.

  • Penny

    I agree. It was a bad date.

  • Dieter from Sprockets

    He put his fingers down her throat …Is this a common practice in America ?

  • Wurzelgummage

    Your inaccurate post is a problem…

  • Frederica

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  • Maria M.

    Why don’t you read what she said before you post a moronic comment? She did not say no at any point during the evening.

  • laura

    I read the whole BABE article and to me it looks like it wasn’t just a bad date. It looks like she just wanted to have a fun night with a guy she thought was very sweet, but instead ended up in a night with a weird guy who just wanted to jump on her and have sex, without even forming some kind of bond.
    Nothing wrong with casual sex, obviously, if it’s consensual, but it doesn’t look like it was.
    He is a much older famous man who clearly was more powerful than her in the situation, and she says she was shocked by the difference from his goofy and cute public persona and the obsessed person he actually was. A lot of victims of sexual abuse say that when you find yourself in an unexpected situation you often “freeze” and are unable to forcefully say “no” and leave right away.
    She gave him a lot of clues that she didn’t want it to go like it did, but he didn’t listen.

  • Khazija

    She spun it that way. He did not take advantage of her and he did not force her to do anything. A lot of people have one night stands without forming an emotional bond with that person. The majority of men would wrongly be accused of sexual assault going by your spin/standard. What you described is not sexual abuse. Grow up. Re-read her article as well as the text messages she sent him. She was not a victim of sexual abuse and there was no sexual assault. She willingly gave him oral sex and received it. He didn’t physically or verbally force her to have sex. He didn’t threaten her or exploit her career position. What she described was not sexual abuse. Then she waited afterwards to tell him that she was uncomfortable and criticized him after the date, that he did not read her “non-verbal cues.” By that standard, any girl can pretty much accuse any guy. Him being famous and older is irrelevant, she still could have said No or Stop during the date or told him she didn’t want to have sex but she didn’t. That is on her. He is destroyed when he didn’t cross the line. Her case would not hold up in court. There is a clear definition of rape and what she described was NOT sexual abuse.

  • laura

    Consensual one night stands are great. That’s not what it sounds like, though.
    She described how the night went. He didn’t deny her story, he just said “I hadn’t realized it wasn’t consensual”.
    That to me is a problem. Not just Ansari’s but a society’s problem.
    That’s just my opinion, of course, but I think that even on a one night stand you should pay attention to the other person and how they behave, and it looks like he kept ignoring her multiple clues.
    You say she could have left right away and she didn’t. Maybe she wanted to give him a second chance: would it mean that she asked to be assaulted?
    Also, let’s not forget the power imbalance in the situation, or the fact that for victims of sexual abuse it’s often difficult to react strongly right away. They often freeze…
    So, all in all: neither of us where there, but it does seem like he forced himself o her. While there was no penetration, he made her do things that she didn’t like and he didn’t listen to her.
    I wouldn’t ruin his career for it, but I think he represents a problem that our society should address.

  • Wurzelgummage

    He didn’t ‘make’ her do anything…and that includes making her stay. She could have exited at any time, but remained of her own volition.

  • Khazija

    You need to do some serious research as well as read both accounts again. It was a consensual one-night stand. Aziz did not rape her. Aziz did not force her to have oral sex. She didn’t voice any complaints or discomfort or rejection during the encounter. She waited until afterwards to voice her discomfort and her OWN text messages prove that. She did not freeze, she willingly gave him oral sex as well as received it.

    That is not an excuse. Then any woman who ever disliked a sexual encounter can spin it that way. You have to communicate to that person that you do not want to have sex. There was no “power imbalance” just because he was a man and a celebrity. She still could have said no. Do
    you understand, that by your spin….that ANY woman could accuse any famous man wrongly of abuse due to your spin about a power imbalance just because they are famous?! That is also absurd misandrist spin and reverse elitism. Bottom line, she did not say no and did not tell him during the encounter that she didn’t want to have sex. Her own description of events does not warrant wrongly painting Aziz of committing sexual misconduct. She is damaging the movement for real victims of rape as well as wrongly destroying Aziz’s life.

  • Khazija

    Her own descriptions made it pretty clear that he did NOT force himself on her. That is not what she described. You are adding a false and slanderous description. If she didn’t want to give or receive oral sex, she should have said so. How could he listen when she did NOT say anything to him about not wanting sex? He did not make or force her to do anything. There was no aggression or abuse. Her story would not hold up in court because it doesn’t fit the description of rape. He did not hold her against her will.