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President Trump Finally Apologizes for Retweeting Racist Group

President Trump Finally Apologizes for Retweeting Racist Group

President Donald Trump is finally speaking out with an apology for retweeting the far-right group Britain First.

The President of the United States was slammed after he retweeted three anti-Muslim tweets written by Jayda Fransen, one of the leaders of the group.

“Britain First seeks to divide communities by their use of hateful narratives that peddle lies and stoke tensions. They cause anxiety to law-abiding people,” British Prime Minister Theresa May said in a statement while rebuking Trump‘s move.

Now, in a new interview with former The Celebrity Apprentice winner Piers Morgan, Trump has apologized and claims he “didn’t know who they were.”

“I don’t want to be involved with these people. If you’re telling me they’re horrible racist people. I certainly apologize,” Trump said.

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  • j b

    Too little too late. Everyone will be dancing in the streets after his Impeachment.

  • Angie Bradley

    But he had no problem supporting Nazi’s in the USA or Klansmen who carry torches and attack POC/Jews/ Muslims and others. He can’t apologize to the American People for supporting Alt Right thinking. and he knows exactly who those people are are. And he has no problem being associated with them.

  • HitNaija
  • Viola

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  • Mercyneal

    What are you talking about? He has numerous Jews in his cabinet; also an African American and an Indian American.

    It’s Obama who has the problem hanging out with Louis Farrakhan. Photo which the press hid resurfaced yesterday. You might want to do your homework before commenting next time, sport… Also in the 1990s, Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition gave Trump an award

  • Lisa

    I guess you are crazy too with boring Country music. You sound like you want to s-ck Trumps d-ck ho ho ho

  • Stephanie

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  • Sweet Cheeks

    Yes, he likes those Klansmen because they were wearing polo shirts and khaki pants…lol. He was sued in the 70′s for preventing African Americans and Puerto Ricans from renting his apartments. He has called Mexicans rapists. He peddled the Obama birther conspiracy for years. Has rich white Billionares advising him. A white Nationalist writing his speeches. HIS words, actions and behavior are discriminatory, and 52% of Americans say he’s a racist.

  • Iqiniso Alisabalulekile

    No, Trump did NOT apologize.
    The racist said he ‘was prepared’ to apologize.
    Just like he ‘is prepared’ to release his tax returns.
    Just like he ‘is prepared’ to provide evidence his inaugural crowd size was the largest of all time.

  • Haven

    Go somewhere with that bs!!!
    You clowns tried that “Obama hates jews,whites, and americans” during the first election because of his pastor.
    Stop trying to distract from your idiot president.

  • LittlePaperStars

    He didn’t apologize, he said he’d be willing to apologize. Not the same thing. It’s been on tv here in UK all day. He can backtrack all he likes but the fact remains, he retweeted racist propaganda. He did that because its fits his agenda. Him not saying he know who Britain First are, just proves how impulsive he is, he didnt even pause to look. He’s not welcome here, he won’t be welcome when he finally plucks up courage to come here. He’s the reason the Doomsday clock moved yesterday. The man is a dangerous, racist, homophobic cunt, he’s a stain on us all, and the people who think he’s doing a good job need their fucking head examining. I dont think much of Theresa May but I feel sorry being stuck having to make nice with him in Davos for the sake of out trade deal.

  • Common Sense

    There is a difference between supporting something and not denying American citizens their 1st Amendment rights.

    CNN puts white supremers at less than 5k people in the whole USA. Stop acting like they are taking over.

    If the “Alt Right” is out attacking people like you claim they should be being thrown in jail…….

  • USWeeklyHatesComments

    You can type “common sense” all you want, but you’re a moron.

    Ooh and the countries bypassing us, as in the united states, to become leaders in this world are countries implementing LIBERAL ideas. We’re falling and failing because of republicans and their misguided immoral ignorance.

    But keep being a moron.

  • Tooli

    He just retweets something tweeted by people he doesn’t know anything about? I seriously doubt that. He knows who all of those scum are. That’s pretty pathetic just to retweet, retweet and retweet more garbage just to please his “followers.”

  • I am Evelyn Salt

    That dumb moron who we call MOTUS will deny it tomorrow and say it’s fake news.

  • Common Sense

    China is the only country that has bypassed us short bus. They are communists….. Are you saying you support communism????

  • namers

    He won’t be impeached; he will resign a la Nixon, “I am not a crook!”

  • j b

    Only difference is Mike Pence will actually want a shot at re-election in 2020 so won’t pardon Trump knowing how Ford was screwed.