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Viola Davis Reacts to Melania Trump Saying 'How To Get Away With Murder' Is Her Favorite TV Show - Watch Now!

Viola Davis Reacts to Melania Trump Saying 'How To Get Away With Murder' Is Her Favorite TV Show - Watch Now!

Viola Davis doesn’t exactly seem thrilled about Melania Trump‘s stamp of approval.

The How To Get Away With Murder star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night (January 25).

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During her appearance, Jimmy informed her that Melania‘s favorite TV show is How To Get Away With Murder. And her face was priceless!

“That was the one question I said please don’t even mention it,” Viola explained. But what about considering a walk-on role for the First Lady?

“You know what? Yes,” Viola said. “Because you know what? I really want to talk to the lady. I really do.”

Watch below!

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Photos: Jimmy Kimmel Live
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  • moody

    i love viola but that was classless.

  • classact

    so much for these liberal feminists preaching women power. so damn hypocritical .

  • Glo


  • Hisself

    Girl, fix your hair! It’s disgusting!

  • DukeSteele

    She doesn’t want to talk to Melania. She wants to pontificate and embarrass her.

  • magdav530

    These liberal women are really nasty people!! Not mine kind of people at all

  • wearing

    I think it’s normal to be grossed out by complicity. Melania has stayed quiet through so many important issues. In addition to this, she’s humiliated herself by staying with this guy who goes after porn stars and models. I’m sure she actually wants to talk to her and figure out what’s going on in her head. Lots of us do. I’m not sure what this has to do with being a “liberal feminist.” And if you don’t like living in a place where women are equal, you’re welcome to move to the middle east. hypocritical indeed.

  • wearing

    way to bring race into it, loser.

  • wearing

    it’s natural and beautiful. not everyone wants a limp thinning mop.

  • DukeSteele

    Sorry that you aren’t bright enough to know thats true.

  • Dee

    yea she probably does not like her cause that, your right!

  • patrickdornoff

    probably cuz of who shes married to she dont want anything to do with her

  • Lili

    Did people actyally watched the clip ? She said she’d like to have vodka with Melania.

  • Wes Kruse

    It’s not the First Lady’s place to comment on what the President is doing. She stands back and supports her husband. And as far as the porn star goes, wait till she’s outed as a paid shill. BTW, all of Trump’s wives were models. Got anything else, moron?

  • Michele V

    Actually, you’re disgusting.

  • Angelette Holtrust

    FU, another “feminist” only supports people that think like her. Stick to playing make believe and leave being an adult to the rest of us

  • Angelette Holtrust

    Did they beat you to it?

  • Angelette Holtrust

    You need some new material libby

  • tina maria moore

    Racism. The black actress dies not like the first lady because she is white and beautiful.

  • acallforjustice

    Kudos to Viola, who would want to talk to a Go with no class or sense

  • John Black

    I support your comment ’till the part where you put ” ” in actress, she’s amazing at it.

  • Mrs. Freeze

    That is such bullshit.

  • Joyce Headley

    So rude and classless. Expected better of this fantastic actress.

  • Jenni

    Melania watches it to get some tips

  • Katherine Hampton

    What a bunch of morons!! Melania doesn’t give a rats ass what you say and either do the AMERICAN PEOPLE!! SO STFU!!!!

  • Marc

    The entire entertainment industry is so damn hypocritical and militant lately. It’s quite disgusting as it takes away from the people who truly suffer.

  • Sandy Brennan

    poo poo pee doo

  • Sandy Brennan


  • Sandy Brennan


  • Conservative gay male

    So perhaps Viola would prefer Melanie not watch. What if nobody watched that show or any other of Viola’s performances??? What other skills do you have Viola?

  • dillionam

    Ugly people should be glad somebody wants to watch them on the small screen. I don’t! How come because she is black she gets away with being so prejudice, racist. Be cause you are part of a minority in the US does not give you a past to be down right mean spirited. Viola Davis simmer down and go hide with your ugly self. Diana Ross wig meet monster mash.

  • wearing

    and you need education outside of the mississippi school house you’ve been locked up in.

  • wearing

    The first lady is capable of speaking. This isn’t the middle east, pig. But it doesn’t matter, bc no matter what anyone says, it’ll go in your ear and out the other. keep flying that ‘Murican flag despite them sending your dumb ass to fight while they get rich. enjoy shooting things like a good complicit airhead.

  • wearing

    It’s so funny because you’re the type of person that’d call someone a snowflake, but you whine. SO. MUCH. Gasp! Someone doesn’t agree with you. So now you have to say F–You and call them names? Loser. Oops, i mean..Snowflake! lol

  • wearing

    from your username I can tell you’re a white-pride person. Don’t be scared that equality is coming. You’re like one of those rats that doesn’t know what to do, so it starts attacking anything. Welcome to restorative justice, prick.

  • wearing

    Gasp! someone disagreed with the president! so now you’re whining like a little snowflake?! talking about hypocritical lol.

  • Wes Kruse

    Millions have served, fought and died so you could spout your Socialist bullshit! I served and would again if called upon. What would you do? Be a camp follower, blowing soldiers for change? What a small pathetic little creature you are. Go hide before you become extinct.

  • wearing

    This isn’t a movie and this isn’t WWII, you’re not a hero. you signed up to get paid to shoot people you don’t even know for reasons you don’t even understand. And your sexist commentary shows exactly who you are, a brainless gorilla who still thinks puffing and beating his chest is gonna help save the world. sit down, fool.

  • Amela

    Good another reason for me not to watch this crap show.

  • Wes Kruse

    I haven’t decided whether you’re a pissed off feminazi or a liberal queer! Either way, you picked this fight. So, let’s go. I served so all Americans can have their rights and freedoms. That goes for you too. I am absolutely 100% for women’s rights. I think employers should hire based on qualifications, not color or sex. I was brought up to hold a door for a lady and to respect my elders. I protect the weak from bullies and I say please and thank you. I have never been referred to as sexist, but as a gentleman. I am truly sorry if you have no idea what any of this means. So, have a good life, hope you live a long time so you can spend the rest of your time on this rock Fucking Yourself! Chow4now!9

  • wearing

    What you are is someone who holds his own race and gender above others and hides his desire for superiority behind the name “tradition.” Like i said, in one ear, out the other. You “hold a door for a lady” but tell the ones who don’t submit to you that they’re queer and suggest they blow soldiers. it’s obvious you think women are for fucking that’s why you’re so rattled. Welcome to a new era where you’ll no longer be above women or people of color. it’s called equality and it’ll eventually hit your podunk ass into reality.

  • wearing

    and fyi, everyone’d have equal qualifications if it weren’t for it being illegal for blacks to be in the same fucking room as whites. maybe they were too busy trying not to get beaten to death for looking at a white woman. affirmative action is in place to restore what was taken from them. it only pains you because you’re used to being top dog. you protect the weak in the weakest sense of the word. what about those who can’t afford a doctor? ohh, that’s right. fuck them, right?

  • Stephanie

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  • Just Saying

    “limp thinning mop” XD!!!

  • cafeast

    What equality? Black ppl will all of a sudden turn white? It is not our fault they are born black and hate themselves for that. Get over it.

  • cafeast

    Natural? Idiot, taht is as natural as Beyonce’s natural hair. It is a wig. What are you retarded? And this cunt had said she was never gonna wear a wig every again. But her real hair is so vile that she wears a wig for every role/red carpet.
    Hypocritical under educated hood rat, thinking she is something b/c ppl gave her an oscar out of pity.

  • cafeast

    Eat fried chicken and collect welfare?
    This botch is good at complaining and bitching about being black. She is a professional victim. That is her real talent.

  • Gigi La Moore

    Nothing wrong with her response and she actually said yes. If Tim Allen still had his show, do you think he would want Michelle Obama on there? Many of you who lash out at “liberals” who don’t support this president had ALLLLL kinds of evil and racist stuff to say about the last one. How is this different?

  • Rahmma

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