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Mark Salling Dead in Apparent Suicide at 35

Mark Salling Dead in Apparent Suicide at 35

Former Glee actor Mark Salling has been found dead in an apparent suicide, TMZ is reporting. Mark‘s lawyer also confirmed the news in a statement.

According to law enforcement, the 35-year-old actor’s body was found in the Los Angeles River in Sunland. No official statement has been made at this time.

Back in December, Salling had plead guilty to possession of child pornography involving a prepubescent minor. Photos were allegedly found on his computer. Mark was expected to get 4 to 7 years in prison as a part of an apparent plea deal. He was previously arrested in December 2015 on the charges.

Mark was last photographed last month.

We have no confirmation on this news, but we’ll update with more information when available.

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  • Itsumi


  • J.K.

    oh well :/

  • moody

    the only good pedophile is a dead one

  • Anna

    Show ended years ago, has nothing to do with being cursed. Corey’s death was a tragic accident due to overdose. Don’t compare this to Mark. Mark is a disgusting human being, absolute trash.

  • Anna

    Mark is a disgusting human being. I could care less. He had over 50,000 images of pornographic photos of children from ages 3-5!! Three years old….
    Fucking disgusting. All those children being forced and abused because of monsters like him. Makes my blood boil.

  • pearl

    RIP Mark. Yes he did horrible things BUT he is STILL a human being. Love the person not the sin! He needed help.

  • moody

    he’s was a subhuman cretin. i have NOTHING for pedophiles/child pornographers.

  • patrickdornoff

    thats exactly what i said right when i saw the article few seconds ago

  • Nicola

    Cory’s battle with addiction has nothing to do with this pedophile who couldn’t be bothered to face the repercussions of his vile actions.

  • cafeast

    Where are the parents of these children? Or what type of parents are they? Are they complicit as well? How can you leave a 3, 5 or even 12 year old with strangers w/o knowing what type of nightmare that is going on or that they are being subjected to?

  • Sansa Squad

    Good f*cking riddance. Suicide is never the answer but tbh I have trouble feeling anything resembling sadness for someone complicit in the abuse of children. (Also wasn’t he accused of sexual battery by an ex-gf or two a while back too? So awful.)

  • Pawesl

    The parents were likely the ones doing it. What is your point?

  • Itsumi


  • cafeast

    This is a tragic story no matter how you slice it.
    His death does not evoke some sense of sympathy from me, but a tragedy is a tragedy. All those kids, this guy, everything of this nature that is allowed to occur every single day… humans are mostly disgusting lowly creatures.

  • cafeast

    What is my point????
    Are you retarded? What type of parents would do some such thing to their own child and put it online for mass consumption?
    If that is indeed what is happening in such a pervasive fashion, how can you question my outrage?

  • tia maria

    I feel sorry for his family, the whole situation must be devastating for them.

  • Puerto Herrera

    Hey Minnie Mouse, this man was sick and you are glad he’s dead? You are a bad person.

  • mafragias

    i am not happy nor sad for his death, but i cannot fathom how a person can be so ugly inside, that would be happy for someone else’s death (cc comments). #afwulpeople

  • Puerto Herrera

    Indeed he was sick.

  • imsn

    Mark Salling was an admitted pedophile. Should he rest in peace? Absolutely not. But should people be celebrating that he killed himself? NO.

  • Anna

    How does “I could care less” equal to “I’m glad?” I have dyslexia myself but even my reading comprehension isn’t that bad. I’d preferred he got a life sentence, living the rest of his life in a box away from children. A death is no way a fix for anything.

  • Puerto Herrera

    I can read between the lines. This man made your blood boil so now that he is dead you are relieved. When you are relieved you are glad. The end.

  • Anna

    The parents are either the ones doing it, a close family member without the parents knowledge, or these children were kindapped or are orphans. I image the videos mostly come from countries with high child proverty where they’re just tossed on the streets and can easily be manipulated and forced. Child trafficking? Who knows. But assholes like him are making a market for child pornography.

  • Anna

    You’re an absolute idiot.
    “All those children being forced and abused because of monsters like him. Makes my blood”

    Read again. I specifically refer to anyone abusing children as making my blood boil. Do yourself a favour and stop reading between the lines or go back to school. The end.

  • Puerto Herrera

    I am not going back to school. Do yourself a favor and understand that this people don’t watch child pornography on purpose!!! They are sick. It is called sexual deviation. Look it up genius.

  • dee

    it was maybe the only way out for him, he was never gonna make it in prison, he would’ve been murdered anyway for the deplorable things he did. he was sick, he needed help, but i also cant pity someone who could do something like this. makes me sick to my stomach.

  • disqus_BuPrn6rF9f

    They only say they are sick when they are caught. They don’t ask for help when they realise they are attracted to children before they abuse them. I’m not glad by his death, but people like him support an abuse industry all around the world and help destroy millions of lives.

  • Anna

    Of course they watch it on purpose. You don’t just download and watch over 50,000 content by ACCIDENT.

  • piste_five

    You sound like a pedophile… I’m going to report you.

  • lokainne


  • Jaclyn Shortt

    Wow, how brutal for his family and friends. I can’t imagine how it must feel to know someone you love is a predator and then to have this happen.

  • mxxm

    I just don’t get what adults find sexually attractive in children. It’s sickening.

  • briansbottom

    …And nothing of value was lost.

  • Rebecca Bridges

    Honestly, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer lad… sick f*#k!!!

  • wearing

    There is no “help” for a pedophile. One in three pedophiles will act again (source:
    I for one am GLAD he’s dead and hope other pedophiles follow suit. There’s nothing sad about his death. There is something horrible sad about the children he helped abuse. F-ck him. RIH.

  • wearing

    you’re a troll. how dare you call them a bad person while you’re crying tears over an a-hole that jerked off to children being hurt. You are a nasty person.

  • wearing

    It’s also often children who are a part of the foster care system, those who have step-parents or boyfriends in the house, and of course there are terrible human beings who shouldn’t even be parents who are doing this too. The world is a terrible place.

  • Amanda Smith

    Well fuck, I must bad BECAUSE I’M GLAD THE PEDO IS DEAD. Cancer is sick, pedophilia is evil. It’s evil of the most concentrated form. Hitler level stuff. Yeah, glad he’s gone. Sorry for his fam, but really, that’s it.

  • Lakeshia

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