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Rose McGowan Slams Meryl Streep for Wearing Black to Golden Globes 2018, Calls it a 'PR Machine Stunt'

Rose McGowan Slams Meryl Streep for Wearing Black to Golden Globes 2018, Calls it a 'PR Machine Stunt'

Rose McGowan is coming for Meryl Streep once again.

During the premiere of her new docuseries Citizen Rose on Tuesday (January 30), the 44-year-old actress once again slammed the 68-year-old Oscar-winning actress for standing by Harvey Weinstein – who she claims raped her back in 1997.

“It was hard as f” to turn on the Academy Awards and see Meryl f”ing Streep calling him God,” Rose said to fellow Weinstein accuser, Italian actress Asia Argento, referring to Meryl‘s 2012 acceptance speech.

Back in December, Rose said that Meryl and the other actresses wearing black to the 2018 Golden Globes felt like a “stunt.” Meryl responded to Rose saying that she “didn’t know” anything about the sexual abuse going on.

“Wearing all black to the Golden Globes just felt really stuntish to me, felt really craven,” Rose says during the show. “I wanted to tell the truth about why the Golden Globes are there, what is means. The thing about the black dresses is, I’m sure a lot of these women are well meaning, but it’s a PR machine stunt overall. Because the people behind it are the agents that sent us women – not me, but others – into the lions’ den to be eaten and consumed. It’s not just dresses, it’s a lie.”

Citizen Rose airs on E! on Tuesday nights.

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  • Vanity

    your girl Asia Argento signed a petition to have Roman Polanski (a sex offender, pedophile, rapist) pardoned so he can return to the US.. why don’t you “come” for her & stfu already about Meryl & her black dress. ffs.

  • Dieter from Sprockets

    she knew

  • joshemerson

    If she had 1/10 the talent of Meryl Streep she wouldn’t need to attempt to build a career out of sexual allegations.

  • Kerria098

    McGowan is such a hypocrite. She worked for a director that did time in jail for rape and child pornography and then defended him and yet she’s going after other actors for doing the same. She’s turning the movement into a witch hunt.

  • Sansa Squad

    I have so much love and sympathy for Rose and I think she has a point about things like this being an empty gesture for a lot – if not most – of these people (despite the sincere, well-intentioned efforts of the few who really do care) but it is a shame that she directs so much anger towards Meryl with no real… basis? Like is Meryl not just a scapegoat for those who want to blame a woman for this man’s actions? (Or hate her already for one reason or another and are looking for another excuse?) If I’m missing something, please enlighten me, bc it makes me sad to see people with NO real knowledge of the situation lay blame on a random person only to have that speculation taken as fact and internalized by the victims…

  • Sansa Squad

    Did she? *Where* did that come from? It’s v weird to me that so many people (Rose included) have as much, if not more, vitriol towards Meryl over this than they do towards, say, Ben Affleck, who DID know – and Rose knows that for a fact bc she TOLD him and he did nothing about it. No one bothers to comment “he knew” on every article that mentions him – so how did people decide that she did? Asking out of genuine curiosity.

  • Vanity

    people are assuming there is no proof that she knew anything. Rose is seriously deluded. She needs therapy from lifelong abuse. time to move on with her life & stop with the accusations.

  • Just Saying

    She knew. Back then she took money and decided to keep silence. Years later she asked for more money and when she was denied, she became the victim and the poster woman for the movement she ended up turning into a witch hunt.

  • patrickdornoff

    agree wholeheartedly

  • Bonita

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  • moody

    Shut up rose.

  • NerdyBirdy

    says the bitch who has nudes on the internet. cunt

  • agus

    She is clearly angry that Meryl got another Oscar nomination while her career doesn’t exist anymore.

  • Blake

    this is what happens when everybody can have access to internet…the society has enough of your everyday rant…

  • Yeezus_chri5t

    Would someone please tell this dumbass that is TIME’S UP to shut her mouth ? We heard enough !

  • baytec

    She is hypocrite.

  • Sansa Squad

    I’m talking about Meryl but thanks for whatever this is

  • Just Saying

    Thought you were referring to Rose.

  • Happy Camper

    I’ve grown tired of her incessant babble.

  • cutitout

    It’s not fair to expect others to do for you what you did not do for yourself. Regardless of what Harvey did and how much power he had, Rose caved, took the money and basically let him get away with it for years. Every moment she did not explicitly tell the public what she did, she was colluding with him and all the others who were part of the cover up. Had she gone public, Havey would have been run away from like the plague. She was just not “brave” enough to go through with it.

  • Gina

    Sometimes the message needs a better messenger.

  • Silly People

    I’m so sick of Rose McGowan. Her attacking Meryl Streep over and over is ridiculous. Rose knew about Harvey since the 90′s but kept it quiet for money. She helped protect him. She also worked with Victor Salva. She is a hypocrite. Now she is doing anything she can to get publicity for her book. I think she is jealous of Meryl’s talent and career.

  • Thiran Uthaman

    so because of these nudes she can’t speak against harassment (and worse)?

    I do not like her, but damn whats with the hatred?

  • MyName

    Exactly. People hear rumors but can’t go to the authorities with that. The victims have to first come forward because names and evidence are needed.
    If it’s just about talk then we’re all guilty. We’ve all heard about casting couches and seen it played out then in the movies with someone who was turned down yelling “You’ll never work in this town again”. We couldn’t do anything with just talk.
    It’s good though that people are now trying to stop at least some of it. It’s a time to band together and not try to push some away.

  • MyName

    Some sadly don’t see the all the seriousness of something until it happens to them.

    If RP dislikes sweet potatoes and cheats on his wife then that’s trivial. I don’t care about their personal lives but their criminal ones do matter. Too many for too long chose to separate his career from his criminality. Using past personal tragedies is also no excuse to personally inflict a tragedy. His career and any honors should have ended immediately.

    RP, HW, and others like them should never be allowed to make movies and be honored after the allegations against them have been proven or all but proven anyway.

  • Vanity

    Argento was allegedly raped by Weinstein some 20 years ago, the petition was in 2009. no excuses.

  • MyName

    I wasn’t making excuses for her. My point was that some don’t take it as seriously when it happens to others as when it does to them. It’s almost like a faceless individual isn’t really real.
    A defense attorney, at least that’s their job, may represent many murderers but not the defendant accused of killing someone the lawyer loved.
    I can see at the very minimum not getting involved when it came to RP but to attempt to help someone who hurt a child is inexcusable.
    I was agreeing with you when I replied.

  • Vanity

    I never said you weren’t agreeing with me, Im responding to your first sentence, the no excuses to seeing something as serious. You can’t really pick & choose who to berate or call a rapist & in the same breathe support one. her credibility to me is shot.

  • MyName

    Okay, I thought maybe you’d misunderstood that I’d agreed with you. No worries