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Kate Upton Reveals Why She Came Forward With Her #MeToo Allegation Against Paul Marciano

Kate Upton Reveals Why She Came Forward With Her #MeToo Allegation Against Paul Marciano

Kate Upton is speaking out against Paul Marciano.

The 25-year-old model and actress made an appearance on Good Morning America on Friday (February 9) to discuss her #MeToo allegation made against the Guess co-founder.

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Kate spoke to Robin Roberts about why she chose to go public with her accusations.

“I was going back and forth about sharing this story because it’s always easier to leave things in the past,” she explained.

“But actually what gave me the push to do it is I did a workout with a lot of new models for fashion week, since it was their first fashion week, and a lot of girls were sharing how excited they were about the different opportunities they got and the start of their career. And I remembered being in that place whenever I got the meeting to go meet with Paul Marciano, and how different my view of the industry after that meeting was, and I wanted to prevent that from happening for these other girls who are just starting out.”

Paul denies her claims, calling them “preposterous.”

Watch her speak out below.

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  • moody

    she felt left out and wanted attention. this is the same woman who wore a teeny tiny red bikini and juggled her jugs for that pervert Terry Richardson.

  • Danae

    This. I just wanted to write the same thing. She was so desperate to get a career that she didn’t mind doing so but now she’s trying to jump on the bandwagon.

  • kiley

    Yes, true… However, she didn’t ask for the treatment. The same way women or men who dress provocatively don’t deserve to be raped. So much victim bashing, no wonder people don’t come forward.

  • moody

    She’s not a victim. Someone grabs your boob is NOT the same as being raped. People need to stop painting in such broad strokes.

    You know why there’s victim bashing? Because some of these women are just seeking attention and some of the so called “abuse” is nonsense and/or 30 years old.

  • moody

    as are many other women which diminishes the women who truly were abused and/or raped. Just because a man pinches your butt, you can’t claim to be a victim. It’s gone way too far overboard.

  • L.Whitney

    IF their career is so bad that they need this to be relevant , please let them have their 5 min.
    If we have a porn star who says that she was inappropriately touched or treated , we dont deny her that right to say she was violated because she has 50 pornos under her belt or that she does nude shoots . What she does for a living doesnt make this behavior OK period.

  • moody

    she wants to help other woman? so why did she wait 6 years to tell her pathetic story?

  • Stoni

    She came forward now to jump on the bandwagon.

  • Stoni

    I agree with you 100%. It is getting ridiculous. Next thing women will be saying is “he looked at me weird, I feel raped”.

  • wearing

    remind yourself of that when someone grabs your tits from behind and laughs at you. Please let us know how awesome it is. actually, don’t , because then you’ll be a whiner just like the women you hate so much.

  • wearing

    that’s a stupid and illogical jump. similar to the one you made about megan markle leaving a dog to her being a MURDERER!! lol

  • Stoni

    Murderer? Wtf are you talking about?
    Meghan = dog abandoner

  • rosaryblue

    I have found a lot of the recent allegations to be suspicious and they feel like they are not completely legitimate but after hearing Kate’s reasoning, I understand why she came forward when she did. I think it’s a good reason. I hope that it makes a difference for younger models. I do think MeToo is out of hand and it puts men in a vulnerable position bc they are losing their jobs and may not all be guilty. Plus, I’m also concerned with real victims losing their voice.

  • moody

    She is not a “real” victim. If she cared so much, why did she wait so long and why did she continue working for Guess?

  • moody

    She is not a “real” victim. If she cared so much, why did she wait so long and why did she continue working for Guess?

  • I am Hassan

    Most is these women love the attention for what ever reason, and I am not denying that there are men that take advantage of their power, and there are so many women that participate and invite those “inappropriate behaviors” for that moment and to take advantage of their sexuality so that they can gain access or success quicker but afterwords regret, or see it as fair trade. We must not forget that there many women that chose to play along and some just choose to say me toooo, whether they are lying or telling the truth. My point is, inappropriate behavior is unacceptable but let’s take and the big picture. Women love attention and money, and they’ll do anything to get them. In general, they are not helping other women but for their selfish reasons. Again there are real victims and their story is legitimate and believable but please stop with the me too bullish if you are not a victim. You are not just hurting the person that you are accusing of a major crime but also his family too. It’s war out there, as Tom Leykis would tell me. I don’t trust any one to be safe, because you know what they say, it’s better to be safe t Han SORRY.

    P.s. dear men, If you are hurt women because you can and get away with it, you are a piece of sh!t and you better stop doing that because you wouldn’t let any man hurt your mom, sister or daughter you punk mother Flower, you should be raped in jail, you soulless, selfish bastard. It’s wrong for you to be a perv to the weak, you prey in a prison. You hurt innocent people men and women, so Benjamin, BEND OVER AND TAKE IT LIKE THE SISSY YOU ARE!

  • Margery

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