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Kim Cattrall Responds to Cynthia Nixon Amid Sarah Jessica Parker Feud

Kim Cattrall Responds to Cynthia Nixon Amid Sarah Jessica Parker Feud

Kim Cattrall responded to Cynthia Nixon in a very different way than she responded to Sarah Jessica Parker.

Earlier this month, Kim‘s brother suddenly passed away and two of her former Sex and the City co-stars, Cynthia and Sarah Jessica wrote comments on Kim‘s Instagram post, expressing condolences.

“Hey Kim, such awful news. So sorry to hear. Sending you love. XO,” Cynthia wrote. Sarah Jessica posted, “Dearest Kim, my love and condolences to you and yours and Godspeed to your beloved brother. Xx.”

Later, Kim thanked Sarah Jessica and Cynthia publicly for their kind words, but then suddenly, Kim lashed out at SJP for “exploiting” her family’s tragedy.

According to Us Weekly, Kim wrote in response to Cynthia‘s comment, “Cynthia, hearing your voice meant so much to me. Thank you for reading out. Love Kim.” It appears as of right now, Kim has decided to prohibit commenting on her Instagram posts, so we cannot verify that Kim left the comment at this time.

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  • moody

    she’s a bitch.

  • patrickdornoff

    or she forgot to take her meds hence the sudden 180

  • eternalfratboy

    kim is in pain… god bless.. sorry for your loss!!!

  • Ballet Betsi

    Every person, take note. SJP went on 5 night
    & afternoon TALK shows saying the 3rd Sex & city movie isn’t being made because Kim asked for mire money, etc. NOT TRUE.
    The writer does not wanting to do a show with 3 women.

    Kim never ever wanted to do another SATC
    movie. Kim was on piers Morgan’s show
    & said “I never asked for $$, I asked for
    No involvement. I do not want to be in another
    Movie. I have been working on Masterpiece
    Theater, plays in LHR. I have no interest & have not had. I am not the reason the movie
    Isn’t being written. Ask Mr. Patrick not me.

    So don’t call Kim a bitch. Go after
    The 1 trick horse….SJP….
    Leave Kim & her family ALONE.


  • Max

    or the first comment was nice. the second one plus the three talk shows with SJP where she promoted the 3rd sex and the city movie were too much for Kim. Since she felt like SJP is using her brothers death the gain screen time to promote her own projects.

  • Phil the Donahue

    Is this grade school.?

  • Johnnie

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  • Midnight

    None of this makes sense. Kim says she was not friends with ANY of her cast mates , yet she complains (like a child) that they ignored her, rented a house together excluding her (even though she rented her own house w husband). ate lunch together without her etc etc and yet, singles out SJP as the mean girl. Were Nixon and Davis under SJP hypnosis??? Thinking logically, Kim seems like the type of person who expects others to beg. They probably included her for lunch for example, she declined multiple times and they stopped asking. If Kim was not friends with her castmates in the first place, any perceived exclusion or slight shouldn’t bother her in the least. She’s an actress. why would she be bothered with (claimed) rejection and being iced out? Sounds like Kim felt she was the BIG star and when she didn’t receive star treatment. SHE pulled away from her costars out of anger and frustration. Then enters money, SJP was paid more than the BIG star. Well, her agent should have negaotiated more aggressively or she should have left the show. She complained about nude scenes. Well I’m sure those were included in the negotiations and since SATC ended, Kim has been nude more than once in the B movies she was cast in. Kim sounds like a bitter woman because she wasn’t top dog. All the women brought their own unique qualities to SATC. Yes, “Samantha” was the standout, but “Carrie” was the main character. Who’s using her brother’s death? Uhh Kim is. By praising and thanking Nixon and the SATC crew (who she claimed not to get along with) and spitting fire at SJP, it is Kim trying to MAKE SJP look bad, not SJP trying to make herself look good.

  • Midnight

    SJP NEVER said Kim wanted more money. She’s way too intelligent to say that even if it was true. The money thing was reported by “sources”. I’ve never read anything bad about SJP. I’ve only heard of peers singing her praises. She does a lot of charity work and lives a low key life. Don’t forget, SATC2 was delayed and ONE actress was the reason. Kim is entitled to negotiate more money. It happens all the time, but that is completely independent of SJP.
    SJP NEVER gave a definitive answer about a SATC3 other than saying it was a beautiful script and “who knows? “. Reporters bring up Kim’s name and SJP avoids comment. Furthermore, WHO CARES!!!!! This entire situation is so juvenile and KC made a fool of herself responding to SJP. ANYONE who shows public aggression like that makes themselves look bad. Oh and let’s not forget the British “Tetley tea” commercials and another product commercial where KC played “Samantha”. KC resorted to product pedaling and using her SATC character to do so. She’s bitter and it’s not because anyone was a mean girl. Kim had to play second fiddle and couldn’t handle it. EGOS are what grate at actors, not so called mean people.

  • imsn

    kim thanked the crew not SJP ..

  • UnmeritedGrace

    She said “colleagues”, which is a little ambiguous. But as far as I know the only angry response was to SJP.

  • Phil the Donahue

    who cares.

  • Dieter from Sprockets

    sjp is a fraud