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'Roseanne' Joke About 'Black & Asian Families' Criticized by 'Fresh Off the Boat' & 'Bob's Burgers' Writers

'Roseanne' Joke About 'Black & Asian Families' Criticized by 'Fresh Off the Boat' & 'Bob's Burgers' Writers

Roseanne is under fire for a joke.

During Tuesday’s episode (April 3), Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) and Dan (John Goodman) fall asleep in front of the TV, sleeping “from Wheel to Kimmel.”

“We missed all the shows about black and Asian families,” Dan says to Roseanne.

“They’re just like us. There, now you’re all caught up,” Roseanne responds.

The joke prompted many responses from social media, including one from Master Of None actor and Bob’s Burgers writer Kelvin Yu.

“Here’s why the Roseanne joke about ‘missing all the shows about Black and Asian families’ matters. At the very least, it’s reductive and belittling, as if to say those shows are nothing more than ‘Black’ and ‘Asian’ in their existence. But the real kicker is when Roseanne says: ‘They’re just like us. There, now you’re all caught up.’ Which implies that the point of any show about a minority family is simply to normalize them. That’s it. The stories, the humor, the characters … not important,” he wrote.

“Then you take ALLLLLL of that and put it in the mouth of an avowed Trump supporter (not the actress — the CHARACTER of Roseanne) and you have one stinky little s–t sandwich of a joke that ABC allowed to be served in their own restaurant. It’s a big deal.”

Former Fresh Off The Boat writer Kourtney Kang also responded in a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter.

“In these jokes, and in the others like these, at the heart of them, whether the joke-teller means it or not, is a divisive spirit. ‘Us.’ ‘Them.’ It’s always drawing lines. Separating. Whenever these jokes have been said to me, the thing that is the most hurtful is not the insensitive dullard who said it. There’s always going to be people like that. What hurts the most is when everyone else in the room laughs,” she wrote.

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  • Vanity

    people need to get a life.. comedy pokes fun at everything & everyone. Black comedians have been doing it for years about white people. just stfu already & stop taking things so seriously.

  • Angelette Holtrust

    Lighten up and have a sense of humor, that is what the left is saying after kamila harris made a joke about the president & vice president on ellen about not coming out of an elevator alive. It’s just a joke snowflakes

  • imnobody

    it’s called COMEDY. *rolls eyes

  • Sansa Squad

    It’s a bad joke, but it’s also reinforcing negative viewpoints that its viewers might hold (thus validating their prejudiced views). These *comedy writers* are criticizing the lazy comedy aspect as well as the implicit racism being perpetuated. So no, it’s just JUST a joke.

  • Sansa Squad

    I think the COMEDY WRITERS quoted here understand what comedy is. (In fact, that’s partly what they’re critiquing – why this fails as comedy.) It’s their livelihood, so they’re more qualified than anyone to be speaking on it.

  • Vanity

    welcome to the world where others opinions differ from yours. Not everyone finds every comic funny. We all have different ideas of what funny is.. making fun of a white person that can’t dance is stereotypical & prejudiced to some & funny as hell to others. do I really have to point that out? So you think only comedians have a right to complain.. you sound idiotic.

  • Brock Jones

    Well hopefully the government will eventually give the citizens a list of jokes we are allowed to laugh at…you know, so we don’t get confused with all this individialism and what not.

  • Sansa Squad

    First of all, read the first sentence of your comment back and ruminate on it. Second, did I say they were the only ones? No, I said they were more qualified to speak on it than, say, you. Doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to speak your mind too. Personally, I like hearing from people whose experiences and opinions differ from mine because it helps me form more informed and nuanced opinions, which is the only reason I read people’s (often idiotic) comments in the first place.

  • Sansa Squad

    You can joke about or laugh at whatever you want, as it should be. AND people can tell you why they think it’s wrong for you to do so. If your “individualism” is threatened by other perspectives, maybe on some level you agree with them and are afraid to shift your opinion to accommodate new information. Luckily, the government hasn’t made it illegal to LEARN and change your mind about things (yet), so maybe instead of getting upset, you could read and analyze and think critically about what something really means to you and enhance your worldview.

  • Gina

    People like Vanity rationalize racism as “a difference of opinion.” There’s really no getting through to people like that.

  • Brock Jones

    No you really can’t these days without people like BLM and ANTIFA and snowflakes using verbal, physical and mental attacks. That is the reality we live in today. And I am far from a racist or bigot or any other delineation you prefer. I just have the sense to not be offended by something so minimal. I constantly hear white jokes on ESPN and other like places yet I don’t take up arms over it. What does that say about the minority of the country who are unable to hear opinions and jokes? This little bubble you live in is getting popped by those of us tired of the baby like mentality you show.

  • devvv

    If it’s just comedy, ABC shouldn’t have shelved the blackish episode about kneeling during the national anthem. There’s an obvious double standard, but go ahead and defend someone who literally tweeted “Nazi salute” and dressed up as Hitler while eating “burnt Jew” cookies. That’s okay, too, because it’s comedy, right?

  • Sansa Squad

    Bless your heart, Brock.

  • Judith

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  • Derek Papaya

    they all do the same thing, base everything on how “good” it feels to them…conflating every situation that doesn’t feel good to them AS RACIST or against them, perpetuating this idea that there is more racism out there if you reallllyyy try and look for it…and this premise is ultimately flawed, it makes your perspective convoluted with ideas of being victimized and dependent on outside factors

  • Vanity

    Im not defending any particular person only that people are incredibly offended over nothing nowadays & the topic is Roseanne & her joke not whatever the f*ck you’re talking about. But to appease your stupidity.. You just cant go around censoring one without censoring all. its hypocritical to get angry at Roseanne & not get angry at Chris Rock. Freedom of speech is gone & what is the damn point after that?