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Amber Heard Donates Johnny Depp Divorce Settlement Money to Children's Hospital

Amber Heard Donates Johnny Depp Divorce Settlement Money to Children's Hospital

Amber Heard kept her promise about donating her Johnny Depp divorce settlement money to charity!

Back in 2016, the 31-year-old actress said that she would split the $7 million divorce settlement between two charities – American Civil Liberties Union and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

It looks like Amber kept her word because she was recently thanked by the Children’s Hospital for her generous donation.

On the CHLA’s annual report from 2017, it lists “Ms. Amber Heard” on the list of “Honor Roll of Donors” for a contribution between $1 million and $5 million.

“We are honored to acknowledge our extraordinary donors for their generosity during fiscal year 2017. On behalf of all the children and families whose lives you have impacted, and everyone at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, we offer our sincere thanks,” the hospital wrote on the report.

We’re happy to hear Amber‘s incredible donation will help so many people!

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  • Anna

    Still a lying gold digger.

  • Paul Ester

    The depth of your devotion to Depp is disturbing.

  • LaurieCat

    Of course, she no longer needs Depp’s money since she already found another d&ck to suck for a few dollars. Poor Elon Musk xD

  • Anna

    I’m not devoted to Depp, don’t really care for him. I’ve only seen 2 films of his and think his daughter is annoying. Amber Heard is a manipulative lying asshole. Can’t believe there are people like you who believe her bullshit. This entire thing is a mockery of women who’ve actually been abused and are still suffering from domestic violence.

  • Captain

    this woman is a liar and full of b*llshit

  • GroundControl500

    Oh good gawd. The Depp fanatics are hear to trash the woman who endured Depp’s abuse.

    Good for Heard. She didn’t have to donate anything. I’m sure the recipient is grateful.

  • Kirchner

    Yeah yeah a talentless gold digger who was arrested for domestic violence can only be a hero for very simple people

  • Linda Estrada

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  • Open Social

    The list of donors is about people pledging to donate, and we have yet to see how much she did, if she did donate. 1-5 m is the section where she was listed, but she has to donate 7 m, so stop kissing amber heard’s ass and report correctly. There is no use to misinform in gossip, is it?

  • Buffy

    Where is the report saying exactly how much she gave to them?

  • cake

    It plainly says this in the hospital’s introduction to the Honor Roll (donor list) online: “This Honor Roll recognizes donors for contributions of $1,000 or more, as well as the full value of any active pledge commitments made in prior fiscal years.” A pledge commitment is not a 100% guarantee they actually received anything. Until I see actual receipts or a statement from someone from that organization I will not believe it.

  • agus

    Read this website once again and then phone to this charity to find out how much she donated if you want to be taken as the source of info. It’s sad when “journalists” have the reading comprehension of 10 years old.

  • Lucky Alexander

    Put this under the category of “I have to do something to improve my horrible image.” This and her sudden interest in the situation in Syria. She spent all last summer posting pics of her drunk on expensive wine ‘her ex-husband introduced her to’, kissing random men and giving her BJ face in every pic. Elon Musk had to drop her or lose all of his serious investors, so it has to be “clean up your image or we will never be a couple again”. Now she is trying to be like Angelina Jolie…what’s next? Adopting a bunch of kids? Don’t trust fake news. SHE is the abuser of women and went to jail for it. SHE is the one who pitched a fit when Johnny Depp donated part of the settlement at first and then she demanded 2 x’s the settlement amount…read up on her demands. She was in it for the pay off from the start. This is all FAKE.

  • Alex

    He was the one who endured her abuse.

  • MyName

    Some was likely donated. It wasn’t the full amount she received. She may have waited and gained from interest or investment. It even could have been donated in her name by someone else. I wonder if she has anything on EM? He may have just planned to donate to the good case anyway and then did her a favor.