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Brad Pitt Arrives to Watch U2 in Concert!

Brad Pitt Arrives to Watch U2 in Concert!

Brad Pitt made a rare appearance out at the U2 concert last night!

The 54-year-old actor was spotted out and about on Wednesday evening (May 16) at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. Brad was surrounded by security as he was escorted inside to watch the band play.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

The last photos we have of Brad out and about are from last month when he attended the Dodgers baseball game in early April.

Check out the new photos of Brad Pitt…

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brad pitt u2 concert 01
brad pitt u2 concert 02
brad pitt u2 concert 03
brad pitt u2 concert 04
brad pitt u2 concert 05
brad pitt u2 concert 06
brad pitt u2 concert 07
brad pitt u2 concert 08
brad pitt u2 concert 09
brad pitt u2 concert 10
brad pitt u2 concert 11
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  • Multipass

    He’s still got it!

  • Mariano

    Brad’s looking good – unlike gross Sean Penn who also was at the concert.

  • Janet Misowa

    Brad looks fantastic

  • Lylian


  • Beedyq

    Good to see Brad there at the concert as he is long time friends with U2.

    Looks like he is growing his hair longer maybe for the QT film which takes place in 1969.

  • 81a

    Brad looking good! 😊😊

  • Lady Valeria

    Ugh, I like QT films but that hair length will be trying me. It just doesn’t look good, lol.

  • Beedyq

    Men’s long hair was all the rage in 1969, at least for those who could grow their hair long….lol

    Wonder what Le1′s hair length will be.

    Brad could just be letting his grow as he is not working and then it will be shorter when filming begins.

    So all may be OK for you re hair length. Or not. LOL

  • Passing Through

    Thanks for the bread crumb trail on the last thread. If U2 is in town Brad usually goes to the show.

    Also, nice to see Brad hanging out with Andrew Dominik. Maybe, possibly Blonde will FINALLY happen?

  • Passing Through

    Lylian • 3 hours ago

    OMG!! Ronan Farrow

    2 Missing Suspicious Activities Report:

    Where are they? Why are they missing?


    I saw this on Rachel Maddow last night. I guess the guy who gave the info to Avenatti contacted him. Technically it’s stolen information because even though the person who took the info was allowed to access it – it is illegal to release the information publicly. So what does that mean legally for Avenatti? At tje very least he’d be the receiver of stolen property.

  • Snoopy

    Daddy lookin’ good!

  • Passing Through

    Looking at the Daily Fail photos. Handjob was there. Wonder if she tried to stalk Brad so she could tell him how much better off he is without Angie while NOT advocating a reunion with her FORMER friend Ticky? LOL!

  • Beedyq

    AndrewD has gone totally grey since I last saw pics of him.

    Last I read about him said he was directing some episodes of Fincher’s Mindhunter series.

    Blonde seems to still be in limbo…

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Hey All.


    still with the Romance Repellent clothing.


    But, otherwise Mr. Pitt looks good.

    I see Andrew Dominick is with him. He’s shooting some episodes of Fincher’s show.

    I wonder what’s going on with Blonde.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Here’s a piece with a little more info on how the cameo came about.

    Ryan Reynolds Reveals How He Got [Spoiler] to Cameo in ‘Deadpool 2′ (Exclusive)

    *Spoilers below for Deadpool 2.*

    Deadpool 2 is chockablock with arterial spray and jokes about male genitals and cameos, oh, sweet, sweet surprise cameos! There is the current bench of X-Men — Nicholas Hoult’s Beast and Evan Peters’ Quicksilver, among other, avoiding Deadpool at the X-Mansion — and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, kind of. (More on that later.)

    Then there’s the big ass chimichanga of a cameo, which I earmarked in my review when I said that one actor pops up so briefly you can only assume you were mistaken. Nope! That is Brad f**king Pitt, appearing in his first ever superhero movie — as an invisible superhero.

    It’s something of joke on a joke, or a setup and the punchline, beginning when Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is auditioning recruits for his newly formed “super duper f**king group,” X-Force, and accepts Vanisher, a mutant whose gag is that you never see him throughout his time onscreen, only a seemingly empty headshot or floating skydiving harness. Until X-Force parachutes into a mission, that is, and due to high winds, nearly every single member of the team meets a grisly end. Vanisher gets tangled in telephone wires and, as he’s being electrocuted to death, for one split second, we finally see his face — which happens to be one of the most famous faces in the world.

    “The power of just asking,” Reynolds told ET’s Carly Steel at the movie’s premiere of how he convinced Pitt to make the cameo. “Just ask, you never know!”

    It helps that director David Leitch has a history with Pitt. “It was definitely a surreal moment because I had worked with him in the past,” he explained of acting as Pitt’s stunt double on such films as Fight Club and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. “I never thought I’d be directing him. He’s a mentor and a friend and I love him, so it was great.”

    Pitt almost played an even larger role in the sequel: Cable, the time-traveling robot assassin. “He was incredibly interested in the property,” Leitch previously told “Things didn’t work out schedule-wise.” That role ultimately went to Josh Brolin, and now Pitt is Vanisher. And that’s canon.

  • Beedyq

    Yep he is in his uniform….lol

  • toastie postie


  • Passing Through

    Huh? Domnik’s hair is still blond. Doesn’t look gray to me…

    As for what Dominik’s been up to since Blonde’s in limbo – he’s doing some fo the Mindhunters, but he’s also written scripts for other movies – including Justin Lin’s remake of Shaolin Temple – a martial arts movie that’s supposed to cost $100MIL. He also did a concert docu on is buddy Nick Cave and Cave’s band The Bad Seeds. I just find it weird that nobody will finance Blonde – a move about Marilyn Monroe. So much other dumb ass shite finds financing…pick any Ticky movie…

    Also, have to laugh because none of the photos I’ve seen have identified him. Jared doesn’t say who he…the Daily Fail doesn’t say who he is… As far as they know he’s just one of Brad’s unfamous friends. They probably think he’s an artist or an architect.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie


    looks like somebody got a phone call.

    Now can MI6 deal with the rest of her Trashass family?

    Just wondering …

    Good Morning Britain ditches Meghan Markle’s sister-in-law and nephews from ITV’s royal wedding coverage despite them flying over to London to take part

    Meghan Markle’s estranged family have reportedly been dropped from media duties with Good Morning Britain.

    Tracey Dooley, who is Meghan’s sister-in-law, and her son Tyler had flown into London to give insight during the day, despite not being invited to the ceremony.

    But ITV has today confirmed that they would not be taking part in its coverage of the event.

    rest of the mess is at the site:

    Read more:

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    You’re welcome.

  • Beedyq

    From stunt double to director….I like that.


  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    It’s nice to read of Brad being a mentor to him.

  • Beedyq

    Looks grey to me, maybe I need new glasses…lol

  • Passing Through

    I didn’t know Leitch used to be Brad’s stunt double but I knew he was friends with Brad because it was in one of the stories about Brad possibly playing Cable. He said he’d known Brad a long time and that Brad had told him he loved the first Deadpool so he asked Brad if he wanted to play Cable and sent him the script but Brad had to decline because they wanted to start shooting in May and Brad had another movie starting in June or July – Ad Astra.

    As for Ryan Reynolds “just asking”…wonder if he stalked Brad on set? Cuz he’s like Fatfleck and Dax Shephard – in wuv with Brad!

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    I think it may be the lighting. When I click on the first pic, it looks gray.

    But when I click on the last pic, it looks blondish.

  • Passing Through

    LOL! Romance repellent…but at least it’s not the baggy sweatpants…

  • Beedyq

    Hey they got a free trip to London plus probably a $ or 2 so for them it is a win-win situation.

    Glad though that they lost their public platform which they never should have been offered in the first place.

  • Passing Through

    Hmmm…I just had an eye exam the other day. Could be your monitordisplay. I’m using a really expensive monitor that I didn’t pay for – it’s a 4K, so it’s high def…

  • Passing Through

    I think it’ll be longer by the time shooting starts in a month. Brad’s hair always grows so fast.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    I can’t figure out from the quote if Reynold personally asked Brad too, or if he was just referring to Leitch.

    I really can’t imagine Brad signing up for a multi-pic deal for Cable, friends or not.

    But the poor fan boys, they were sooooo excited when they heard about it …

  • Beedyq

    OK I am jealous, a 4K monitor…wow.

    Mine is an old monitor I have had for years and years. Not high def at all but low def

  • Passing Through

    Maybe they grew a conscience because she’s obviously having a hard time with her father missing giving her away due to his heart surgery. And maybe they feel bad for participating in egging on her annoying sister’s antics… Nah. The British tabloid media has no conscience.

  • Beedyq

    As has been predicted……

    Summit of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts, launching plume of ash and smoke

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Yes, Romance Repellent.

    My ongoing name for the mess he’s been wearing.

    No, it’s not the baggy sweats this time, it’s just some other kind of baggy, saggy, what is that color, mess.

    So, yeah, still another version of Romance Repellent.


  • Beedyq

    Left them at home this time….

  • Beedyq

    Yes it is.

  • Passing Through

    Well…I’m at work…that’s the only reason I’ve got an expensive monitor…27″…4K…HDMI. It’s my one perk. Much easier to give the employees nice monitors than to give them an actual RAISE. It’s a one-time expense, ya know… LOL!

  • Passing Through

    If Brad had agreed it wouldn’t have been a multi-movie deal because he wouldn’t have agreed to that.

    I remember the art the fanboys did of Brad as Cable. And then they Josh Brolin looking SHORT and stupid in that plastic suit…

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Okay, I began reading this comment and was going to ask if you are okay?


    Nah, those ITV folks got a call …

  • Beedyq

    First pic definitely looks like gray hair.

    Last pic with different lightening it does look sorta blondish but still grayish to me.

    Lightening does make a difference.

  • Passing Through

    I’ve been looking at the videos of the volcano and I know a lot of people are losing everything they own…cuz “lava insurance” is too expensive and most people don’t have it…but really…the photos and videos have been awesome..

  • Passing Through

    Yeah, I think someone at the palace called and said they were going too far. How can they give insight on Meghan when they’re not a part of her life and haven’t been for a very long time? It was a low class idea to begin with.


    Good. Much too late but good anyway.

    BTW, I just read somewhere (cant rmbr where) that the ugly half sister samantha grant (hv you seen her lately on teevee, having gone brunette to look more like meghan? LMAO) has busted her arse and is laid up with a broken ankle and what else, as a result of tussling with some paps.

    As far as Im concerned, that a big ol dose of K A R M A!!!!!!

    Shes a nasty BEEEYOTCH.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Hoping everyone stays out of harm’s way.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Gotta scoot.

    Enjoy the day folks.

  • Beedyq

    Avenatti Says Other Women Will Soon Be Revealed

    It will soon be revealed that Stormy Daniels was not alone in alleging an affair with President Donald Trump and signing a non-disclosure agreement with Michael Cohen to cover it up, the adult film star’s lawyer said Thursday.

    Michael Avenatti has long suggested that other women had reached out to him with similar stories to that of his client, who claims she had an affair with Trump in 2006 and a decade later, just days before the 2016 election, signed a hush agreement. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is now challenging the legitimacy of that agreement because it was never signed by Trump.

    Speaking to MSNBC Thursday, Avenatti said there were now two women with solid cases who would soon be revealed.

    “There’s at least two that I think are on solid ground,” he told Morning Joe.

    “As the evidence rolls out in the coming months, disclosures are going to be made that my client was not alone as it relates to these payments.”

    Pressed by the show’s hosts about whether the women allege they had agreements with Trump and Cohen and if they claim to have had affairs or sex with the president, Avenatti responded in the affirmative on both counts. He also said that the payments were larger than those made to Daniels.

    If the revelations are forthcoming, it would only add to the problems facing Trump and his personal attorney Cohen. Trump has denied having an affair with Daniels but has also faced allegations of a similar relationship with former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal. McDougal recently reached a settlement with the parent company of The National Enquirer, with whom she signed a so-called “catch and kill” deal.

    Michael Avenatti


    As disclosed on @Morning_Joe to @morningmika moments ago – two more women and counting… Big problems lie ahead for Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump. #Basta

  • bap

    Hello! Angelina and the children have arrived in London.

  • Beedyq

    Making America friendless is working…

    United Against Trump, EU Invokes Measures to Combat Sanctions

    The European Union’s 28 leaders came to Bulgaria this week to deepen ties with partners in the east. They left preparing defenses against allies in the west.

    First thing on Friday morning, the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, will begin putting a so-called blocking statute in place to shield European companies doing business with Iran from U.S. sanctions. It’s the first time in more than two decades that the measure is being invoked.

    The deepening rift in trans-Atlantic ties was the main takeaway from the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, where leaders rallied together in defense of the rules-based international system and vowed to confront President Donald Trump’s “capricious assertiveness.” The EU agreed to throw its weight behind the Iran deal that Trump quit and pledged to suspend trade talks with Washington until the bloc is granted an unlimited exemption from threatened steel and aluminum tariffs.

    “We will not negotiate with the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads,” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told reporters on Thursday at the summit’s close. “It’s a matter of dignity.”

    Blocking mechanism
    Europe’s mood is shifting from shock at Trump’s “America First” agenda to a resolve to assert its own position. Trans-Atlantic tensions came to a head with Trump’s decision to pull out of the landmark Iran nuclear accord that the remaining signatories — Russia, China, France, Germany and the U.K., along with the EU — all say is working.

    The last time the EU threatened to use the blocking statute was in 1996, when Bill Clinton’s administration stood down and agreed to waive sanctions aimed at curbing foreign investment in Cuba, Iran and Libya.

    The proposed EU actions are no guarantee that the accord can be salvaged, however, with the U.S. Treasury Department saying companies with existing contracts will have 90 to 180 days to extract themselves from their Iran dealings before becoming subject to penalties.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, warned that it wouldn’t be possible to shield entire industries from U.S. measures and said that she didn’t want to “encourage any illusions.”

    Juncker reiterated the stakes of standing up to the Americans, saying “we have to understand that the effects of the U.S. sanctions will be felt.”

    Unpredictable friend
    Unanimously accepted by the EU leaders and included: keeping Iran’s oil and gas industry viable; allowing the European Investment Bank to facilitate investments in Iran; the creation of special purpose vehicles to allow for transactions between the regions; and protecting European companies that do business in the Middle Eastern nation.

    French President Emmanuel Macron said that neither France nor the EU had any intention of imposing sanctions or counter-sanctions on U.S. companies over Iran, since his defense of the nuclear accord was based on concerns about security and stability, not commerce.

    Neither will the French president force companies to stay in Iran at the risk of attracting U.S. sanctions, Macron said, adding that “the President of the Republic is not the director general of Total,” the only western energy major with investments in Iran.

    While Europe looks for the right balance of tools to deploy against its U.S. ally, if any at all, the political will to defy Trump united the normally fractious bloc. EU President Donald Tusk set the tone for the summit on Wednesday when he asked rhetorically before a dinner with the leaders: “With friends like that, who needs enemies?”

    “The real geopolitical problem is not when you have an unpredictable opponent or enemy or partner, the problem is if your closest friend is unpredictable,” Tusk said at the close on Thursday. “This is the essence of our problem today with our friends on the other side of the Atlantic.”

  • bap

    Angelina and the children are in London now and away from hollyweird.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    Said I’m leaving, but need to drop this:

    Royal Wedding: Angelina Jolie arrives in UK ahead of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s day

    The actress was pictured with her two sons Knox and Shiloh, looking low key wearing dark sunglasses.

    The 42-year-old was dressed down in all-black attire as her entourage unloaded a car full of luggage.

    Angelina’s arrival to the UK has sparked rumours she could be a guest at the St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle on Saturday. has contacted a representative for Angelina Jolie.

    Kensington Palace declined to comment.

    Other celebrities rumoured to be joining Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their big day are George and Amal Clooney, Ellie Goulding and Serena Williams.

    rest at site along with pics



    ignant asses calling Shiloh a boy …

    Other outlet may show more of the kids.