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Meghan Markle Breaks Royal Tradition by Receiving a Coat of Arms!

Meghan Markle Breaks Royal Tradition by Receiving a Coat of Arms!

Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, is continuing to shake up royal tradition!

Following her Royal Wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan received a Coat of Arms as a gift from the palace.

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The special royal gift is typically given to the father of the bride, but because of the ongoing drama with Meghan‘s family, the decision was made to gift the Coat of Arms directly to Meghan instead – breaking royal tradition!

Her family name is also not represented in the design, which is also a break in tradition. Kate Middleton‘s coat of arms, for instance, includes the Middleton family name, as well as her mother Carole‘s maiden name.

“A Coat of Arms has been created for The Duchess of Sussex. The design of the Arms was agreed and approved by Her Majesty The Queen and Mr. Thomas Woodcock (Garter King of Arms and Senior Herald in England), who is based at the College of Arms in London,” Kensington Palace confirmed in a statement on Friday (May 25).

For more information on the details of the Coat of Arms, head to See the coat of arms below!

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  • Casey C

    SHE didn’t break tradition, the Palace broke tradition. There’ a difference. Can we be done with this overexposed couple now? they been way too overexposed and need to go away for a while

  • GroundControl500

    This is so insulting to a father who by all accounts was a loving and generous father to her. A father whose continual support enabled her to live the life she wanted which led to her current position in life, That she would allow her father to be treated with such disrespect tells me a great deal about her.

    How does erasing her past life – the reality of it – “honor” her?

  • Casey C

    theyw were also estranged for a period and her whole family split apart, to be fair. plus, he humiliated her and himself and the RF, did you really think he’d be getting a coat of arms after that?

  • Lylian

    According to this article when Kate Middleton’s Father was granted the right to have his coat of arms this insignia or whatever you call it is inherited through the male line. So if it is granted to Thomas Markle see it goes to Junior.

    In the case of the Middletons, the grant is made to Kate’s father Michael Middleton because the coat of arms is passed down the male line. This allows Kate’s siblings to use the design.
    Kate will only be able to use the coat of arms until her wedding day on 29 April. After the marriage ceremony, her design will be combined with that of Prince William – a process known as “impaled arms”.

    Also to my mind senior never openly or publicly reprimanded his older Son or Daughter for their disgraceful behaviour throughout the whole time.


    Is this the behaviour you should expect of your dad?

    I believe senior loved Meghan but I believe he fails to stand up to his older children when they are mean to Doria, calling her The Maid coz she is black ( this nugget of information came it seems from the first Wife”) or for the Meghan. So Long as he can keep them apart that’s fine. But when he can’t, he doesn’t step out to speak up and tell his kids to shut up and what they say is wrong and they are just jealous. He has his guilt no doubt because his elder 2 haven’t turned out very well. But surely a father speaks out to defend the child from another Mother. He has TMZ on speed dial but he can’t say anything to say how wonderful his beloved Meghan is? Really.

    So you see, I simply don’t agree with your point of view.

  • Gina

    Respect a man who sets up pap photos & continues to talk to the media about his daughter? He’s trash and so is his entire side of the family.

  • GroundControl500

    These innocuous pap pics are a tiny fraction of the kind of PR tactics Meghan has used and participated in over the years. He’s always praised his daughter just as his daughter praised him and used his work and his name for her benefit when she discussed him on talk shows.

    A father has the right to discuss his daughter – he’s never said an unkind word about her that I’m aware of.

  • GroundControl500

    Not sure where you’re getting that from but Meghan and her father have not been estranged for most of her adult life. She chose to move out of her mother’s house when she was 12 or 13 and go live with her father. He was a successful director of photography for several long run TV shows. I also belieev I read somewhere he won a substantial lottery. Guess where that money went. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars putting her through expensive private schools and a private university. He sent her on trips to Europe as a teenager and saw to it she lived a privileged life. He visit her regularly when she moved to Toronto, several times a year, and spent holidays with her and her mother as recently as a few years ago.

    I hope I am wrong but I suspect the daughter no longer believes her father fits in with her new lifestyle. Now THAT is what I call trashy behavior.

  • GroundControl500

    Thanks for the info, Lylian. We can agree to disagree on the rest. 😄

  • WeeFree ✓

    There’s is no disrespect or injustice here, one of the main social requirements of the Brits is for a man to be able to keep a stiff upper lip. Meghan’s father could not do this, he flopped badly when he his moral strength was most needed and embarrassingly so.

  • Gina

    I don’t give a damn what Meghan has done, nobody’s dad should try to undermine them by running to the media like an opportunistic, low rent fool. What father goes to the media about his daughter, when it’s most likely against her wishes, regardless of whether he says nice things or not. It’s pathetic. This is not a tit for tat. I don’t care if Meghan talked about him in interviews, her approach was most likely more classy than his. Besides, he’s her elder, so it looks corny & pathetic for him to be using his daughter this way.

  • Lylian

    Yes! We can definitely agree to disagree on the rest!

  • Amethyst

    What I call trashy behavior on the part of the father is posing for the photos for money on his part.

  • commish1

    she will be the worst thing to happen to the royal family. she is with child already now we know why the little bitch had to get married. lady Di is turning over in her grave