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President Trump Reveals the Message Melania Is Sending with Her Jacket

President Trump Reveals the Message Melania Is Sending with Her Jacket

President Donald Trump is speaking out in response to the controversy from First Lady Melania Trump‘s fashion choice while visiting children in a detention center.

Melania wore a jacket that read “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” while boarding a plane to Texas. Her rep later said there was no hidden message from her jacket.

“‘I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?’ written on the back of Melania’s jacket, refers to the Fake News Media. Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!” the president tweeted on Thursday afternoon (June 21).

You can see photos of Melania in the jacket in the gallery. Also, read what celebs had to say about the fashion choice.

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  • Lewisbieber

    Ridiculous that a flotus would have such poor judgment in clothing choices

  • la petite bonnieux

    What a joke this president is

  • Effy

    I am beyond ashamed of us as a country. We are such a joke now.

  • LegalBetch

    I love how The White House first said “There was no hidden message” and now this human sh*t stain is contradicting that.

  • Jason Bowen

    Actually it was a message that she is planning to divorce Donald Trump after his criminal conviction.

  • Jason Bowen

    If only more Americans were ashamed maybe there would be the riots in Washington DC necessary to cause an Amendment allowing the removal of Trump as President.

  • labman57

    Another poorly planned photo-op with really bad optics.

    I really don’t see a reasonable “up side” to Trump’s stupid remark about “fake news”.
    He comes off as either a pathological liar … or an extremely petty, immature manipulator who has a screwed up sense of priorities.

  • cutitout

    That makes no sense.

  • gwen

    Trump is just trying to save face because another one his “bright” ideas backfired. If Melania no longer cares, she wouldn’t have bothered to wear the coat in the first place because people who don’t care don’t take the time and energy to make sure that everyone knows that they don’t care.

    There are 2 explanations as to why she wore the coat:

    Trump used Melania as a scapegoat. Just like her husband, Melania can’t read and someone in the Trump administration handed her the coat(knowing that she had no clue what the coat says) to shift the backlash from Trump to Melania. It worked. Melania got slammed and it eased some of the pressure off of Trump and Stephen Miller.

    Or Melania is just as self-entered and evil as her husband. Keep in mind that this is the same woman who promoted the birther movement, praised her husband when he verbally attacked Mika, and said that no one should believe her husband’s accusers until they have all be vetted by a court. Why is the media falling for Melania’s con. This wasn’t about the kids, this was the usual pap stroll to get attention for her clothing.

    The irony in Trump’s words, he cheats on Melania after she has given birth to his son, yet he calls the media dishonest? Trump lies every time he opens his mouth, but it’s the media who is dishonest?

    The most disappointing thing is how some media outlets fell for Melania’s con. It’s obvious by her speech that she had no clue what was going on or why she was even there.

    I can’t believe that history is repeating itself. Didn’t the Germans also set up a fake Concentration Camp to give the impression to the Red Cross that all was well? When the media saw Melania’s all is well visit, they should have immediately brought up Theresienstadt. The media is going to be the downfall of this country because they just aren’t doing their jobs.

  • JungleJim

    I love Melania . The way she is trolling Pinko commie liberals is hilarious . You go gurl

  • forest4trees

    Vile, repulsive family all around.

  • forest4trees

    What are you referring to?

  • pppf

    Sadly, I can read her jacket better than I can understand her English. Yet, this administration is getting tough on immigrants seeking asylum in the US. I guess it’s better to be an Escort/model/hooker and marry an old rich loud mouth low life to a get a green card instead. Still waiting on Trump to show her work Visa he promised she had while she was in US before his marriage to her. I guess it’s like his tax returns, it doesn’t exist.

  • Casey C

    wow…this administration really is as shit as it sounds. someone (Trump) thought this was a good idea. what it really means is ‘I don’t give a shit about these kids’. terrible idea

  • Jules

    She knew exactly what she was doing.

  • SMGfan!

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