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Zachary Quinto Discusses Straight Actors Playing LQBTQ Roles

Zachary Quinto Discusses Straight Actors Playing LQBTQ Roles

Zachary Quinto is addressing the idea of straight actors playing LGBTQ roles.

The 41-year-old Star Trek actor discussed the topic during an interview at SiriusXM studios with Larry Flick.

“There’s a lot of controversy surrounding people playing roles that are actually in line with who they are authentically. It’s an interesting time, right? Part of the nature of being an actor is to step outside of ourselves and have experiences that aren’t in line with who we are. But the political climate, and the race for equality, has kind of shifted the ground around that notion and I think we have to be patient and see how things settle,” he said.

“You look at how many straight actors play gay roles, and how that door doesn’t swing the other way as much. There are fewer gay actors playing straight roles. And there is something about that. You look at a movie like Call Me By Your Name, which is an incredible film. The work by those straight actors was really great, but what would have been like if there were gay actors in those roles? I don’t know! Are those characters gay or just exploring something? Who knows.”

Listen below.

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  • namers

    If there were gay actors in that role then it would’ve been deemed gay porn.

  • Curt Noydb

    Quid proBTQIA -XYZ actors playing straight roles.

  • suzybel

    You are splitting hairs here, an actor is an actor is an actor whether gay or not gay. You should be able to play the role. Next you will be bitching about not enough gay actors are being picked for roles.

  • JDS

    This whole backlash against Scarlett Johansson and others will do more harm than good.

  • JDS

    This whole backlash against Scarlett Johansson and others will do more harm than good.

  • Lexi

    Sexuality doesn’t define how good of an actor a person is. It doesn’t matter if they are gay playing straight or straight playing gay, if the person is good enough, they should be able to give what the role asks for convincingly.

    As for the not many gays playing straight roles, maybe he should change it to openly gay as there are many gay actors right now and that includes those who have won several awards for playing ‘straight’ people. The only difference is they haven’t come out and pretend to be be straight.

  • Open Social

    And how many straight roles has he played? Just because one is gay or bi or whatever doesn’t mean they are right for a certain role. Actors are supposed to play anything, that is their raison d’etres. This guy is where he is because of the LQBT marketing. They have become a nuisance with their discontent and their confrontational ways at every little thing. To have a right to a role, first things first you have to be right and talented for it, it shouldn’t have to matter if your biographical data fit the role.

  • J. Leo

    This whole thing about trans actors should play trans is so ridiculous. We gay actors have been playing straight since forever. An actor is or should be able to play any role.

  • Ribb Rotgut

    Wokeness is poison, y’all. It will ruin all the things. Just watch.

  • Khazija

    I don’t think Zachary Quinto would appreciate it if openly gay actors were restricted to only playing gay roles. That would hurt and decrease the work for thousands of people. Then lgbt people would barely get work. So it is not fair to ask that only so-called straight actors should only play “straight” roles. Sexuality is complicated and fluid. The majority of people don’t openly identify as bisexual and many celebs are known to be that in private especially male actors. A lot of people don’t operate on labels. Roles should not be segregrated or discriminated based on identified orientation.

    People need to be reminded of what acting is. It is not about people playing themselves or exact representation. Hyper-PC standards is limiting and actually more regressive for the cinematic and theatrical community. You are playing a character that may have different experiences or a different identity than you. In fact, most actors want to develop and express their range by being able to play a broad different spectrum of roles while audiences want to be able to appreciate that.