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Financial Details Surface in Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Child Support Battle

Financial Details Surface in Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Child Support Battle
  • As Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continue to square off about child support, details about their reported financial situation are coming to light. – TMZ
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  • Jason Bowen

    Well it is Angelina Jolie’s own fault that she probably made herself broke. In this day and age she adopted 8+ kids. She is lucky Brad Pitt is even paying child support considering they are just his adopted kids. He could have fought for them to be put back into the foster system with his money.

  • Messy

    Can’t feel sorry for someone who tries to keep children from their father because they didn’t get their way. And he gave her $9m and she’s still bitching? Yeah, no sympathy here.

  • KumberLt

    She’s just going for the money to hurt Brad and paint him in a bad light to the public. Big mistake here

  • SXZadi

    She can’t help herself! She is just plain cra-cra!

  • Raspitou

    It’s like you’re on another planet, blinded by fandom.

    Regardless of how much money Pitt has, what the hell is Angelina spending on that could possibly cost $10,000 per kid, per month?!? And she still demands MORE? Even if they’re paying for nannies and chauffers and new clothes and elite private schools and caviar in their lunchboxes, how is that not enough?!? (keep in mind it would be $60k total, and you don’t need a chauffer for each kid, necessarily). That’s not “deadbeat” anything by any stretch of the imagination.

    You say that he “only” gave her $1.3 million and loaned her the rest as if that’s a bad thing!

    Jolie is a superstar of comparable income; she’s not some ordinary person making a standard wage.

    Also, Pitt is under no moral or legal obligation to just give her an $8 million gift to do whatever she wants. If she doesn’t like the interest he’s charging (which I’m guessing is below market rate; otherwise, she would have gotten it elsewhere, right?), then she can either rake in some extra cash with “Maleficent 2″ or go to the bank like the rest of us.

  • Felly Smoak

    If she really was the dotting mother she makes out, she wouldn’t be putting all their kids through this. They are all old enough to read whats in the media etc. Seems like she just wants to keep her circus act relevant … sad

  • yolly

    Regardless wether they are adopted , they are their children.

  • Sophia Max

    She’s always been like this, it’s just showing up more because there are children involved. She’s doing exactly what her mom did, alienating her children from their father.

  • Lucy

    I see pitiable Pitt is at it again. Let’s hope the whole “plane incident” is revealed.

  • Lucy

    I see pitiable Pitt is at it again. Let’s hope the whole “plane incident” is revealed.

  • Catty911

    Newsflash – the crazy bittch is broke!!

  • Catty911

    Newsflash – the crazy bittch is broke!!

  • baytec

    Another feminist wanting her cake and eating it too! If he pays half, he should be allowed to parent for half of the time – joint custody is what that is called. Maybe she is worried that as the children get older they might realise Dad is an ok guy, and not what Mum said he was

  • Jtberry

    She wants “meaningful” child support but she won’t allow him to have a relationship with the kids? What could be more meaningful than a father bonding with his kids? What an unhinged b i t c h.

  • Kate Mara

    team brad. women like her have no respect for the bond between a child and their father. it’s disgusting

  • baytec

    She is so desperate for media attention and wanting to isolate the kids from him. She is no loss for him for sure. Same attitude for years – entitled! NOT for the good of the kids

  • Redy

    Angelina Jolie should be ashamed of herself. What a disgrace for a mother who calls herself humanitarian. Children’s welfare should come first. But I don’t think she understands this.

  • Redy

    Well said

  • Tiffany C.O

    Angelina Jolie taking parental alienation to new levels. Woman disgusting

  • Liverwurst

    Classless. Pretty is as pretty does…I don’t believe her motives are in her children’s best interest. It seems as though Angie can’t stand the kids are half Brad’s and therefore she must work with him on how to raise the children and where.

  • P Cho

    interesting how many people defend the man even if he was drunk, went to public to make visible that his wife should allow him to see the kids while he was not willing to pay child support fully but to give a loan with interest and stay in the family home…

    Sure the woman like Angelina Jolie, no matter how much she cares for her kids, is always to blame.

    The more the media defends for the father the more the kids stand by their mother. As mother I prefer my kids standing by me than the media searching for bashing stories.

  • Taylors


  • P Cho

    Alcohol addicted man is seldom a good listening father. When the mother leaves him for the health of the children… why blaming her?
    When he keeps the family house while she has to rent a nearby house for him, nobody acknowledges this? And she has to bear all the cost and should be grateful that he gives her a loan with some interest while he earns the double of it and enjoy drawing and making some arts… seeing his kids for now and then only for the fun time… is always a good time. While the mother has to educate them… and this is much more work…
    You might make the person worse who takes much more responsibilty… strange world! This is sad.

  • Umann

    She is a psycho and a lier brad so be careful she will play dirty. Eventually both of your children will realize what she has done and leave her. The bad part about this is you cannot get back the years you did not get to spend with them. Not by choice but because she would not allow you too. Her time is coming and feel sad for you and your kids. Hang in there brad cause you will have ur day in court. As a mother myself you should never use your kids like that it’s incomprehensible what she has done and she does not deserve the right to raise them in my opinion.Grow up crazy lady you did not make those children by yourself so face the fact you cannot just cut him out as their father stupid lady😡😡😡😡😡

  • Ann Licher

    Brad has not had healthy normal access to the children, the toxic parent is continually violating agreements and firing attacks. And now for a desperate and foolish act to gain support of the public, the world is being led to believe their father is not interested in supporting his kids……REALLY??? Like he is hard up for cash that much that he wouldn’t make sure they were clothed, fed and under a safe dry roof?! Like he isn’t aware that the toxic parent will sling whatever she possibly can to discredit him, and make him look bad in front of the kids and the world, and he would be stupid enough to not make sure they were financially stable…….??!! C’mon!! Attempting to label him a dead beat dad is ridiculous! This entire scenario turns my stomach really, we are talking about millionaires here these kids are not in financial need by any means, there is no need for this discussion whatsoever!! This conversation is obviously one made public for only one purpose, and it has nothing to do with helping the children and their current situation. It is unfortunate that the children will need to find out their mother needs psychiatric help through the media and not a proper psychiatric specialist for pathogenic parenting. If a psychiatric expert isn’t preparing the kids for situations like this already the wrong psychiatrist is in place. What is happening here is a classic Pathogenic Parenting/PAS behavior and the kids need to be prepared for it. It is more important that they do know the truth, they need to not be normalized into dysfunctional behaviors, it needs to be addressed and corrected. Perhaps exposing this ridiculous conversation to the public will expose the narcissistic behaviors fueling the abuse. Unfortunately in this case cutting ones nose off to spite their face, may be the unfortunate way the children will begin to find safety, love, compassion, empathy and unconditional love and understanding from an authentic parent. My heart breaks for them they are suffering terribly and it needs to stop.

  • Redy

    She will play dirty just to get at him.

  • Redy

    Who is she to dictate that?she had those children with him and he is their father so wake up Angie and smell reality they are his kids too and he has rights to see them, raise them and love them as well. The court needs to be doing more so he can see those kids better yet he would be the better parent to raise them in my opinion

  • P Cho

    I find it so boring to blame the mother who takes care of her children and protect them from a father who can visit the kids only with therapists.
    If it is vice versa, would Brad get all this bashing news… No matter what he is doing he is always a sunny boy… He might date, drink, put his marriage to an end… he seems to be untouchable. Or who makes him so untouchable?

  • P Cho

    Strange, I have posted my comments already two times and don’t see any here. First I thought I did something wrong. But those I know told me they posted their comments, too. Obviously neutral comments or positive comments for Jolie are hidden or not shown up. Are Brad Pitt’s lawyers behind this fake news and manipulate the whole thing?

  • P Cho

    I am wondering if this comment will be kept or I have to post another comment again.
    As we know people addicted to alcohol don’t have that patience with their kids. And kids in design houses are expected not to touch the expensive paintings etc. I wonder if Angelina would request for a divorce probably Brad would be still very much in love with vodka bottles and don’t see why he should pay much more attention to his kids and his family. Only by losing it he remembers what is important. In fact he should be thankful for the hard lesson given by his still-to-be-wife and the kids who are still seeing him although he makes their mother looks very ugly in the media.

  • neer

    Loan with interest..
    Wow. Brad. What a father!