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Amber Heard Fires Back at Johnny Depp's 'Entirely Untrue' Statements

Amber Heard Fires Back at Johnny Depp's 'Entirely Untrue' Statements

Johnny Depp recently gave an interview to British GQ where he denied any allegations of domestic abuse and his ex wife, Amber Heard, is now firing back with a statement.

“If GQ had done even a basic investigation into Mr. Depp’s claims, it would have quickly realized that his statements are entirely untrue,” Amber‘s lawyer said in a statement (via THR). Mr. Depp has blatantly disregarded the parties’ confidentiality agreement and yet has refused to allow Ms. Heard to respond to his baseless allegations, despite repeated requests that she be allowed to do so. Mr. Depp is shamefully continuing his psychological abuse of Ms. Heard, who has attempted to put a very painful part of her life firmly in her past. One need only look at the physical evidence to draw the proper conclusion.”

Amber and Johnny settled their divorce and domestic violence case in 2016.

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  • mahbelle

    depp is a drunken debauched piece of shit. he can’t act anymore and he looks like a fool.

  • Aídan

    I don’t think he hit her but I don’t doubt that Johnny has his issues. Amber is also fucked up. Some people just shouldn’t be together.

  • Effy

    Agreed. I think both are toxic people and together they bring out the absolute worst in one another.

  • Minnie

    Amber had been telling anyone and everyone who would listen that she was “abused”. She has also used it to advance herself into political circles. And now she’s mad because Johnny’s defending himself? Too bad Amber–guess now you’ll have to find another victim narrative in order to get sympathy and publicity.

  • bigbudha420

    ahhh how cute, you still love him. =) after all these years.

  • Casey C

    eveer since he played Jack Sparrow practically ever role since has jut been the same damn performance in a different costume. not all, but most. he used to be a great actor. now he does the same thing over and over. it got boring a decade ago

  • bigbudha420

    GO JOHNNY!! =D

  • mahbelle

    hmm, considering I was never a big in the first place, but you keep talking out your butt.

  • mahbelle

    because he’s a drunken indulged fool.

  • bigbudha420

    ahh you think his butt is cute.. how adorable.. i know you waited in the rain when his first movie came out. =D LOL what was the name of the movie? =D

  • mahbelle

    i block assholes.

  • Vanity

    If GQ did a basic investigation? They are journalists not the FBI, FFS shut it, nowhere in his interview does he mention her, just the circumstances now STFU & go find another rich guy to use.

  • akemi

    in court documents heard admitted and averred to punching depp in the face twice. she really needs to quit while she’s ahead, and when I say ahead, I mean she hasn’t been arrested, charged and jailed for her any of her behavior…yet

  • Lucky Alexander

    Give it up, Amber. If you aren’t using Johnny’s name. nobody knows who or what the hell you are. Johnny is finally defending himself against your lies and you are so outraged! Oh, poor fool. Answer this question…why didn’t you see this through, go to court with your stupid video, photos, lying “witnesses” and take a shot at Johnny? If you are so right and he is so wrong, why didn’t you prove it in front of a judge? Why didn’t you get a legal verdict? Why did you take all your lies to social media and sell it to them instead of doing your deposition in a timely manner like you were supposed to? Abused women don’t ask for all the properties the two of you lived in, his car, his money in installment for life…they want to get as far away as possible with no attachments or reminders. You are the WORST waste of skin. But go ahead…answer my question…I’ll wait…(crickets)

  • mackfangirl

    Why have you left out the quote from Depp’s lawyer about the prove they have of his innocence and her abuse towards him?

  • Minnie

    Excellent as usual, LuckyAlexander.

  • Phil the Donahue

    oh please, he’s a scumbag drunk.

  • Phil the Donahue

    eye roll. If you are a chic (or a dude with a small weenie. i.e. minnie) why do you support douchy men? Cause your dad abused you?

  • Wendy

    He’s definitely an incredibly sloppy drunk and needs to fix the issues he has with harming himself when he drinks, but that’s been known for a long time. She took advantage of that and tried to act like he hurt her on top of it.

  • Wendy

    Exactly. Bitch didn’t get the amount of money she thought she would get, so screamed abuse.

  • Wendy

    Why do you support gold diggers? Why was she okay with it until she didn’t get the money she wanted?

  • Dorothyfromoz

    They even put in the article that they are not an investigative journal. Heard is just jealous because she doesn’t have much of a career and he does. Its obvious she’s a sore loser.

  • Samayeta

    Johnny is innocent. As far as I believe and know. She(Ms.Heard) has an abusive report from her past relationship! About Johnny he suffered a lot. I strongly believe that Johnny can’t do it and he couldn’t! He was in relationship before and there was no complain from his past that he showed any abusive behavior towards anyone! The time has came already! Now he is gonna prove it he Is not a abuser. I think (don’t know) she didn’t understand Johnny and treated him like a garbage. Maybe she used him, or married him for his Fame. Possibly she wanted her name in the headline by twinning her hands with Johnny. I think she needs stop now. There is nothing to stop Johnny from the truth. I want Johnny wins the case and prove it to the world. Prove it to himself for his own peace. #ibelievehim we are with you Johnny. :) Stay positive. All love,support and strength from India 💖🎁🌹.

  • reindeer

    Why do you support people who has been arrested and acused for DV? Depp has not been arrested, because the police did not see evidence, but Heard has been arrested.

  • Saku

    Poor people still defending golddigger Amber Heard who falsified evidences just to get a forceful divorce. Good grief, it’s obvious she was only after his paycheck from the get-go.

  • Minnie

    You are a base and crass excuse for a human. Do you get off on the idea of abusing women?

  • MyName

    It seemed to some that she tried to use his issues and even exacerbate them for her own advantage.

  • MyName

    How did you manage to block yourself?

  • mahbelle

    Another asshole who’s nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is🤢🤢🤢🤮

  • MyName

    I’m obviously clever enough to get under your skin.