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Angelina Jolie Travels to Peru to Help Venezuelan Refugees

Angelina Jolie Travels to Peru to Help Venezuelan Refugees

Angelina Jolie shakes hands with the Peruvian Foreign Minister Nestor Popolizio during a meeting on Tuesday (October 23) in Lima, Peru.

The pair met at the Government Palace to hold a press conference. Angelina, who is the UNHCR special envoy, is in the country to meet with Venezuelan refugees and migrants arriving in the country and to discuss the situations they’re faced with.

“Every Venezuelan I met described the situation in their country as desperate,” Angelina said (via People). “I heard stories of people dying because of a lack of medical care and medicine, cancer patients whose chemotherapy was abruptly stopped, diabetes sufferers without access to insulin, children without basic antibiotics, people starving, and tragic accounts of violence and persecution.”

She continued, “None of the Venezuelans I met want charity. They want an opportunity to help themselves. The message that I heard consistently was, ‘We didn’t want to leave, we had to leave.’ After having spoken to so many people, it is clear to me that this is not movement by choice.”

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Credit: LUKA GONZALES/AFP/Getty Images; Photos: BackGrid USA
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  • bap

    Posted by Fans of Angelina Jolie October 23, 2018

    Angelina Jolie makes statement after meeting with President Martín Vizcarra

    Angelina Jolie made a statement on the morning of Tuesday, October 23, after meeting with the president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra.

    Angelina began his speech greeting the press and Peruvian citizen in Spanish language predominantly spoken in most Latin American countries, ending his speech with another sentence in Spanish.

    Buenos Días (Good Day)!

    I am very grateful to President Vizcarra for having me this morning and the conversation we just had. Thank you very much Minister Popolizo for his work and for his words.

    I came to Peru to witness the humanitarian situation for those fleeing Venezuela.

    I spent the last two days in Lima and at the border in Tumbes, where thousands of Venezuelans are coming in daily.

    This region is facing one of the largest mass migrations in history. The crisis is even more shocking for being predictable and preventable.

    All Venezuelan I met described the situation in his country as desperate.

    I heard stories of people dying for lack of medical care and drugs: cancer patients whose chemotherapy was abruptly interrupted, diabetic patients without access to insulin, children without basic antibiotics, hungry people and tragic reports of violence and persecution.

    None of the Venezuelans I met want charity. They want a chance to help themselves.

    I met a man who, until a few months ago, was a lawyer in Venezuela. He is now grateful for a small job in a factory shirts. Like many others, his only goal is to send a few dollars home so their children can eat.

    The message we consistently heard was, “did not want to leave, we had to leave.”

    Once you have spoken to so many people, it is clear to me that this is not moving by choice.

    Venezuelans I met were not for the north, but traveled south to Peru. Many went to Colombia and Ecuador, countries also very generous at this crucial time.

    As in almost all displacement crises, countries that have fewer resources they are being asked to do as much. I want to thank the people of Peru for their generous and resilient response to this difficult situation.

    I told President Vizcarra how the UNHCR (UNHCR) welcomes the measures taken by Peru to help Venezuelans to have legal status and access to basic services. And we discussed the regional efforts being made in the process of Quito, which is the first step toward a regional solution.

    We also talked about what else the international community can and should do to support Peru and its neighbors.

    The number of people displaced around the world continues to rise, now is 68.5 million people. A person is forcibly displaced every two seconds as a result of conflict or persecution.

    There is a justified public concern about this unprecedented movement of people across borders internationally. And the realization that the distinction between refugees and economic migrants, enshrined in international law, is being obscured.

    Whereas economic migrants choose to change, often for very understandable reasons, refugees face an immediate threat to life and can not return home safely and their protection becomes a shared international responsibility.

    At a time when the fundamental principles are being questioned, it is more important than ever that we have the systems and resources to identify people with genuine refugee and asylum requests, and to ensure they have the support they need. It is crucial to strengthen the rule of law, respect for human rights, international protection and asylum systems.

    This applies to the situation in Mexico, where the UNHCR is strengthening its presence in the south, encouraging people to register and apply for legal means, which can define their reasons for seeking asylum.

    Above all, wherever we live, we need our governments to do more to address the conflict and insecurity that is creating refugees so that people can return to their countries. In my experience, the vast majority of refugees want to do just that: they want to return home.

    I was deeply touched by the dignity and strength of the Venezuelan refugees found on this visit and the warmth and generosity of the Peruvian people.

    Thank you very much for having me in your beautiful country.

    Tu es mi cause because (His cause is my cause).

    Source: UNHCR

  • Dee

    Bravo Angelina, she never forgets the refugees and their plight, and always will care about and shine a light on their behalf in every way she can.

    Thanks JJ for the thread.

  • Beedyq

    Angelina the diplomat…Bravo… 🤗 🤩

  • toastie postie

    Woo Hoo! Love this woman!! She rocks big time. Too bad she makes me feel so lazy though.😆

  • toastie postie


  • bap

    Welcome TP!

  • Lady Fucking Valeria, of Rome

    I love her dress except for the lace insert…..

  • Nan

    Thank you Bap.

  • bap

    Re de la Portilla

    7 hours ago

    #UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie meets Sister Sofia, who opened a soup kitchen for Venezuelan refugees & migrants in Tumbes, Peru. While the government’s response is generous, the people’s additional solidarity often makes the difference. @Refugees

  • bap

    Welcome Nan!

  • bap

    Angelina Jolie Gets Blessing as She Visits Peru to Meet ‘Brave’ Displaced Venezuelan Refugees

    Angelina Jolie with Sister Sofia in Tumbes, Peru
    Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo
    Alexia Fernandez

    and Ale Russian

    October 23, 2018 12:43 PM

  • Beedyq

    It almost looks like one of her favorite lace tops/tanks inserted in a low cut dress…but dress overall is really nice…really liking the shear sleeves…very appropriate as always befitting a world diplomat…

  • Felinelilly

    Thanks Jared, and LV for the link.

  • cee

    Angie is amazing and doing great work. Not sure what happened that prompted Fussy to bring up court docs. again. I just want things to be settles once and for all. Pretty clear they have moved on. Brad is dating and seems happy. Angie is doing her work and seems very happy with her life. So divorce, no divorce just let the drama be over. JMO Brad looks kind of stupid in this movie. Maybe he is trying too hard to look happy go lucky but it is not a good look.

  • toastie postie
  • Beedyq

    Presidente Vizcarra dialogó con Angelina Jolie, enviada especial del ACNUR, sobre situación de refugiados

    President Vizcarra spoke to Angelina Jolie, UNHCR Special Envoy, on refugee status

    Lima, 23 October 2018.-The head of state, Martín Vizcarra, held a working meeting this morning with the Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Angelina Jolie, representing the High Commissioner, Filippo Grandi And the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, Néstor Popolizio.

    During the dialogue, which took place in the Chamber of Ambassadors of the Government Palace, issues relating to actions were addressed in the face of the presence of Venezuelan citizens in the country, which requires international economic cooperation and the system of United Nations.

    For his part, Jolie said that the number of refugees in the world now surrounds 68.5 million people, who for reasons of conflict or persecution left their countries. He also thanked the Peruvian Government and people for the generosity they demonstrate with the citizens of Venezuela.
    Lima, 2018-10-23

  • Lady Fucking Valeria, of Rome

    Oh don’t forget to bring up Angelina’s love life, since she’s so happy with Keanu’s mom babysitting for her.

  • Lady Fucking Valeria, of Rome

    The sleeves are my favorite.

  • Ren Roberts

    She looked lovely. I like her dress a lot and more importantly the publicity she raised on the current situation of the Venezuelan refugee.

  • Ren Roberts

    What the heck?!

  • mahbelle

    exactly how did she help these refugees? she put on her sad face and listened to their stories? how did that help them? another photo op for this faux humanitarian who wants to destroy her ex husband and alienate his kids.

  • Lady Fucking Valeria, of Rome

    cee • 4 hours ago
    Brad has been looking a little goofy in this movie. Well the guy who wants joint custody is still grinning on set while Angie is doing humanitarian work. Wonder who she got to stay with the kids since their father is sooo busy. Maybe Keanu’smom’. She lives close by and loves the kids and Angie.

  • mahbelle

    what publicity. this is the only site mentioning this trip.

  • mahbelle

    she’s a bitch who refuses to get a divorce and is guilty of parental alienation.

  • toastie postie
  • mahbelle

    yeah, she thinks about them all the time while lounging around her 35 million dollar house.

  • Stoni

    Angelina’s brats will turn on her someday for the way she treats their dad. Except of course her boyfriend Maddox won’t.

  • toastie postie
  • mahbelle

    from the side st angie ho is starting to look like the Madame puppet.

  • Felinelilly

    WTF? Lunatic is putting this stuff mildly.

  • Ren Roberts

    LOL. Mind blows. You just got to wonder if these people live on reality or fantasy. Blue or red pill, anyone?

  • Lady Fucking Valeria, of Rome

    Now I see why they totally believe all the tab stories about Brad, and I am not even joking.

  • Stoni

    If she is so concerned with them then throw them a million dollars, that would be pocket change for her. THAT would change their life in that s hit hole country.
    I doubt she thinks about those people while she’s traveling to all her different mansions.

  • Lady Fucking Valeria, of Rome

    Do you know how many times she’s been to South America? I can really only think of when she went to Ecuador after she and Brad announced they were publicly engaged….and I think that coincided with her becoming a Special Envoy. Like that was her first “appearance” as a SE.

  • Stoni

    OMG she does! LOL

  • Orianna Petroy

    OMG!You’re the only one i left unblocked .And i see you still talking about him. The thought of him in the life of Angie, has already became your nightmare.I hope🙏🙏🙏i really do, that what you know and what I know ,will make you wish….dreaming…

  • KumberLt

    She¿s decided she needs some good PR. Sorry luv we all see right through you now. Stop turning your children against their father.

  • Stoni

    I knew all the Angelina crazies would be here! If Angelina was smart she would have a restraining order on you guys. O wait…

  • sandra

    God have mercy

  • Stoni

    Her brats is all shes got, all of Hollywood hates her.

  • Felinelilly

    Oh, judging by this, they left reality eons ago. Yikes.

  • Lady Fucking Valeria, of Rome

    Go gaslight someone else.

  • Stoni

    Angelina the homewrecking wh0re…BRAVO

  • Rose Vasquez

    Of course, bravo Angelina. Where were you after we had an earthquake and 2 states of our country were living in the streets. Or when people in Puno where actually dying because of the cold weather. No publicity there, so I guess no news coverage, no help. So yes, bravo Angelina. For taking care of the Venezeluan people while peruvians have been dying for years.

  • Stoni

    Get back to cleaning toilets!

  • Ren Roberts

    I remember Equador because of the engagement. She went a lot to SEA and Middle East more than South America.

  • Lady Fucking Valeria, of Rome

    Yea I was wondering if I am ONLY remembering Ecuador because of the engagement, but I honestly can’t think of any other times she’s been to SA for the UNHCR….

  • Passing Through

    I’m LMAO a the way the Peruvian foreign minister is looking at Angie…and she’s like, “Stop staring at me like I’m a piece of meat, asshole…”

  • Rose Vasquez

    oh, you are back. Again, I dont do that in my country. Treating people like animals is mainly based in USA now

  • Orianna Petroy

    I just can’t believe how much is hurting you.😂That’s the reason you know nothing .I care about you