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Gabrielle Union Dresses as Gwen Stefani for Halloween & Gwen Totally Loves It!

Gabrielle Union Dresses as Gwen Stefani for Halloween & Gwen Totally Loves It!

Gabrielle Union dressed as vintage Gwen Stefani for a Halloween weekend costume and posted a video of her look!

In the video posted to Instagram, Gabrielle rocks out to No Doubt‘s “Just a Girl,” and Gwen took notice!

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Gwen reposted the video on her own Instagram account, and posted the caption and wrote to Gabrielle, “obviously this made me soooooo happy!! Gx”

Watch the video below, and stay tuned for lots more Halloween coverage on Just Jared!

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  • nicpace

    soo…this is not culture appropriation then? Man I do not get the double standards. I’m asian FYI and I don’t live in western countries.

  • Gina

    Honey, since when does that outfit belong to any culture? If you really wanna go there, Gabrielle was chanelling Gwen from back when she had an obsession with appropriating reggae/caribbean culture. Don’t get me started on the time she was obsessed with Japanese culture.

  • Tickleme-pink

    Not hard to see the difference. And Gabrielle didn’t have to color her skin.

    Lesson to learn. this is how you channel someone.

  • Michele V

    She didn’t change the colour of her skin.

  • nicpace

    How about the blonde and straight hair? I honestly do not understand since Kendall Jenner got the heat because she had an afro? And no, I am farrrr from supporting a kardashian.

    Really, no hate towards anyone but I think as an outsider it kinda needs to stop. Black people can lighten their skin, white people can be dark, asian people can be as fair or as dark as they want and all the races can have rainbow hair without one race getting insulted in some way.

  • Lucy

    She’s already bleached her skin as much as possible.

    This would be called racist if she were white and dressed as a black woman.

  • Gj the great

    It’s good, *at least*, that you recognize that the source of your obtuse-ness is the fact that you grew up in [Asia] a traditional and vastly more homogeneous society. . .without the complexity/radar we develop in the States, a place that has a non-traditional evolution forged from many groups’ [power] inequality struggles. The world is founded on European domination and America was born on oppression and killing of its first Native American cultures, then throw in the hijacking of Africans to be slaves here and the post-traumatic rise of African-Americans after those ashes and their journey towards equality [still not achieved] and the racist template that also has oppressed millions of other Asian-Americans and Latinos. Not to mention other ethnic discrimination along the way as well. You don’t understand, and it’s good you’re asking.

  • ramonzmania

    It’s a double standard. White girls have been criticized for doing their hair in “corn rows” , because that’s supposedly “cultural appropriation” , even though corn rows originated in ancient Greece, not Africa.

  • nicpace

    Asia is a traditional and more homogeneous society? Really sir/madam you need to do your research more.. I’m from Indonesia and we have over 1300 ethnicity here and different religions/ beliefs. Our country was not build in one day, we had to go through Dutch colonialism, British colonialism, Japan occupations to get where we are now. So if you think only African Americans got the worst of it, or only in America this happens, think again.

  • nicpace

    That’s why I put question mark at the end of my sentence. This should not be a problem for everyone. I’m not defending any parties involved. When gwen was into harajuku styles it’s up to her, if a chinese person wants to have afro hair that’s up to her. I just don’t get this part that white people cannot do culture appropriation while other race gets a pass. I do wonder if one day Gabriel Union paints her face white, would people come so hard after her. That’s all I’m saying

  • Gina

    Well I can only speak for myself, and I have an issue with cultural appropriation regardless of who does it. As a black person, I will obviosly be most offended when someone outside of my race appopriates my culture. That’s my perogative. As far as if Gabrielle were to paint her face white; there is no such thing as “whiteface.” There s no racist history surrounded by people painting their face white, unlike with blackface.

  • Troll2

    They fired a white nurse for dressing up as Beyonce saying it was “blackface”. Now we have a black woman, who clearly has whiter tones than her original photo is dressing up as Gwen Stefani. Racism? Double Standards? Culturally appropriating another? IN ANY costume if you have to have makeup on your skin, then don’t do it OR apply the same rules to everyone.

    The nurse should clearly sue the hospital to get her job back. It wasn’t just a “blackface” costume where she mocked african americans or pretended to be their mammy. Would I have done it? No. Does she have her right to do it? YES.

    What about the black actors who dress up as white women (a poorly done job too) and make a movie? (white chicks 2004). So it’s ok to mock whitey for a movie and laughs? dressed as a white person for a laugh? mocking him?

  • disqus_X2WMxwP0LY

    gjthegreat briefly