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Cristiano Ronaldo Dethrones Selena Gomez as Most-Followed Person on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo Dethrones Selena Gomez as Most-Followed Person on Instagram

It looks like Cristiano Ronaldo is now the most followed person on Instagram. Selena Gomez held the title of most-followed on Instagram for over two years.

It looks like the 33-year-old soccer star has 144 million followers on the social media site. While Selena, 25, also has 144 million followers, the breakdown goes a little bit more in depth.

At the time of this publication, it looks like Cristiano has 144,332,498 followers, while Selena has 144,318,439. The numbers change almost constantly, so these will be different shortly. But for now, it looks like Cristiano is in the lead with Selena coming in just behind at number two.

Selena may not mind the title-change, as she is currently taking a break from social media after reportedly seeking treatment at a mental health facility.

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  • Sansa Squad

    *Accused rapist Cristiano Ronaldo. There, fixed it for you JJ!

  • JD

    Jared, please note that there is still an open rape investigation against Cristiano Ronaldo. And it’s not the first time he’s been accused of rape. Kathryn Mayorga reported the assault and had a rape kit administered nearly a decade ago, and was immediately silenced by Ronaldo’s people using money, influence, and power. Her lawyer argues that she was traumatized/mentally unfit and without strong legal representation when she signed the gag order. Kathryn has gone on record to state that seeing Ronaldo so celebrated around the world, over and over again, made her feel like she was re-living the trauma. When you make posts like these and herald the so-called “accomplishments” of these sort of men – whether the accomplishments be an Instagram milestone or what have you – you are encouraging the celebration of such men. The fact that he paid her off speaks volumes to his guilt. Please, please, let’s not continue to give such horrible men this sort of power, voice, and adulation. The #metoo movement was huge, but it’s not over yet.

  • Ash

    Innocent until proven guilty.

  • Ash

    I believe in evidence and due process.

  • AprilMay

    I thought it would be Ariana to dethrone her.

  • JD

    “Due process”…for whom? “Due process” for the affluent, powerful male athlete? “Due process” for the man with access to the most powerful lawyers and “fix-it” people in the world? “Due process” for the man shrouded by fame and glory, in a continent half a world away from the alleged incident, in a continent where the #metoo movement has barely made a ripple? Or “due process” for the (not famous, not affluent, not powerful) female accuser – a civilian who bears the burden of proof? Are you so naïve or ignorant to believe that it’s a level playing field?

    Since you mentioned it, here is a (partial) list of evidence either surrounding or directly related to the incident:

    1) Photos and video of Ronaldo and Ms. Mayorga together on the day of the alleged rape, at the Vegas club where Mayorga worked

    2) A recording of the call Mayorga made to Las Vegas metropolitan Police, along with a computer-aided report and case number

    3) The rape kit, and photographs of her injuries – circumferential swelling with bruising and a laceration, as she was raped anally without lubrication

    4) E-mails between Ronaldo’s lawyers which stated the following: Ronaldo confirming the sex, and in response to a question where Ronaldo was asked if Ms. Mayorga ever raised her voice, screamed or called out, Ronaldo admitted that Ms. Mayorga had said “no” and “stop” several times, and that she had said that he had “forced” her

    5) The e-mail quotes Ronaldo as saying, “I entered her from behind. It was rude…She said that she didn’t want to…” “…she kept saying ‘No.’ ‘Don’t do it.’ ‘I’m not like the others.’ I apologized afterwards.”

    6) A $375,000 payment paid to Ms. Mayorga, from Ronaldo’s sponsor money (from the account of a company called Tollin, which had kept Ronaldo’s advertising and sponsoring revenues for years)

    7) The signed settlement, which prohibited Ms. Mayorga from ever speaking about the incident. She was required to provide certification that she had permanently destroyed or deleted any and all electronic, written, or other materials generated or received as a result of the alleged events. The settlement is signed by Ronaldo’s lawyers (including one lawyer signing on Ronaldo’s behalf) and Ms. Mayorga. An additional agreement is signed by Ronaldo himself

    This information is based on the lengthy article by Der Spiegel, a German publication with a weekly circulation of 840,000. In 2010, Der Speigel was employing the equivalent of 80 full-time fact checkers, and the publication was called “most likely the world’s largest fact-checking operation” by Columbia Journalism Review. The article about the alleged rape case, as published by Der Spiegel, is still online and readily available.

    Also note – the Ronaldo case was never taken before a jury. He never took a polygraph. Are we to presume this evidence isn’t sufficient, because he never went to jail? We cannot know if he would be presumed innocent or guilty in a court of law, because he successfully managed to avoid one. Ronaldo’s lawyers could not press charges against Ms. Mayorga for blackmail or extortion, because when she filed the rape charges, she didn’t ask for money. Then why did they pay her off? A lowly, no-named, club-working female would not be a credible threat to any famous person’s reputation, unless the evidence was credible and/or the incident was real, and the accused would have real reason to fear a trial by jury. This would have been particularly true in 2009, almost a decade before the #metoo movement.

    Additionally, this is not the first time Ronaldo was accused of rape. He was also arrested in England over rape charges, in 2005. The charges were dropped due to “insufficient evidence.” While this may seem inconsequential to some, oftentimes people like you who demand “evidence” and “due process” for these sorts of things also demand that there be other alleged victims, as this type of behavior is usually recurring. Yet when there ARE other alleged victims, they are ignored (such as the case of Ronaldo, or the case of Brett Kavanaugh)

    Imagine if these first five points of evidence were available against a young, poor black man accused of rape by a white woman. They’d be accepted as a confession and assured guilt. A jury would have no trouble claiming sufficient evidence. “Due process,” right? Whatever definition you believe that phrase holds – you were born yesterday if you sincerely believe that “due process” is something that is objective or universally definable. Whatever world you live in – that world where everything is black and white and where “due process” is fair and just and perfect – that world is not the real world, the world we live in here.

  • ✮ Jennie ✮ ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    And no one cares.

  • JD

    Decent people care. Ignorant people don’t.

  • rosaryblue

    Accusations….not proven.

  • Sansa Squad

    It’s literally so insane to me that people formulate opinions without even knowing these details. Bless you for presenting all the facts, because if anyone took the time to look into her story, they’d immediately realize “due process” when it comes to rape (*especially* when the alleged rapist is wealthy, powerful, and famous) is an absolute crock, since someone like her who followed all the rules, did everything she was “supposed” to do, and presented all the evidence she could, is still sidelined and silenced. It’s such a shame.

  • Ash

    Due process is the legal requirement in judicial system regardless the status of the accuser/accused. So you are the ignorant one to think that it should not be applied to him because of his stature.

    If she didn’t ask for the money, she should not have taken it no matter what!
    She took the hush money so why does she sue him now? Wouldn’t that make the hush money payment null and void and she should pay it back. Why must she waited so long to bring this up again? I’ll tell you why? Because in this metoo witch-hunt era, she sees an opportunity and her hush money had ran out. Now all of a sudden she wants justice? Okay pay that money back with interest first. She had signed an NDA, and she got paid $375k. If she really wanted justice she would NOT have taken the initial payment period!

    In her statement she said she didn’t want to have sex with him but…

    Let’s call a spade a spade. This is Cristiano Ronaldo we’re talking about. GOAT of the sport, better than legends like Pelé, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Cruyff, or Messi. A very good looking and super rich man. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a problem getting any girl or guy he wants. Certainly doesn’t need to force himself on anyone. Seems pretty typical of some women these days, money runs out, want another paycheck and the only justice is to ruin an innocent man’s career. Ask the Duke men’s lacrosse team and Brian Banks how their lives have been since being wrongfully accused?