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Megan Fox Explains Why She Didn't Speak Out with #MeToo Experiences

Megan Fox Explains Why She Didn't Speak Out with #MeToo Experiences

Megan Fox is speaking out to explain why she didn’t come forward with her own #MeToo experiences after many people in Hollywood spoke out throughout the past year.

The 32-year-old actress previously came forward with bad experiences on set and has spoken out about how Hollywood undervalues women. The New York Times asked her about an article written last year that suggests the public owes her an apology.

“I mean, that’s a lovely sentiment, and I appreciate that. [Long pause] I don’t know that I want to feel anything about it because my words were taken and used against me in a way that was — at that time in my life, at that age and dealing with that level of fame — really painful,” Megan said.

“I don’t want to say this about myself, but let’s say that I was ahead of my time and so people weren’t able to understand. Instead, I was rejected because of qualities that are now being praised in other women coming forward. And because of my experience, I feel it’s likely that I will always be just out of the collective understanding. I don’t know if there will ever be a time where I’m considered normal or relatable or likable,” she added.

“Even with the #MeToo movement, and everyone coming out with stories — and one could assume that I probably have quite a few stories, and I do — I didn’t speak out for many reasons,” Megan continued. “I just didn’t think based on how I’d been received by people, and by feminists, that I would be a sympathetic victim. And I thought if ever there were a time where the world would agree that it’s appropriate to victim-shame someone, it would be when I come forward with my story.”

Megan said there was nothing else she would like to share, “because I also feel like I’m not the universal hammer of justice. This is not to say that other people shouldn’t do what they feel is right. But in my circumstance, I don’t feel it’s my job to punish someone because they did something bad to me.”

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  • Nunya

    What?! Of course someone should be punished if they have done something bad to you.

  • cutitout

    She is right, she came forward without the protection of numbers and the powers that be chose to ridicule and plant negative stories about her and once someone writes something bad about you, its a free for all. After that, its no wonder she chose not to share.

  • cutitout

    she did not say that, she just does not feel its her job to be the punisher.

  • Bill White

    I think she had a lot of words that can best be summed up as a ramble. When there isn’t a script, there’s a lot of ramble in Hollywood. Hey, maybe we can get her opinion on the economy, foreign policy, and the Fed!

  • DeadP001

    I’m reading this differently. I think she’s not saying she was afraid of getting people into trouble, she was saying that she knew she had no credibility due to her own history and her own actions.

    She’s the one who played around with identities, and just manipulating every interview she ever had. A perpetual liar all-the-time and everybody could and did see through all of it.

    So yeah people would have been on her case about it because she does have a history of jumping onto things for her own benefit and lying; plus we all remember how she objectified herself and was all out for it.

    Its why she wont stop being hated, she just never humbled herself until people just stopped watching her movies. You can’t be genuine when you basically are fake all-the-time. At the end of the day, she’s not an actress, she had looks ( with a lot of help from good docs) but her personally was trash. So eventually even her male fanbase let her go.

    So her jumping into MeToo would have definitely been ” Oh she’s just trying to get her 15 min back” kind of thing.

    She should stick to whatever she’s doing, acting was just never her thing.

  • Kat

    “I don’t feel it’s my job to punish someone because they did something bad to me.” The mentality that gets nothing done in the world.
    She gets to chose but what a thing to say.

  • Sansa Squad

    My heart really breaks for her. This industry chewed her up and spit her out because she WAS ahead of her time in speaking out against inequality/injustice in terms of how people (especially women) are treated. She didn’t really have any role models in that regard and she was so young that of course she made a few missteps in how she worded things/conducted herself, but she was excessively vilified for it – blackballed by Michael Bay, Spielberg, etc. – and never given a fair shake. It’s sad that she feels this way but it’s even sadder that she’s probably right.

  • jh7058622

    She tried to bring awareness before it was the “in” thing to do and was lambasted. Can you truly blame her for not wanting to subject herself to that ridicule and emotional raping?