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Kathy Griffin Slams Don Cheadle as a 'D-ck in Real Life,' He Responds

Kathy Griffin Slams Don Cheadle as a 'D-ck in Real Life,' He Responds

UPDATE on 1/16: Kathy and Don have exchanged new tweets — read the latest update.


Kathy Griffin just went off on actor Don Cheadle, calling him a “d*ck in real life,” and Don has taken to Twitter to respond to her.

It also started when Don posted a photo of him wearing a hat for the Sleeping Giants campaign, which is campaign to fight bigotry and sexism.

Kathy replied directly to the tweet, writing, “Oh GREAT Don. I will never forgive you for your nasty tweet the day my smear campaign started. You know it was a fucking smear campaign and you have never taken a moment to apologize. Some liberal you are. Yes, my memory is long my ex friend. Shame on you. I kept a list. Fear me.”

Don, seemingly confused, replied to Kathy with, “Huh?”

Kathy didn’t stop there, as she then responded, “Huh? You’re a dick in real life, but believe it or not I truly hope what I went through never happens to you. Never. And if it did I would be the first in line to stand up for you, get my ass on television and do everything I could to defend you & the 1st amendment. It’s easy don.”

Click inside to read all the tweets and to see Don Cheadle’s response…

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  • Anna

    This bitch is delusional.

  • Alexandra

    I loved his response

  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    I just love when Hollywood eats it’s own! YA’LL a freaking mess!

  • LeeToo

    he sounds totally classy.

  • LeeToo

    all of america is a freaking mess right now.

  • Andrea

    Team Don!!!!!

  • Tom Shefield

    The ginger biatch has to just go away already. No one cares, she is not relevant and never has been.

  • Jason Wright

    Man Don handled that like a pro.

  • Phil the Donahue

    children. I was just thinking today the baby boomers are all children. My grandparents never acted like children.

  • Jules


  • 2005 all over again

    Nice one, Don.

  • duh!

    This isnt hollywood eating their own this is crazy vs civil…severed heads are a no no

  • PM2901

    I love Kathy, but I love Don more. He is so right! I love the way he handled you and stayed classy.

  • Texas Chick

    He should have stopped with tweet where he tells her that they talked on a plane once. That would have been enough. She’s a piece of work and I hope she never works again …nasty ginger b*tch!!!

  • Texas Chick

    P.S. Kathy, do something about your face it’s so ugly it makes my stomach turn.

  • Jenn

    fear me? Haha. She is pathetic. Also, when did she officially become Carrot Top?

  • krtmom

    Poor Kathy…she can’t handle her irrelevance!!! Always obnoxious, never funny, ugly inside and out!

  • krtmom

    It’s only the beginning…

  • TomAZUSA

    Owned. Good job Don.

  • I.Am.Guest

    Mic drop goes to Don!! As for Cathy…. Well, I have a feeling she is working very hard these days just to get back on the D list.

  •!/nikkimermaid nikkimermaid

    Well his response was epic. She’s delusional

  • trina


  • Mr Honest

    Hope they ‘off’ each other.

  • Artie

    Please elaborate


    Cheadle is the man – well said
    Kathy has Kathy to blame

  • EnigmaWrapped’nSnark

    Yup – fcking loons.

  • EnigmaWrapped’nSnark

    I used to be a big fan of KG. Yeah, the bloody head thing put me off (Cheatel nailed it when he described WHY it was so offensive), but it’s how she has dealt with the aftermath that puts most people off. Whoever told her that playing the victim (for two yrs. now) is not her friend. In fact, it’s looking like she doesn’t have a one (friend). He anger and bitterness has gotten the best of her, and it’s just not fun anymore. Sure, she will sell out a few venue to her hardcore base, but it’s pretty much over for her.

  • Suprememayo

    The red headed hag gets more desperate and pathetic by the day.

  • Virginia Lovett

    KG always manages to keep her name in the news. It is tragic

  • Gina

    Don has a new show premiering this week, so this is some good promo lol.

  • RafaMarquez

    he should said, “sorry, i thought you were andy dick with makuep and a wig when we were joking on a plane”

  • Toy Fiend

    She got served.

  • suzybel

    Good to see someone tell it like it is.

  • DeadP001

    Lets face it people, she has TERRIBLE politics. In fact, she doesn’t actually have any politics at all she’s not informed on any issues whatsoever. Does anyone actually think that woman has sat down to actually read a bill? Find out who is sponsoring what bill? What politicians have voted for? What their records are?

    Hell no. She’s an insult to intelligent women everywhere.

  • Magic

    I always hate you Kathy 😈 , Good for you Don

  • American Citizen

    Can Kathy just go to Afghanistan and be the bloody head.

  • MissScarletwithaRevolver


  • MissScarletwithaRevolver

    I used to like her, too. When her stand-up shows started being featured on Bravo and she would recount her encounters with celebs that were full of themselves like Sharon Stone, Oprah, etc. I drank it up. But then, like so many comedians she had to get political. Then she stopped being funny and just came of seething and viciously angry. Same thing happened to Rosie O, Al Franken and is currently happening to Ellen D. Truth be told they were probably always seething in anger and hatred and that fueled the comedy. Sad.

  • EnigmaWrapped’nSnark

    Hey fancy meeting you here GF! Your post is spot on. Slowly but surely, I think celebrities in general are learning that alienating half of the country is probably not a good idea, and it doesn’t matter how big they are. Streisand experienced her first total BOMB in 50 yrs. with her recent anti-Trump album, Cher’s Vegas and tour sales are sluggish, and as yo mentioned Rosie O. couldn’t get arrested. Such a shame, I was a huge fan of all three. I don’t even care about their politics, but like you said, the “anger” just isn’t fun.

  • jo eg

    Good job Don. Kathy whoever is a has been D-list wannabe star. She needs to be outrageous in an attempt to be relevant for the first time inter life. Good riddance

  • John Alexander

    70 year old comedienne’s should not bet tweeting.

  • MissScarletwithaRevolver

    Love when I bump into your comments! Never know where I will find myself- or you! In the old days I’d call us social butterflies but the term seems more apt now than ever before! Cheers!

  • EnigmaWrapped’nSnark

    Ain’t that the (sad) troof.