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Nina Dobrev Responds to Question About Being Friends with Ex Ian Somerhalder & His Wife Nikki Reed

Nina Dobrev Responds to Question About Being Friends with Ex Ian Somerhalder & His Wife Nikki Reed

Nina Dobrev makes an appearance on Watch What Happens Live! on Wednesday evening (January 16).

During the after-show, Nina was asked by a caller, “Nina, you used to date Ian [Somerhalder], and now that he’s married, is it weird that you’re friends with both him and his wife [Nikki Reed]?”

“I don’t think that’s weird at all. That’s great. Why can’t everyone be friends?” Nina said.

“I think that they have a beautiful baby. They are happy—and so am I. What’s bad about that? I don’t see any problem with that,” she added.

Nina, Nikki, and Ian have worked hard to make it clear that they’re friends and not feuding, despite Nina and Ian‘s history.

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  • Luis Fernando

    Nina have a great circle of friends. That’s for sure!

  • Anthony Jr Nebuwa

    Nina hit the nail right in the head! Why can’t we all be friends??? There’s no law anywhere stating that we can’t so… why the heck not!

  • lorena

    Tired of this fake bit**!

  • Jenni

    girls are still obsessed with a WB show from 10 years ago? jesus

  • theonlyandoneme

    Professional and mature answer. Now, go and ask Ian the same question, and see the difference of maturity between.

  • theonlyandoneme

    Tired of you and your negativity towards Nina. She has been nothing but professional and polite towards Ian.

  • guest

    Still after 4 years cant give or get on interview without ian somerhalders Name . Ian was on that Show multiple times or on other Shows without ever mention get exposure or His Name in the Papers.

  • guest

    says the person that maligns Nikki and Ian all the time. Nina has been shading Ian for years, She was promoting here little half hour Show and knew this would give Her a write up in all the Papers., and that was the only headline ‘Ian somerhalder’ instead of Her Show. She knew, she wanted the exposure but better say something niece. She is a complete Phony and nothing mature about Her. Her whole Instagram looks like a six year old mentality and nothing but Boobs, Ass, naked bottom with 3 guys in the back taking pictures of it, Tongue hanging out, tongue kissing her dog , having him up her crotch saying incest is sweet and so on and so on and that from a 30 year old Women. They wouldn’t ask Ian, because He doesn’t feel the need to get headlines or to promoter his Show or Himself by discussing His EX..They will book Him any way they can. He has nothing but respected Nina by never discussing there private Life. I usually don’t say nothing but I am tired of you maligning Nikki and Ian all the Time with complete Untruths. I rarely ever say anything about Nina, don’t go on Her articles like you stalking all of Niki’s This had Ian’s name in it , my Point., because She isn’t important to Me.

  • guest

    Lol, I suggests going on both there social Media Accounts and see the level of maturity, Nobody would ask Ian that Question because He would not feel the need to discuss it that’s maturity. I am only answering because You brought Ian in to it , If you just had said what You did about Your idol. without bringing Ian’s name in to it ,I would not have said anything

  • theonlyandoneme

    Geez, for someone who claims Nina isn’t that important, you clearly keep tabs on Nina’s social media. And you completely missed the point. If you don’t like it, just stop seeing it. Simple. Gonna be straight to the point to you…
    1. Do you know me? Do you have a camera around me to see what I do all the time? No… If I really cared about it, I wouldn’t have waited 6 whole days to reply to you. It’s been months since I haven’t dissed on the ‘perfect couple’. I’ve moved on, and you should too. It makes wonders, trust me.
    2. Yes, Nina was there to promote her newest show. No. She absolutely didn’t use her EX to promote herself. Get the facts straight before saying shit. That program was live, and someone called asking about the ‘perfect couple’ Nina had no idea what was going to happen, and if you even bothered to watch the vid, you’d see Nina was uncomfortable on asnwering it, because she knew she wasn’t there to talk about them. Still, she was polite enough to answer the girl, instead of saying she wasn’t going to answer it.
    3. You really have no idea how celebrities tabloids work, do you? Ian was in the headline instead of her show, because gossip plataforms thrive more with relationships above everything else. It’s not Nina’s fault the topic dropped without any warning on her interview.
    4. Oh honey… Ian has been ditching Nina several times, keep tabs on the cons he goes, or re-watch old cons interviews, especially the last tvd comic-con…. If I say Ian isn’t professional, that’s because I have receipts to ground my opinion.

  • theonlyandoneme

    OMG, no seriously…. How old are you? You must be very naive to believe everything that people posts on social media. Ian only posts what he wants people to see him posting! Instead of believing in words, believe their actions. Just watch the cast faces when Ian was pratically throwing a trantrum when people asked about Nina’s return in almost every interview from the last tvd comic-con. Let’s talk about maturity when Ian threw his wife’s birth control pills down the flush, and then had it filmed the whole thing without his wife knowing…. Does that sound like maturity to you? I could go on and on about this… But I really don’t want to waste any more time on this matter. Believe me, I was his fan once, but I woke up and stopped being blind to his actions because of what he looks like… One day you’ll wake up too and remember me…