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Kenan Thompson Teaches Politicians Why Blackface is Wrong on 'SNL' - Watch Now

Kenan Thompson Teaches Politicians Why Blackface is Wrong on 'SNL' - Watch Now

Kenan Thompson is here to explain to you why blackface is not appropriate, either then or now.

In a sketch on Saturday Night Live, which was a response to Virginia Senator Ralph Northam‘s blackface scandal, Kenan played a politician who held an emergency meeting with Virginia state representatives.

Host and musical guest Halsey joined cast members Pete Davidson, Beck Bennett, Mikey Day, Alex Moffat, Cecily Strong, and Kyle Mooney in playing reps who all have done blackface in the past and can’t comprehend why it was wrong.

“I have a question. What if you’re half black?” Halsey asks. Kenan responds, “Oh, well, I mean it’s still offensive, but I guess if you’re biracial there’s a different connotation.”

Halsey, who is half black, then responds, “Oh, no, no, no. Not biracial. One year my costume was to be both Michael Jacksons so I only did half blackface.”

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  • Wondering

    How come there isn’t an uproar about the Wayan brothers doing white face in their movie when they dressed as woman. If it is wrong on one side then it should be wrong on both sides. It is sad that our history was ignorant at the time and that it is still carried over today.

  • Gina

    There’s no such thing as “white face.” There is no painful racist history of people painting their face white to disparage white people. There is no racist symbolism behind painting ones face white because it has no historical context. I wish people like you would stop with this false equivalency.

  • Wondering

    The Wayan brothers made that movie as a comedy and had white face and blonde wigs on. I am not defending painting a face black and I also said it was a part of the ignorance at the time. I also said that it is sad that it has continued. Why did Michael Jackson fade his original face color and change his facial features. All races have people who attack them for whatever reason through out history. As long as hatred is alive things like this will happen. The only good thing that has come of this is it has been pointed out the disrespect given to people without thinking of the consequences of their dumb actions. Will this change anything besides just talking about it or will it make people more aware.

  • Sim

    So the brave truth tellers SNL just by passed that DEMOCRAT Virginia governor also dressed as Klan, should SNL explain to democrats why that is no, no too. And choose that picture for his medical year book, even in 1986 that was in bad taste.

    Wonder why the SNL loved themselves #metoo didn’t go after the Lieutenant governor of Virginia numerous rape allegations.
    The clown show that become democrat Virginia party.

    Seriously so sick of the liberal media ignoring metoo when the allegations made are from black women.

  • Gina

    You’re full of it. Historically, blackface was done to depict black people as less than human. The Wayan brothers never did that. Michael Jackson had a skin condition called vitiligo. He changed his nose because a racist society made him believe that his black features were ugly. Your argument is weak. White people don’t really give a damn about “white face” they only complain about it when black people have the nerve to tell them they aren’t allowed to do something (i.e blackface). It’s all about ego and entitlement.

  • Wondering

    The Wayan brothers movie is called White Chicks, look it up. Michael changed his facial features because he didn’t want to look black. He had multiple surgeries until his nose almost fell off. He didn’t have to go to the extent he did to change his face. Michael was loved by all races for his music. So you are way off base.

  • Gina

    I know exactly what the Wayan brothers movie is called, and I stand by what I said. I’m well aware of Michael’s surgeries; it’s called self hate, LOOK IT UP (if you ever take a break from being atop your ivory tower). Save the preachy shit for someone who cares.

  • Wondering

    You are the one preaching and I wanted to show you that this type of crap is done by both sides. You don’t seem to understand that. Eddie Murphy also did skits on SNL as a white man. So both sides seem to be repeating bad behavior.

  • Gina

    I repeat THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “WHITE FACE” (it’s merely painting yourself white) there is no racist history or symbolism behind imitating the privileged class. Blackface is a coined historical term, “whiteface” is not. It is impossible to equate denigrating black people through systematic oppression & racism for centuries and poking fun at the privileged class.

    You and I are done here.