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Paris Jackson Replies to Speculation Over 'Leaving Neverland' Documentary

Paris Jackson Replies to Speculation Over 'Leaving Neverland' Documentary

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, responded to a tweet that read, “Paris Jackson believes her father, Michael, is innocent of sex abuse claims.”

The 20-year-old model and actress responded in a now-deleted tweet, writing, “I actually haven’t made any statements yet, especially regarding how it affects my work life. You guys are reaching a bit. At least this wasn’t a disgusting and attacking article though.”

If you don’t know, Leaving Neverland documents the allegations of child molestation against Michael Jackson. Here are the six biggest things we learned from the documentary.

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  • DeadP001

    Sorry Paris, very sorry that you have to live like this; but you’re wrong.

    I watched it, I believe them. You were as much a victim as them of your fathers sick brain. You should go back to school, get a real career far away from all that this is and live the life your father deprived you from.

    Also, meet his victims. Talk to them on your own, on your own time. But dont add to their pain, dont deny them their pain.

  • KS_in_TP

    Just stay in your glass house, Paris. We really don’t need to hear from you.

  • mahbelle

    all this focus on Paris but none on MJ’s sons. this girl is such a mess.

  • Cookie Monster

    In other words, you’re gullible.

    A one sided documentary that only was able to use known proven liars as it’s source was able to convince you. Ok…

  • Sansa Squad

    One-sided or not, the doc explains WHY they lied in the past (it’s common for CSA survivors to still love and want to protect their abusers, and many don’t fully understand that what happened to them was wrong – and why – until later in life). Even if you don’t want to believe them, it’s worth watching just to understand what victims grapple with. A lot of people who were molested as kids have spoken out saying this doc conveyed things about that experience that the media doesn’t usually get right. If you actually went in with an open mind you might learn something, even if it doesn’t change your stance on MJ.

  • Cookie Monster

    What you don’t get is, these guys have a long history of always lying and being super shady, so of course they’re going to have an excuse as to why they didn’t speak up before. Did this doc also explain why it took for Wade to not get the Cirque du Soleli choreograph job for the MJ One show in Vegas to suddenly remember being molested by MJ? Or address the court documents that shows Wade saying he wanted to remain relevant and him shopping a book deal etc?? Or just look what happened the one time the director got challenged by a journalist. He couldn’t defend there not being any evidence that shows MJ actually did anything to these boys.

    So it’s just so much evidence that shows these guys are huge frauds.

  • Conte435

    Yay because a in man 40′s sleeps with toddlers that not his own because he a lot common with them.

    STFU with your bullshit

  • cutitout

    Leave her alone.

  • cutitout

    Sorry, but if what they said was true their DNA should have been all over the ranch.

    Both of these men have an agenda and a shared lawyer and 1.5 billion dollar lawsuit /case they are trying to get appealed. Their participation in this documentary was an attempt to sway the public in their favor in the event their appeal goes through. Whatever they said was surely directed behind the scenes by their attorney and probably experts. it cannot be trusted.

    There is one thing for someone to come forward with nothing to gain and no reason to lie but that is not the case.

  • cutitout

    She is pretty.

  • mahbelle


  • DeadP001

    You didn’t watch it obviously. We already know the other side. We didnt know this side.

    Paris can easily meet all these people, ever notice how the families never confront them? Never files charges against them? They still could. Why don’t they?

    Because even they know there is no way of confirming or disproving their claims.

  • Cookie Monster

    Nah, you STFU and do some research and stop being so damn gullible.

    They’re in our faces acting like cowards, but yeah, these guys are being truthful.

  • Sansa Squad

    The doc doesn’t need new bombshell “evidence” to be worth watching though – the whole idea is to help people understand the victims’ circumstances and the undeniable parallels in their stories. It explains why the lying, opportunism, etc. are not only *not proof* that they’re “frauds” (an overly simplistic dismissal imo), but in fact are inextricably connected to what allegedly happened to them. The doc is deeply compelling in how it conveys the complexities of CSA and how insidious it is, and helps you understand both the factors that make children vulnerable and the lasting effects it has… I understand why the director would be frustrated or confused that people are demanding new evidence to justify the doc’s existence when what it delivers is even more powerful: two maligned victims being given the chance to publicly tell their side of the story and contextualize their role in the narrative. If you’re watching it just to be convinced that he’s guilty (or that they’re lying) you’re kind of missing the whole point.

  • Cookie Monster

    The other side that both the DA and FBI said they couldn’t find any evidence on? Or this other side that has 99% of the hundreds of kids that was around MJ saying nothing ever happened versus the 5 that always seek money vs. wanting any sort of justice?

    While this side has 2 guys whose lawsuits were always laughed out of court? And the obvious question is, do you honestly think these guys have any shot at winning a lawsuit against MJ’s estate now after this doc has aired with all the PR it’s gotten? My 2 cents, no way in hell because unlike with this doc, the other side can show in your face evidence that shows these guys are frauds.

    And it is because you can’t defame the dead they are allowed to spew this nonsense.

  • Robert Fornes

    cookie didnt watch. invalid irrelevant opinion oay him no mind

  • Robert Fornes

    cookie didnt watch. invalid irrelevant opinion oay him no mind..

  • Robert Fornes

    cookie didnt watch. invalid irrelevant opinion oay him no mind……..

  • Robert Fornes

    No one ased her to respond. we knew shed deny the claims as always. Even though they are obviously true

  • MyName

    Sometimes abuse is hidden but that doesn’t mean every case is true, or not, if someone suddenly speaks out. Having survivors of the abuse in the audience doesn’t mean the claims now made by these the doc is based on are true. Are they lying now when they say it happened or lying before when they say it didn’t?

    I do believe the ones who sued MJ while he was alive were out for money. His behavior with children was strange but only those there are certain whether or not anything criminal took place. Why would the parents allow their children to spend so much alone time even having sleepovers with an adult male if they thought it was unsafe? Were they selling their children? Will they now be exposed, charged, whatever?

    MJ didn’t have a childhood. It wasn’t just because of his career but the Jackson family dynamics. They weren’t even permitted to call their father “Dad”. Most can’t go back but money can buy almost anything. Sleepover, birthday parties, amusement park rides, etc. were a way to make up for what was missed. Enjoying it with other kids who may not have been able to afford such things and seeing their joy was also an experience the money could provide.

    I still would never allow my child to have alone time and sleepovers with an adult but that’s me. I hope the allegations are false because it’s a terrible thing to happen to anyone. If they felt they needed to speak out then they could have done so without making it such a public spectacle this has become. This does nothing but hurt the loved ones of a deceased man who cannot defend himself.

    I didn’t watch it so no need to comment on that. One doesn’t have to have seen it to have heard about it and the controversy surrounding it.

  • DeadP001

    Again you didnt watch the thing so you dont have a right to even speak on the issue if you are willfully choosing to be ignorant.

    BTW the same networks you mention let off R-Kelly and Bill Cosby. Even when there was VIDEO evidence they let R Kelly off the hook…so again even evidence cant guarentee anything.

    Again, why not sue the victims? Why sue HBO for money? They could sue them and demand that HBO films a counter documentary of the actual investigation and the trial.

    They dont do that. If he was innocent, why did he lie about just about everything in his life and have peoples babies sleep in his bedroom?

  • Shell

    They weren’t laughed out of court in any way shape or form. In the 2013 case with Wade, it was only dismissed because it had been 4 years since Michael died and statute of limitations had run out which is what happened with James as well. In the 2017 case, he lost because he named Michael’s companies in the suit. The judge said the companies could not be held accountable for what Michael did.

  • Cookie Monster

    What part of these guys don’t have credibility are you not getting? So why would I watch these proven liars revamp their accusations yet again? And it’s stupid to compare MJ to R. Kelly and Cosby when those guys have tons and tons of credible accusers/witnesses that won’t stop coming out. And you could easily point to many things that show they’re guilty. While what can you point to that says MJ is guilty? 2 shady guys that have shown over and over that they aren’t at all trustworthy.? So once again, these aren’t some honest guys who are just coming out accusing MJ, they are known proven liars. Do your homework and read up on these guys and then come back and try with a straight face to talk them up.

    And again, they can’t go after these broke leeches because they are defaming a dead guy which you’re not able to stop, so their only option is just go after HBO and hope whatever was in the 93 contract still stands.

  • Cookie Monster

    Yeah, pay no mind to the person that have been aware of these guys for over 20 years. Instead be like you and just lap up the BS that they’re now spewing. Don’t pull a Jussie and possibly question their allegations.

  • Cookie Monster

    You say this as if these are 2 new unheard of guys and this is the first time we’ve heard their stories. Some of us already know all about these 2 guys and they are hardcore through the roof scummy dudes. So how can you possibly take anything you’re seeing from them in this “doc” seriously? When it was first announced it was obvious all they’ve done is revamp their earlier accusations and are now taking advantage of the #MeToo movement.

    What they’ve always done is copy word for word that earlier pedo fantasy Victor Guiterrez book, that MJ sued and won and no MJ didn’t do that stuff in that book, it was easily proven the author was into pedo stuff and just seriously messed up and these guys plagiarized the hell out of it and here we are with them now spewing that gross crap in a doc instead of a courtroom.

  • DeadP001

    What part of ” you didnt watch the thing” is hard for you to understand?

    I know the telltale signs of Pedophilia, Jackson hit EVERY single criteria. The man was not a good person.

  • atlqueen112

    You know what? These two are going to come HARD cuz its tough to believe their wish-wash stories. So frustrating. Too many facts against them. All they have is their word and we know it ain’t worth much. I refuse to watch the series because they have lied so much over the years. And who continues to develops a relationship with the family of the guy who molested him?? Huh? Who? im just over these two.

    Guys, go with facts!! MJ was investigated for 10 years and both the DA and the FBI found nothing. Let these guys lie to you if you want but facts are facts. Bring more kids forward and see what they say. MJ had access to his kids, nephews, random children, Kim K, Paris Hilton, Bryton James, Mac Culkin, Webster damn it, many, many, many more. SOMEBODY SPEAK UP!!! These two are FAR from credible.

  • Cookie Monster

    Because I already know “their story” because they copied the accusations from the Victor Guiterrez book.

    And because a broke leechy blacklisted choreographer, who is bitter about not getting the Cirque du Soleli job he BEGGED for, who many say isn’t a good himself, says Jackson isn’t a good guy, you easily believe it? Ok…

  • Cookie Monster

    There was more to these lawsuits. You had his emails and computers taken that shows he was lying and him bringing in his mom and even she acknowledging the things he was telling her wasn’t true and her contradicting what he was saying, just straight up shady stuff. It was so messed up, the Estate is asking for compensation for Robson’s lawsuit against Michael, to the tune of $108,841.75 and this is from August, so now here we are with him and this doc.