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Alex Rodriguez Accused of Cheating on Jennifer Lopez By Former MLB Player Jose Canseco

Alex Rodriguez Accused of Cheating on Jennifer Lopez By Former MLB Player Jose Canseco

Former Major League Baseball outfielder and designated hitter Jose Canseco is accusing Alex Rodriguez, another former MLB player, of cheating on his new fiancee Jennifer Lopez.

Jose took to Twitter hours ago to make the allegation that Alex was having an affair with Jessica Canseco, his ex wife.

“Watching World of Dance watching J.Lo text Alex Rodriguez little does she know that he is cheating on her with my ex-wife Jessica poor girl she has no idea who he really is,” Jose posted on his Twitter account just one day after they announced their engagement. “I was there a few months back with her when he called her on her phone.”

He also added, “I am willing to take a polygraph to prove that what I’m saying about Alex Rodriguez is 100% accurate.”

There has been no confirmation of these allegations. See photos of Jessica Canseco in the gallery below.

Click inside to see every tweet from Jose Canseco concerning the allegations…

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  • mahbelle

    i have to laugh at JLo’s come hither looks and her silly poses.

  • DeadP001

    That didnt take long at all did it. He didnt even wait until there was a ring and no prenup LOL.

  • Danae

    Out of her 5 engagement experiences I guess this is gonna be the shortest one

  • YaThink

    Did anyone not expect A. Rod to cheat? I’m sure he has, but I had hoped he can put it past him now that he is engaged to JLo. Going forward, I hope he will do the right things. I don’t think he will find another JLo either.

    I’ve seen Jose’s ex wife Jessica on TV some years ago. She used to be on a short-lived reality show. She wanted to reconcile with Canseco, but he has no respect for her. Seems he lost respect for her a long time ago. If A. Rod is seeing her, it can only be for the bedroom. Men generally don’t want women like her for wives. She is attractive, but I wondered if she’d done a lot of drugs at one time.

  • YaThink

    I hope not. It’s sad because we know many famous women have dealt with and are currently dealing with this type of situation, but it’s being kept hush-hush.

  • DeadP001

    Its their own fault in the end. When you marry vain men from the industry what do they expect?

  • duh!

    Have you seen Arod’s exes…he loves blondes…..Jlo isnt his type and i hope she doesnt marry him bcuz it will end up in divorce

  • YaThink

    Many men have a thing for blondes, though.

    But JLo is still exceptional. The woman has “hustle” in spades. Mariah, Celine & Adele are super rich because they are top singers. JLo is not in that league, but she did movies, music, TV shows, concerts, Las Vegas, now World of Dance… and her wealth is up closer to Mariah’s. It’s amazing what she accomplished in her career. None of those top actors in Hollywood have the kind of money JLo has.

    A. Rod is the same. He’s worth a little more than Jlo, but he’s done things smartly. His wealth is much more than Derek Jeter’s, for example.

    Still though, many men just want those blondes and other women for fun on the side, but he probably would never marry Jessica Canseco.

  • YaThink

    But A.Rod is a beautiful man. He’s big and athletic. He looks well-groomed, good skin. Plus, he has more money than she does… slightly. I don’t think JLo could help it.

  • duh!

    Im not sure what money has to do with it, i dont think you are aware of ARODS sneaky ways….hes got a wild past and Jlo is gorgeous but looking at all the women hes been with…she isnt it

  • YaThink

    Oh, I’m aware. I’ve heard many stories about all those athletes. And A.Rod is still young enough and sexy. I think the sex is the key. Once that lifestyle takes root, it’s hard for men to give it up. Plus, think of what all those athletes do with those women… kinky sex and what not. They have a hearty drive, and probably one woman can’t satisfy them.

    I think it’s easier for these men when they get a bit older… or if they just somehow get tired of living that kind of lifestyle. I guess some are lucky enough to burn out.

  • YaThink

    A Rod’s ex-wife and mother of his kids is not what I expected. She’s kind of plain.

    With JLo, together they are a power couple. Combining their wealth takes them close to $1 Billion. A. Rod is a moneymaker and I’m sure that has crossed his mind.

  • Shell

    He was already caught out a few years ago texting a few different woman, so I can see this being true.

  • MyName

    I always saw him as slimy. Good thing for her she’s fickle and will easily find another when she tires of him.

  • MyName

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone doesn’t glam it up for the world to judge. Jennifer Lopez wasn’t as industry groomed on In Living Color as she is now.
    Marriage is supposed to be when someone is ready to commit to only one person and to not then have anyone else on the side. It also shouldn’t be a business decision even though prenups are wise, especially since children are involved.
    By the way, blondes are people too and not objects.

  • YaThink

    Of course, I agree with you, and that’s the way it is “supposed to be,” but a lot of people don’t do it for the right reasons either.

  • YaThink

    But so far, from what I’ve seen, she has been really taken with A.Rod. I don’t think she wants to keep going from guy to guy now that she’s getting older.

    I always thought A. Rod was handsome, but I never paid attention to him until he got with JLo.

  • cutitout

    He needs attention.

  • Mary
  • DsChubba

    A text or call is not president for cheating allegations. Why this guy felt the need to rain on their engagement news with a “maybe he’s a cheater” announcement, who knows. But some things should just be left alone, especially when it comes to private affairs and social media.

  • duh!

    AROD troed to be a powercouple with Madonna as well, remember when they dated..he is all for show and no substance…WHY does he document EVERYTHING he and Jlo do on instagram…that man is a snake

  • YaThink

    If A.Rod is a true snake, then it is very sad if JLo can’t see it. But then, she couldn’t see that Affleck was also a cheater. They clearly had problems, but she would have likely still married him. It seems Affleck broke it off.