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Anderson Cooper's Shiny Beads

U.S. television reporter Anderson Cooper gives beads to a spectator during the Endymion parade along St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans February 26, 2006. Mardi Gras revelers crowded the sidewalks of storm-shattered New Orleans in a turnout that was lighter than years past, but large enough to line the streets, fill the bars and remind people of better days.
New Orleans,  Louisiana :: The Krewe of Endymion Parade rolled along Napoleon Avenue during Mardi Gras last night. Celebrity guest CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper threw beads and other trinkets from his float to the crowd below. And what better way to flaunt it with a shiny CNN medallion.  Pretty.  More pictures in the gallery!
anderson cooper mardi gras anderson-cooper-mardi-gras01
anderson cooper mardi gras anderson-cooper-mardi-gras02
anderson cooper mardi gras anderson-cooper-mardi-gras03
anderson cooper mardi gras anderson-cooper-mardi-gras04
anderson cooper mardi gras anderson-cooper-mardi-gras05
anderson cooper mardi gras anderson-cooper-mardi-gras06
anderson cooper mardi gras anderson-cooper-mardi-gras07
anderson cooper mardi gras anderson-cooper-mardi-gras08
anderson cooper mardi gras anderson-cooper-mardi-gras09
anderson cooper mardi gras anderson-cooper-mardi-gras10

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I like Anderson Cooper. He's classy. :)

I adore Anderson! And I think his willingness to participate in N'Awlins' Mardi Gras this year was a very calssy thing to do. He is stellar!

I *heart* Anderson Cooper! Thanks, Jared!

I was so happy to see him on CNN. He's such a doll.

Anderson is adorable. The thing that makes him perfect is that he is totally likeable!! Not an arrogant bone in his body!!


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