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Angelina Jolie's Flight Du Jour

Paris, France :: Leaving her kids, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, and Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1, at home with dad Brad Pitt, 42, actress Angelina Jolie, 30, clutches her Louis Vuitton bag as she rushes to her flying lessons.  It's rumored (and sounds true) that Brad and Angelina will soon be qualified (if she's not qualified for it already) enough to make food drops in countries in need of aid. More pictures in the gallery!  Thanks Nancy!


angelina jolie paris angelina-jolie-paris-flying-lessons01
angelina jolie paris angelina-jolie-paris-flying-lessons02
angelina jolie paris angelina-jolie-paris-flying-lessons03

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Hey Jared. I love your new site! It looks really nice!

Hi Jared,I like your new site.

And thanks for my Angie fix,I started to have withdrawl symptoms

Thanks for the pictures,love the new site.

jared...ur the best...i only visit this site for my bamz+1 fix!!! thanks much!!!

awesome site jared!!!congratulations.

Oh I'm loving your new site...thanks for my daily fix!

Thank you Jared and Audrey. I was wishing for a javascript-free comment format, as the previous version would have display some popup with my javascript open.

This is definitely more user-friendly.

It's awesome you new site.
thank you for the new pics on BAMZ+1
keep up


LOVE THE NEW SITE!!!! Ang looks great.

YAY for Angelina!
And the site looks great, excellent job. =)

Thanks for my daily Jolie-Pitt pix. Your new site looks great!


(yes I shouted.....)

Way to go jared........see, you are moving up and you did not even have to be obnoxious and vile to achieve success.

Hi Jared,

I just have to tell you how much I love your site! It's become my favorite. I do need daily Angelina info - I just think she's such an amazing person and I really admire her. Thanks for keeping me up to date!

love your new site jj!....Angie looks beautiful whenever without even trying...love her!

I thought she was already qualified? Is this for a commercial license?

I love your new site - gotta get my Bradlie fix -When I was preggers in '86, the doc wouldn't let me get on an airplane at 7 mos - Ang's got 1 mo mo to go...we'll see what happens

JustJared, if I seem one more sickeningly repetitive picture of Angelina wearing black and grey, carrying that out of style Vuitton bag and hotfooting it around grey sky Paris so the world can now know about her "love with Brad" I'll barf. I've gotten to the stage of loggin onto your site and immediately cancelling out as soon as her picture downloads. And don't get me started on grotty Brad in all those pictures. He appears to have worn the same grungy jeans, tee shirt and jacket for the past three weeks. Eeeeewww. I can smell their dirty arses from here.

bambam, boom boom go away...ur so funny and f@"*ked up!! if ur so gross about this site then why u are here making comments....ur such a pretentious and a shallow person...just leave as u plan and not stay and make asinine comments!! the one that is smelly and gross is u..hah! :) :)

Congratulations on the new site!

I went to the Far East on business twice while I was 6 and 7 months pregnant. Not a picnic, but it was just fine. I did cancel another trip (I had to turn down a very good job...) at 34th week. I thought to myself how if something would go wrong, then decided I won't be able to live with myself if it did for some stupid job. I had my son on scheduled cesarean, and he is healthy and happy, so am I. If the report is true that Angie had to turn down 007 role for this baby, I am sure it was a no brainer as well.

i am not pissed off at the site, you idiot, i said i was pissed of that justjared keeps putting on pictures of angelina et al...i didn't comment on all the other things on this site which i like just fine, you moron...and even if i didn't like a site i am entitled plenty to make a criticism of it as i see fit. you are a whack job

and here I thought Jolie only needed her broom! tsk tsk

Jared, Your new site ROCKS!

Thank you so much for the BAMZ fix.

BAMZ supporter! :)

Congratulations for your new site and thank you for the BAMZ pics

thanks for the angelina fix...i really needed it, and the video of brad and maddox...LOVE it...! jared you rock and are the best...the reason i come to this site is for brangelina!!! so thank you much!!! and the new site...FABULOUS!!!!

Lovin' the new site, Jared and Audrey! And as always, thanks for the pics. Lovin' the BAMZ!!

actually, she only uses her broom for overseas flying......

Love the new site Jared. I've already added it to my faves. I too come here for my Brangelina fix.
Thanks again.

Hi Jared, love your new site and you still maintain the Jared Style with the layout... hihihii keep your good work... ^_^

Maybe some of us have not heard of washers and dryers, they were invented awhile ago. They can also have multiple items in the same style.

They are probably attempting to cheapen the payday for the paps, by wearing the same thing almost everyday.

jared love the bamz,so are you and ur audrey.thanx!

smooth layout JJ!

Lovin the new site jared, as always you are the best when it comes to BAMZ+1

Wow new site! Incredible! Irresistible! Desirable.
Bravo Just Jared

Thanks Jared for the new site! Thanks for your team effort as well! This site is SUPER COOL!
I always come here for BAMZ+1 pix and you got the BEST! ;-) Keep on the great work!



your disclaimer forgot


I'm loving the new look and thanks for the BAMZ update!

Jared, new site is nice EXCEPT that HALF the screen is taken up by ADS!!! Whats with that? Is there any way to make them less blatant, very annoying.....

Thanks for my Brad & Angie fix. Are they going to the Oscars?
Love the new site and visit it 2, 3 times daily!

I love all the BAMZ news and JJ is my fav site to get it, I too check 3 times daily most days and find myself addicted. JJ your disclaimer is hilarious, keep up the great work.

I saw it somewhere that they had seats lined up for BP/AJ...but probably not.

I love this couple but one thing I just don't get sometimes...why don't they go to events like this together and if they do why do it in secret...heck the word is out. (they went to the Ali event together but took the back door, they went to the premiere of Eunich but waited until the paps left)We know about the baby, we know they are a couple. So what's up with this?

I understand they want to spend time with the kids and each other but do they want to get away from H'wood and never be involved with anything associated with it.

Brad once made a statement if you guys can remeber and I'm paraphrasing that he enjoyed the hollywood company and he would re-marry outside of the circle...how can you make a statement like that and don't want to be involved with the people and the events associated with h'wood? I just don't get it!!

Then again maybe this is a compromise to please AJ...she's said she really doen't enjoy these events b/c the people are phony (again paraphasing)

Well anyway...I think I answered my own question...compromise. - probably won't appear at another event...ever!!! oh well

Everyone that left comments, and actually gets a fix out of looking at pictures of other people's lives, has no life!
You all sound so pathetic...what has this world come too or even what will the world become in the future with all the young people so obsessed with things that do NOT MATTER IN REAL LIFE...

Um, hello Jill. I see you are on the site, why pray tell? Get off.

That includes you too Jill since you are amongst the commenters. In fact you are the most pathetic since you obviously feed your anger problem by visiting sites that you don't like. Explain why you are on the site because it doesn't make any sense to me. I'm sure Jill needs a big hug or something.

Jared nice site. I also loved your disclaimer! Giggled thur reading it. One thing however, is the phrase ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING in there? If not, that would make a cute addition. You did a good job!





Just read on French tabloid Voici (from last week?) that it looks like Jolie-Pitt are really enjoying France---it's great they are discovering Paris together. Though all shop keepers seem to disclose what they are buying! I guess there is no shop-customer priviledge :)

It says they bought 'choucroute' -- Alsacienne sausage / sauerkraut dish. My in-laws are French-Swiss and they eat it all the time. (it's very hearty & yummy--good for expecting moms!) It also shows Brad holding baguettes like any other Parisians. It's at; http://angiejolie.free.fr/presse/voici130206-03.jpg
More French tabloids (they say cute things) at;
http://angiejolie.free.fr/presse (Absolument Jolie site)

Nicky, I think it's safe to say that their lack riding the hollywood magic red carpet is of no harm to their careers. They've made it. Their A-listers, and neither is up for anything so why attend when their presence will only distract from the event?

I won't presume to know why they probably won't be going, but I imagine it's just not a priority for them to attend. Trust that this time next year when they both have movies out...Jessie James/Babel and some other prodjects for him, and The Good Shepherd for her......plus 3 babies to haul all over....whew!

Remember her Nightline interview? She said how nice it was not working and being home. I'd stay out of that mess for as long as I could too! Another thing, I really think they're both independent people who would have no problem attending functions without the other if one either couldn't make it, or didn't want to go. JMHO

p.s...Love the site Jared, but the message box is a bit claustaphoic.....:)

Merci Be sane. It mentions her due date as May 2 ...Boy that will be here before we know it.

Jill, it sounds like you are the person without a life. I can't think of any other reason why you would get your panties in a wad over something that you have absolutely no control or power over. Save your energy for something you can control or change. If this activity bothers you then DON"T READ the comments. You can control yourself , can't you?

LOL. I like Jennifer, but this really cracked me up.

Ps. I doubt they will go to the Academy Awards as Jennifer will be there and presenting . A friend said she read that Jennife is seeing a therapist several times a week to help deal with Brad's relationship with Angelina. That she is not "okay" but is not dealing with it very well. I don't think she thought anything would come of it... specially since apparently Brad had said Angie was his type. I think the adoption was hard but the pregnancy is probably very painful. Not only does let her know how serious it is , but she has face her choises. She know Brad is in for the long haul and will never come back. Supposedly Brad called her to wish her happy birthday. Regret is such a bitter pill to swallow.

Mija, I agree with you about the message box. Specially when on a laptop ...

Aniston's Therapy:

Yes I read that too but I do hope this is yet another made-up story. But I would recommend therapy anyway to anyone who needs it: the point I guess to recognize you need help.

As for going to Academy, Lainey.com rather coldly said "Oscar committie throwing a Pity Bone" to Aniston since that would be the only way for her to go there, without Pitt. Whatever, but Jolie-Pitt can definitely afford not to show up and let Aniston take the 'thunder', if being a 'presenter' is supposed to be a 'thunder'. I just hope that Oscar audience won't do some stupid 'standing ovation' show.... afterall, whatever for?

JJ, yes it's small so I am zooming one font up :)

The font is kinna small, other than that
Great site and awsome design, Congrats JJ.

It is not as though many of those in the audience have not been in the same position as all three principals... the one who was left behind, the one leaving or the other man/woman. It is not as though being left with millions of dollars and a porfolio of movie contracts is so difficult to live with.

brad will go the olympique game in turin...HE is invented with george cloney...

Be Sane / Elena

I bet they will throw a pity party and stand/applaud when she walks out to present...

Look at what happened at Sundance...please some of these h'wood people don't care. You even had stars wearing the Team A vs. Team J shirts.

thanks jared, great new lay out, though i ma a little un sure of where to go!! i think i will work it out. thanks for the Brangelina picks they make a great couiple, c ya!!!XXXXX

brad will go the olympique game in turin

well brad has been invited by the NBC ...but but it is not confirmed that brad attends

What is the big deal about Jennifer going to the Oscars? She was highly rumoured to be nominated for the Good Girl. Angelina Jolie has received more Razzies than any other actress...she is still invited. You can have your favorites or idols but the bias is blatant and stupid.

eddiewifey, Aniston is invited to present at the Oscars because her PR person Huvane, pushed for her to get an invitation. That's his job and it looks like he did it well. No matter how many razzies Angie has received she is invited because she is a past Oscar winner. And Aniston was rumored to be nominated for the Good Girl because her PR team started the rumors. It done all the time to get the nominating committee to take a closer look at an actor's performance. It has nothing to do with deserving to be nominated. And yes, I would say the same thing about Jolie, but she was nominated and won.

i love you jared, but your new site is shit. the font is WAY too big and i miss the pictures from your old site. i hate change!

Elena, Be Sane, I SO think Aniston is going to get a standing O.......for what? I don't know, but you will be able to knock me over with a feather if some at least "in the cheap seats" don't get up. I even expect to hear a "Brangelina SUCK'S!!!" or two lol. What I'm really waiting for is HER reacion....will she cry, will she deliver one of her many Oprah affirmations. Ought to be interesting.

a standing O.......?? you are crazy...standing ovations are when an actor is recognized by his work... and not as a result of brangelina saga...please the oscars are more important that all those trivialities.

although lately oscars are a nielsen rating flop

the protagonists of the ceremony are the nominated actors and no brangelina or to jennifer, everything is not reduced to them...and i love bran and angie...but please

Anon, please don't call me crazy for stating my opinion. I really don't care if you meant it tongue in cheek, I don't appreciate it. Now, if you have no idea what "cheap seats" mean, then I'll explain. It's the nosebleed section where sit's someone's aunt Mamie from Bakersfield who got in to fill a sit. I have a relative who has worked the camera for the past 5 award shows, and I know what I'm speaking of. I'm very aware what the ceremony is about, and who it's not about, but that still has never stopped someone there in the flesh from doing something foolish and downright tacky.............and sometimes it was even "clutch the pearl's now" A STAR!

hey, just wondering if i'm missing something, this site hasn't had a new post since friday. i rely on jj for my bamz fix, and it seems to be flailing.

Love the new site. Angelina looks great as always. BAMZ BEST WISHES.

I heart Brangelina and family.

I want more please!

the Comments section is much more readable & easier to use, especially with the white background. Not sure what others mean by the font size being too large or small, since font sizes are adjustable. But for now, it looks ok.

However - the ADs are ANNOYING!!! I can understand the far left column, but the 2nd column of ads & content links is too much. That should go on the right. I understand that you need some ads, but the 2nd column makes it too obvious that that's what you're aiming at.

Then, preferably, it would also be good for the Comments to be spread out with wider margins. Right now it's rather narrow & it's annoying to have to scroll down so much just to see the bottom.

Also, the front page - it's better how it was before, when there were a lot of articles on the same page. That way, for "impatient" website visitors like me, I don't have to wait every time to see the next page show up (esp.since there's so many pictures). Since it's not all there at once, I'd rather just not see the rest.


They are adulterers and the baby is a product of sin. I dont see a happy future.

oh reality,be realistic!lol!the man doesnt love his ex anymore,what are you gonna do,kill ur self!

reality, I do not know if you have ever read this account in the bible, remember when the crowd of people wanted to stone the prostitute.
"let he/she without sin let them cast the 1st stone". Not one of those people could pick up a stone.
P.S. Enlighten us on what is in your future, seeing that you are able to tell B&A's.

Jared, just saw new pic's of Angelina & Mad on an outing today....Angie looks so cute with a skull cap on. I don't think I've ever seen in a hat before. Anyway, I know you're on it like a fly on a junebug mi amigo.


You need to FACE the reality that (Jennifer) having pre-marital sex before the divorce was final is considered as an adulterer. So, I wouldn't call here Classy?

By the way, people makes mistakes, it how you and I, dust ourselves up after the fall.

"Clean your backyard, before cleaning somebody elses backyard."

mija288, where did you see the new pics?

jay, in my excitement of seeing new pic's, I forgot to say where!


ooh, thanks so much

why is chinnifer going to the oscars and presenting????? what has she done???? her movies suck. they have had really bad reviews: derailed/rumor has it/etc. she sucks! it just goes to show you she has some manipulative pr people in hollywood - the same ones who paint her as a fuckin' saint while they claim angelina is the devil. maniston is full of shit. angelina won two golden globes for gia and girl interrupted. jolie won an oscar and won a sag award. she is a real actress. chinnifer was on friends - a tv show. so many more deserving actresses could of been presenting instead of her. what a fraud she is. i hope she slips while walking to present at the oscars adnd breaks her ugly chin!!!!!!!!!

HA HA. They're all adulterers! reality & Joy - you're both right. What a phrase - "product of sin." well, i just hope AJ's not sacrificing her "product of sin's" health for her looks & her career. hey, what if the kid comes out malformed? anything can still happen in the next few months.

I hope Brad and Angelina show up at the Oscars, that would be lovely!


Thanks mija288 for the pictures.I've been busy all weekend so it was nice to see the pictures when I finally had break.

Lou, I was real hesitant of putting the link here because I didn't know if Jared would mind, I know that there are a few more pic's, and I saw a new People mag one-pager about Jolie-Pitt life in Paree, plus a a couple quotes from AJ. I'm sure Jared is on the case....he always is.

I'm out of town for President's Day, so Ill be back in full swing with great updates on Tuesday! Feel free to post links mija288 until my return! (;

I read the people magazine page today,and I'm glad it kind of gives you a feel about what they are up to.There are so many rumors,it sounds like they want to chill out away LA and just be a family.

to BamBam, funny how shallow you really are. All you talk about is how and what people are wearing and if it's out of style. Who really cares?! Oh yeah, shallow people like you!!! It shows me that Angelina doesn't care if it's the most updated bag that she uses. I'm sure would rather donate that money than purchasing a brand new $3000 dollar bag. Angelina and Brad are not shallow people. They would rather help those who are in need rather acting like a bunch of immature self centered people. So leave them alone. If you dno't like it here, go elsewhere. Be a fan of Paris Hilton since you seem to have a lot more in common w/ her.

Thanks jer3d! Have a safe, fun time, and we WILL be here when you return.


This is the People mag.

Here is the NewsCom photo link with pic's from 2/18-19. They're rather small, but I have no idea how to get them enlarged. The musem pic's(Angelina/Maddox) begin at the bottom, and those go for about two pages and run into a few of Brad leaving for Italy as a guest of NBC along with George Clooney and Cindy Crawford.

BTW, there are a ton of a yound Angelina at the start of this link, and I really had no idea how to get around that (since most have already been viewed....I think).


hope all works.


Thanks for Angie's photos! Is this Louvre? Can't really tell but looks like the ground floor, near the bottom of the pyramid...also looks like she is at one of the underground shops there... She looks very relaxed and serene; I am so glad they are enjoying Paris. SO much to see, to do, to EAT!!!

As for Aniston at Oscars do you know 'what' is she presenting? Best Actress?

I am addicted to JustJared. Now, with J2, I'll be doubly addicted! Keep up the good work, esp with the most comprehensive & updated BAMZ whereabouts I can find on the web! Keep BAMZ coming... :)

Be sane, it the Musee d'Orsay in Paris.


D'Orsay--yes... thanks! I love there too!

Angelina taking flying lessons? When is this b**** ever gonna take a break? Why is she so carried away with doing things all the time? Why doesn't she take a rest? Talk about being overly active. Does she have some hyperactivity problem? Does she not care that she's pregnant? I think she is mentally insane. What pregnant woman still goes for flying lessons with her bump stickin out?

Love ur site.

Key, a woman who can.

Any woman who goes for flying lessons while she's halfway through her pregnancy is psychotic. Flying while your pregnant is not good for the baby.

I flew in commercial airplanes while I was 6 and 7 moonths pregnant on business. I flew several times during two of my pregnancies. My kids are fine and so am I. And I don't see anything different in driving a car and flying a plane. If her doctor OK-ed her, I'm sure she's fine, and if he didn't she won't be able to go flying. It said it's a flying 'lesson' so she didn't fly alone anyway.

In case you don't know, pregnancy isn't a 'disease'. Women are perfectly capable of physical tasks while pregnant, IF she is fit. We had to move twice while I was prengnant--I moved furniture, carried suitcases went up and down the stairs at 7th month. If you want a healthy pregnancy, try to be fit BEFORE getting pregnant!

When did pregnancy become an ailment? You don't even care for the woman(hence the name calling) so what is to you kev if she is endangering her unborn baby -- which she is not. It just riles her haters that the woman is living her life to the fullest and there is nothing they can do about it, so they criticize her for the heck of it.

Besides she got her license back in 2004, I think you need to keep flying to increase your flight hours. Angie is never going to be a bore, so deal with it. As for lisa calling her psychotic, wouldn't you just want to be that psychotic.

FIRST OF ALL, only some doctors say that it is okay to go flying while in your second trimester. But this is a matter of dispute. It is not always safe. There are problems associated with flying while pregnant and while it maybe okay for alot of women, some women will have problems without knowing. Thirdly, she's not just sitting in the back of an airplane as a passenger. She is doing the flying herself. This is more stressful. And while some women are strong enough to go flying because they have a different body build, other body types are more delicate.

What if there is turbulence or the risk of crashing? She's putting her baby in danger. While you have to go on business trips or what have you, it's fine. I believe women should definitely keep doing what they're doing while pregnant. There's no need to stop what you're doing. But if you can avoid doing things that may be risky, then why are you taking the risk? She can catch up on her flying hours later and who cares how late. Her baby's more important than taking the risk of a bad flight. We don't want another Kennedy crash on our hands.

angelina is an imprudent mother carrying maddox and flying in a small plane,the pressure of the cabin is very dangerous for the baby... in a commercial airplane is not dangerous but in a small plane...please angelina your baby.

poor man brad what must suffer with a woman who puts in risk him first so so wished baby

She's been photographed picking up Zahara and even Maddox. I don't know how many mothers as pregnant as she is picking up children like that when they don't need to. Has she heard of a stroller or making the kid walk? I wouldn't be surprised if the newborn's face came out smushed. Irresponsible mothers always do things like that. I've seen other mothers do things like this, and they're plain stupid. While smarter mothers are very, very cautious while pregnant. And I saw someone previously post that while they were pregnant and moving to a new home they were doing all the work, picking up things and so forth. Picking up heavy or even slightly heavy things while you're pregnant is dangerous. Angelina treats her pregnancy like village women in 3rd world countries. I visited those places where pregnant mothers are doing hard labor while pregnant. They're stupid. A friend of mine told me that her grandmother died after her last baby was born and things like that happened alot where her grandmother was raised. Why do you think? Cause a woman's body cannot prolong strain like that. She may do fine with her first few pregancies, but after a while her body will wear out if she doesn't treat it right. Being pregnant is already doing a woman's body disfavor.

Going on a small airplane, and flying it, while pregnant is just plain stupid. Period. She might as well walk at night in a dangerous city and say, "Here I am. Come and take my things and stab me. Gang members are welcome!" You just don't do risky things like that. You don't do things that will put your life at risk. Next thing she'll do is ride her motorcycle while in labor on the way to the hospital! And with Brad following behind her, saying, "Wait up, baby, I'd like to come too" as he usually does.

I see the nasty people who have nothing better to do than spill their venom are at it again. I wonder how many of these are the same posters. I enjoy the website.

I don't know Karen. Are you the same poster who keeps kissing Angelina's butt? I'm sure you dream about it.

How is expressing common sense a "hateful" thing to do? Just because some of us aren't BLINDED by ignorance and Angelina's "radiance," doesn't mean we "hate" her. People are still her fans, but it doesn't mean we agree with some of the things she does. Also, Angelina is a hypocrite, in my opinion, which is why people are starting to disfavor her.

lol GBI,starting to disfavor her,get out here!your additional in here,wich means you like her...

i don't know how many of you critics have been actually pregnant before, or just criticizing her for the sake of it. But, having been pregnant, I know that if a woman is healthy, able, and cleared by her doctor, she can do a lot of physical tasks. It's a lot sensable to fly a small plane for a short lesson than 'drunk driving and being stopped by a cop' as you know who did.

OLGA BOOGA SAYS: "Angelina treats her pregnancy like village women in 3rd world countries. I visited those places where pregnant mothers are doing hard labor while pregnant. They're stupid."

See, comments like these make you cringe at being American...

The haters will always hate, the fans will always love. Let her live her exciting live!

helllooooo BAMZ paradise!!

are the gnats and fleas back to hound the Fabulous Angie?

Such self righteous indignation over a capable pregnant woman flying an aeroplane. The same people are probably the ones who criticized her for adopting from other countries. No matter what she does, they will always be the critics. Just as well the woman doesn't live her to please other people. I don't mind angie's fans worrying about her, at least they care about her well being, it is those who do not even wish her well, and all of a sudden they care about her pregnancy. It must be the worst possible time to be an angelina hater. Everything seems to be linning up pretty well in her favour- she has got brad, she's got his kids, people in power and respected journalists are finally taking her humanitarian work seriously, and she is actually looking serene like someone who has found her inner peace. I wish all these things for jen except for brad, cos she already had her shot with him.

"Angelina treats her pregnancy like village women in 3rd world countries. I visited those places where pregnant mothers are doing hard labor while pregnant. They're stupid. "

If ignorance is bliss than I'd rather be miserable.

Hey Olga, nice attitude. Good luck with that.

you say that right, Faith.

serious question... why does anybody write nasty comments on these sites? it doesn't help anybody, all it does is expel negative energy out into the world. there is enough of that already in my opinion.

jay, good question. I will never understand why people put so much energy in coming to a celebrity blog (for christ's sake!) and write mean things. If you are a person with a lot of hatred in you there are far more important things to get worked up about.

Because they can and because its anonymous. Most wouldn't dare say some of these things out loud in front of a crowd. In the end, unhappy people want to spread their unhappiness and they usually do it in the most cowardly ways. I know this because I used to be one of those unhappy people. Took me a long time to grow up but now I realize life is more productive and enjoyable if I choose to see the glass as half-full.

If angie and brad show up at the oscars with maniston there that will be quite the scene, Thats what everybody will be talking about, I doubt that will happen though

there is no way they are gonna show up at the oscars. they aren't up for anything, they aren't presenting, and these days, they would probably do anything to avoid press, so why would they go to the oscars?

When J & B were married, I read that all she wanted to do was hang around home; B had to beg her to go anywhere because she hated travelling, hated flying. Boring. Now he's with a goer and a doer who is flying her own plane when pregnant and looks OUTWARD at the world, trying to make it better, instead of wasting time, money and brain cells boozing it up at Vegas casinos.

i know, they really are worthy of respect, and so gorgeous too. :)

I doubt there will be any standing ovation for JA from the people who count. I believe they just don't want to get involved that way. Her situation is not unique in Hollywood,and quite frankly people get fed up with the "loser" very fast. Standing Ovations are for LifetTime Achievement Awards. The woman is merely a presenter,blatantly taking sides that way would be too hypocritical,considering that most of them at some point in their lives have been on one or the other side of the fence. Most of the men in Hollywood,shit most of the men in this culture can be accused of the same "so called" crime BP is accused of. Also for those of you who thinks she is doing too much,I have a child,and through the entire pregnancy I was very active. I would get these surge of energy and take the house apart and put it back together,pregnancy is not an illness.

I also love these people who make comments on what you can and cannot do when you are pregnant. I've had two kids and flying--even flying your own plane-- at this stage is perfectly fine because I'm sure she has a co-pilot or instructor with you.

With her, I meant.

bitch say home: you are eight months pregnant. chill the fuck out. you are not the blood sucking version of mother theresa that you aspire to be. you are a derange whore, husbanding stealing, child kidnapping whore. stay at home bang your formerly hot boyfriend and die in your mansion from drug overdose like the rest of them. spare us your sight, please.

okay, first off, chill the fuck out, mari. second, she isn't eight months pregnant, third child kidnapper? what kind of close minded ignorant person are you? oh, and brad pitt is still hot...

Wow....... Mari you got issues girl! So much hatred. This is not about angie, you need to see a shrink to work out some of your issues, you are channelling it to the wrong place. The energy that it takes to hate, you must be tired all the time.

mari, stay on your meds please.

I must be missing something! I only see the pictures from Friday. Where can I see the new BAMZ pics? Can someone direct? Thanks!

People ignore mari,she is not worth a moment of your time.This person is ignorant and will stay ignorant.

Why don't you blog on Femalefirst site? That's where people spew hate and use foul language for fun, more suited for your class.

There are so many new BAMZ pic's in this link it's not funny! I'm posting per Jared's permission, but understand that the small size can't be helped, and although I don't want to presume that Jared will rectify that upon his return, I DO hope he'll have pity on us and blow them up......enjoy.


you are fantastic mija288, thanks so much again

OMGoodness....Awsome pictures mija...I love the pic. where Angie was holding a large cotton candy, and I believe she was eating some as well, also I think my fav. is Angie on the Merry Go Round horse. The pic. are a little bit small, but did Brad looks like he has a hair cut?...

in order for you to see these pic. in larger format, you have to be a member...so we hope JJ can get us these pic. tomorrow...Go JJ.

ok, I found another one of my fav., Maddox was having a tantrum, lying on the floor as Angie, with both hands on her hip, was giving him the mommy are very upset look...hilarious, Maddox rule!

I saw some bigger pics at livejournal. Just thought I would put that out there

Thanks Mija for the pictures,I wish they were bigger because some of them look really cute.Oh well maybe jared will post them tomorrow.

Nancy, there's a display of Paris under a glass floor, and I'm pretty certain that's what he's gazing at....but I DO love your sceneario better lol.

Raqchel, thanks SO much! They looks so d@mn cute, happy, and precious as a family. I just love how Angelina looks at that MAN! Thanks again for the link to the BIG pic's.

Lou, I know Jared's gonna hook us up right cause he's the man! and he never let's us down, and that's why this is the #! BAMZ place on the web.

Thank you sooo much Raqchel for the pictures,they look like they are enjoying Paris.They look really happy.

I have a question about something I read on the link Raqchel supplied. It said that Aniston-Pitt finalized the financial part of the divorce on 2/18, and that she would get sole ownership of the home in BeverlyHills. I thought that home was sold early in the divorce, or are they speaking of another. It said it was worth $29mil, and I really believe that was the one alledgedly sold. So confused now. He gets primary control of Plan B, but she still will have a minor stake in the production company which is worth I think they said $60mil.

Yeah I was a little confused by that also mija288. I watched CNN this morning and they said that aniston does get to keep the house. Hmmm.... intresting, didn't she say at one time maybe im wrong she didnt care for that house.

AHhh....thanks mija...I did not notice the glass floor.

Raqchel, that's what I thought too. Of course she's free to change her mind, but she said in VF that she always wanted a little Malibu beach house and that's where she moved to. Maybe it's simply that the first sell fell through, and now instead of splitting the proceeds when it is sold, she get's the total? Man, I wish I had those troubles......."even if it meant I'd have to split $29mil lol."

btw.....there IS an ugly part in my heart that did wonder if she kept it so the Jolie-Pitt's wouldn't mover there......but I doubt that's the reason, and again, that's just the "wrong in me" poking the devil.

Nancy, no problema. I really wanted it to be Mad "being MAD!"

Yeah I agree mija288 maybe its me but something about that deal sounds a little shisty. Or it could just be the southern in me. Either way at least JA has a extra home that she and VV could bunk in since they must really need the room.

it's probably the lawyer...once they get involved deals change etc etc. jen probably does not even care for the house, but the lawyer said, "yes, you do. it's better resale value and he's getting the house in who knows wheer.! lol

Brad spent so much time renovating that house, she supposedly didn't care about the archetectural details he put in the house. That is just another case of Jennifer saying one thing publicly and doing something totally different in private. I guess that is the price he has to pay to get the family life he wanted. Still it sucks cos she is wealthy in her own right.

Another reason why she does not deserve any kind of pity.

AJ can do anything. I admire her more than any lady in Hollywood. Best wishes to BAMZ they desrve it. Jen couldnt fly a plane if her HAIR depended on it.

Raqchel & Tandem, I just did read that the house is still on the mkt, but it didn't go into detail about what happened the with first rumored sell, but only that JA will get the sole proceed's when it is finally unloaded.

Tandem, you're probably very correct that the lawyers changed the deal....with permission of course. After the first sell didn't go, and since it could take much more time to unload, maybe to just nip future headache's/contact about it in the bud, they decided "I'll take this, you take that, and let that be the end of it." JMHO

She gets no pity from me. She's doing that all on her own--Jen's Pity Party: Year Two. I actually read that she'll be on an upcoming Vogue cover titled "Don't feel sorry for me". I'm serious! So tiresome.

Brad actually made out on the deal. Plan B is the fastest growing production company in Hollywood. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was a Plan B project. Jen only has a minor stake in it and will probably be out all together once "her" projects end. Trust me, Brad got the better deal and knows it. Also I seriously doubt that Brad wants/wanted the house. That was his past.

Brad actually made out on the deal. Plan B is the fastest ....
THE DEPARTED with di caprio and scorsese...oscar prediction

" Plan B is the fastest growing production company in Hollywood. "

source ... please

pics with bamz...sorry brad has new look??? looks hot ,shorter hair and wet ,no?


PLAN B is believed to be worth more than 50 million dollar after a string of 12 successful independent movie releases, including ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’.
God Grew Tired of Us(PLAN B) nabbed the top documentary prizes from both audience ballots and the juried competition in sundance...

"Jen only has a minor stake in it and will probably be out all together once "her" projects end."

Faith, that's the impression I got also. From what I found out, she's got at least one small IF project she wants to do, but I forgot the scenario.....seems that I recall that it's based on a short story.Other than a few (2) other project blurbs, I see her totally out of Plan B within 2yrs or less. Also, the projects Plan B has in the can, and on the drawingboard has made Brad Pitt a serious player in hollywood.


Check out these pictures!!!

I am South African, not American. The death rate of women in these villages is high BECAUSE they do hard labor and are under alot of other stresses while being pregnant. And for someone as "ignorant" as me, I have traveled around the world and know first hand the problems that women face in different countries, especially pregnant women in overpopulated or poor areas. Pregnancy already takes a toll on women's bodies. Some say pregnancy even decreases a woman's life span because of the toll it takes on her body. So the fact that Angelina is doing all these things while pregnant and not taking it easy, is ridiculous. In the long run, if she keeps doing it with each of her pregancies, she will end up paying for it later. But the plain fact that she's taking the risk of flying a plane herself, even with an instructor, while being halfway through her pregnancy is just plain wrong. There is more of a chance that it could crash. And the design and security of smaller, lighter planes are different than more secure, safe and comfortable large airplanes with multiple people. If you think it's normal to be "tough" while being pregnant, then be foolhardy all you want. No one cares. It's just plain ignorant. You're just like the women who go ahead and smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol while pregnant. They say "one cigarette won't do the baby harm" or "one glass of wine won't do any harm." Sure, women like that always do dumb things like this. Because they say if they don't see or feel the effects, there's no problem. They say, if the doctor says it okay, then automatically it is. Doctors are not always right. If they were always right, they would be out of a job. And besides, who says Angelina took the advice of her doctor. It looks like to me, she's going ahead and doing what she wants without the advice of a doctor.

Brad is with short hair, yeah he has new look.

How does plan B revenue and projected pipeline compare to other top production companies?

atb, here's a link to the project list. You can click on each title to see who, what when etc,


Olga, it's pointless to argue about pregnancy because you obviously have some sort of grudge against Jolie and are trying to equate the life of poor, overworked third-world women and a healthy, well-nourished first-world woman. Flying around in a a private plane does not constitute hard work. In fact, American women are more at risk for gestational diabetes because of being overweight and out of shape, not because they are doing too much hard physical labor. (I'm fessing up and saying I was borderline gestational-diabetic with both of my two kids, so I know what I'm talking about). You are comparing apples with oranges, to say the least, and I would think that if you are so concerned about third-world women and their plight, you would be happy that Jolie is trying to bring world attention to these and other issues. She doesn't have to, you know.

Give me a bit to find the specific article about the rise of Plan B. I have to do this in between making dinner. Until then, go to the following site to read more about Plan B. I'm also looking for a similiar article on BBC online.

Mija288 thanks for the pix.

I personally grew up dirt poor in the Caribbean. To many American's the Caribbean means sun, sand, and rum drinks with little umbrellas in them. I know what its like to work a farm until your back feels like someone has hit you with a sledgehammer. I know what is like to have to live with an outhouse in the back, and a pipe in the "backyard" to bathe with. I have lived the first half of my life like those women you call "stupid".

To compare what I and the other "stupid" women HAD to go through to survive to the lifestyle that Angelina is blessed to live is in my opinion ignorant. Angelina would be embarrassed to be put in the same category as them, for she has seen first hand how hard they work. Yes, flying a small plane may be or may be not more dangerous than flying on a commercial airliner but she and every other pregnant woman in America is more likely to die at the hands of their boyfriend/spouse than from an airplane crash. They are more likely to die because of a car crash than an airplane crash.

My question for you: Are you generally concerned for the well-being of Angelina and her unborn child or are you just here to bitch and moan?

I think you Angelina worshippers are being blinded by her doing UN work and by her beauty. You think that because she has kids and does UN work she can do no wrong??

I know some of the richest kids who do charitable work like this, sacrificing their lives. They have the money to cushion themselves to do it.

And for those of you who say "I don't see you people doing charitable work like this!" THEN WHY DON'T YOU GIVE ME $2MILLION TO GO DO IT! The rest of us NORMAL people have 12 hour jobs and commutes, kids that we have to feed, late bills we have to pay, chores we have to do and enormous debts. AND WE DON'T HAVE ASSISTANTS, HOUSEKEEPERS, NANNIES, LIMOUSINES, DRIVERS OR FIRST CLASS AIRPLANE SEATS TO HELP US!!

And secondly, to go fly a plane while pregnant does take a toll on your body. It is UNSAFE. And some women in third world countries have BETTER nutrition and healthier foods than the fat women here in America. But the death rate of women who have had children in those countries is high, not because of lack of nutrition only, but many die due to not taking it easy while going thorugh their pregnancies.

Madison, you're saying third-world women can die because they don't take it easy during their pregnancies. You also say flying a plane while pregnant is unsafe. So, quit worrying that those third world women will die from the hard work of flying their private planes, okay?

KAS | February 20, 2006 11:52 AM

Try newscom.com and http://img107.imageshack.us/my.php?image=peoplefeb2720062sg.jpg

If you still can't get it review mija288 | February 19, 2006 09:53 PM post from earlier today.

"So, quit worrying that those third world women will die from the hard work of flying their private planes, okay"

That's pretty hilarious! Touché Madison!

Do you know how to read Jen? Angelina's not only been flying planes. She's been picking up her kids with their legs hitting her stomach, she's been walking around in cold weather in Paris with her coat open showing her bump, going around to different UN events and on and on. Continuing to work while your pregnant, even until the week of labor is fine, but she's not just standing around working or taking it easy while working. She's been doing more than that. And if it wasn't such a big deal then why is the media and her fans MAKING it such a big deal? Because OBVIOUSLY it is! If it were normal, then no one would mention anything about it. Do you see any other pregnant women doing the things she's doing? No, because they consider the safety of their baby first. It's one thing to be an independent strong woman, but it's another to be foolish and ignorant. Pregnancy in a way is an ailment because a woman technically can die from being pregnant or giving birth if it weren't for all the medical help she gets.

This argument is asinine,several doctors have stated it is safe for Angelina to fly up to the end of her pregnancy,so Olga and Madison find something else to complain about.You don't like Angelina for what ever reason and you just want something to rag about.

Several doctors say it is okay to fly IN a large airplane. Not TO fly a small airplane which is much more risky and stressful to do.

We all have our own opinions, some people love Brad and Angelina and some people Love Jen! I don't understand why people hate any of these people though. NO ONE KNOWS THEM!! Seriously, it is funny to read people's comments about how they look up to Angelina or Jen or whoever........ they are ACTORS!! They are all full of crap!! They say that they hate the press and paparazzi but we have to know otherwise.
Angelina is a hypocrite
Brad is a hyppcrite
Jen is a hypocrite
We all are hypocrites at one time or another in our lives.

Jen Aniston is over this and I do not think that she is the one that can't get over it, I think that the Media is the one that can't get over it.
They hound these people every where they go and no one really knows the truth about any of it. It is all BS!!

Ben Angelina hasn't done any un work since Jan 28th,so that means in eight days it will be a month she hasn't done UN work.As a mother of three I lugged kids around until my 8th month just fine.The only tabloids are making a big deal of this to sell magazines.

There are no haters or lovers or what have you. Just critics or the opposite. If they were hated, then their names wouldn't even be an issue. Why would they be hated? It's not like they're HItler or Saddam. So it's pointless to say there's haters. Brangelina didn't kill anyone , just did things that the mature, general public may disfavor. And no one is a Jen worshipper. I've never heard of many of those, if at all.

I guess that when celebrities don't answer questions about their personal lives, it's doing tabloids and media a FAVOR. People become even more interested. I think people like Brangelina did themselves a major disfavor by not answering questions about their relationship. Bennifer thought that by discussing their relationship, that was what helped cause the break up. I think there is a way to answer questions about personal relationships like these: by outting your relationship full force, and NOT answering questions. By this I mean, going to red carpet events, premieres, charities and other public events with each other publicly to show that you have nothing to hide and holding each other, BUT at the same time refusing to answer personal questions in interviews about your relationship. So, you're giving people the visual aspect of it that so many people desire, but celebrities still satisfy their own need for privacy.

I think it's Angelina's decision to make at the end of the day. Let's just go with knowing that the woman loves her children deeply "the here already, and the yet to be born", and going with that knowledge, I'm going to assume that she & Brad (he has a stake in this too) have consulted her dr's about ALL the risks, and I'm sure that she and Brad have also discussed how much is too much. I say let her handle the pregancy the way she see's fit.

Look how plump Angie's face is getting...and she's still HOT!!!

And Brad isn't wearing the cap...she is!!!



Great site Jared and pat your girl on the back for a fab layout! ;o)

Thank you Mija288,the voice of reason as always.I also feel she has consulted her doctors and will be just fine.

Yeah, her face does look different. Is she really getting plump? That's a good sign. How far a long is she in her pregnancy anyway? I think they may be lying about how far along she is oin her pregnancy in order avoid media coverage of it when the baby is born at the hospital. Are there any close ups of her?

Ben dear (I'm assuming you're a guy)--I died laughing at your comments that Angelina is "picking up her kids and their legs are HITTING HER STOMACH!" She is walking around "with her COAT OPEN".!!! Trust me, it takes much, much, much MUCH more than that to cause a miscarriage or birth defects. By now AJ's baby is basically formed and simply growing. And children's legs kicking your tummy (unless the kids were, like, 14) will not hurt you. I don't mean to patronize you, but as Lou said upthread, I too lugged kids around when I was pregnant. Nobody's saying she should bungee jump, but she seems to be fine.

No I think her face is like that because her cap is pulled down tightly on her head. Her face looks OLD. Maybe all those plane flights and being pregnant at the same time and traveling all over the place is taking a toll on her face.


Did you know that radiation levels are up to 300 times higher at altitude than at ground level.
Naturally, at altitude the atmosphere is thinner, and so our exposure to radiation increases.
Frequent fliers and airline staff spend a large proportion of their time at altitude and thus have a longer exposure to radiation, which can be 100 - 300 times the level found at sea level.
Radiation risk is dosage related, so the more you fly the greater the risk.
As with other forms of radiation, results have shown that this could lead to genetic mutations in human egg cells and sperm cell, which could lead to complications when the fetus develops.

For Christ's sake, she's not spending weeks at a time up in the air! This isn't the space shuttle. She's got two kids and a hot boyfriend on the ground. And anyway, she's exposed to radiation from dozens of other sources on the ground as well. We all are. I'm sure ultrasounds are showing her baby is developing just fine.

I feel if a woman can eudure months of chemotherapy while pregnant and have and deliever a heathly baby,I feel a woman can fly until her 7 th or 8th month with no problem as long as your doctor oks it.

In our everyday lives, we are exposed to radiation, though only relatively small quantities and the earth's atmosphere acts as a strong barrier. it's 300 times more up there when flying and she has spent ALOT of time flying. As an international celebrity she's gone on flights quite a few times a week, if not every other day.

Lou, you got that right.

how come JJ is updating today?


update your site already...this is getting boring as hell

how come JJ is NOT updating today?

Maternal treatment options, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, are significantly limited by the continuation of the pregnancy. A majority of them have to terminate their pregnancy.

ann & BamBam, if you read the post located

here: j4r3d | February 19, 2006 09:09 PM

you'll get your answer.

ann, this is what JJ posted today:

I'm out of town for President's Day, so Ill be back in full swing with great updates on Tuesday! Feel free to post links mija288 until my return! (;

Anonymous | February 20, 2006 03:36 PM

Thank you for the link, I wasn't sure that they were at the Tour de Eiffel, but now I am.


for ann and Bambam:

JJ is out of town for president's day, he will be back tomorrow....

The point is not that there's a problem with Angelina FLYING. The point is that she CHOOSES to take that risk, and even higher a risk by flying herself. And she's taking other risks. I wonder, is she the first pregnant woman to fly a plane like that? Anyway, women who say they've been flying and picking up things and children till close to the end of pregnancy... you're talking to us as if we have never witnessed a pregnancy before. Most of us did grow up watching our mothers pregnant with our brothers and sisters or have friends or family who are pregnant our whole lives or have experienced pregnancy ourselves. And what you witness here with Angelina, is abnormal. Picking up a child whose height is up to or above your waist, as Angelina has with Maddox, is unecessary. She's straining her back. The other thing is, even slight sounds like the sound of a plane can affect the unborn baby's hearing. Even not so loud sounds, like the sound of a fetal doppler over the stomach (ultrasound), is loud for an unborn baby. It's fine that she's doing all these things, but they're risks that she does not have to take and instead could be taking it more easy.

thanks for the heads-up. :)

For the fuss about flying pregant, I really have no scientifcally solid info to contribute. But I do know people from diff worlds have diff views about how pregnant women should behave.

I will say this and I am done with this topic,sounds are muffled before they reach the fetus.the only sound a fetus can her pretty much that is clear is his or hers mothers voice.Remember the sound has to go threw placenta,water layers of fat etc.Some of you people have a problem with Angelina and just want to argue,when the baby is born you will find something else to complain about concerning her.

I disagree that picking up a child, any child, when you are pregnant is by any measure "abormal". I know this because I picked up screaming or cranky kids who didn't want to leave a particular place, and picking them up was the only way to assert control over the situtation. I'd bet women since the dawn of time have done the same thing. Again, pregnant women are at more risk for many other things than flying! Now, if she were closer to her due date, it would be a different story, and I'd bet that she'll be grounded pretty soon.

There's no "view." Common sense and your innate instincts and "fight or flight" mechanism should tell you what is dangerous and what is not. A mother's sensitivity to her growing bump and the innate fear of anything causing harm to it and the ability to be overprotective over it should come thru. Most pregnant women are very delicate in everything they do when pregnant. I don't see Angelina doing that. I have never seen any pregnant women doing the things she does. Doing hard work is fine, but you have to change the way you move and do things. I don't see her doing that. She's just luggin around those kids, walking on ice she could slip on in Berlin to stores, going up and down on the carousel (how did she get on that with both legs around it without shoving her thigh into her unborn baby's upside down head in her uterus?), flying private planes herself and so forth. Now if you're a gymnast, should you still be doing all those bends, flips, splits, jumps and moves while as far along in pregnancy as Angelina is? Would you risk playing tennis, knowing the ball could hit your stomach? Should an expert bicyclist who's as pregnant as Angelina ride a bike the way they normally do on a curvy road or mountain, knowing they could probably tip or fall or get into an accident? It's healthy to keep active, but why is she exerting herself like that?

Can't we argue about how Jennifer Aniston is presumably endangering the health of her future offspring by drinking and smoking like a chimney? Much more danger there than AJ's flying lessons.

Well, that's just it. Nobody cares about Jen. And everyone cares about Angelina. That's why they criticize. And I think people genuinely care about her offspring. There's nothing wrong in that.

i can say that brad looks hot!!thanks.

I've never seen an actress hated upon so much. Especially a pregnant actress. Wow. I saw another website where it was titled "i hate angelina." You would think she was a nazi or something. People don't react like this out of jealousy. There's obviously something wrong and disagreeable about her. Why don't they criticize other pregnant people like Heidi Klum (when she was pregnant). People are perceptive. If they don't feel something right, they'll express it.

Maybe so, but at the same time Angelina has a lot of very supportive fans and we definitely outnumber the dislikers/haters. YAY for us! =)

indeed. go angelina jolie!!

maybe AJ's doing all this before giving birth because she thinks that she won't be able to later on after the baby is born. Either way, I think she's still not being very sensitive to her baby's safety. There are also reports of how her doctors say that she hasn't gained enough weight. Is she doing that so she can still look good in front of the cameras? maybe she doesn't want to lose her title of being the "sexiest woman in the world."

Linda, that is easy to explain. b/c she is an easy target for those women who can't hold on to their husbands and blame everything on so-called "the other woman". People use her past against her present, her change and her great UN work. I always wonder how many of those haters are women. I bet 99% are. If they keep thinking hatefully towards Angie, or their imaginary "the other woman" instead of working on their own problems, they will remain miserable and no man around for the rest of their lives.

are you serious anna? aj has never cared what anyone thinks of her, much less whether she is the sexiest woman alive. give her some credit. she is naturally skinny.

I don't believe what the Tabloids say 99% of the time. So I take anything I read witha huge grain of salt . I see pregnant woman all the time carrying Toddlers, going to parks, flying in planes, going to the circus and other type of svtivities. Angelina is not working right now. So, I don't consider a daily family avctivity as over doing it.

It seems like Angeline loves her children very much. I think that applies to her un born child. I'm quite sure that Angelina is getting great prenatal care. I'm quite sure her Dr. is not leaking stuff to the press. So, I do think a lot of what we read is strictly Tabloids trying to make money.

Linda, those haters are just very vocal JA fans who can't let go that she's not with Brad anymore. I think Brangelina are far more popular than JA; they sell more magazines, they create more buzz, their movie together was a huge success. Aniston's box office returns are pitiful; if she's so popular with so many people, why aren't they seeing her movies? Someone upthread made the good point that she's got good PR who keeps her name in the magazines, because her career is going nowhere fast. Also, don't believe the nonsense that "Team Aniston" t-shirts far outsell "Team Jolie", thus there are more JA fans-- no self-respecting Brangelina fan would be caught dead wearing one of those shirts!

ha ha, jen's.... you are so so right. we brangelina fans tend to be much less cheesy than JA fans

Nothing ugly about Angelina Jolie. She was born gorgeous. Jennifer Aniston was born ugly, just like her mom and dad.

oh..mija, you are right, I found the picture that show what Mad was looking at, the miniature city of Paris under the glass floor.

i seriously think it was the color of the shirts. they made "team jolie" shirts all dark colored just cuz of angie's personality and made jen's shirt all nice colored. If both were the same colored shirts people would probably buy the same amount of each. I would buy that team jolie shirt if it was a better color.

I was reading the comments now I understand, why JA fan's are all psychos. They act like her.
AJ fan's sound classy and sane. Just like her. You Jen fan's need to face it. Jen is selfish and psychotic. Brad did good to dump that ugly idiot.

Get over the shirts already Mary. Angelina won Brad's heart. Btw, you Aniston fan's are just mad cause they refused to make 2xxl and 3xxl shirts.

For anyone who needs they daily fix of BAMZ visit WWW.Perezhilton.com for new pics in paris, they look amazing... sorry jared.

As far as I see it I see people who are obsessed with AJ. And only Jen A "haters." And secondly, not everyone has been married or been cheated on. I've never been cheated on and I am not a fan of Jen A and I like AJ, but I disapprove of some of the ways AJ has handled things.

AJ obsessed fans keep finding excuses to keep defending AJ. The fact that they have to defend her says it all. I don't see anyboy having to go way out to defend Jen A and even if you keep insulting Jen A., do you see anyone responding to that? The only people that spew hate against modest Jen A. are the AJ photo stalkers.

Of all the great things that AJ has done, she has bursted my bubble of her and has come out a HYPOCRITE with the turn of events in 2005. She's let me down.

The only things that AJ stalkers can use to defend the morality of AJ is her UN work and adoptive kids. She has millions of dollars to do it. What else has she done? Steal husbands?

Most of middle America and everyone else in the world who have traditional values, do you think that besides her looks, they look nicely upon her?

No one is out there saying "I hate Jen A. for what she has done" because she has done nothing purposefully wrong.

If it were Halle Berry, instead of AJ, as Mrs. Smith in their last movie, do you think Halle would have done what Angelina did? No, because she would keep her emotions in check and she has morals. She knows what a good person Jen A. is and she wouldn't outrightly hurt someone like that, knowing what kind of person Jen A. is.

What Angelina did this past year says something about her character. It's not right.

I very much dislike the "morality" card some people play, that's the lamest of arguments.

Kit I saw pictures on Perezhilton and they do look amazing.

Trapeze swinger I guess they have to have something to cling onto,what better than the morality card and it's way lame.

I took this off E!online. A Brangelina hater asked the Answer Bitch if there's any Brad Pitt backlash. Sorry haters, here's her answer:

Thanks for that good read. =D

OMG!!! i totally agree with "AJ lova, not a hata, foo!" u are soo friggin rite that i wanna come and give u a BIG hug... rite on the dot .... i love how u love angie but ur telling the truth like a good friend would..... lol...

Perezhilton.com pictures of BAMZ in Paris!
Indeed Jolie put on some healthy weight, and Brad went back to his natural hair color (brown?) it looks like. They look so happy... I got married in France and yes, French weddings are... food, food and food! They really take weddings to heart.

But here is a thing... If they want to get married in France, I think you are legally supposed to 'advertise' in a city hall (where are they? 17th A?) for a month or something before the wedding... I am not sure, but we had to. It might just be for French nationals (my husband is French). It's just a legal formality... Is Maddox in ecole maternelle? (preschool) That would be a clue if they are planning on staying for a while :)

Be Sane they do look very happy,and you can see Angie's baby bump is getting bigger.The weight story was a tabloid creation to sell magazines.The pictures of them on 2/13 or 2/14 she was bigger than she was when they were in Davos the end of Jan.I wonder to if they will get married in Europe,well guess we will have to wait and see.

Don't practise double standard. There are a lot of sinners out there including Jen A. She might not do the crazy things that Angie did in the past but she is NO SAINT either - she has pre-marital sex, she do drugs, she posed half naked in the magazine, she drink and drive, etc. Those haters see everything that Angie do as a PR but what about all those articles in magazines about Jen A? As a woman, I hate to be so pathetic just because a man left me. I was never a fan of Nicole Kidman but she is a great example how a woman should move on with their life.

As for Angie's pregnancy...MY GOD!! No woman ever done that? Just b'coz you are pregnant, you shouldn't carry your other baby? I see a lot of them doing that and their baby turned out to be just fine. As for flying? Other pregnant woman don't do it b'coz they can't afford it. A lot of them drive though with their big tummy hanging out. Isn't that dangerous too? They can crash on the road as well.

I wonder what all the haters will say when the baby is born? When you hate someone, you will refuse to see the goodness in that person. Oh well... we are just being human.

She's not flying but doing some inspections.

whether you are a AJ fan or not, you'll have to acknowledge that AJ does not lie. She might do or say outrageous things on national TV. She is never a lier. So when she said there was no affair between Brad and her when he was still married. I have 100% belief in that.

Boy, you guys were busy over the weekend. Great to come back to read so many comments.

On the ovation prediction for Jennifer at the Oscar, I highly doubt it. Jennifer didn't overcome cancer. She's went through a divorce that over half of Hollywood already went through. There's nothing extraordinary about what she's gone through or how she handled it. In fact, I would posit that many are weary of her public machinations with all her whining on tv and the magazines, with the worst as her selection as GQ's Man of the Year, along with Vince Vaughn. All for what? A divorce? Will Jessica Simpson be 2006's GQ Man of the Year? It's so clearly a nepotism manipulation of her publicist, Steven's relationship to the GQ editor, who is his brother. How convenient Vince is selected, as well.

More than anything else, the Hollywood audience will be wondering how the hell Jennifer scored an Oscar appearance with two film flops. She didn't get any positive buzz for her films.

The fact is, people see Brad and Angie settling down as a family with children, which is something everybody (except the haters) can appreciate. Meanwhile, we're still hearing about Jennifer trying to get over the divorce with the latest of her upcoming April Vogue magazine interview. It has a cover line of "Don't Feel Sorry For Me." How about talking about something else, Jen?

Someone said: "What Angelina did this past year says something about her character."

Right - - Angie HAS character!!!

the insider has the video clip of the family Jolie-Pitts at the carousel. I hope JJ will get that for us tomorrow?...please JJ.
Entertainment tonight did the oscar preparation show, the Oscar rep. do have Brad and Angie on their list of invitation, he said that " Brad and Angie will and always get invitation to everything, it's just depend on them to reply....even if they don't, there are always a place for them, just in case they decides to show up...now talk about the power couple.

"Also, don't believe the nonsense that "Team Aniston" t-shirts far outsell "Team Jolie", thus there are more JA fans-- no self-respecting Brangelina fan would be caught dead wearing one of those shirts!"


That was so funny because it's true!!

I die a little from the irony and hilarity whenever I hear someone saying actress Toni braxton or another bought the Team Aniston shirt...

heeeheeeeheeee, my tummy hurts.

My God- all these comments are how this jerk Brad Pitt got a good fair share of the divorce??? Get over yourselves people! Nothing is better than for Jen staying away from this guy no matter what sort of settlement it involved. Jen wanted LOVE and not Plan B or Plan C. It seems Brad's Plan B was shagging Angelina Jolie so who needs this company any way? It can be the fastest growing machine in the whole planet but if Brad Pitt is in it, it just is a fastest growing thing - that is all. Am glad that Angelina is settling Brad to be a nanny for her kids while she learns how to fly. Now, I call this lady Independent! And let me hope she shows him HIS worth and dumps him at home with a bunch of kids while she shaggs the entire world except George Bush.

nancy, what is that link for the insider video?

Urgent message to BAMZ+1: Come home immediately! We need you, and obviously Europe has twice as many photographers! I believe someone "upthread" has figured out the monotone clothing thing...wearing new clothes every outing will mean more excitement about the photos, as proof that they are from a fresh location. Smart, but not working, guys! Come on...it eventually smoothed out for Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward...it will for you, too.

I don't have the link Jay, I saw it today on tv., I was hoping for JJ to get it for everyone to see. Finger/Toes cross.

Actually, Jen already have another production company with Courtney Cox. The house and her share of plan B are comparable, so therefore, for her to keep the house, it's like Pitt buying her out of the company. It is all business, nothing personal.

Angie have not received Razzies. She may have been nominated but she didn't receive any. I wouldn't put much into Razzies anyway. It isn't as if Razzies were voted by her peers. Instead, they're just voted by 700-odd people willing to pay to be subscribers. In other words, regular folks and not her fellow actors who know the art of acting.

On the risks of flying while pregnant, the latest studies indicate it is perfectly fine to fly, especially during the second trimester when she's not going through so much nausea. Flying risks are applicable to women who fly constantly for their jobs, namely flight attendants. Otherwise, occasional flying here and there isn't going to expose the baby to any undue risk. Truth to the matter, it's far more risky being in a car than flying in a plane. More people die daily from car accidents than plane accidents. Intuitively, we know that to be true since plane crashes aren't frequent events while car accidents occur daily.

High mortality rates with pregnancy in so-called third world countries are because of the lower quality of medical care and lack of facilities, medicine and equipment and not necessarily women are working. Hell, women in industrialized countries often well into their last month of pregnancy and we don't suffer from high mortality rates. The difference is the quality of the medical care.

As far as the so-called concern about Angelina the haters are bitching about, it's not concern. Those haters bitch on anything about Angelina. They bitch about Maddox being carried around so much, as if his legs became atrophied from it. They bitch about his Mohawk. They bitch about her tattoos. They bitch about her humanitarian work as a cover for her relationship despite the fact she's been with the UN for 5 years since 2001. They bitch that's she a publicity whore even though she was among the Hollywood rarities without a publicist until her hookup with Brad. She was without a talent agent until couple of years ago. She was living in London away from the Hollywood limelight. She doesn't attend the Hollywood parties or events. They'll bitch over every word she's said in her life. They will go as far as twisting her words or taking her words out of context to condemn her. When that's not enough, they will use falsify Billy Bob's words as attacks on Angelina when in fact, Billy Bob has always thought the world of her. It was Billy Bob who wanted to get back with Angelina that broke the ice between them. So it's absolute BS when the haters are proclaiming they are "concerned" about Angelina's pregnancy when they are just using it as another mark to attack her.

Jen's a future infomercial queen, you are so right that we are exposed to radiation from many sources even on the ground. In fact, rocks emit radiation as we speak. We're more at risk from radon depending on where we live. Radon increases cancer risks.

Katie Holmes flew to Australia and she's supposedly in her 7th month of pregnancy.

I'm with Tabitha. We all should be very careful in reading tabloids with a huge grain of salt. Those tabloids love to rely on unnamed sources for their stories. They go back and forth so much (e.g., it's a boy; it's a girl; they'll get married; they won't get married) you wonder if they're just soap opera writers at work. If they will even cite a name, I'll give them a little more credence. Otherwise, they're as believable as the fable writers.

It's funny how anybody can say she likes AJ while railing with such disdain for what Angelina did. What did Angelina do? Fall for a man who got out of a bad marriage. Fall for a man who has become the daddy to her children. If that isn't traditional values of a nuclear family, then nothing is. Traditions is carrying on values in a family. Brad and Angie have a famiy. Brad and Jen just had two self-absorbed individuals. Brad has evolved; evidently, Jen hasn't.

Fans of Angie or Brad wouldn't pass judgement on them, just as we wouldn't if they were our brother or sister. You stay supportive no matter what. They did NOT commit any crimes, okay?

Exactly, that is so hypocritical of Toni Braxton if she bought the Team Aniston t-shirt for a stance on morality. Toni is a preacher's kid and she became pregnant before marrying. Meanwhile, she was Christina Aguilera's predecessor in wearing as skimpy of outfits as possible. She didn't have to sell herself on sex when she had the talent.

I certainly wouldn't be caught dead wearing any t-shirt proclaiming any alliance with any celebrity. It would be flashing an obsession I wouldn't want in the first place. It's nice to come check out the pictures and discuss with other fans. But the rest of our lives should be for actual real lives at hand.

Entertainment Tonight devoted good amount of time showing both the pictures of BAMZ at the carousel and included video clips of Brad watching while holding Zahara. There was a moment when he bounced Zahara in his arms.

Brad is looking back to his hot self now.

Nevah, that is very well written, love your post.

Robert, and all Brad wanted was a family.

I really wish people would seek the truth that's more than available to them "if they took time to find it out", instead of reducing it all to as Jennifer Aniston even said "a cliche".

If some feel......no matter how much evidence there is out there...reputable/reliable evidence.... desputing the arguement that it was a whole lot more than a simple case of case of a man dumping his wife for another woman, then so be it.

I think some are simply cemented in believing what they want to believe because they somehow identify with what they "assume" transpired between JA & BP. It doesn't seem to matter that it was Jennifer Aniston who filed divorce, and that the reason given was "irreconsolible differences", and not "adultery", or naming AJ as correspondence in a charge of "alienation of effection". When even the so called wronged woman goes on record stating that there WAS no other woman, I personally don't get why that can't be accepted as truth.

Brad and Jennifer IMO wouldn't be together right now even if he wasn't with someone new, and there is a kings ransom amount of information out there suggesting as much, if the time was taken to find out.

nevah, you are so correct. Toni Braxton has a helluva lot of nerve, and a perfect example of why no one has a right to stand in judgement of anyone on this earth's actions "unless of course that person is sinless".

On Jolie being 'hated'
Just imagine the same scenario timing wise, but if Pitt had moved on with a non-celeb after the break up. Imagine if it were Marianne Pearl for example, the widow of the slain journalist Danny Pearl (I think Pitt took her out once). No one would vilify Mrs. Pearl, and Pitt would have been also a step-dad to her child. Aniston wouldn't have waged a 'Pity campaign' against Mrs. Pearl either. I could even imagine, even if Mrs. Pearl were pregnant by now, JA fans won't be so upset and chanting the silly 'moral' song.

So, why all the hatred towards Jolie? It reminds me of the hatred towards Hillary Clinton; another very accomplished woman, a strong, independent and smart woman. Jolie is blunt, fearless, blatantly honest to herself. She is THREATENING to people who aren't. Add to that her beauty and glamour. All these fear & envy translates to extreme hatred. Her haters expose their fear & envy by expressing their hatred.

As for Aniston, tabs won't be making money waging the war using them for long, especially after the baby's arrival and after more babies' arrivals (Jolie said they would adopt more and make more babies) Is Aniston going into therapy after every new baby? That's simply a boring story. Aniston and BAMZ+1+n will have less and less to do with each other as time goes on. I would wish her good luck for whatever; she doesn't interest me anyway.

Oh now the AJ psychos use the "morality" card like the whites use the "race" card as the excuse that blacks use for racial injustice. OK! Well. get over AJ, people. Cause she doesn't give a DAMN about u PATHETIC "AJ" a** kissin lovers. In fact she's most probably sitting on her enlargened a** laughing at fools like u. SHE'S the one who preached about cheating on people being wrong and yet she does it. Okay, the dumb a** kissers of AJ are hypocrites, I C. Low lifes. Do u have nothing better to do, lowlifes? The minute someone better than u criticizes ur idol, u go CRAZY. "OH NO NOT MYYY ANGIE. MY ONE LESBIAN LOVER. OH NO! NO ONE BETTER TOUCH MY ONE AND ONLY DREAM OF BEING A REAL WOMAN!"

The simple fact that someone as pathetic as Lindsay Lohan supports Angie makes me not want to support AJ even more. LOLOLOL... one of her GREATEST supporters is LINDSAY LOHAN!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!! Come one People! LOL

WHO in the WORLD is bringing up Jennifer Aniston EXCEPT the AJ lovers? WHO is it here that's been criticizing AJ, has brought up Jen in a supportive way??? Anyone? NO ONE! Morons. Face it, AJ worshippers, u will never look anythinglike AJ and AJ doesn't give a damn about you. Who REALLY knows AJ? How do YOU know AJ? As far as I see it, SHE TAKES AFTER HER FATHER. JUST LIKE HER FATHER IS A BASTARD, SHE IS JUST LIKE HIM.

Oh who the hell cares about all this, get over it people. Do you know you all sound like a bunch of chickens clucking over Aj this and Aj that. Should she fly, should she not fly. Should she be eating more? Has she had her BM today? What she thinks, what she cares about, what she doesn't care about. You all make me rofl . Do you actually think she gives a flying fig what any of you think? Ya piss and moan over every tiny comment not TEAM JOLIE! People have a right to their opinions and too damn bad if they differ from yours!!! She and her skanking boyfriend are skanks! They deserve each other and Karma's going to bite em in the ass for the nasty stuff they did. Now if you don't like that that's too BAD. That's my opinion and I have a right to it.

Sweet Bitch Hell | February 21, 2006 02:26 AM,

I am tired of people like you wagging the flag of "cheating". Lets say you don't believe JA and Courtney cox themselves in saying Brad didn't cheat. There is one solid fact that if Jen ever suspected Brad was cheating, would they even go on that vacation with bunch of friends right before the seperation. If there was cheating involved, believe me, Jen would be like another Denise Richard. Things would be ugilier than right now.

Think! the failure of a marriage doesn't always involve cheating. Marriage is not sth you read on a romantic novel. Living happily after doesn't exist. Both parties have to work hard towards it. Please take some time to read sth other than the tabloids. Brad/Jen marriage has drifted away long time ago. I believe a child would have saved their marriage. Unfortunately no child was produced. At that point I believe both party has the right to pursue their own goal of life.

I was never a AJ fan or BP or JA fan. AJ's past was too wild for my taste. Like I said, I still acknowledge although she might do or say outrageous things on national TV, she is never a lier. So when she said there was no affair between Brad and her when he was still married. I have 100% belief in that.

Apparently you don't have 100% belief in Jen.

seriouly people, you have your right to opinions. But read all the posts. Who are spewing venoms against people? I can't even think what kind of human character would say sth so vile and so demon. this is to both JA and AJ haters!!!

Be Sane, the only people she THREATHENS are married woman with husbands that she co-stars with. Just ask Laura Dern and the hated woman who we must not name in your presence (Brad's ex-wife.) One more thing....please, please try to live up to your name. Maybe a little r & r away from all things BAMZ would be a good start. Now..........go nutso over this. I need a laugh.

I always thought human being are generally nice and open-minded. I am shocked to see how internect bring about so much darkness and ugliness out of regular people, who may be a perfect working mom in their own life and turns into this foul-mouthed identity on a celebrity blog.

ahh geesh, all the crudeness is not necessary, I agree.

Ok Ann, I have seriously read what you have written and you have made much more sense than anything I have read so far.

Over the weekend, I was contemplating the Vanity Fair interview of Jennifer with her friends comments. Even if we were to take away anything Brad said about the marriage, we could take into account what Kristin Hahn, the Plan B employee Brad fired after she shot off her mouth in that VF article. She said something to the effect of how wounded Jennifer would be should there be a baby in the picture. Consider that the interview was done sometime after June and before the end of August (for a publish for September), which was way before anyone outside of Brad and Angelina's circle knew about the pregnancy that was announed in January.

Since Brad had said children wasn't the issue, why did Kristin make babies an issue such that Jennifer would be saddened by the news? And why has Jennifer been over-compensating with her declarations she would be starting a family within a year (despite being in a relationship with a relationship unstable Vince Vaughn) in a spin job to make her look children-friendly? The surrounding evidence indicates children was an issue regardless of whatever Brad said to be kind and respectful of Jennifer.

As for whether Brad and Angie started a sexual relationship before the marriage split, we can again take the surrounding evidence of people on the set denying anything physical happened. As I posted the interview excerpt of Efren Ramirez in another BAMZ thread, he said it was purely platonic. Doug Liman has said in an Entertainment Weekly interview, he thought the affair rumors were created by the movie studios as publicity. That's how little truth Doug thought that Brad and Angie had an affair. And Doug is a pretty candid guy. The producers on the commentary track of Mr. & Mrs. Smith said they saw nothing to indicate any physical affair.

The most the rumors said was that Brad and Angie got along great and had great chemistry. New York Post's Page Six had a blind item about a leading actor so smitten with his leading lady they likened him to a puppy nipping at her heels. Other rumor said that Angelina toyed with him like a cat with a mouse. Of course, there is no denying Brad was attracted to Angie, as Courtney, herself, said that Brad owned up to it.

But the same rumors were attached to Angie and Colin Ferrell. They were sighted hanging out together and having drinks. They toured Egypt together. They were goofing around. But both denied they ever got it on. Angie said that Colin was too much like herself for a relationship. Colin said it was those unfortunate things he regrets that they never became lovers.

Great, lets end this madness.

Be sane | February 21, 2006 02:16 AM


Ann, it's the anonymity of cyberspace that lends the haters the nerve to spout off as they do.

It's also the anonymity of cyberspace that they can post as multiple posters to make it appear there are more haters than reality. Notice how the latest string of haters all appear a few minutes from each other. One blog site tracks IP addresses and doesn't allow multiple names under the same IP address. Jared should consider some kind of tracking tool so that people can post under only one identity. Whether that might include displaying IP addresses, I'm all for it.

Angelina outshines Jen anyday. There is no hope for Jen. I agree their no comparing the two.

Cindy2 | February 21, 2006 03:17 AM

Great post, and bottomline, even though it appears that Jennifer has moved on, some people will continue to believe her to be a total victim because it's easier to accept than just checking the facts "as we know them". It's really eating away at some that Brad & Angelina have moved on with their lives, and have chosen...wisely IMO.... to let people believe whatever the he!! they want to.

dude, i love the new layout! keep it up!

where is jared????we don't have any news...
a friends of mine see brangelina and kids in paris near palais royal..
he sais that angelina was as nice as a baby that she was nice but brad looked very very old for his age.
and that maddox was very funny because he jumped everywhere..and zahara was hide by her coat

your friend needs glasses, in the radio spoke with a group of people whom that saw them on the carousel and they said that angelina was very a little short and brad a hottie.

he said that angelina was like a baby it means that she was sweet and nice...and he said that brad looked older than he is...
IT depens people....

paris is immense what chance to see them? no.....i don´t know....

i think you have to go near the invalide,louvre,tour eiffel to see them..

think you have to go near the invalide,louvre,tour eiffel to see them.. sorry alys but is crazy ...the possibility of seeing them is minimum although you are in invalide,louvre,tour eiffel ...

I believe that your friend lies

my friend is not a brad pitt angelina jen or any other stars 's fan...he don't read tabloid he dont know those magazine.
so he didnt know brangelina was in paris and even didnt know that angelina is pregnant...
he work in a traveling agency and was going near the invalide to have lunch and saw them....
SO soorry but he exactly told me:
"i saw angelina jolie and brad pitt with kids;
at first i think that she became fast..
angelina is so sweet she looks like a baby.
brad look old(i think he told something like that or maybe tired don't remember).HER SON WAS SO FUNNY BECAUSE HE JUMPED EVERYWHERE AND LOOKS VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE BUT I DONT REALLY SEE THE BABY SHE WAS HIDE BY HER COAT"

so my friends was 34, he is not a fan of hollywood or stars..SO...IF YOU THINK HE lies its okay you have your opinion of this story

no...sorry...i think you lie

SHE IS PREGNANT...OF WHOM?...sure...jejejeje

alys!!! the same alys of the previous topic about maddox and brad that is jennifer fan??

doesnt matter;i have nothing to prouve.

the world is very vey very small...

If alys friend thinks Brad looks old, it's his opinion. It's fine. Brad isn't in his 20s anymore so he will be showing his age at 42. I think he looks his age and nothing is wrong with that. I've seen his pictures enlarged to the point I can see his pores so it's not as if I'm seeing an airbrushed Brad. Actually, he began to get wrinkles at least in his mid-30s. He can still look fine when he scrubs up. Like Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp, he oftentimes likes to be grungy.

Hey,, quit picking on Alys, I believe her . You know most guys are clueless about entertainment industry gossip. It makes sense , Brad does look tired. Somehow I think he is probably doing the majority of the active parenting so that Angie gets so rest, at least during the night time. You have to remember that he has also been working... Jesse James and l all the other projects that his production company has.

I agree that the haters are probably multiple id posters. I can't help but feel concern for any children or loved ones who live with these individuals. It is one thing to disagree, but the spewing of vile and vulgar comments are indicative of emotional sickness. I am not trying to piss you off , I am trying to draw your attention to the how out of sync with reality what some of you have expressed is. Again I will state that you see the world and others not as it really is but as who we are. Hateful comments are more a reflection of the person writing them then they are about the subject. matter.

Hammering Brad and Angelia, Maddox and Zahara!
Sorry Haters! Let all your malicious, vicious and dreadfull curses and insults bounces back to your selves, your house hold.
This family has a life to live and non of your jibes thrown at them will take away their happiness or make a change in their lives.

Lates pictures of them in Paris:

Video of Brad and Maddox playing in Paris:

I love your new site

And Angie looks great! I'm proud of her too.

FYI... I do not multiple post under different names. What I have to say I'm usually up front about and will not hide it. Have Jared check the IP addresses since you all think you own his site and can tell him what must be done. People have a right to express their opinoin even if it differs from yours. You freely express yours without a thought to how it might affect someone else. You don't have the right to attack anyone whose opinion differs from yours, any more than they do.

Do you know that some woman tried to attack Jolie in a German restaurant while calling her a homewrecker? Do you know that when Jen A was at Sundance film festival someone in the audience keep taunting and heckling her while she was on stage about Brad and AJ? How insensitive , spooky and just dangerous behavior from strangers. Whats next? Someone will hurt someone? No wonder they hire body guards. That kind of thinking comes from hatred spewed and fueled by and on sites like this. And , we all are helping to spir on this kind of attitude that people are acquiring. Lets all try to maintain some healthy respect for differing opinions. Not every thought HAS to be expressed, and not everyone must be corrected and shown the light. I know you love to hear and see info on your favorites, as do I, but we all need to give it a rest sometimes.

If alys friend thinks Brad looks old, it's his opinion. It's fine...sure no problem..but I believe that her history is invented.

Do you know that some woman tried to attack Jolie in a German restaurant while calling her a homewrecker?

...false history fabricated by daily mail, a terrible gossip magazine.

Update please?

everybody know i am a JEN' FAN and i dont like angelina at all...
So if my story was really invented,i would never said that angie was sweet and nice..NO
i would take advantage of this story and i would say that my friend told me angelina is ugly...
do you understand??
I AM NOT a brangelina's fan at all so why invent such a story?? is completly stupid.
MY FRIENDS IS NOT INTEREST IN HOLLYWOOD 'STORY..he phones me only because he know i am a jen's addicte and he don't know about all this war between angie and jen 's fan...

JARED, you're killing us...get back from holidays already!! LOL!!

you are not a brangelina fan but your first post is:where is jared????we don't have any news............sorry ,sorry ...troll


everybody know i am a JEN' FAN and i dont like angelina at all...
So if my story was really invented,i would never said that angie was sweet and nice..NO
i would take advantage of this story and i would say that my friend told me angelina is ugly...
do you understand??
I AM NOT a brangelina's fan at all so why invent such a story?? is completly stupid.
MY FRIENDS IS NOT INTEREST IN HOLLYWOOD 'STORY..he phones me only because he know i am a jen's addicte and he don't know about all this war between angie and jen 's fan...

xxx its not a brangelina's fan....i want new from others too.....dont you see that there is a lot of photo of other stars?????


xxx its not a brangelina's fan....i want new from others too.....dont you see that there is a lot of photo of other stars?????
I WANT NEWS DONT MEAN I WANT BRANGELINA 's NEWS.........................crazy,crazy,crazy...there is a lot of photo of other stars but you do not request to jared more photos about them....where is jared????we don't have any news about?''?............sorry ,sorry ...troll

Bamz fan's I just read the posts from last night and this morning and I was inpressed by how eloquent,intelligent and open minded your posts were.Haters it would be nice if some of you could reframe from the foul lanuage it's not necessary.One thing people like about this site is the intelligent debate,we would like to keep it that way.So if you have a need for being hateful,bitter or petty please go back to the femalefirst site,they appreciate this type of behavior.Everyone has a right to their own opinion,but we shouldn't have to be subjected to vulgarity in the proscess.

xxx honey look at my post i said" where is jared????we don't have any news..."....
come stop talking for nothing...

*tsts* wrote:

"the only people she THREATHENS are married woman with husbands that she co-stars with"

"She and her skanking boyfriend are skanks! They deserve each other and Karma's going to bite em in the ass for the nasty stuff they did. "
"They deserve each other and Karma's going to bite em in the ass for the nasty stuff they did."

"That kind of thinking comes from hatred spewed and fueled by and on sites like this. And , we all are helping to spir on this kind of attitude that people are acquiring."

Lets all try to maintain some healthy respect for differing opinions. Not every thought HAS to be expressed, and not everyone must be corrected and shown the light. I know you love to hear and see info on your favorites, as do I, but we all need to give it a rest sometimes."
Is this the beginning or a new start of cleaning out acts or just "lip services"?

We hide behind the computers with our unknown baggages and some opens the lid of our pots or closet certainly there will be horrible things that will speak volumes of our own deeds.

MORE PICS HERE.... http://dionisia2005.livejournal.com/45411.html#cutid1

Thank you Angelah,these pictures are the best yet,you made my morning.

Thumbs up! and Heads up! for those pictures.


Tsts... You are eloquent and make valid points but what is missing seems to be any documentation of your charges against this couple... Primarily against Angie. Your assertion that she steals husbands? Excuse me. Laura Dern started dating Billy Bob while he was married and while his then wife was pregnant. We do not know what his and Laura's relationship was but we do know a bit about his personality. He was accused of spousal abuse... He was much older than Angie and is the one who went after her rather than the other way around.

As someone who was in a marriage devoid of emotional intimacy as well as verbal and emotional abuse I can verify that what happens is that you are so emotionally starved for emotional substance that you are immediately drawned to the first person that makes you feel good about yourself again. It does not mean that you will cheat .

It means that it makes you compare and face how little you are getting and how empty you feel.
My marriage was all about his needs. I gave up my career to follow him around the country. I gave many other things/choises that still ache when I think of them. I tried to be the perfect corporate wife, hostess, mother. But it was never enough for him. What happens to people like him whose ambitions come from insecurities is that it is not just at home that they are dissatisfied. But their unhappines, frustration is something that no one sees except you and your kids. Everyone was shocked when I separated because we didn't fight etc.

His midlife crises was his career. He quit his job and was home all the time. I could not do anything right. I was drowning. But I had children to take care and make sure they were okay. It is not that I wanted another man as much as I wanted a different relationship.
Much as I believe Brad must have felt.

But when the person is so used to taking and not giving , it is very difficult for them to want to change or recognize that they have any accountability. They want you to change into who they want first. That is not how to have a healthy holistic relationship . A healthy relationship is one of interdependence and mutuality. The needs of one are not sacrificed at the expense of the needs of another. Because when that happens the one who is doing all the giving becomes so emotionally depleted that yes you feel like you are drowning. I know because I have been there.

I did not get millions of dollars to take care of either myself and my kids. I had to work two jobs while I went back to school and do car pool, bake cookies for pta etc. It has been a tough road but I love where I am at right now. I am still single because I have learned to wait until I meet someone who makes me his choice not just an option. And that includes my kids. From experience in the dating world... I can tell you that Brad is a rare find. It is very difficult to find a man who not only loves your kids but makes them his own....Not only in name but from all the photos, in action. I pity Jennifer and I hope she understands what she wasted so that when someone else who offers what Brad did comes along she will know to treasure him.

Sorry about length, you all...

Elena your post was touching,I sincerely wish you the best and I hope you find that special man who will treasure you for the wonderful person you are.



how sad when you come here in the morning (good weather today in IL) to find out that a ton of mouth-frothing posts were made during unholy hours (!)

and because of that and jj's new layout :-) it's kinda hard to sift through and find the posts of the nice, well-meaning, and funny BAMZ fans...

anyway...good morning to all, i'm late for work :-)

I echo Lou's compliments of your post Elena. It's those personal touches that give insight and perspective of where we come from with our comments.

I think I'll reserve my next question to when jared updates with all the latest museum and merry-go-round pictures because I know we'll all be migrating to that thread next.

Elana, That must have been diffucult to go through. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Perhaps, it's made you wiser and stronger.

You know when you say Jennifer didn't know what she had, how can we judge that? We really dont' know what went on in their marriage. Could anyone say what went on in your marriage for certain without being a witness? On the other hand it's not fair for me to assume that AJ and Brad had an affair either . That's all we're doing; we're making assumptions.

Anonymous, I did say "we" are helping to fuel this on. As to your other question , I can't speak for anyone else, and seeing how I am the one asking for some kind of civility you know where I stand.

the last post was mine? Is anyone else having trouble posting? IT's like I'm typing underwater.

Thank you all. I have shared some things with you that only my very best friends know. I want to thank all of you for helping create an environment where I feel safe opening up; knowing that I am doing so to individuals who not only can understand but will also demean me for who I am..

One never knows for sure what one will do in any given situation. But right or wrong decision.... We all try to make the best decision our personal experience allows us to. The only other opinion is to hide and isolate oneself... But I rather be in the parade then sitting on the stands watching it go by me.

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive/ well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand and glas of wine in the other. body totally worn out and shouting "WOO-HOO WHAT A RIDE "

Elena dont know where your going with that, but who cares? Angelina Jolie was born beautiful, and you jealous people just cant get over it. She is a wonderful lady with a huge heart. I love these guys.

Cindy 2 - I agree... It is very clear that Jen was not ready for kids... Whether it be because of friends or emotional issues, she clearly was not ready... Even though she may love kids, want them at some point etc.. I see her as an uptight, deep and serious person who thinks way too much...She made her man wait an unreasonably long time, he desperately wanted kids... I would have left too if I was Brad...

Cindy 2 - I love you.
I so agree... What has Jen really done in terms of handling her divorce with "such class"..? What does people really expect from celebrity women who divorce..? To go and hurt, kill, destroy, bullshit? Also, didn't jen say in GQ that she has a secret wish - that america would move on..? But in the vogue - april cover... she clearly hasn't... with saying "don't feel sorry for me"... I think jen is serious, uptight and thinks way too much... Also, I'm cheesed out by everything she says... Go Brad.. I would have left too...

Regarding slandering Jen A.: It's so pathetic how you can pick on a woman who has done nothing wrong except be cheated on. The fact that you excuse Angelina's cheating but you don't excuse Jennifer's waiting to have kids is unbelievable. Jen could have been open, mean and slandered Brangelina, but she didn't show a wink of bitterness, although she may have been incredibly hurting inside. And then you say Jen went straight into another man's arms. What was she supposed to do? Sit around while her ex-hsband is frollicking around with his mistress. Come on AJ obsessed fans, sickos and AJ photo stalkers, GET A GRIP.

The fact that it's Angelina's fans who are ADMITTING that Angelina has so called "haters" is quite nice to us so called "haters." You're fueling the press and publics' belief that she's HATED and that she's even more wrong for what she's done this past year. I'm sure "Team Aniston" is enjoying this. "Angelina haters," "AJ haters," "Brangelina haters." My, my so much HATE. I wonder why.

You can't stand the fact that what Angelina did was even slightly wrong. You want to justify it by making up allegations against Jen who has been mum about it this whole time. She could have expressed her feelings on it, made people get angry for what BrAngelina did and side with Jen, but she didn't. She could have made her ex-husband look horrible for what he did, but she didn't. She's a good person in my opinion.

Jen should be left alone. She doesn't deserve any of this.

i doubt also that many of the so-called "AJ haters" are really "Jen's fans." I think they just don't approve of Brangelina. What probably bothers people more about Brangelina than Jen is that they're also having a kid together before they get married.

We can criticize Brangelina all we want. They deserve it. They're not saints. Jen should be left

well said dude!! and chinnifer will be grateful 4 u 4 kissing her ass..oh noooohhh!!...not her ass!!! her fugly chinnnnnnnnnnniferrrrrrr :) :) :)

good point also. maybe Jen didn't want Brad to look bad & so she said that he didn't "cheat" on her, then goes on pretending to have moved on with her life.


Oh, Please.
If Jen thought Brad cheated she would not go to vacation with him in December, 2004 right before their separation. No way. She knew that Brad was very decent person. He might be emotionally attached to Angie (Brad told Jen that he was attracted to Angie) but he would not cheat.

What really matters now is Brad, AJ, Maddox and Sahara are happy as a family! Yes, Brad is a rare find! He didn't only love AJ, but her two adopted kids too. What a cool guy! I love him.

I wonder if Aniston would be presenting at the Oscars if the Brad situation had not occured? I mean.......most Presenters are Oscar material or at least movie-star quality and have contributed in some meaningful way to the art. It is a shame that she is being used as a freak show for everyone to gawk at - the Academy must be praying Jolie-Pitt show up so the camers can pan on them to see how well they handle the world's prying eyes.
Just a comment.....











here are Brad and Angelina's pilot's lic. it reads that she is already a pilot in another country, but still a student in the USA and Brad is a student also.

Airman's Address : 1990 S BUNDY DR STE 200
LOS ANGELES, CA, 90025-5249
FAA Region : Western/Pacific
Date of Medical : Jun, 2004
Class of Medical : 3
Expiration of Class 3 : Jun, 2007
Airman Certificates : Student Pilot
Private Pilot (foreign based)
Airplane Single Engine Land

Airman's Address : 9100 WILSHIRE BLVD STE 1000W
BEVERLY HILLS, CA, 90212-3413
FAA Region : Western/Pacific
Date of Medical : Feb, 2005
Class of Medical : 3
Expiration of Class 3 : Feb, 2007
Airman Certificates : Student Pilot


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