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Angelina's Paris Playground

Paris, France :: Even though she's pregnant, Angelina Jolie, 30, took the time to play with her kids Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, and Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1, at a playground in Paris while Brad Pitt, 42, tended to business back in New York City.  Zahara stayed wrapped up in her stroller and munched on some goodies while Maddox climbed through the playground's ropes course and coiled climber. Later, he bounced around on the teeter totter with his mom.  More pictures in the gallery!
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground01
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground02
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground03
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground04
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground05
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground06
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground07
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground08
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground09
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground10
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground11
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground12
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground13
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground14
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground15
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground16
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground17
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground18
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground19
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground20
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground21
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground22
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground23
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground24
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground25
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground26
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground27
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground28
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground29
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground30
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground31
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground32
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground33
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground34
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground35
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground36
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground37
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground38
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground39
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground40
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground41
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground42
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground43
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground44
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground45
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground46
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground47
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground48
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground49
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground50
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground52
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground53
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground54
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground55
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground56
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground57
angelina maddox zahara paris playground angelina-jolie-maddox-zahara-playground58

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They just look adorable.
Look at that red hat that Z is wearing, she is just so pretty and Mad playing around...
Angie looks very happy!
Thank you Jared for BAMZ pic


cute pics, would you look at that it looks like angie finally got a stroller

Angelina is glowing,Mad and Zahara are so cute.Angie does look happy maybe Brad is on his way home.Thank you Jared for the pictures.

Fresh Post!!

Well, let's see if this thread is going to attact the "badbreaths" from the neighboring story on Brad in NYC :-)

Counting down....LOL

Thanks Jared. She looks so beautiful with her children. Very nice. As always :)

zahara is such a princess :)
she is always so cool :)
love her hats. especially the red one!

Oh my goodness "Z" is soooo cute, she's a little doll. Who's baby is that? and where is "Z" in some of the pictures? I see Angie ( who looks beautiful as ever, by the way) I see Mad and Angie's buddy, the baby in the stroller but where's Z?

Well...I'll wait for someone to enlighten me.


PS: I'm leaving, the trolls are running off this bored. I don't want to see another PerezHilton happen here.

Thanks Jared!
What a loving family, they look so happy together. It's nice to see Angelina and Brad so hands on w/ the children. Wonderful family!!
*Team Zahara* :)

Rica....if everyone leaves then it will become another PerezHilton. Jared's been working on the site so I'm having trouble posting but I hope you guys don't leave.

Rica, I know what you mean.I am sick of the vugarity.People we have to egnore them.This is what they want,to reduce the site to trash.

I want to know who is that beautiful woman in the purple coat? She probably is the nanny, but she is gorgeous. Hmmm, wonder what's going on there? I bet Angie is having fun while Brad is out of town. Or maybe Brad is the one having fun with those 2 gorgeous ladies!

Rica what are you talking about? "Who's baby is that?" "I don't see Zahara..." You do know that's her right? The little girl in the stroller. Diff. hat but its her. Hope that clears things up. And don't pay attention to the haters. None of this means anything. Just enjoy :D

Rica what are you talking about? "Who's baby is that?" "I don't see Zahara..." You do know that's her right? The little girl in the stroller. Diff. hat but its her. Hope that clears things up. And don't pay attention to the haters. None of this means anything. Just enjoy :D

Sorry I'm typing gibberish.

I meant to type:

PS: I'm leaving before the trolls arrive. They are starting run me off of this board. I love BAMZ but the trolls are giving me a headache. So have a great weekend guys (my Jared Family...you know who you are.)

Are these thumbnails? I can't get these puctures to open bigger.

I am happy that angie got a stroller...i was wondering how much longer she was going to be holding, bag, baby in belly and baby on hip! LOL

am I included in the fam, Rica? (I'm such a baby) LOL

you know you are 'exactly'

Thanks Anonymous...Z just doesn't look the same to me in the stroller. she looks younger there for some reason.

Not leaving for good guys, I just can't stick around when the clowns come in. You guys have a good weekend.

BAMZ+1 forever!! rica, pls don't mind the trolls..i like soming to this site not only to see the pictures of this family but to read the discussion...could u maybe just take a rest and sometimes visit again and i greatly appreciate the fanfics!! ur good!! u should write erotic romance novels and have it published. i like reading those and adventure fictions!! have a good weekend bamz+1 supporters and lovers. i may not post regularly but i come to this site often as i mentioned above to look at the new news and pictures from jared and to read the discussions!! thanks everyone bamz+1 lovers!!

i cant believe how much i love this family BAMZ, they are beyond cute...i love them soooo much!!!!

How hilarious is it that Z changed hats mid-stroll? Babygirl must have quite a wardrobe. No wonder Rica was confused.

C, get your mind out of the gutter.. She could be her personal assistant, a translator or a security expert.

Rica have a great weekend. I am not familiar with other posts but one of the women in my office told me that she thinks that some of them go from blog to blog site and paste the same negative comments. Poor things must definitely not have a life. I do think that it is like those little yapping dogs... one just ignores them. We all are very verbal about why we like this family, I would appreciate hearing the same from fans of Jennifer. Perhaps there is something they know that I have never heard of that would give me a different opinion. I do appreciate and respect of what I see of this family. I am indifferent to Jen, other than I don't respect her life choises and wished she had dealt with her divorce as a survivor and not a victim. Specially when there is very little to feel sorry for her about (at least that Brad did to her.)

Super cute!! What a great mom!!

Super cute!! What a great mom!!

You know I do believe there are 2 or 3 sets of pictures here. Her assistant, Holly, is in the dark, long purplish coat. But you can also see her in a short jacket with jeans. If you notice, the pics where Zahara's hat is red the stroller is no where around.

Enjoy Rica. :D

The woman name is Holly. Angelina's assistant and best friend. She was a bridesmaid at her wedding-Holly's that it. Holly also is a film producer. She has been with Angelina for yrs now. Since the first or second Tomb Raider film.

Thanks again for the pictures.

Super cute!! What a great mom!!

Super cute!! What a great mom!!

Can someone explain what Bamz +1 means??

I know bamz... but what is the 1??

+1 is the baby inside AJ, since we do not know the sex and the name of the baby....+1 sound good..no?

Can someone explain what Bamz +1 means??

I know bamz... but what is the 1??

means that brad, ange, mad, z and the baby (i don't know if girl or boy)

I think anon is right about there being more than one set of photos. And they all look adorable in every single one of them. Too bad Dad Pitt had to jet back to NYC.

Y'all are missing a beautiful post by ANGE on Brad in the previous NYC Brad pic. Check it out! You know, I'm starting to like that girl!

I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't call the press to make sure they knew where she'd be with the kids that day. She has to let everyone know What a GREAT mom she is...LOOK everyone she's adopted kids. Like no ones has EVER done that before. These kids are overexposed. So much for protecting these kids. She never even looks at that baby, just lugs her around. This family is pathetic.

I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't call the press to make sure they knew where she'd be with the kids that day. She has to let everyone know What a GREAT mom she is...LOOK everyone she's adopted kids. Like no ones has EVER done that before. These kids are overexposed. So much for protecting these kids. She never even looks at that baby, just lugs her around. This family is pathetic.

thanks, you always have the best photos pf angelina and Brad

Look at how thin she looks next to her assistant/nanny. She looks AS thin as her.

Look at how Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, and Katie Holmes looks. They are as far along as Anorexic Angie and they look beautifully pudgy and look like STRONG WOMEN. Angie is... well.. her baby's gonna come out retarded anyway.

And of all the people she picked for a father. Brad is the UGLIEST man alive. He does nothing for alot of women and alot of actresses have gone public stating that he doesn't do anything for them either. She just HAS to take someone else's leftovers, doesn't she? She can't find a man of her own?

And don't explain to me about there's beauty inside and that people age and blahblahblah.

You don't need explain this stuff to people. They know already. Talk about making up poor excuses for such an odd couple.

happy day in the jolie-pitt family.. makes me smile

Great pictures! Thanks Jared!

Damn! She's as skinny as the nanny! She doesn't look pregnant at all. And she's in her THIRD trimester??

Drina I have one question for ya do you have kids brother or sister, cousin. Would you appreciate it if someone said hateful a** comment about them. If you say no you are lying! Im not on any team I just hate it when people stupid ignorant sh** about someone’s kid they dont even know or in this case is not even born.

Wait a minute! Where's the bump at? Where is it? Looks like a football underneath her coat. The baby's gonna be a football.

hey Drina! you must have a problem with your EYES!!! hehehe

What baby, Raquel? It's probably a football. You're talking about the unborn child which Angelina is depriving nutrients of? The one where her unborn WILL turn out retarded if she doesnt gain weight? She's spending all her energy on other things and not saving it for her unborn.

I wonder if that's really a baby in there, because she sure doesn't look pregnant. No woman should look like that when they're that far along in their pregnancy. She's being careless.

why does this site takes so long to load a pic.. I am sick of it. But I like the pics .

Gwyneth looks great in her bikini as a pregnant woman. I wonder what Angie would look like? A stick with a balloon?

Thanks Jared ! Love the pictures.......

"YOU LOSE! hehehaha -anan"

Look at how childish Brangelina fans are. Getting a little ticked there, are we children?


I guess you are very young and you do not have any preg friends. When I was pregnant I was like Gwyneth but my friends was like Angie. It is related with their gene. If you look at AJ's moher's preg picture, you can see that AJ just looks like her mother. I guess you are just so jealous of AJ that she is still beautiful even when she is preg. You should watch AJ and learn. Even if you get preg you should not eat too much but just right amount with healthy food. When I was preg I ate too much and my doctor told me that I should wathc my weight.

I was working for my doctorate degree (Biology major) when I was Preg with my first son and I worked and carried heavy equipment (also had to use very dangerous chemicals for my experiments) until just a day before I gave a birth. I have a very health and happy boy.


Why are you people stalking Brangelina pics? One minute you're complaining about the tabloids and others making comments when looking at the pics and the next minute you're viewing their every moment.

If you value BAMZ, then why don't you stop giving the papparazzi a reason to bother them? Stop becoming so addictive over their photos.

And get a life! You people are the ones who can't move on. And I'm sure Brangelina hate you people more than the people who comment negative things about them.

It's horrible they can't get an ounce of privacy because of crazy fans like you. You're the fans celebs are really complaining about, not the tabloids and papparazzi. You're the people who should really be the blame of all their stalking troubles.

I NEVER buy these tabloids or read them. They're ridiculous. And the fact that you actually believe all of these tabloids shows the lack of brain cells you have.


I guess you are very young and you do not have any preg friends. When I was pregnant I was like Gwyneth but my friends was like Angie. It is related with their gene. If you look at AJ's moher's preg picture, you can see that AJ just looks like her mother. I guess you are just so jealous of AJ that she is still beautiful even when she is preg. You should watch AJ and learn. When you get, preg you should not eat too much but just right amount with healthy food. When I was preg I, ate too much and my doctor told me that I should wathc my weight.

I was working for my doctorate degree (Biology major) when I was Preg with my first son and I worked and carried heavy equipments (also had to use chemicals for my experiments) until just a day before I gave a birth. However, I have a very healthy and happy boy.

Raqchel, ignore, igonre and ignore. Don't let them spoil the good feeling u get from looking at such a "wonderful mom" and her children.
Thanks Jared!

bamz+1 haters!! rn't u tired of making nasty, sarcastic comments about this happy family?? if u really love, admire and support jen, why don't u go to threads that is all about her?? ur nasty, hateful, sarcastic comments about the kids and ange and brad are i think maybe are the reflections of the attitude of the real jen...a loser, a whiner, manipulative, pitiful, jealous, envious woman...am i right??? i hope that these are not true but then again with all these things that are going on between the lives of these 3 people...and all the nastiness and hateful comments from the losers/whiners, who do u think most of the public feel for??? the whiner/loser or the winners?? and of course, the winners are the...bamz+1 family!! supporters of this family really show their love and support by trying not to stoop to the level of gutterness of some of the haters!!! cheers!!

GOOD GOD, what has happened to both Angie and Brad?? They've become Hollywood's lamest old couple. We've been paying attention to Brangelina now for probably over half a year now, and the only juicy detail we have is that she's pregnant??? Who couldn't see that coming from a mile away, honestly?? This shit is getting old. I mean something needs to happen.

Angelina... what the hell caused you to make a complete 180? From telling fans you fucked Billy Bob in a limo on the way to an awards ceremony you've now become so conservative and restricted. I mean I know you're this goodwill ambassador, but that's not why we loved you. We loved you cause you didn't give a fuck what people thought about what you said. All the talk about sex, drugs and your lesbian fetishes turned us on and away from the dull celebritites. I mean come on it's been like 6 months now, give us something. Tell us you like it raw dog and from behind. Tell us you like it from in your ass to your mouth. Tell us how you like to suck Brad off on the can. For GOD sakes, tell us you like to be spanked, whipped, or pissed on, but atleast give us something. I mean come on you haven't even kissed in public... you make me sick. All this time about expressing how you believe people in relationships should be expressing their feelings about each other publicly, and also about how you could never forgive yourself if you had a child through natural birth... you're the biggest hypocrite out of anyone. Ugh.. anyway..

Brad... you need to lose the hat. I mean at least get a new one or wash it. Shave your head like it was for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, go on a diet, eat healthy, take some diet pills and get some color on your skin. Pasty white is not in. I know looks don't matter in your relationship, but it absolutely does for your career. Also, you really need some new clothes. Wearing the same pants, shoes and hat is not good hygiene. There are other colors besides black or shades of black and gray. I mean Geez, i would hate to take a walk through your house of darkness and despair. "FEAR THE LIGHT AND ANYTHING COLORFUL" is probably the theme of the house.

As for comments about the kids.. Christ, it's like a freaking zoo. You got imports from all over the world! Let's hope these kids don't turn out to be rapists, pedophiles, and druggies on E's True Hollywood Story. I mean being adopted is one thing, but having no biological attachments to the sexiest MILF on the planet during puberty is going to create some problems. Oh it's going to be bad when friends from school show them their mom fucking in movies, and they develop an Oedipus complex for their "mother." I mean technically they wouldn't even be in the wrong for masturbating to her movies or even fantasizing about fucking her themselves. One could even push it further if they wanted to.. they have no biological attachments to their siblings. So think of the incest that's going to go on with them living a sheltered life like they're living now. And dont think it's going to change. Brad and Ang wouldn't dare let their kids out of their sight for the off chance someone kidnaps them for ransom. OHH most definitely this is going to shape up to be one FUCKED UP FAMILY!!!

Gracy,ignore these people.This Ann person is regurgitating what she read in a tabloid magazine.Alot of people have lean bodies that don't have a lot of fat on them,I'm one of those people.I am 5'10 and when i was pregnant I gained less than 23 pounds and had 2 healthy childern,my third is adopted.What it boils down to SOME PEOPLE HAVE LESS FAT CELLS THAN OTHERS.Its genetic,yes Gwyneth has gained 40 plus pounds,but I can tell you she will have to lose 50 or more pounds when she gives birth.It is not necessary to gain 30 or 40 pounds to have a heathy baby.

thanks jared, great pictures, AJ looks amazing as always. Every time I see this women she gets more beautiful.

OMG! A red hat slipped in with the boring dark colors! call the firemen, quick!!

As usual, Angelina is always a beauty to look at. What a cute family it is, Jolie-Pitt family that is.

BAMZ 4ever....

Whenever these BAMZ fans start to insult other people's comments, you know it's because they dont have a good defense for Brangelina.

They're not wise enough to come up with good enough reasons, so they reduce to hitting below the belt. It's like children who scream and hit because they don't know how to verbalize their anger properly.

You're pissed and you can't come up with anything better, that's why. You know that what Brangelina did was wrong, but you wanna start hitting like a 4 year old for saying it.

Feeling any internal guilt for your own issues?

And how come you people are coming up with stories of how you have kids or have adopted and so forth. It seems every one of you have either been pregnant or adopted.

It seems that you can yell "HATERS" but you can't look at yourselves for realizing that hate or for creating the typical hater.

Why does it piss you off so much that normal comments are being made that, although are insulting, are consequential to the actions of this couple.

The fact that you're coming up with these ellaborate explanations for silly comments being made such as "brad has wrinkles" is so off the wall, you really need stop getting so emotional.

Not a Hater, Not Team Aniston | February 24, 2006 08:52 PM

and what reason u r here but to make nasty comments..if were children as u perceived and then what age r u then to make insulting comments???

and what brangelina did wrong?? u like to criticize but don't want to be criticize?? shld we just listen then to ur ranting and insulting comments?? don't be claiming not a hater bcoz that's who u r?? disguising with banal (???) or very insulting comments,,ha?? if u feel the heat then do go away...we r bamz+1 supporters and we will answer back if insulted!! take that to the chin!!

The fact that they're making up ellaborate explanations for every little insult on Brangelina is because they know that what Brangelina did was guilt ridden and wrong. They dont have a good enough excuse for Brangelina so they act like street trash and make up horrible defenses for them.

The fact that you keep internalizing the insults on Brangelina says it all.

Why are you attacking the posters for just saying what is clear to many. You have a problem with us, then YOU go away then. We're going to keep posting our comments on Angelina. We're not here to argue with you. We're here to state what is the obvious. And that is Angelina is a homewrecker.

It's so childish that you can't accept the possibility that Brangelina's relationship is f***ed up.

And yes people will hate. Get over it and take out your anger on us for stating the TRUTH on the wall.

When you "HATE" somebody...the truth of the matter is, that person is the one who feels MISERABLE DEEP INSIDE.

Anonymous, you said that we like to criticize but dont like to be criticized. We're not criticizing other fans. We're criticizing the celebrities. People have been doing this since the beginning of time. Get over it.

OKay, so you love these two particular celebrities. But how are you doing them a favor by pushing away other fans? We were here to state our ciritcisms. Not to be commented on our comments. It's so pathetic that you're directing your comments at US while we are directing our comments at the actions of these celebrities of whom the above photos are being shown. Yes, we do have an opposition to your comments, but we're not opposing you, we're opposing the subject at hand, such as pregnancy weight and so forth. We can have an opposing view on medical concerns, can't we? That is normal, ya know.

We're opposing the actions of these celebrities. And we will oppose any way we like, even if that means sounding horrible and mean.

You're mentality should be, "who cares what you think". But it doesn't seem that way.

Read this from Eonline's "ASK the ANSWER Bitch" column. I want to bring it here and dedicate To Jiggy and all BAMZ hater .. this is for you

"The worst punishment BA is suffering right now? Infinitesimal bits of bile coming from hordes of pea-size homunculi like you and the rest of the microscopic nonfamous population. I'm sure you Lilliputians are determined to abhor Brad or Angie--just, ooh, despise them--for the next few months or years, focusing your beady little eyes into ball bearings of pure rage and doing your mightiest to pierce their flesh with psychic beams of searing hate. Or, at least, you'll do your best to think ill thoughts about BA until something cool comes on TV, like those crazy Two and a Half Men doing something high-larious. To BA, the attack probably feels like a few stray pieces of fluffy dandelion seeds hitting the giant slab of a face that Abraham Lincoln has on Mount Rushmore."

suga [February 24, 2006 06:59 PM]....be patient. Jared just moved this site to it's own server. He's working out some kinks. He is aware it is loading slow and is frustrated with that and working on it.

And if you're directing your comments at us personally, only then will we respond to you personally.

But most of the time we've been commenting on the celebrities. If you can't face it, then block your eyes!

You're so emotionally over charged. Brangelina criitcs are laughing at the fact that you obsessed fans are popping a vein over us. Go lay down or something before you're blood pressure shoots through the roof. Cause the only angry posters here are you, not the critics.

sorry, i'm at my cousins and I forgot my info isn't saved here. I just posted the message about Jared being aware the site is loading slow.

KellyB [February 24, 2006 07:28 PM] wrote:

You people are the ones who can't move on. And I'm sure Brangelina hate you people more than the people who comment negative things about them......You're the fans celebs are really complaining about, not the tabloids and papparazzi. You're the people who should really be the blame of all their stalking troubles.

I respectfully disagree. We are not magazine publishers paying exorbitant amounts of money for these photos. If you buy the rags that do then you would be one of those people. But we are merely posting on a blog and having conversations. We don't even effect their lives.

Totally cool couple and family!!! Thankx again J2.
To all the "knockers &/or trolls" here > blah blah blah blah blah....BAMZ + 1 rules! Period.

Oh how lovely. Some more comments against us lilliputians on another internet website. Bring it on! LOL. Do you think anyone CARES? This isn't mother teresa we're talkin about. We're talkin about a pregnant slut and her male shadow.

Brangelina worshippers can't face the fact they're insane so they belittle the smart comments being made about a couple of homewreckers.

How awesome is Angelina? Thanks for bringing us the good stuff, JJ.

This Guy:

I'm sorry to say this, but the comments you just posted reminded me of this "obssessed" hater who keeps regurgitating his/her hate that he/she is all over the NET spewing vile and fabricated comments. He/her/it name is HEDYLAMAR who oftens use a pseudonyms. I hope, he/she/it is not here on Jared's blog.

Correction: obsessed

BEAUTIFUL photos, thank you!!!!!
Whatever else is happening in the lives of Bradgelina past or future, the important thing to me is that they are USING their celebrity to help millions of children, women & men survive.! That's BIG~
I am very happy they are setting examples for other celebs who think designer threads and margeritas are the end of the world; no wonder Brad was sick of his previous life.
QUESTION: Why did no one kick up a fuss when Julia Roberts literally stole a very pregnant woman's husband right out of their home? Hummm???????????????

Exactly. this is what I call Double Standard. Seeing facts in completely twisted manner.

I guess when their own idol (ahem ..JA) revealing her own TRUE self ( smoking pot, partying, drinking, drunk driving, thumping, desperate action) are so clearly displayed to the public. These myopic minds can't bring themselves to accept their idol facts and truth ....thus they have to come over to make skewed twisted remarks about Brad and Angie.

The truth always hurts right ?....... that is, Brad and Angie with Madd , Zahara and Baby makes a beautiful family.

Thanks Jared for the wonderful pictures

This is awful. Why are you all so bitter? Why do you hate BAMZ+? Don’t you know that it will come back to you, every hateful nasty threat and thought - so be very careful. Don’t think that just because you are sitting at a computer and can hide behind a false name, that you are immune. You so-called righteous supporters of JA actually turn people away from her.


nice jacket. i'd like one of those!!

I think most of the negative posters are migrants from femalefirst. They prolly gotten tired of the vile of hatred that they spew down there. Talking hate among themselves must have become boring....and inane.

malaya: I was totally thinking the same thing about the dislikers coming from femalefirst. They shouldn't hang out here too long, else they might actually start to feel some love for Angelina & family.

Angelina has a beautiful smile. I just love her and her beautiful children. It is so easy to see why BRAD FELL IN LOVE WITH HER. I have just watched MAMS for the 3rd time..the chemistry between these two is remarkable. I would love to see the "Director's cut" of the movie. I believe that Brad and Angie will be together for a long time.

i love bamz, i don't hate angelina, i am asian, everyone in asia don't hate angelina. it's not her fault brad was so in love with her, so you haters will you stop posting negative nasty comments .

If these peopel love JA so much why did ALL her films tank at the box office? Critics opinion of the films would not stop a true fan. What gives? Perhaps its better for you to pitty and bitch in a comment section then move on with your lives and actually support the woman's "talent" rather than site and wine about her personl life.

It's amazing that people on "both sides" like to believe that gossip about their fav. is not true but the one they don't like is true. Angelina is supposed to be all the neg. stuff you read. But when it comes to Jennifer Aniston she can do no wrong and anything neg. is made up. PLEASE! LOL

All of you that take sides need to grow up already! Are you this involved in your personal lives? Do you remember the last time you had a actual conversation with the people in your lives? Something tells me no you have not.

While everyone gets offended and angry and disrespectful this woman and all involved are happy right now enjoying their lives. Perhaps you should do the same.

Angelina is a hot topic these days. The paps. are not dumb. They know how to scop these people out. They know this stuff sells big all over. They are aware that they have to have new pictures and they must come out in time for the tabloids to come out with fresh issues. Tabloids come out every tuesday . They don't magically appear on the newstand . It There is a schedule and the paps. know it.

That is why all these pictures always come out at a certain time. It's to get into the latest issue of In Touch and the rest of the rags.

As for Angelina not being "Mother Teresa" your right she isn't. See Mother Teresa believed that people should suffer and die in poverty. She believed poverty was being closer to God. Mind you she and her possy of theives didn't mind living a good life themselves. But the poor, well they should stay poor. Anyone with a basic knowledge and understanding of words can check out a book or two to know those facts about the saint Teresa.

So yeah Angelina is not her. Angelina like many others out there wants to help END poverty. Not help it continue. Thank God she ain't mother teresa.

Angelina never ever said she was perfect. That she is the worlds greatest mother. She never said it and never will. Her fans admire her and respect her. They feel she does a damn fine job. I have to agree. Time will only tell if it will stick and what her children will turn out to be. Just like any kid in any part of this world.

My advice to those that only have hatefull comments to provide is this: Get a life. Stop spreading your mysery to other people. It's a waste of time.

respectful BAMZ + 1 fan

Wow!, so beautiful as always.

only in america loves jen, in other country she is nothing just a tv actress, so all of you jennifer aniston's fans accept the fact she was dumped.

I will only be stating an observation. I do not particularly like Ange or Jen so don't accuse me of being a jen lover. Why does Maddox never look really happy or smiley with his mommy? He does with Brad. Maddox never looked happy in pics with Ange before Brad came along)...and still doesn't in these recent pics.

I forgot to mention...that the baby has NEVER cracked a smile in any picture. How strange...

great pics JJ!! thanks. Angie is obviously a an attentive and loving mother..the kids look happy and thats all that really matters. As for the haters, i just skip over their posts, most of them sound like seriously unhappy, bitter ppl who have obviously had some shit happen to them and are superimposing their own experiences of bitter break-ups on brad/angie...seriously i feel sorry for u guys, gets some therapy already...its cant be healthy to hate ppl u've never met.


"only in america loves jen, in other country she is nothing just a tv actress, so all of you jennifer aniston's fans accept the fact she was dumped."

It's so true. I was traveling in Asia last summer, Since I came from the States, several people had asked me about Brad and Angelina, and expressed that they all hoped that Angie and Brad could become a couple like the rumor at the time. THey all thought they two are perfect match to each other.

Be the way, please take a real hard look. Sevral pictures above had clearly shown that Maddox was so happy with his mom. Please don't be blind.

Iwish nothing but the best to this happy familY.

so let me first say , i love bamz. i really do
BUT i also think jen hadnt asked for the divorce till after he had slept with ange, not really a big deal, how many people cheat on a spose everyday in the US? a whole hell of a lot, really its bad, but not horrible,

but comeon! who can resist brad and angie, they are two of the most beautiful ppl in this biz , and i cannot wait to see+1... omg he/.she will be C U T E
angie was outspoke, and very brash when she was younger, but the great part about gettin golder is you get wiser, some things mean more when they are private, ... sure ill tell everyone i screwed billy bob, then they will think i care about him, with brad she doesnt care what anyone thinks, she knows she loves him and vice versa , and therefor doesnt have to prove it to anyone by telling stories

as for maddox and zahara, i think they should have a bit more color in their wardrobe , but they have everything else, not just money wise, but emotionally ! i mean you cant help but see love in all of their faces when they look at each other!
a big thing for me actually , is seeing ange and brad carry the kids, THEY do it , not a nanny, tho i assume with such a busy life a nanny is a must, but i really think they are the primary caregivers, i can see brad changing diapers even !
look at... sya britney spears... her nanny always has her kid... its sad, but brad and ange are real parents to M and Z and thats all that matters, who cares if they ever marry?
if they dont, why should we...

and what the hell is with people coming on here to bash bamz? i mean i came here cus i love bamz but i dont like ummm lindsey lohan , you dont see me finding a spot to go spread hate about her!
come on ppl, if ya dont like BAMZ then dont come here, its kinda simple...
anyways jared, ty for the super cute pics, jared family, i love the way y'all post ABOUT the photos up, not talk about retarded things that have nothing to do with the subject, i am deff gonna bookmark jareds site so i can come back
hater ppl, i just scroll past ya so
peace out y'allyou dont matter

we luv u bamz+1....always and forever!!! thanks jared!!

I think there are a lot of sick people out there. Wishing for something bad to happen to others no matter how much you hate or disagree with them is just ridiculous. A lot of people are practising double standard. Nobody called Julia Robert whore or homewrecker....was it b'coz Vera is not a celebrity like Jen Jen? Nobody call Johnny Depp's children bastard even though he and Vanessa P are not married up until now? A lot of children these days especially in western countries are conceived or born out of wedlock anyway. I hate the Beckhams but you won't see me go to their website and trash them on a daily basis.

that's true blue!! just pretend that the trolls r not here...dr so pathetic dat they come here to spew their hatred or what they call it comments ??? ...like u i never go to blogs that it's not about bamz+1 but i think haters can't really get out of their loser and whinny ass bcoz chinnifer got dumped!! he! he! losers!!

To the Tempest: I'm sure they'll cringe to that idea since they've made it their life's mission to hate people - its their fix.

I'm glad that people here are calling them for it. You can only be tolerant to a certain degree. When people just crosses the line, its a moral duty to point them to it esp on bashing children and wishing death. There's nothing worse than apathy and just allow them spread hatred.

Kudos to most of everyone here for the trying to maintain the positive vibe.

thanks jared for the updates on this family!! ur the greatest!! bamz+1 4eve an ever!!!

yep!! just ignore the trolls..they're losers and whiners....chinnninnnnnnnfer got dumped! WTF:::
chinnninnnnnnnfer got dumped!! ouch!!

chinnninnnnnnnfer got dumped!! ouch!!

chinnninnnnnnnfer got dumped!! ouch!!

chinnninnnnnnnfer got dumped!! ouch!!

chinnninnnnnnnfer got dumped!! ouch!!

chinnninnnnnnnfer got dumped!! ouch!!

Great photos, BAMZ+1 is going strong!!! One thing tho....I just don't understand why people would spend time spreading hate and venom across the web....I know its a choice, but does it actually fulfill you to type insulting and derogatory remarks? When you're done do you sit back with satisfaction over your base comments, and are you pleased with yourself? Previously, most of the people who post on this site have constructive, informative, reflective, even positive things to say, of course its not necessary for everyone to agree, but whats the point of antagonzing others? One would think that people would have better things to do than spew bile and try to bring others down. Are you that unhappy that you have to ruin other peoples good time, and try to make them feel bad; is that what makes your day? I'm not saying this to be rude, I just wish people would come here with better intentions, if you want to hate (not even necessarily "haters" or "jen fans") I just wish you would take it elsewhere, because this was actually a nice place before you came along.

Dear.. BAMZ haters
I don't kow what they did to you, but you know the more you hate them , the more we love them
When we love sb, we will never care about the past. I never hate Aniston, but her fans made me hate her.If you love her so much , why don't you tell her to stop smoking and have a baby with her handsome boyfriend.(instead posting negative ideas to annoy us) We will always love them.

As much as it's galling the lies and smears the haters throw out, it is best to ignore them or selectively choose to attack some of their comments. After all, the haters twist the truth so much, it's ridiculous, as with Angelina supposedly bragging about doing it with Billy Bob in the car. It was Billy Bob who stated that with a gloating smile on his face. You can argue and set the facts straight until even a mental retard would get it but with haters they are so messed up, they will forever refuse to see the facts.

Yeah, it looks like FemaleFirst let the rabid dogs out. You'll notice their same tired arguments.

It's more amazing how much those haters have immersed themselves in the situation as if Brad or Angie was the one who did them wrong. And they think the fans are obsessed? They're the ones who need to get a life and move on.

About whether we are fueling the paps or not, I believe that ultimately we are undermining them because we see the pictures without putting any money in their pocket. We're not the ones buying the tabloids that pay the paparazzis. We're getting the pictures all free on a gossip site. Paparazzis don't survive on pictures on the net. They survive from tabloids and any magazines that pay for the pictures.

When the day comes that paparazzis can't make their living from taking pictures of celebrities, I'll be fine with being deprived of any more candid pictures.


Hi!!  I am Japanese★and 15 years old.I know English a little(>_

I love bamz very much.their make me smile(^u^)♪I hope to their happy famiry for a long time♪♪

talking about double standard, Julia Robert was married twice or thrice and in between several serious relation before stoling her husband from another woman and yet she was still the American sweetheart. and Angelina had 3 serious relation which she married two others were pure rumor and she was branded as the "maneater". well, J.Aniston had 2 serious relation before hookup with brad. the last one she totally dump him for brad. and I bet she will dump Vince after she found a better one.

Jen was popular only in America. outside america she used to be Brad Pitt's wife ,sitcom comedian and now his ex. her movie don't sell worldwidely.

i am from philippines...i love ange and now the bamz+1 family....thanks!!



Cindy2 and Cynthia,
My sentiments exactly!!! Great perspective and posts.

Zahara will grow up to be a whore. I apologize to the REAL mother of Zahara (god bless her for giving birth in such bad conditions, if true). i know that you didn't want a whore like Angelina who globe trots the world making up fantasy like excuses for doing it (hence the 'i want a whole nation of children' krap).


Zahara and Maddox, I know you're going to end up doing drugs like your FAKE mother, but it's okay. Maybe you're REAL mothers will guide you thru their souls.


WHORES! | February 25, 2006 01:35 AM

As if you're a fine example of American education? HA!

Proofread when you decide to go off on non-native English writers, fool.

Jennifer isn't even popular in America. Her only popularity came from a show as part of an ensemble cast. Even then, it came free. Friends could easily be background noise.

She sure isn't popular in the box office where people have to consciously decided to see her and pay for her films. She'll be yesterday's news before you can say "Jennifer Aniston who?".

I'm not a Pitt or Jolie or Jen fan, but it fascinates me how all you fans of them can say how happy they look, but for me I don't see any smiles on their face or holding hands or they are never together! This is my question: With Jolie track record with men and women, does anybody knows if the baby really belongs to Brad? and I would think that his family would think the same thing. No need to say nasty things about this but sat and think about this, before you reply. I don't believe this couple will last much longer. The only ones that its going to hurt is going to be the kids, unfortunately. It's the same thing as Lance & S.Crow

"ha! proofread!" kiss my you know what AS IF I'M GOING TO ACTUALLY "PROOOFREEEEAD" of all things.

SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH! Like Angelina. Angelina thinks she knows how to speak proper English, by the way she conducts herself in those UN meetings. She says "MY GOD" before every sentence! Did you see the interview where she kept saying "MY GOD" and made pointless remarks and some stupid speech about the human rigts declaration. It was pathetic that even the European audience felt so bad for her that they asked her simple questions she could easily answer.

That's because she's not well educated, "LOL." She admitted herself that she was never that good in her grades. She graduated early, SUPPOSEDLY, because she took the MINIMUM courses required to graduate.

Angelina, you have a FAT FOREHEAD! Use it, my dear. Instead of gawking with a big smile or a freaky straight face.

And why is she ABUSING her unborn child? Stop picking up your damn kids and flying jets, idiot! Stupid woman. It's so horrible. Talk about abuse. They should call child services on her even before the baby is born. Because if she's abusing the child now while it's still in her womb, imagine the childish like manner she would take care of her kid. Cause really it's childish to be disregarding your unborn child like that. It's like she has a 5 year old mentality and doesn't know how to properly raise those kids or how to carry herself as a pregnant woman.

Whore, LOL, whatever you want to call yourself, you're just looking to be the biggest fool: The illiterate trying to pretend its English is any better than one whose English is his/her second language.

You know so little of how much Angelina is actually respected among those movers and shakers.

An article posted on U2's forum:

The "Jo-No" Effect in Celebrity Lobbying

By Paul Bedard

Forget "Brangelina" and "Bennifer." When it comes to lobbying pet issues, there's only one celebrity duo that rules in Washington: "Jo-No." " Angelina [Jolie] and Bono have great influence,"says a senior State Department insider. "I guess you call it the 'Jo-No' effect." While they follow in the footsteps of other celebs to push AIDS research (Jolie) and Third World debt relief (Bono), it's how the actress and singer have approached Washington in the past few months that is winning kudos from both political camps. Instead of blasting the establishment like Barbra Streisand, sending antiwar E-mails like Martin Sheen, or just mouthing off like Ted Nugent, they're working inside the system to get what they want in attention and money.

GOP image man Terry Holt recalls helping Bono on his first trip to D.C. in 1999. Holt's top tips: Avert partisanship and learn the issues. "He is smart enough to understand that he has to stay disciplined and not get drawn into other people's battles," says Holt. "You need to know when to keep your mouth shut." A West Wing bigwig praises the duo for avoiding cliched name-calling. "It is the new civility, and it works." A key Democrat agrees, suggesting that Hollywood follow the Jo-No model. "They do their homework," says the Dem. "It's not just some passing fancy for a spoiled celebrity ... they don't just show up at an event and smile for the cameras."

--US News and World Report

Nice pictures. I read this from the Megite Gossip at http://www.megite.com/index.php?section=gossip

3 R's, thanks so much for posting this. It's very validating for Jo-no, as well as for those who support them, and the causes they lend their name, time and money to.

I have to give credit where it's due. I actually found that article on Soulie Jolie's site. And yeah, it is validating and satisfying that Angie is taken seriously where it matters and not with idiots spouting ignorance bred from pure hate.

That's not the only validating article about Angie's humanitarian work. There are several more from activists who wholeheartedly endorse her commitment and her endeavors.

Ariel, such a pretty name attached to such a nasty attitude.

Here's a nice picture of Angie greeting a fan or a stranger.


I don't know if youll be able to see the picture from that link so go here if you can't.


Soulie Jolie also has more pics from this scene.

TO ARIEL: Reading from your post I'm going to say you are young and have never been pregnant or been around pregnant women. You're treating pregnancy as if its a disease. Maybe you should educate yourself more about pregnancy and about women who been thru that experience. As a woman, I'd hate to be regarded as weak and sick and pregnancy to be viewed as if its a disease. Unless there is something wrong w/ an expectant mom that her ob-gyn advises her to bed rest, a pregnant woman can do these sort of things that Angie does as long as she can. There are woman pilots who still flies when they are pregnant up to the 7th month some even longer. There are women who still works until the day their water breaks. Women all over the world still till the fields, fetch water and carry heavy baskets while trekking to the mountains and wading thru rivers and still manage to take care of their other children and their home. If you're healthy then pregnancy should not prevent you from doing things that you normally still do.

reply to LOL:

you are right they did aske her simple questions, but they continued to ask her questions, they can not get enough of her, the forum that she was in was packed with people, with no room to stand,..while other forums were 1/2 empty....I wonder if any would fill up the room when you speak LOL? or when JA speak?....hmmmm,


MICHEAL DOUGLAS said it perfectly,'using your celebrity can be a double edge sword. eventually people dont really listen to the issues. they just stare at you.'

Angelina Jolie, we know u try to work so hard. But there are other activists out there, like that asian woman who was on Oprah talking about the tsunami, who do better than you. That woman was the BEST at reiterating and showing us the issues. Whereas with Jolie, I'm still wondering WHAT it is she's fighting for. She's talking about things as if we know already. But she's not exlpaining it. She's always going back to herself about how SHE is actually going to these meetings and countries and LISTENING and helping a little with her money. BUt as for spreading the 'word.' No she's not doing a good job of that at all.

That's why officials at these UN meetings ask her, "So, Angelina, what do is YOUR stance on the issues we are discussing here today?" Because the officials know that she's blabbing things, but there's no substance. She's really not spreading the issues. Just how SHE is helping... if you want to call it help.

THANK YOU 3R's...eat that LOL, Ariel and others haters.

Actually, people do listen to me when I speak. Hence, the reason for your reply to me.

Ohhh, nooo don't ignore me now!LOL

Adore BAMZ+1.

Thanks JJ.

I feel sorry for the haters.

Nielson, you said that JA is not that popular in America. You can be Sylvester Stallone or a PORN QUEEN UNDER THE DISGUISE OF A UN AMBASSADOR LIKE ANGELINA, and still attract attention! Because, like the previous poster said, she has no REAL substance. She only attracts dumb losers to be her supporters.

Like the typical haters, LOL is suffering from delusions of grandeur that replying is akin to taking her pathetic self to be serious. No, rather it's to highlight a blathering idiot.

For the record, Angelina is taken so seriously by lawmakers that she gets meetings with them. And she was instrumental in getting legislation passed and signed by the president for one of her causes. Let's see Jennifer try to get her pet causes passed - smoking marijuana.

What's laughable is the haters ragging on her speech ability when those haters English are barely better than people still learning English as a second language. It only reinforces how little credibility the haters have.

I feel sorry for the Brangelina fans who excuse their cheating and make up excuses which are ridiculous.

Dumb loser, you couldn't have picked a more apropos name for yourself, and your message fits right along with it.

I feel sorry for haters for showing themselves to be the pitiful souls that they are.

FemaleFirst must be too much of a joke for them to even stay in their own muck there.

Well, at least this article is not from the Star....
if you are intelligent enough or care enough read this....those haterss...please prepare to zip up.

LARGO CAMP, Sierra Leone, Feb. 23 (UNHCR) – There was an atmosphere of joy and jubilation in Largo refugee camp last week when 50 Liberian refugee women each received a sewing machine after successfully completing a sewing skills course, funded by UNHCR's goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie.

"Today, our dreams have come true and for this we are very grateful. When we came to the camp, we did not know anything. But, with the skills that we have learned, we now know how to sew both for children and adults, we can return to Liberia and will be able to do something on our own," said Sangay Kawala on behalf of the trainees.

At the graduation ceremony the refugees sang songs in praise of Angelina Jolie and UNHCR. The Goodwill Ambassador donated the funds for the sewing courses in four refugee camps in Sierra Leone, including buying some of the sewing machines distributed to participants. UNHCR also helped fund the sewing machine purchase in Largo camp.

"I would like to congratulate all of you on the completion of your training. You deserve the certificates and sewing machines," UNHCR's Kenema sub-office head Ibrahima Coly said to loud cheers and applause. Coly encouraged the refugees to use their sewing machines to help them stitch together a new future and help others.

The majority of the group and their families have signed up to repatriate back to Liberia shortly, joining some 50,000 Liberian refugees from around West Africa who have now returned home since the official repatriation started. Back in Liberia, their sewing skills will be crucial to help them restart their lives.

"The future is now in your hands. Please make the best use of it. I would also like to appeal to you to kindly assist to train other refugees or returnees who were not privileged to get the machines. I wish you all good luck in your future career," Coly told the happy graduates.

The main aim of the sewing project was to build the capacity of refugee nursing mothers, improving their nutritional status by giving them skills to generate income, says training programme coordinator Magdalene Dakowa of Catholic Relief Services. Another aim was for the sewing groups in each of the camps to produce 500 baby clothes for refugee children.

The initial six-month training project started in January 2004. The course was so successful that the trainees went on to produce children's clothes for both refugees and host communities as a way of continuing their career development. During this period the women in Largo camp were contracted to produce school uniforms by one of UNHCR's partners. The graduation ceremony marked the conclusion of their career training.

Funds for the project were also used to help 500 other refugee women improve their backyard gardening, again to help improve the nutritional status of the refugees.

At the graduation ceremony, five trainers of the project – three men and two women – also each received one machine. One of the trainers, Isata Koroma, came from the host community.

"The sewing machine that I have received will help me and my family," said Isata. "I am a single mother. My husband was killed in the war in my country, Sierra Leone, and it has been really difficult for me to take care of our seven children. I am very grateful for this assistance."

There are eight refugee camps in Sierra Leone hosting some 46,000 refugees, with most coming from Liberia's most devastated Lofa County. With the positive changes taking place in Liberia UNHCR is now actively promoting voluntary repatriation for an estimated 160,000 Liberian refugees still outside their homeland. Some 46,000 Liberian refugees remain in camps in Sierra Leone with Largo camp

hosting 5,300 refugees.

You think the politicians take seriously anything Angelina Jolie has to say, of all people ?

They do it, in order to please the people. For the most part, they don't really care about her.

Sewing machine? And what is a damn sewing machine going to do except bring in minimum wage?

You people r really going overboard. Angelina has done NOThing compared to the people who really speak on the issues and make people understand.

You're making up things from media articles. But what r the real issues and how has she made us to understand to help those who r REALLY in need. sShe's simply following the orders of the UN. And if you knew the track record of the UN, you'd know they are pitiful in their acts to help the world. Thy are going along the boundaries of the politicians.

And who are you "Jolie's NO Politician"? The janitor in Congress.

I'd like to see you get an appointment with any of the congressman. I'd like to see you help pass a legislation for your cause: Public defecation.

Angelina is getting good writeups from people who actually follow the humanitarian scene and not a spatter of haters who just woke up from their coma when Jennifer got her ass handed on a plate.

Estelle, thank you for posting the article. It covers the hands-on solutions that Angelina's work focuses on. Basic needs, such as education, that translate to improvement to the lives of the impoverished. The things we take for granted as with pencil and paper and books are items those impoverished simply need, and not just outright writing off of debts.

Haters are so incredibly stupid, it's not even funny.

Angelina has done absolutely nothing to help this world. She is throwng her money everywhere and spewing meaningless statements, but I don't see her really being remarkable with any of the issues. She's simply following orders or criticizing the U.S. for not doing enough. But she is horrible in her actions. The result of her 1/3 salary contribution has only helped people in countries that already have the rich living there. What about other 3rd world countries. Why is she only helping places like pakistan? Why is she concerned about Sri Lanka, but not India? Becuase it is her assignment? Bring attention to other countries a little better, EVEN IF IT IS YOUR JOB TO DO OTHERWISE. She is doing a horrible job of making an 'issue' of the issues. The way she talks about them, she is always referring back to herself.

In that MTV diary of her visit to Africa, she makes a joking remark about how she cant believe she already got a BLISTER on her hands. The doctor, who was leading her, just looked away immediately because he felt that comment was not appropriate at the time and not a good comment to make when you should be more worried about other things at hand in that documentary.

i'm sick and tired of ppl twisting every situation to suit their own pathetic misconceptions, clearly you haters don't know anyting about the contributions of Angelina, and even if you did, you'd just misconstrue it to continue your bashing. Why do you hate her so much, such hateful emotions coming from nowhere, what has she done to you, why do you have to drag people down. Why don't you take your b*tching and moaning elsewhere, cuz no one wants to hear it.

Most of the people here are BAMZ fans and nothings gonna change that, so haters just get lost b/c your not convincing anyone with your hate spewing! We're still gonna love the awesome family that is BAMZ, and you're just looking like a$$es. If you hate her so much, keep your hateful negative obsession to yourself! If you don't like her, why waste your time posting about her! You guys are absurd.

TO: Stupid People R Never Amusing. Maybe you should come visit 3rd world countries or war torn countries after peace is restored or simply just tune in to BBC or CNN so you'll see the realities out there. Take a deep breath. Look at your window and find the time to talk to your local grocer or the Asian man or woman manning the counter at your neighborhood convenience store. I bet you they are educated, probably lawyers or accountants in their home country but doing menial jobs in a foreign land. Why? Because there are no opportunities in their own country. Jobs that pays more are scarce. Most of them are overqualified for the jobs their holding. I remember my uncle saying "I would have been better off knowing about plumbing than graduating Summa Cum Laude in accounting and becoming a CPA but end up being payed less than my electrician or the plumber." What I'm saying is that a higher education sometimes do not open doors for you to have better opportunities in life. Oftentimes, technical and menial jobs are more lucrative in terms of pay. In situations like Sierra Leone, basic education and teaching women skills like sewing is a tangible feasible solution to their current environment. Its not practical to teach them about political science or school them to become educators or other white collared courses when you have funding constraints, and time & sustainability is of the essence. Certificates like this gives these women skills in just a short timeframe and a start to be independent and to give them back their dignity that they don't have to wait for donations at the camps. I'll borrow Bono's words during a discussion in Davos recently, "its better to teach them how to fish than to give them fish daily. Or better yet teach them how to sell the fish". It is better to teach the poor how to earn a living than to let them become dependent on dole outs.

Tell me, haters, what have you've all done to relieve the suffering and poverty of the disadvantaged? You better provide certified letters of references and copies of your cleared checks, if you try to bullshit us. Your bullshit hating doesn't wash here.

While you bunch of miserable haters go wailing and stuffing your faces with stupidity, at least, Angelina IS doing something.

BAMZ fans, don't let any of the self-dividing, multiple-personalities hater deter you. Keep flooding this site with your love.

you are really a whore because your mother is a whore who doesn't know who was your father!!

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You are a proponent that Angie's contributions are not helping much and you are quantifying her influence on issues as unremarkable w/o giving us facts why you say this is so. To me, your statement doesn't hold that much water. It is a subjective opinion on something that could be referenced into w/ facts. But since the facts don't agree with your contention you conveniently forgot to omit those facts. The sin of omission...tsk...tsk..

Let me give you an example and reiterate on what other posters here have already pointed out:

1) As what Cyntha McFadden said Angie does a jujitsu w/ the way she deals w/ her celebrity to transferring the spotlight to those who won't be heard or listened to like the field or social workers, the child soldiers in Chad, the earthquake victims in Pakistan,....etc. With the world watching and fascinated, she also make use of that fascination for many people to know and be interested about issues that she pushes for like human rights, children's rights issues and refugees.....point in fact, she helped pushed for the children's rights to be finally signed by the President and just awaiting for funding.

2) You're saying she's complaining about the US not contributing much. Its a statement that can be misconstrued. I remember her saying that because Blitzer ask her about it. She was just responding. Nevertheless, here's a newsflash for you. Bono, Trevor Neilson and other activists also said something to that effect. Because its true. But I think the Bush admin promised to do something about it. You know why? Because the likes of Angie and Bono helped lobby and create noise that reverberates back to Washington. And one thing I can say for them, they are making progress in the Hill w/o being openly critical w/ the Bush admin.

3) The issue about why not focusing on other countries also. You just said it. She's a UN Goodwill Ambassador. The UN before sending their people to missions hld briefings esp w/ security and safety issues to consider. They have iteniraries. They have made out plans. They have protocols to make w/ head of states. They have know-how & inside info on which are the urgent & critical issues. Clearly it is part of the system of helping people that makes the UN an organization. Its rather naive to just say that AJ should go to a country because she needs to w/o conferring w/ the UN. Again as what you said it is her job and the UN is also responsible for her.

Also, I disagree w/ your statement regarding Dr. Jeffrey Sachs and his reaction to Angelina's statement. Jeez......with just a few second of frame on TV you already have an analysis on Dr Sach's sentiments about Angie....I suggest you read more about the Millenium Project and what Dr Sachs says about Angie.


if i don't know better you like ange because you spend a lot of time analysing her comments, watching her interviews or reading news about her!! :) :)

you're right that it's ange's job as a un ambassador and the countries that you mentioned are the one that currently needs help!! if you are so concerned why only focus to these countries, then ask yourself...did you ever help others in anyway?? so don't be so concern about ange's contribution to help and make better the lives of refugees!! to show your appreciation of being luckier than others you might go and help serve the homeless in your area and stop making sarcastic comments about ange's un work!!

Jolie's NO Politician:

as for politician only cares about people and not ange?? what you mean?? they should care because of the people?? and who are the people?? of course, we the bamz+1 supporters!! viva la bamz+1 family!! cheers...

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You noticed her. Isn't that the point? She may not have a degree or a political background, but you noticed.

In fact, you noticed enough and *cared* enough to bother to put your hate comments on this board. If you truly didn't care, you wouldn't have wasted your time.

yep...she's dying with hatred, jealousy and envy!! movies suck and no more brad...

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Check out http:// www.Goffinf.com.Brad went back to the airport yesterday night.he's going back to Paris?

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Not only are these haters practising double standard but they are also judgemental and ignorant. Why poke fun at people who doesn't speak or write well in english? English is not the mother tongue of many countries in this world.

Who cares what Michael Douglas had to say? The man sold his wedding and first children photos to celebrity magazine for million of dollars.

A lot of celebrities donate to a cause that they believe in. How much or what is being donated shouldn't be questioned. And whether it is a PR stunt shouldn't matter either. What matter is; someone out there get helped and noticed. It is definitely better than NOTHING.

I don't think Asian should say all those things about America. I mean, not all American are as he or she described.

i like ange's new bag and coat!! pls someone tells me what's the name of ange's new bag and coat?? she looks always elegant and beautiful and z is so cute!!!

love bamz+1 family!!

thank god other sides exist.
diversity is better than reading all the time same posts from mija, dolphingirl etc.

yeah if "other side" is code for maniacal rantings

im asian and im avid fan of angelina since lara croft and im so happy that she found the right guy and i do not understand why these haters insulted ange harshly when they don't her personally....

oh, ang would never have a nanny.
what a stupid liar she is.
in a few months she will be all over in her job and brad wil rush to another "devoted" mother.
wait to see that

BAMZ FANS , WE must understand all the haters, they are jealous people who are happier than them. They need doctors. WE should fell sorry for'em.


brad pitt has returned to paris

Following on M Jackson's comments...I am from a third world South American country. I've lived here 12 years and find this country to be wonderful, full of of wonderul, giving people. It is considered to be one of the most generous countries, w/ a majority of its inhabtiants donating their time and money to the needy. I think it is great that some needy people are benefiting from Jolie's money. I do not dislike Jolie. However, to consider her an 'angel' and a superowoman' for simply donating lots of money is absurd. There are MILLIONS of people who give time and money to the needy - many of those are simple middle class folks and some Hollywood - but just keep quiet about it. They do not feel the need to broadcast their contributions. They do so quietly becuase in their hearts they know it is the right thing to do. Many Hollywood folks do this but keep quiet - no PR (I remember seeing a huge list of Hollywood donations in our 'Hola' magazine). JOlie is no better than anyone else who gives time or money to a cause. She just happens to have millions and millions more of disposable income. Even Bono concentrates on issues of the poor with the media rather than just talk about what he is doing and feeling. The real heroes are the middle class that don't have a lot to begin with, but still have 'the superhuman' qualities to give of themselves. What precedence are you setting by giving Jolie the title "queen of humankind" simply becuase she talks the most about her contributions??

Setting the rest of haters into the right perspective. American only constitute under 290 million into the world's population. of 6.5 Billion people
China has over 1.3 Billion population
India has over 1 Billion population
Europe 460 million
Indonesia 250million
Brazil 190 million

I not here to give a history lesson but I wish all the BA haters will at least educate themselves that the WORLD is not USA only. Open your tiny little mind to a different world perspective instead of keeping yourself informed of your looks, your weight and who is dating who. This are so microscopic issues compared to what is really happening in the world

Angelina is a blessing. She has continuously channeled the media attention from her to the other needy country and make us all aware of what is happening out side of USA.

hope you will at least read up and don't sound so silly trying to say alot of everything but nothing is real ..(isn't this very familar about their idol ..finally talks.. about everything but nothing) I can relate that both idol and myopic fans thinks, breath and talks alike

He can't stand to away to be away from his Angie.

On the syndicated "Tony Danza Show" the other day (10 a.m. weekdays, WDIV-TV, Channel 4), Cynthia McFadden of ABC's "Nightline" (ABC News) spoke about what celebrities Angelina Jolie and Br... no, wait ... George Clooney have in common.

# On Clooney's and Jolie's approach to their celebrity: "
He and Angelina have something in common. It's sort of the jujitsu approach to celebrity. You know how in jujitsu you absorb the punch of the other guy and then you turn it back? They absorb this incredible attention they get, and they try and use this attention to focus on something they care about. In Angelina's case, it's on these kids, and in George's case, it's on issues he cares about, political issues."

# On what Jolie is really like: "
Let me say this: Any woman who gives one-third of her income to the poorest kids in the world has something going for her.


Sophie, I think you are a bit confused. Most of your post was correct but the part about Angie is not. What she does and gives is known because reporters have done the research and have chosen to write about. She has not had a publicist on her payroll. She and Brad are also savy enough to understand that they attract attention from the press so have chosen to use their fame to bring attention to situations in the world that do not attract the political agenda of either party .

For example, have we heard or seen anything else about the situation following the earthquakes in Pakistan since their visit there? Have you or anyone else in the media voiced a concern for how all those poor people are dealing with winter? Again no. Angie was doing what she is doing now way before she and Brad got together . Blame the media if you are seeing so much about her and Brad.

I find it amusing that the people who hate this family , esp. Angie, seem to spend much more time and effort following them than I for one do. I look at this site and that is it. But I definitely did not make a point to listen to all of Angie speech in Switzerland and make note of how many times she mentioned "My God" or anything else.

The difference between us and you is that we are happy for them. A lot of you seem to wish you were them. Your hate comes from knowing that you won't and can't be so lucky...

Another difference is that most of us do not wish Jen any more unhappiness. But most of us apparently have learned enough from our own lives to understand that no matter how thin you slice the ham, there are always two sides. We have also learned enough from our own relationship mistakes to know when a woman has lost a good man and when a man has lost a good woman.

Jennifer lost a good man with choises that undermined her marriage. I for one hope she gets her Oscar. That was her priority and she has sacrificed something that she won't understand the value of until she gets her statute. Right now she is also almost 40 and has no babies, no husband and no hit movie. And lots and lots of money. She knows money does not buy happiness. But does having an Oscar? Maybe for her it will.

Let me ask you Faniston fans, Have you ever heard JA did something besides the Katrina funding. NONE!

What do you hear or read most of the times?

From what I've read lately in the magazines are

1. JA unconfirmed boyfriend got pulled over at Scottsdale Arizona, the cop suspected that Vince was drinking and driving...Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Big ole Vince past the sobriety check, it didn't registered the enough amount of alcohol in his system. But you know what, don't you think, anybody who drinks and buzzed still put people lives in danger?

2. Jennifer keeps posing nude on the magazine lately...First the infamous Vanity Fair...."pity party" I love that. I bet she does all the time.

3. Keep saying on the interviews and magazine, she would like to have babies????? Yah know JA. For once, DO IT....DON'T JUST TALK ABOUT IT.

4. Jennifer Aniston used the media so that people will feel sorry for her about the divorce. She still getting some hyped over Brad Pitt. Don't forget her so called FRIENDS who does the dirty little work to trashed Brad Pitt.

She so needy, insecure and Neurotic.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Their million-dollar wedding was a snapshot into what appeared to be a fairytale marriage. So when their relationship fell apart very publicly last year, many held out hope that the two would reunite. But despite Brad's fervent denials, it was clear from the beginning that Angelina Jolie had played a central role in his sudden change of heart, and reconciliation was never a possibility. As the jilted wife, Jennifer was met with overwhelming public support, and many even speculated that Brad's career would suffer as a result of his underhanded actions.

Yet, only one year later, the roles have dramatically reversed.

Brad and Angelina seem to have won tacit approval for their relationship, most notably reflected in the fact that celebrity watchers hardly blinked when the couple announced that Angelina is pregnant with their child. This nonchalant reaction is good news for Brad, who should be credited with setting up such a soft landing. He has spent much of his time in Europe with his new family, escaping the intense scrutiny of the American paparazzi and becoming a doting father to Angelina's two children _ even applying for adoption papers to formalize the role he has already assumed.

Meanwhile, as Brad has laid low, gradually regaining public acceptance, Jennifer's stock has been plummeting.

Always a media darling, Jennifer was depicted as an innocent bystander to the collapse of her marriage, and she played the part to its fullest, appearing in Vanity Fair and on "Oprah" to tell the world she was wounded yet surviving. It initially appeared that her image would be enhanced by her personal struggle _ the seemingly perfect, indestructible movie star morphing into a vulnerable woman we could all relate to. Yet her last two films have not been successful at the box office, and in the last couple months Jennifer's new relationship with Vince Vaughn has cast a cloud over her cleancut image. She has recently proved that she will go to any length to keep her new man, uncharacteristically gambling and drinking until all hours in an effort to keep pace with her new beau.

Full article here:


Let me give you an example of why its important for Angie to tell everyone and anyone who will listen about her role as UN ambassador. It wasn't until Angie returned to Pakistan in November (her 2nd visit) that the US media returned to telling the story of the plight of the survivors of the earthquake. Her visit (along with Brad's) was highlighted on every major US news outlet (CNN, ABC news, Newsweek, NY Times, Time mag, etc.) Until then, Pakistan was hardly talked about. The fact that people who were starving, were about to head into a long winter without adequate shelter was not newsworthy enough here in America. Instead everyone (including legitimate media) wanted to know about the "love triangle" of the century. So Angie and Brad decided to use their celebrity and America's obsession with gossip to steer the attention towards more important issues. Guess what? It worked. It inspired American's like myself to give $ to support the rebuilding of the earthquake areas of Pakistan. It inspired my friend, a 7th grade teacher to hold a fundraiser at her school to support the cause. Her students raised over $2300 and now her students can find Pakistan on a map. Believe me, many 30 year olds in this country can't. Unfortuante but true. I wish more celebrities like Angie and Brad, Bono, Oprah, and Bill Gates would talk about their charity work, talk about their donations, for it can and does inspire people to act.

Last comment, I don't see Angelina as a saint. I see her as a human being doing the best she can with what she's got. And if, she is doing this for PR as some of you claim. I honestly have to say that I don't care. As long as the attention goes to those who need it most.

I adore this family. thanky you very much for the photographs.

The following is from the Economist. I put this here to show that another reputable news source recognizes Angie's contributions.

"The film star Angelina Jolie, for example, has backed up her public advocacy of the cause of refugees with substantial gifts to refugee organisations."
The Economist, February 23, 2006

Bono, Bill and Melinda Gates are also mentioned. To read the full article, click on the link below:

Jennifer definitely participates in the charity functions - the GLAMOROUS ones with parties and shindig benefits with the red carpet entry and the photographers lined along the entry way. She attended a benefit PARTY for St. Jude, and many other glamorous charity parties. Let's not forget that Katrina function was glamorous being on television for the camera to pan on her face as she tries to answer the phone. Pity the girl is barely coherent when unscripted. What a fine opportunity to donate $500,000 to the cause and have it publicized even as some other wealthy stars were donating $1 million or more (hello Sandra Bullock and Michael Schumacher - $10 million). But I'll throw in that bone for her. Otherwise, if Jennifer gave as much as Angelina, Brad wouldn't even have batted an eyelash to learn how much Angie gives. But no Brad was ASTOUNDED by the staggering amount Angie does give and gave. For the damn cynics, a US Weekly article actually did a rundown of her known donations to at least $12 million. Yes, US Weekly is a tabloid but they did track down some of her donations.

Not only that, but has Jennifer got her hands dirty for the unglamorous charities?? Noooo!

The haters will cry about us fans always attacking Jennifer when they like to baselessly attack Angie for the very same things. Nah, it's to point out what utter hypocrites you lot are in selectively choosing who to vilify and while scratching your ass doing nothing to better the world (no, spewing hate adds nothing). In this case, we have more than refuted your nonsense of Angie's charitable work with real journalistic articles (as opposed to just talking from out of your asses).

All those arm-chair haters need to be ejected from their Lazy Boys and do some serious leg work before they share their ignorance. Ignorance ain't pretty.

To the above poster,

Well said!

*BAMZ+ supporter*

To hell with the notion of doing charity quietly. The haters love to BELLOW their supposed higher morality while hypocritically criticizing Angie and Brad should be quiet with their charity when it should be the other way around. Live your own morals quietly and announce to the world your charity so others can get on board!!

If everybody just did their little charity quietly, do you seriously think charities would actually get enough funding? Hell no. Charities have to fight with the limited disposable income from the public to get their share. How do they get some of that handout? Yes, with as much publicity as they. Many charities dedicate way too much of their administrative expenses to fundraising. (For the record, the Red Cross has a very low administrative cost ratio so they are putting a lot of the donations to real benefit payouts.)

A person like Angie puts needed and FREE attention to charities that are dying for funding. Unlike certain missionaries where strings are attached for benefits (meaning, you'll get a handout only if you convert), those charities that Angie aids are pure relief with no strings attached.

Keep in mind how little aid would have been donated for the Asian tsunami, 9/11 and the Katrina relief efforts if massive media attention weren't devoted to all those disasters. Yet, every day there is a mini disaster occurring around the world for which we don't hear or read about, mainly because too many people don't take the time to learn about the world than their little world of hating celebrities.

It's utter hogwash that charity should be done secretly when you can get far more assistance from spreading the word and saving or minimizing the charity the expense of mailings and other solicitations to get funding.

Jennifer loses | February 25, 2006 10:53 AM thanks so much for the link to a VERY interesting read. I do wish JA better days ahead, and I also wish all good things for the Jolie-Pitt family.

All you BAMZ supporters ROCK!

In a bit of an irony, these paparazzi pictures of the family would be great for their personal photo albums of their children as they grow up.

Man, I know of a relative who never left the house without a camera on these type of family outings. And he loved to take lots of posed pictures.

As an observer, all those pictures would be great for a family collection as cherished mementos.

"When you focus on bigger things...Bigger than you and your life, you can find peace!"

Now in Japan is February 26 , 1:50 AM.

I think Angelina is the most beautiful lady I have ever seen♪♪ How about you? She is loved by peole all over the world.

愛羅武 アンジェリーナ★☆

...and when someone stop "hating,"

inner peace is a wonderful feeling.

i agree with youka , angelina is popular all over the world than jennifer, why don't you accept haters that jennifer is not popular all over the world inly in america or maybe only in us hahahaha

only i mean

i doesn't matter brad and ange won't last, at least she helped poor people all over the wolrd, unlike jen she is so selfish and shallow. angelina is not a whore she did not ask money for sex, so you haters go away don't post any comments here

The thing I like about Angelina is that she always seems gracious to non-celebraties. I've never seen a photo of her where she appears resentful or bothered. I like the photo of her smiling as the young men turn to take a look at the family. She's acknowleging their interest in a lovely way. She's happy and she just shows it.

Sophie, I am also from a third world country and I am surprised at your post but after reading further I now understand u. See, like u said u have been away from ur coyntry for 12 yrs and I can how u might have lost sight of how things REALLY are. You say there r many ppl who donate to third world countries but don't tell the world about it. Oh, that is fine and good but helping goes beyond sending a few millions bucks. When u call the world's attention to a particular situation, it is amazing what can be done. I could give examples of situation but that would take the whole post but I would try anyway. Just recently, this person who u hate so much took a trip to haiti, did u know about the situation in haiti before the trip (be truthful) well just in case u don't, I will explain briefly. Haitians have had no president for a while now and it isn't because of their lack of trying, they have held about 3 elections but it always ended in different factions fighting. After the visit, haitians tried again anf this time, they final got a peaceful election. Now, I am not saying angelina jolie is solely responsible for this but it would also be idiotic not to acknowledge that that her visit played a part even if tiny in what went down. Sometimes, help can come from shinning the spolight on a problem. What is good donating money quietly as u have suggested, if the problem still exists? Let me put it in a simpler way, when a child is having a problem with something, have u found that they work harder and better to improve when they know an adult is watching? Why? Because it signifies to them that what they do matters and it shows that ppl care. So there it is and I hope as a fellow third worlder (if u really r one) u understand.

Well, if JA honestly hoping for an Oscar one day, I feel sorry for her because she's incredibly deluded. She was fine in an ensemble sitcom that had excellent writing. However, she cannot carry a movie or even give credible supporting performances because she always acts the same way. She's just not that that talented.

i don't know the people why they hate so much of angelina, she's has done so manny things in poor country compare to jennifer she has done nothing, and still people keep hating angelina , they are so rude and narrow minded, they call jolie a whore and it pissed me so much. we bamz supporters just ignore the haters don't answer them if you answer them they just keep on posting nasty comments. i am from third worl counrty too but i live now in america, so for me jolie is a good person inside although she is not perfect she had a past, but past is past she has grown up ,people change so why don't you accept her as a person, stop calling her whore or cheater, she did not cheat brad and jennifer were separated already when brad and her had a realationship. sorry for my grammar i'm not good in english but i am educated.

Why keep comparing Jennifer and Angelina?Geeeez it's so 2005.Do you think you're doing something for Jennifer by hating on Brad and Angelina?No,Brad won't go back to her.Do you think you're hurting Angelina by hating on her?No,she's still fucking Brad,having his baby.The way you feel about it won't change a thing,stop fighting like cat and dogs.I find it a bit strange that people comments on Angelina's goodwill ambassador skills,what have you done for humanity?Even if she was the worst ambassador,she still donates more than half her salary to charity.And don't even try to hate on her looks you jealous bitches,I wonder what you look like.Jennifer does'nt give a shit about you,she does'nt know you,she's rich,youg and beautiful.Why don't you spend your time defending childrens right etc...Some people really need to be defended not Jennifer Aniston.If the worst thing to happen to her is a divorce ,than I say she's blessed.

I think it's best that we BAMZ supporters take into account that the haters that come here are 99% teenagers. I have 3 of them and the comments sound identical to teenagers who don't get their way. They spew off their mouths with vulgarities as a means of immature and childish defense to support issues most of them have no idea, experience or relative information to speak from, much less an intelligence base to debate politics,international fund raising, charity work or media networking. Teenagers make up a large % of these hater blogs based on personal opinions gained from reading tabloids and feeding into the those who make millions off of their ignorance.
These haters also can not debate the issues on any intellectual
battle ground besides the spoken word of vulgarity. So BAMZ fans let the teenie boppers spew their opinions, most have never had a child on their own, know very little of world politics, do not understand the underlying message to why AJ & BP wear the clothes they do (there is a strong message there folks) have no idea about marriage, stardom adoption, poverty or the fact that the divorce is OVER, JA has moved on and no one in this story was a winner or a looser. There is no story to take sides on and the obsession with peoples projections of their own personal philosophys and morals about marriage, divorce, affairs is between their own lives and their own relationships. BP, AJ, JA are ALL victims here. People project their own lives onto these people they don't even know. The haters are perpetrators based on personal and relative experience and knowledge and from what I see here, most have very little experience in the topics.

To those of you who want to make an intelligent depbate, all the more power to you. For the teenagers...there are loads of like minds and you'll have much more fun on the teen sites.

The highly respectable magazine, U.S.News and World Reports, commented that the most influential celebrities are "Jo-No" (Jolie and Bono). The reason? Not only do they give out of their own pocketbooks but they steadily lobby Congress to change policies. They don't bash Republicans or Democrats---they wisely push for the causes they think are important and they earn respect and cause change. They don't just visit poor countries which of course creates public awareness or give their money (which, by the way THEY don't announce---it happens that journalists find out and ask them about it and they respond. When responding to this very question on Nightline, AJ did not say how much she gives, only that she does, in fact, give. The interviewer noted the sum. The USN&WR article emphasized the fact that Jolie and Bono are especially influential because they do, in fact, do so much of their work "quietly and behind the scenes". We only know a little about what they do because the journalists tell us and not because they issue publicity statements about it. How is it that people need to denounce another human being for acts of goodness? My guess is they are sadly lacking either emotionally or intellectually or else, simply put, very superficial people.
Some contributors to this website need to do some homework---and some thinking.
PS: Anonymous, as a fromer English teacher, I want to tell you that wisdom has very little to do with good grammar. No need to apologize when you have a good heart and wise comments.

Thanks JLS, I was going to say the same to annonymous. Grammer is not a measure of intelligence. NEVER apologize for that.

I was thinking the same thing about these pictures being great for their family album.

limelight, jade, lola, African Girl, JLS and others, thanks for your wise comments.

rica, you left us hanging in Africa!! still waiting for the next entry!!!

To the JA advocates whom try desperately to denounce AJ? What has Miss-Aniston-can't -live-without-a-tan-or-her-hairdresser done lately besides HER NAILS????

Well, some of the anger towards Pitt/Jolie is the result of 14 months of Aniston's media pandering. Fine, she deserved sympathy and goodwill at the beginning, but her publicists have, in my view, competely worn out her welcome in the public discourse by portraying her as poor brave jilted Jen. Americans can forgive anything, but they hate a whiner. The problem with letting her work and life speak for itself, as Pitt/Jolie have done, is that JA's life and work are such messes. Her movies bomb, she's smoking and gambling away the nights with Vince Vaughn--what's to admire? While P/J go about their business and try to make the world better, Aniston looks more and more like someone who has missed the boat--a person who might have squandered a personal life in chasing some unrealistic career goals. I say "might have" because know one knows for sure what went on. But believe me, I didn't care at all about either of these three people at the beginning of the Pitt divorce saga, and over a year later I am a real P/J fan and can't stand the sight of JA because of her tiresome victim's pose.

i think it's funny how the haters were saying that angelina would never get pregnany b/c she did't want to ruin her figure. well, she's now pregnant and the same people are saying she's too skinny. haha, i can see their jealous little minds from so far away. someone on another post said that pregnancy is not an excuse to over eat and i commend them. everyone has a different body type and people shouldn't compare angie's pregnant body to another's.

thanks for the pics Jared! ur awesomely gifted w/ conjuring them up!

I am new to this site and I love the all the pics of this beautiful family. Angelina sure has grown in many ways since becoming a mother and I think she is doing a fantastic job. I think Brad and Angelina are suited for each other. I am happy for the entire family!!
However................ What has JA done that is so wrong??? IMO she has handled herself with dignity and respect. Considering she had a very high profile divorce, she could have gotten VERY NASTY in the media--she hasn't. She could have drug out the divorce for years. She didn't. She has moved on as well.
I have read so much about haters and then the very same person spreads more hate to JA. Hate is hate, regardless of which side of the fence you're on.

i don't care about Jen, & i don't really 'hate' bamz (not the kids of course!) although i personally don't approve it, but it's very amusing to see so many who are obsessed with brad & angelina's lives. you guys know way too much of their biographies in detail. that's crazy, but for the rest of us, this obsessiveness is also entertaining. i'm sure jared enjoys it too!

I've just read this entire thread and have a few minutes free so am compelled to comment. Many of the so-called 'Angie haters' are very likely the same people that go to JA's threads and badmouth Jen. I say this because I don't really believe in their hatred of AJ or love of Jen or whomever. I do believe in their lack of self-acceptance, in the scarcity of acceptance from within their peer group, and in their bitterness over these issues. These ‘haters’ and more are all over the internet trying to get some attention. They get the most attention through negativism so that's what they go with everywhere they post (children who are suffering from a lack of love and/or attention often do the same - it's not news). I know many readers/posters are already aware of this psychology. I suspect it’s especially well-known among those of you who are, in fact, the aggressively negative, seeking to make the most inflammatory comments you can contrive. That's the give away. It's in the emotionalism. It's in how you put it out there for all the world to see your personal anguish on display. The continually rejected are easily the most consistently bitter people we meet day by day. You’re transparent so don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re fooling anyone. There are ways of criticizing a person's behavior/lifestyle without bringing personal feelings into the mix. I’ve just done it. None of you so-called Angie-haters do this - your penchant for good old down-home nastiness belies the sincerity of your hatred. Besides, those of us who are well grounded and normally socialized easily recognize those who live the frustrating lives of you who never have a voice in your real lives. I can't say I feel sorry for your lot in life. I guess you’re used to that as are all people who just don't fit in anywhere. I can say that there is hope for you though. Clearly some professional therapy would be called for, but inevitably, the real work is up to you. I wish you all the best in your journey. The healing of even a single person makes the whole world a better place for everyone.

I'd like to thank many of you whose comments are informed, and insightful. Those of you who say little but are here with an upbeat word or two - thanks to you, too. Your positivity provides balance. Don't take it lightly. Well...got to run. So long friends.

What has JA done so wrong? The question is what does she do right? Her values were not with her marriage - hence the big dump. Does she not realize that Oscar is using her as a freak show? Everyone wants to gawk and whisper - otherwise she would not have been asked to present - its unfortunate she's not smart enough to see this herself.

also, there's way too much personalization here - many wish they could be in bamz's shoes & want to identify with them, & want to live their lives. that sounds more like you're just dissatisfied with your own lives & wish things could be like this relatioship/family, which is your idea of 'ideal.' objective admiration is fine, but obsession & personalization is what makes these posts amusing.

It's funny how some people who dont like Brangelina waste their time typing up LONG ASS posts to express their dislikes. I mean honestly, if you don't like them, then why waste your time clicking on the link, look at pictures, then type up long ass essays? Are you THAT obsessed?

Anon4:44 Thanks for proving my point. Spread MORE hate...........

Hate? Observations are not always positive.

Just strolling by,very intelligent analysis.I trurly hope some of these people get mental help,because they really need it.

I truly hope you get some help with your spelling and punctuation.

Unbelievable!!! I am just amazed how people can have such strong feelings and convictions about people they have never met.

Well, around here, is seem like observations are supposed to ONLY be positive if you're talking about Brad and Angelina.

Hmmmmmmmm I didn't get the impression that we were ONLY to be positive about AJ and not JA. I personally like both but believe Anon 4:44 makes a good point about the Oscar issue.

Maddox is the cuttest little boy...but i'm sick of the stupid posts against both JA and AJ

I have just read most of this forum and feel like my head is spinning. As someone who wasn't really a "fan" of any of the involved, but liked some of Pitt and Jolie's movies, and due to the tremendous amount of press the duo has gotten, I admit [sorrowfully] I have become interested in their saga. I will add, there IS something so incredibly sexy in the way Brad cares for the children.

Anyway, because I really didn't know the "backstory", I spent some time today searching it out. Did you know that M&MS was filmed in 2 parts? Brad made Oceans 12 inbetween. [I think the article was Premiere or Rolling Stone, so therefore, reliable] So, it certainly wasn't a set affair. It seems to me there was plenty of time for him to work on his marriage to Jen - and NONE of us will know the truth behind their break-up.

Finding this out made me even more curious about why Jen was so "shocked". From all I've read, it seems like Mr. Pitt handled the break-up of his marriage with as much class as he could. It also appears like Ms. Aniston has used said break-up to garner sympathy. I understand that she may be in pain - running off at the mouth constantly lost her many "votes".

While I wasn't interested in the beginning, I have come to appreciate and root for BAMZ+1 totally. I think Jen's fans need to take a chill pill and realize that they reflect poorly on her. Let it go people

WELL still the same in those topic....
COME ON GUYS love your own favorit stars in peace...
some people like JEN SOME LIKE ANGIE...



Great site and better comments!!! Even though there are haters and extreme fans, there are a lot of insightful comments :D
Hello to everyone! I just escaped firstfemale.com, there are so many crazy haters there (mostly Aniston fans, sad to say, but also a few B/A who can ruin my reading.
I like BAMZ and I hope they are happy for as long as they want to be together. I do not doubt there are humans and make mistakes, but there are some of the best celebrities around, interesting, humanitarian and good looking.

Just reading over the posts. Not really a fan of any of them but find the whole thing interesting. What is sad the the repeated comparsion between JA and AJ. So pointless. Why don't you compare AJ and Nicole Kidman? JA and AJ are different people and not competing (only in some people's minds). Also Brad himself stated having children was not the issue ("that's bullshit') - do you not believe him? Also very sad that the whole issue has been made into such a huge tabloid mess that it takes away from what Angie is doing with the UN. Finally I do wonder if Angie did rush into this relationship to fast and got pregnant to quickly. One thing about Angie is that she often acts without time to think things through e.g. here both marriages were very quick. While I do believe that they are very happy now and in love once Angie stops and thinks (once the first love passion starts to leave - and it always does with everyone!) will Angie see Brad in a different light? While Angie is always clean and looks well put out, Brad tends to look a little messy and sometimes like he hasn't changed clothes or showered. Angie never looks this way. And while I could be very wrong Brad seems to cling to his partners. Angie is so independent and I think she may find this a bit to much after a while. Angie is very generous and even while they have been together Brad has only donated the hospital beds. Much much less an Angie. I feel that Brad is basically a selfish person and that will start to annoy Angie. Finally, I don't beleive that Jennifer was really all that into Brad. They both worked hard and didn't mind spending long periods of time apart. Do I think that a baby was the issue? No. Both parites say not so I believe them. Did Angie play a role. Probably, but I think that Jennifer probably thinks that she is much better off now. She probably thinks that Brad will do the same thing to Angie eventally. Will he? Only time will tell. My advice stop the craziness. The tabloid press will destroy this family how will Maddox and Zahara feel if the press reports that this baby is more beautiful, more important and more everything than them. Eventually this could cause jealously and fighting as they grow up. This family has a lot of hard times ahead and it will be interesting to watch them.

anon444 sounds negative and bitter

WOW! I thought I was a bit of a "gossip biooootch", but phew, I am amazed at the number of detailed, intelligent and accurate posts made by BAMZ + 1 supporters here! Well done guys. I would just love to shake all of your hands and give you a salute. ":)
You know who you are and I enjoyed reading your brilliant (non-hateful) posts. I think Angelina is doing an absolutely brilliant job, both as a Mother and a Goodwill Ambassador. I adore her, always have, always will. God Bless Her and all you other "Lovers" in this World.

ps. "Haters" you truly need to find some peace in your hearts. "YOU" and all your "infected" attitudes are what is wrong with this world. I feel no sympathy for you whatsoever...you shall reap what you sow....nothing less, nothing more.

Is this place a joke? you guys sure take this personally

Camilla...I'm with you!!! I like both AJ & JA very much. ANd Bradley...oh la la

i love bamz, they are my favorite. thank you bamz supporters

ignore the haters, we love bamz

To African Girl - you responded to my posting about Angelina often 'tooting her own horn' about donating money rather than focusing on specific issues and educating the world about the specific problems facing the needy...do you REALLY think Angelina was the reason that elections went 'smoothly' in Haiti??? (which they didn't by the way - see below link from the Wash Post) Is she the Goddess that simply lands in a country for one day and erases years of turmoil?? Do you really think that she has the power to simply smile at people and therefore motivate them to drop their arms and erase deep rooted political issues?? So should we send her to the Middle East to stop the fighting that has been going on for centuries? Please...get real!!! I don't care particularly for either Jolie or Aniston so dont't brand me as a 'Jen fan'. I simply cannt believe how some people idolize Jolie - wayyy beyond reason!! Is it because she is pretty, donates a large amount of cash and adopts??? Does that mean my sister is a Goddess too because she adopted, donates a percentage of her limited salary to orphan organizations, and is not bad looking?? Please people..get a grip!!! It is great that she gives a large %age of her salary. But many people do what they can ...within their means. She just happens to have a HUGE pocketbook and is vocal about her contributions. I'm new to these blog sites and have had fun taking 5 minute breaks from working to check out news of various stars. Most postings for other stars are objective and casual. Angie fans are obsessed and living in a dream world of Harlequin romances. You have NO IDEA what she thinks, what she does behind the scenes, and what her plans are in life. The face she puts to the world could be oh so different from what lies behiind closed doors. The surreal love you have for her is just so strange....Wash Post link http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/Search?keywords=elections%20in%20haiti.

i think they are all media whores and i am sick and tired of all of them. besides, its hollywood. why does anyone think a marriage in hollywood will last when the stats for the rest of the nation are 50/50 at best. that pitt-jolie crap will be over as quickly as it began and that is based on statistics. i'm not a fan of any of them so i feel i can be objective. i don't know why people get so excited about people they don't even know.

JA needs a huge support network because she can't articulate much on her own - Hence-being used by the Academy for her so-called purposful-meaningful, presentation. Fluff - should be/is her middle name????

To: Anonymous | February 25, 2006 08:48 PM,

How could our love to Angie offend you? shut up your idoit

Anon 6:46 . in response to your post. It is said that one's eyes are the windows to one's soul.... There is no mistaking the mutual love between the parents and the childeren. As a therapist who works with emotional troubled children and their parents, I can honestly say that what I have seen in all the photos that have been posted in these laste few months , Maddox and now Zahara will never have any doubt that they are loved. You are projecting your own reservations and not what is reality for these two.

We all have our own opinions based on our own personal life experiences and we can argue until the cows come home. But reality is that Brad and Angie and Mad and Z all are doing what emotionally healthy happy and loving families do. Without saying a word , they are making perfectly clear why they are together. They are not on Oprah or have articles on different publications telling how happy they are.
But as voyeurs we are seeing by their interactions that they ARE Happy. Nothing anyone says change either the facts or outcome... They are living the life we all wish we had or have and wish for everyone.... One of love, commitment and fulfillment . So say what you want.... it does not change the fact that there are two adults and two children with the name of Jolie-Pitt who as the fall asleep tonight are doing so with the knowledge of how very much they are loved and wanted.... Don't you wish you felt like that tonight as you fall asleep? I wish every child would feel as loved and wanted by two parents as I am sure Maddox and Z feel as they fall asleep tonight,

Thanks for the pics, Jared. They are very happy together and fortunate to have such livong parents.



Elena, Your posts are Great!! IF UR a 12 yr old running a number on us I would be quite impressed!LOL!! There is some very interesting stuff that goes on this site and even though it gets crazy at times--mostly it is good. Thanks EVERYONE!! Good Job!!

I just read what I posted and I would like to make clear to Elena that I certainly dont think she is a 12 yr old-- Just a comment on the fact that in "this place" we never know who we are really dealing with.

I'm back! I know y'all missed me! Anyway it looks like a lot of anons have since taken my place. Don't be confused, no one has my style! Boy, you guys have been busy! Some good, some bad, some just downright UGLY! EEWW! For those who genuinely love Jen, Angie or Brad and intelligently display it I commend you. For those of you don't love Jen, Angie or Brad, but, can intelligently display it, I commend you as well. I always like an intelligent debate. The rest of you will probably die in your own poisons, sad but true. Just so you know I don't have holes in my but from sitting on a fence: GO BAMZ+1!!!

Jealous much? To the haters remove the jealousy stick for your

Kimme ... thank you. I have a houseful of kids under 11 for a sleepover. listening to them tonight has me feeling somewhat old and naive so thanks for the smile and the laugh!

"also, there's way too much personalization here - many wish they could be in bamz's shoes & want to identify with them, & want to live their lives. that sounds more like you're just dissatisfied with your own lives & wish things could be like this relatioship/family, which is your idea of 'ideal.' objective admiration is fine, but obsession & personalization is what makes these posts amusing."

anna, you make a good point. Identifying with any celebrity so closely is certainly not good for the person or celebrity. This is probably what also happened to Aniston fans who were obsessed with her relationship with Brad as the "golden couple". When this did not work out, as relationships sometimes do, these extreme fans could not take this new reality and have become extremely bitter and hateful. I do not deny some BA fans may be headed the same way if they do not add balance to their lives and realize that they have to separate yourself emotionally from your favorite stars. I'm not saying don't love and support them, but, realize that you will need to gracefully accept whatever decisions they make(whether they stay together or not) without spewing hatred and bitterness without intelligence or logic.

Sophie, Sophie Sophie. You need to take a deep breath and read my post again. The point i am trying to make, which obviously sailed past your head is that their is a difference btw the elections that took place before the visit and after. Obviously, they still have problems but the fact that they were able to have a peaceful election without the blood baths of the past is a step, albeit a small one toward recovery. Now here is the crucial part of my point, by going to haiti, she called the world's attention to that country. Do you really think it is a coincidence that the trip was made a few weeks before the election? All the news articles during this visit made a very big deal in discussing haiti problems once the finished talking about about brad and angie's visit (check it out) and even after the elections (long after bran and ange had left), they still made it a point to tell us that it had been a peaceful one. Why was it peaceful? maybe it is beacuse haitians now know that the world is sitting up and taking notice of them. I know it is hard for u to understand but celebrities and their opinions carry a great deal of influences in this world. It is funny how every day we see celebrities whoring themselves out by making endorsement deals because marketers know that ppl would run to the nearest mall to get the latest prada bag all because sarah Jessica Parker endorses it, yet you dont seem to have a problrm with that. Then u see a celebrity who is using her celebrity satus to call attention on the poor and u want to bash her for it. Amazing. There is something u have to understand, she didn't have to do this. she could be sitting in her mansion and enjoying her life, instead she spents weeks on end in foriegn countries trying to help, Sophie that is selflessness. You asked if your sister is a goddes because she adopts, i am surprised at that question because if it were my sister, i would definately say YES. It doesn't matter why she adopted but the fact that she opened her home and her heart to another person's child makes her a goodes in my book and I am sure in the book of the child she chose to adopt. Unfortunately, that question also clued me into the fact that you might be a teeanger (pla, pls say u are because that is the only excuse for that kind of question) Sophie, sweetie, when ppl go out of their way to do things that would benfit others more than it would them, and especially when they have no obligation to, it makes the Pretty Amazing.... we will even go as far as to say they r goddesses. How luck u are that u r related to one of such people. Hopefully, she can help u be more giving.

Wow, This has got to be the longest post I have ever written. And to be quiet honest i found it invigorating. Thanx Sophie dear.

Why blame Angelina for bringing attention to her charity causes? It works, at least with me! I donated to some of the causes she championed. Didn't want to waste money on a Team Jolie T-shirt though. I hope you understand Angie if you ever read these posts.

Hi I am Jennifer Anniston and I am fugly Ugly.
I wish I was a beautiful woman like Angelina Jolie.


For those of you who say "I don't see you people doing charitable work like this!" THEN WHY DON'T YOU GIVE ME $2MILLION TO GO DO IT! The rest of us NORMAL people have 12 hour jobs and commutes, kids that we have to feed, late bills we have to pay, chores we have to do and enormous debts. AND WE DON'T HAVE ASSISTANTS OR NANNIES OR HOUSEKEEPERS TO HELP US!!

And you think we don't contribute to the poor or our jobs as doctors, nurses, teachers, activists, lawyers defending the innocent, day care workers, stay at home parents, animal care workers and so forth don't matter? There are plenty of people who, UNLIKE YOU LAZY POSTERS, who contribute to the society many more times than Angelina has ever done in her life, but they simply don't get the media attention for it.

African Girl 12:36AM: I am from Haiti (half haitian and half white) and I know Haiti very well. ANgelina's visit had NOTHING to do with elections there.

I love Angelina and the work she does but your comment is completely off. Quite elemtary, I must add. I have followed Haitian politics for years.

Her presence had nothing to do with the election outcomes which by the way are questionable elections and the results are quite questionable as well. That Aristide pig is an Asshole and his bitch Preval won the election.

Please brush up on you third world knowledge. Thanks.

Honestly, I really DO NOT care wether Angelina is using the charity for PR...I think it's actually a good idea because of her popularity, so many people who constantly questioned her motives. The bottom line is, for the same reason that she is an A list actress and popular, she not only gets the attention but, at the same token she uses that energy and reflect it to the people who really needs the attention. Because of that AWARENESS she's trying to expose us, people are actually noticing and acknowledging it. I say it working because most of us wouldn't talked about it, if it isn't working. Don't you think?

To quote Cynthia McFadden, "it's like the jujitsu punch"

That's the thing. The Brangelina worshippers who have been posting here don't have any real knowledge of what's going on in certain 3rd world countries. They only follow up on certain tid bits here and there from journalist articles and news reporters, who are very biased and only show 50% of everything that's going on or only one side of things. One poster responded to me by saying that I know nothing about 3rd world countries and that I should contribute more and that I'm an ignorant American. I was born in America but my family is from one of those 3rd world countries. I have BEEN to a couple of third world countries and have stayed in the villages where some of our families have come from. I'D LIKE TO SEE THESE POSTERS TRY STAYING IN ONE OF THOSE VILLAGES (AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT ONES WITH TOURISTS). Trust me, they'd never come back.

They don't know me so why are they MAKING UP bull about people they've never met!

And regarding the UN helping the world. The UN is biased. There are many countries or people in 3rd world countries who do not agree with the UN. For example, regarding their support for pakistan. They support Pakistan, but they don't support India, which is struggling more than Pakistan. People donT see all the sides of things. Because there is so much bias, especially in the media and amongst politicians and even activists and philanthropists.

Oh and regarding people in asian countries worshipping Brangelina. Many of them are conformists and follow the media. My friend went to one Asian country and he said the women who spoke with him said they 'love white men because they r so beautiful.' I mean you will hear silly comments like this in certain countries. Doesn't mean anything. And you're relying on them to rate Brangelina's popularity?

1:44, Mira you make really good points.

However, I think Angelina's work has to be assessed seprately from the UN, media bias and uneducated fans.

I think what she does is impressive. For a Hollywood star, it is quite a lot. So many stars could do what she does and they choose not to.

I applaud her work and her conviction. I agree with you on the UN though. They can be biased. Does Palestine receive as much attention as the state of Israel, for example? Things to think about.

I also wholeheartedly agree with you Mira on the Asian issue. So many Asians in third world countries romanticize the West and European looks. Asian women spend lots of money getting surgeries to widen their eyes and get their noses more like European noses - it is disturbing. I am part Irish and part Haitian - never once have I had a desire to look more of anything.

I do like Angelina's idea of adopting kids of various races. I am planning to do the same once I have the money (one day!).

Mira, you're gonna have to do more than just state "They support Pakistan, but they don't support India, which is struggling more than Pakistan." From all accounts that I've been reading lately India is promoting itself as an up and coming major player in the world economy. I don't doubt that they still have major poverty issues to deal with that could hold them back. But you will have to convince me that they are doing worse economically than Pakistan.

Awesome Pictures! Reminds me of me and mine when we didn't have all this yucky snow!! (8inches in one night, UGG!) Can't wait to go to the park! Getting cabin fever! Anyway, I like seeing the kids out in fresh air instead of cooped up indoors. It is good for them

Wow, Anon, you are really, really STUPID. PAKISTAN IS STRUGGLING MORE THAN INDIA??? Take the the population of the US which is the largest country, and dump atleast 3-6 times the amount of people living there in India, which is smaller than some states in the US. Pakistan is richer than India and some other countries. Have you BEEN to India or Pakistan? Do you know the struggles behind them? Even in the richest parts of India (and really there arent), you have beggars at every corner. Not every corner. Everywhere... by your side... at your feet. Go to india, look down and you might see a little girl begging you for that packet of peanuts in your backpack. Or standing a a couple yards from her, you may see the ATROCIOUS sight of a deformed aged woman WITH NO NOSE. (I've seen it. Her face looks like a skeleton and it is scary).

How about the fact that an American company (which Jennifer Garner's father use to or still is working for) had a factory or building in India that exploded and killed many many children and others many many years ago and to this day the toxic effects have caused problems for the people who still live there. Thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio (if you go on his website you'll find this informaiton) who is bringing attention to this. The people in that city have been struggling and fighting for many years to be compensated by the company who did absolutely nothing to take responsibility for the incident. Not a dime.

You proved my point about the biasness. YOu were acknowledged that India is going to or is already doing good economically??? You are GREATLY misinformed, and I was definitely RIGHT about the whole media, journalist, politician biasness.

Wow, Anon, you are really, really STUPID. PAKISTAN IS STRUGGLING MORE THAN INDIA??? Take the the population of the US which is the largest country, and dump atleast 3-6 times the amount of people living there in India, which is smaller than some states in the US. Pakistan is richer than India and some other countries. Have you BEEN to India or Pakistan? Do you know the struggles behind them? Even in the richest parts of India (and really there arent), you have beggars at every corner. Not every corner. Everywhere... by your side... at your feet. Go to india, look down and you might see a little girl begging you for that packet of peanuts in your backpack. Or standing a a couple yards from her, you may see the ATROCIOUS sight of a deformed aged woman WITH NO NOSE. (I've seen it. Her face looks like a skeleton and it is scary).

How about the fact that an American company (which Jennifer Garner's father use to or still is working for) had a factory or building in India that exploded and killed many many children and others many many years ago and to this day the toxic effects have caused problems for the people who still live there. Thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio (if you go on his website you'll find this informaiton) who is bringing attention to this. The people in that city have been struggling and fighting for many years to be compensated by the company who did absolutely nothing to take responsibility for the incident. Not a dime.

You proved my point about the biasness. YOu were acknowledged that India is going to or is already doing good economically??? You are GREATLY misinformed, and I was definitely RIGHT about the whole media, journalist, politician biasness.

Regarding those ARTICLES (again I warned you about these articles) that stated those things about India "up and coming." I know what you're talking about. I've even heard about how America is doing poorly and India and China will be come better than them. They have a long ways to go, especially India. India will also write those things. Again, you're only seeing one side of things.

I can tell you this. The fact that Pakistan is being supported by the UN, is making alot of people very unhappy. Pakistan, if you've been there, has done better for themselves economically than India. Have you seen the nice cities there in Pakistan? Their nice homes & buildings, which you will rarely find in India. Even the people's fine clothing in Pakistan. I have Pakistan friends who are rich and I've visited Pakistan with them.

Trust me, Pakistan has its struggles, but the only reason they are getting support and all this media attention is because they decided to help America in the war. India has its own struggles and cannot help as much. If Pakistan were struggling, they wouldn't have been capable of helping America in the war.

I'm luckey. Because I was born on a Japan!! Japan is very good country!! Kyoto is exciting town. How about your country??

Gee, I can hardly wait to see what happens if they show up at the Oscars.

Wow, Holly (Angie's assistant) is looking like she also has embraced Paris--she looks so French! I was thinking she would also enjoy the life there. Any of you know what is Brad doing in New York? I hope he drops that casino project (wasn't be talking to Donald Trump before?)

If they show up at the Oscars then "their" plan to use JA as a freak show - will have worked. Can you just see it? The cameras panning from BP to JA and back again?

i love you anonymous!!!

you are so right. these posters are unlike other fans, in a dreamworld and quite hostile!!!!

i am so happy to read you post, that brings a nother site into this room. i hope peopel like us dont get scared and bored by fanatics
hang on for the fun

madison or jc...whatever, i applaud ur generosity and thanks for calling us lazy posters because u recognize urself as one of as lazy poster that's why ur always on this site and not do the charity work ur so proud of!!

I think Brad knows that the relationship between them will not last.

Seeing as how Angelina married BillyBob only after dating 3months. Then she gets pregnant with Brad in less than a year. She's impulsive. Brad knows it. He knows this won't last long. And i think even AJ knows this too. They dont care. They wanna do what they want.

Just because someone of the opposite sex wants to have babies, doesn't mean you go off and have a baby with them quickly. Angelina is impulsive. Even with all her UN work, she's still wild.

I really don't think Angelina can be the type of person who can secure a long term relationship.

There are many rich Pakistani as they are many rich Indian. And there are many poor Pakistani as they are many poor Indian. In life, you cannot make everybody happy. There are so many countries out there that need help and attention. One person cannot be expected to change the world but one can try his or her very best to do his or her part. It's ridiculous to put down people's good effort just because you hate, dislike or disagree with them or the way they lead their life.

Angelina is not gaining any weight thru her pregnancy. I bet you she is not as far along as the tabloids claim she is. Brangelina probably doesn't care because they probably dont want the papparazzi around at the time when the baby will actually be born.

Someone said that there are many women who dont gain that much weight or are not supposed to gain too much weight during pregnancy.

Obviously, you have a bad doctor. You're right, you're supposed to be careful how you eat and gain weight. But if you know anything about medicine, you'll know that the fact is naturally skinny women are supposed to gain more weight during their pregnancy than women who are already voluptuous before the pregnancy. That's because voluptuous women already have enough nutrients to provide the unborn baby. A skinnier woman needs to gain added weight in order to provide the nutrients her body is lacking for the baby.

Also, women who do not gain enough weight early in the pregnancy end up with obese babies or kids. That is because they screwed up the baby's hypothalamus by not providing the baby enough nutrients.

Just because you've been pregnant, doesn't mean you're well educated or intelligent. Just ask the sluts who keep poppin out babies on the streets and ghettos and third world countries.

Whether or not this relationship will last, it should not concern anyone. People fall in and out of love everyday. How this will affect their children? Nobody ask how the divorce of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richard, Heather Locklear and Ritchie Sambora, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, etc will affect their children. Life is full of risk. You just have to try your best in everything that you do in life.

That is an another ignorant statement: "JUst like there are rich Pakistanis there are rich Indians." Rich Indians, no matter how much they contribute, can never even slightly help take India out of the economic conditions they are in now, it''s so bad. Pakistani rich, they can provide a small amount and it will go a long way in Pakistan.

Angelina cant help the world, but is trying, I know. My point is she is helping a country that has a better economic situation than others. I am unhappy with the way she is maneuvering her efforts. Do these other countries, which Angelina is helping, need our attention? Yes.

But there are other countries who have been ignored for a very long time and need help more than any other country. She's helping, yes. But it seems she is only doing what the UN is directing her to do.

It strikes me as very bad. Because it means that these other places who are more desperate, will continue to get ignored.

What I am also upset about is that she contributed 1/3 of her salary to efforts and countries who do NOT need it as much as certain other areas. Refugees can be helped, but they don't need help as much as others. But these other areas, which I think are being ignored, they are far more worse off. Bono is helping Africa alot. Everyone is helping Africa, like Oprah. But I think there are certain places that are being ignored, and I think that's horrendous and ignorant.

Our other option is Unicef (with Alyssa Milano) which is doing more in helping countries that the the UN is not helping and that's not enough. Unicef is not getting enough help as the UN. UN is helping countries who are supportive of THEM and their politicians. But it shouldn't be about politics. That's just like business corruption.

It's government corruption.

yeah, that hurt.
sorry i wont go into that, you would just look loke plain water compared to me

i liked miras comment, because it is founded on realistic facts and not drawn out of her mind.

unicef is a ngo regardless what the politcal stability of a country is, unicef goes in.

its good to see, that criticism and sensible arguments are rising.

Well, I wouldn't know which country deserve more help than another country. Some haters even think that Angelina should help her own country instead. What I know is that someone out there get helped. Angelina Jolie is an individual although she is an ambassador to UN. She is not a policy maker, not a decision maker. Bono, Geldof and Oprah talks about Africa, Ricky Martin talks about child prostitution, Nicole Kidman will soon talk about women rights, etc. They don't have the REAL power to change the world but they can try to do their part. Ignorant as I am, I still don't think anyone should put down their effort and contribution no matter how little you think it is. At least it is better than Tom Cruise donating a lot money to Scientologist or Madonna and Demi Moore to Kabbalah. Even then, I wouldn't condemn them too much as those are their religion.

"It's ridiculous to put down people's good effort just because you hate, dislike or disagree with them or the way they lead their life."

No one has ever disagreed with the way AJ leads her life. That's what made her famous. Granted her relationships are another story. I think this recent relationship with Brad, even though there are plenty of people & celebs who have done what she's done, is something that is being viewed differently for rather different reasons. It reflected the negative side of her, no matter how much you want to justify it. I have never been cheated on and I have never supported Jen A personally, these two issues are non-existent to me. They're only existent for the Brangelina worshippers.

So the fact that I am not approving of the relationship and still am not approving of it, may be because it happened in a shady, shocking way to very HIGH PROFILE PEOPLE. I really think that if they had been more open with their relationship, people would be more understanding. But no one understands it. I certainly don't, so I'm not going to have anything good to say about it. Even Ann Curry (or some NBC interviewer) asked AJ, "why are you hiding this when you can just make it all, the papparazzi & tabloids, go away?" and AJ's response was that it will never go away. That's the thing, when you can't make it go away, you can't just ignore it. You have to nip it in the bud. Face it head on and make the nay sayers understand.

Otherwise, you're making yourselves look worse. I think they made a big public relations mistake. They are not Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. When you allow people to visualize it more (like Jen A not admitting it, but not hiding either her relationship with Vince), then people will be like, "Ah, ok, now i see why they got together."

But with Brangelina, it's just confusing. So, you've got alot of negativity floating around. In reality, the tabloids are not doing anything to convince us to disapprove their relationship. We disapproved of it beforehand.

Let's say it was Julia Roberts instead of Jennifer Aniston of whom Angelina took the man away from. How do you think people will react?? Negatively of course. Very negatively.

And Angelina leading efforts... well, that's something that can also be of some controversy. Her "good" effort may be considered bad to some.

Brangelina relationship is okay for some and not ok with others. For me i think it is ok as long as they are happy. Why would anyone deny them of happiness.

thank you anonymous.
thats the discussion i am interested in instead of shushing diversity like oterhs do.

i can't feel any sympathy for Brangelina becuase of how it happened.

I think people r having difficulty accepting the relationship.

Also they lied to us, which makes them look even more guilty. Why would you lie? You should not lie to your fans. I think that's the number one public relations mistake.

They thought well let's skip the media and frollick around. How are oyu doing yourselves a favor by doing that?

it's like if we witnessed two cars collide and crash into each other. The first question will be "how" or "why" or "what was the cause." Maybe the road was slippery. Maybe one driver fell asleep. You know, without explanation, people are not going to be forgiving. They'll assume the worst.

Did they lie? Who would know? As for me, it is none of my business, 'coz only them know. One lives to be happy. Why live a miserable life when you can be happy.

The family is just to cute.Wish people would leave them alone.

jennifer aniston and vince vaugh have not admitted they are a couple either.Are they lying to the public.You see them going out together,they live together but they have not said they are a couple,The things that people say are bad about bp and aj,they make excuses for ja andvv.

Aniston and Vaughn who? That will be the question most-asked in a year from now.

Mina, You don't state, specifically, which countries you think need more help than the ones aj is helping.

Some of you are driving me crazy! Angelina did not steal, take, took, lead away, abduct, kidnap, shop lift, thieve, or make off with Brad Pitt. He is not a car, or a set of keys, or candy, or a small child.

Brad and Jen were married. They had problems in their marriage. They decided to end their marriage. They are the only ones responsible for the end of their marriage. They are the only two who know what it was like to be married to the other.

Both Brad and Jen and Angie deserve happiness. Why? Because we all deserve to be happy. Brad and Jen weren't happy together. Now each has a new opportunity to be happy with someone else or dare I say be happy by his/herself.

If you don't like Brad or Angelina then don't go see their movies. Remember Brad also has a production company. Don't see those movies either.

If you don't like Jen then don't see her movies. Since I think Jen is still part of Plan B, don't see those movies. See- now things are getting complicated.

If you think Angie's UNHCR work amounts to a pile of crap then find another organization or cause that you believe in and support it. Bitching about it does nothing. If you think that she should have adopted only American kids, then show her the light by making room in your homes for some American kids in need.

This isn't rocket science.

lola, I 2nd and 3rd your 2/26/06 10:20am post.

Mira, You make many good points. I really do not want to get into a political discussion but though you were kind enough to take the time to try to educate us on a part of the world we are for the most part ignorant about, I do think you missed a couple of things. For one there are ingrained traditions within the Indian culture that basically works against them. For example one sees cattle all over the place, yet is forbidden for Hindu's to eat meat because they are considered representing of deity...There is the issue of how the people look at each other, i.e. the caste system. The perception of women as property...The pollution etc. I have to admit that I am not up on everything that is going on in the world, but perhaps India's development of nuclear power is also a bone of contention with the UN. -N.Korea is the same. (Now that we know that the reason we could not find all those nuclear weapons etc in Irag was because Saddam sold them to Iran, that too is a concern,)

I am not a proponent of the UN .. If the UN was doing its job then we would not be either in Iraq or been in Vietnam. I believe that the aid money benefits few . I would wish we spent the money on programs such as Peace Corps ...Give a man a fish and he will eat but teach a man to fish and he will never be hungry.

Contrary to what one thinks, One cannot just dump bags of money , food or medicine anywhere one sees the need. Either by individuals or UN or definitely any foreign government. First one has be invited or get permission from a government . Where there is civil war or political unrest, this sometimes is next to impossible. Then there have to be agencies in the area that are set in place to help distribute the aid. If not it will never get to those in need. Even then, i.e. Somalia the food, etc. is stolen or hi-jacked by one side or another. Many aid workers for the UN or other agencies have died while trying to transport and give aid to the desperate. The neediest people in Africa also live in someo of the most dangerous areas where no one is safe. Those areas are the hardest to get help to as the help is just as likely to be killed in the political and/or social unrest that exists in an environment of ethnic cleansing that seems to exists in too many areas. I think most people do what they can. Sometimes it is just volunteering in your child's school. It may be donating to the can with a sick child's photo by the register at 7-11. Some of us do more than others in either time or money. Yet again some do less .... In that respect, regardless what you think about Angie;s personal life, you have to give her credit for being an exception to rule among her Holleywood community. Most show up at a rally or at a political fundraiser or call a press conference to complain about some politician ...But it is never away from their comfort zone. How much money do you really think these stars all give from their own pocket? Oprah seems to give away other peoples money and has everything donated. We read about the lavish parties / weddings etc. that some of these people have or lifestyles they live . In comparison what they give is a paltry amount. Most think that allowing their name to be used is enough charity to give. So you see, Angelina may not be Mother Theresa , but she does more than the majority of those in her position.

What no one who hates Angie has been able to explain is why she is held to a different standard than others in Hollywood or the world in general? For example. When they flew to Europe and boutght 4 extra seats people were bitching about how wasteful they were. But no one says a word about Tom Cruise flying to Australia on his jet with only Katie.... How much do you think that cost? I could go on and on with examples ....

Catherine Zeta Jones had her baby before the wedding. Michael Douglas cheated on his wife with countless women before their divorce. His divorce was not final when he and Catherine conceived a child...Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams are not married... Susan Sarandon...Kathi Holmes....???

I think the reason we are not talkin about Tom- Katie, Heath-Michelle, Catherine and Michael, is because we are chatting about the photos of Angelina and Fam!!!! Duh

hey haters you are not god so why you judge angelina jolie. god gorgives why you can,t forgive her , leave her alone you nasty people.

hey haters you are not god so why you judge angelina jolie. god forgives why you can't forgive her , leave her alone you nasty people.

Have you people ever considered getting a life?? BP, AJ and JA wouldn't (and don't) spend so much time defending THEMSELVES!!! Please.... as if any of you even know the FACTS about anything!!
Good luck Jolie- Pitt family-- gorgeous pics.

I am amazed how someone can make "a statement of fact" that angie and brad cheated. You were not in that relationship and as such can only speculate. I saw a picture that was supposedly taken in Amalfi, Italy on the movie st being shown as a proof of an affair, only to hear the producers state that the whole movie was shot in California due to budgetary restriction, they could not even go to NY. But some people use that picture to this day as a proof of an affair.
as for Angie using her humanitarian work for PR, I say good for her to have sustained it for 5years. This is a woman that divorced her then husband because she saw the world as she has never seen it before with all the inequalities and the suffering of children and it changed her hence she realised they no longer shared the same value. Per Mira's assertion that the countries she goes to do not need help is BS. Tell me Sierra Leone, Sudan, Ethiopia does not need that help. Oprah went to South Africa and did this programme on the orphans of Aids, made so much noise about how two of them captured her heart, but not enough for her to adopt them and expose them to tremendous wealth and a better life. Angelina not only adopts, gives her own money, but she works with experts in that field to help pass the laws that will make it easier for the aid work. I think it makes better sense to hope that other celebrities will give a bit more of their time and money maybe your country of choice will be what will engage them. I admire the way Angelina has evolved over the years, and sometimes it is easier to be horrible to someone than be charitable. Isn't amazing that this troubled wild child only found peace after being of service to others, and that current beau admires her for the work she does and it even inspired him.

So my thing is, if you have proof this two cheated, show it or shut up. The pictuers in Kenya was in April, separation was in January and divorce filed in March.
If you think her relationship will not work, only time will tell, my marriage did not work and I am not even a celebrity.
As for criticising her UN work, if you have gone to 20 countries or even 1 and seen the heartwrenching images first hand, you have earned the right to criticize her work, if you have ever opened up your home and your heart to a child in need, or even adopted one then you know you can crticize, but if you are not helping any one, you are not educating yourself about the world beyond USA borders, I suggest you work on yourself and don't worry about how her children will end up and whether her relationship will survive or not. In the mean time I will keep on supporting them by going to see their movies, not buying or reading the tabloids and praying for them, yes I know I don't them.

i agree with you mary, the pictures that they were showing that brad and angie cheated were from the set of mr and mrs smith , i've seen one site dedicated for angelina , that's where i saw the pictures on the set of mr and mrs smith and the tabloids were using it as an evidence that they cheated with jen , but in fact it's not.. i think the site is souljolie?i'm not sure . for me i don't think ange and brad cheated , the tabloids were making up the stories that they cheated by using the pictures on the set of mr and mrs. smith

I was never a fan of A & B but somehow their love for each other touched me. There is a depth in their relationship. I hope they marry and continue to be happy as a family. Maddox and Zahara are beautiful children.

I was also not a fan of Brad and Angie. I was never interested in movie celebrities. However, their love story has fascinated me and I am sure millions around the world feel the same. It seems at first it is the sort of you and me against the world thing ... however, things have changed and the world is gradually accepting them because of the great love that they have for each other and because Brad and especially Angelina are remarkable persons.

It is true love when Brad formally applied to adopt Mad and Z.It is true love when Angelina got pregnant with Brad.Their love is an inspiration to many,their humanitarian work shows their compassion,kindness to the less fortunate.Best wishes to them!
Jared,thank you for the wonderful pictures of this family!More power to your site.

They are a fascinating couple, both gorgeous and charismatic. Can't get enough of them! Sorry, the pictures of Brad with JA--they never look like they fit together. He looked bored. B & A have a sense of mystery because they just go and lead their lives without spelling out all the answers--when did they get together? When did she get pregnant? Will they get married? Are they married now? They keep people wanting more.

I agree with Mary. There was no proof that A&B cheated on JA.
Rumors were spreading in late 2003 that JA & B were having marital problems. We will never know nor should we. Rumors started circulating in Chicago on JA & VV too. They both came out and publically denied there was anything romantic going on. Were they lieing to the public. Who says celebs owe us anything just because they entertain us? People who devolp fictional and imaginary relationships with celebs need to look at their own lives and create some true and real relationships in them. Celebs are just people we don't really know in which we project our own crap onto. We make them victims of criticisms and negative and/ or positive stereotypes pulling out of their past, present and possible futures to either support or disagree our own "SIDE". This isn't about them, it is about us. Each one of us and how we USE them to support or criticize our own personal stands on issues.
To represent issues is OK. We can give our opinions on the issues, but not to judge or stereotype personally for our own
My grandmother was an actress. She too was hurled at over the years, who isn't? She always said "it's not how you lived your life that is most important, it is how you end it." Most people are forgiving and life is for evolving, lessons learned and gaining wisdom and inner clarity" Not easy in a world such as Hollywood. I admire AJ & BP for having the courage to evolve in a high profile arena, to risk any & all backlash of the public domain to acheive their own personal happiness and dreams. To keep growing and finding ways to be a true human being and give of who they are professionally and personally and let us as admirers give conscious thought to the issues that they bring up.

BAMZ + 1 ROCKS!!! i love angelina jolie..she is very beautiful inside out =) not everybody can do what she is doing if given the opportunity...she is very generous and kind hearted..its hard to adopt kids and yet she did it twice..she is one unselfish girl and i loke her more for that..she is one of my inspirations ---on how people should be to make a better world fr everybody =) BAMZ+1 RULES!

5:52, Mira shut the fuck up! Refugees don't need as much? So typical of people who sit on their asses to criticize. Here is the problem with charity, once you help one group, everyone is in a tizzy and asking why are you not helping that group? If you help a black org, they say why not the latinos? If you help Pakistan they say why not help China? What the fuck? Does it matter? Help where you feel you can help most.

We can not solve the world's problems all at once. if refugees is your concern, help refugees. if abused children is your concern, help abused children. The point is to help.

MIRA YOU ARE SO IGNORANT FOR CREATING A CONFLICT THAT DOES NOT NEED TO FUCKIN EXIST!!!! giving is giving. who cares where it's done???? Attack the people who don't do absolutely anything. The ones who sit on their ass. Attack them. Cut the crap with your stats and your heady shit. Get out and get your hands dirty and stop judging and dictating how people should be charitable.

You sound like an ass.

fed up...agree with you..finally someone said it..

Hi Mira, I grew up in the 3rd world country too...there are always people who need helps in my home country as well...does this give me an excuse to attack angelina for the things she does and the fact she doesn't donate to my country? No F&*king way...helping is helping, no matter where it is. I agree that you are making a big deal out of nothing....

mira you are so discriminatory, shut up , don't posy any negative comments here. no matteyre what you've said , we love bamz.

mira you are so discriminatory, shut up , don't post any negative comments here. no matter what you've said , we love bamz. you discriminate asian peole,you are so rude, an uneducated.

Hey fed up - I am totally on your side but I wouldn't waste my breath on Mira - what you say is so obvious that if she doesn't get it then explaining it 50,000,000 times wouldn't help her see the fucking light.

you are jealous , because in asia angelina is popular, so just shut up, i am from a third world country i live in america but no matter i go angelina is the most popular its because she is a good actress and philantropist, so stop talking nasty things about her or critisizing her, you don't know her don't judge her .who are you to judge her.


"helping is helping, no matter where it is"

Well said!

BAMZ rocks!!

These pictures make me smile--reminds me of when I was pregnant and had small children. She's no doubt feeling better because she's out of the first trimester. When you have small children you feel like the whole world is fun and a big playground. It's just a very happy time and it really looks like AJ is enjoying it, as she should.

Has anyone else noticed how well-behaved Zahara is? I have never seen a picture of that little girl crying. She is so precious.

Madison this whole statement is a COP OUT and I think you know it. Everyone has something to give, whether a little, a lot or even just their time. I didn’t think you HAVE to have assistants, nannies or housekeeps to make a difference in the world. If you are doing something, then pat yourself on the back and don’t hate Angie just because she’s rich. It takes a lot of us giving a little to make a BIG difference in the quality of life for everyone.

And the media attention is on Angelina because of WHO she is, a moviestar involved with Brad Pitt, NOT WHAT she does, an humanitarian who works with refugees. It would be on her if she did nothing at all. I get the feeling the media would like that she didn’t bring up her charity work at all. All they want hear about is information about her relationship with Brad. It is always Angelina that directs all this attention from her and her life to her work. The point here is that her attention on these charities has caused others to be aware of them. Others who have not been motivated before to learn, contribute and/or get involved local or global charitities. So it is not that Angelina has done so much, but, rather she has motivated others to do more.

Dear anonymous | February 26, 2006 11:10 AM,

please do NOT bring GOD into this when this woman does NOT even believe in Him. She's Buddhist! She does not care about God, & she will never ask Him for forgiveness because she does not even acknowledge His existence. It is disgusting that you would even consider God forgiving her if she does not believe in Him & ask Him for forgiveness. Because she does NOT have God in her life, that is why she can live the gross life that she has lived so far, & tried to fill her emptiness with doing "good works" for humanity. Yet, her own life is a CONTRADICTION of anything that she stands for. If she wants to help children whose families can't provide for them, why doesn't she just start by promoting Abstinence first? That would help REDUCE the number of unwanted children in this world!! So, PLEASE, do NOT try justifying this woman's acts when God has NOT done so Himself, because obviously this woman has NO HEART for Him.

One thing that I have learned in my 35 years of living is that those who do the most preaching are the ones who are in need of God the most. Girl, I advise you to read your bible again for I think that you've skipped over a few pages.

LOL, that was funny anna. i agree. Your last post was the first one I read. In the beginning of it I actually thought you were really defending AJ and actually legitimizing that she doesn't believe in God. LOLol. You funny GIRL!

And no i didnt mean you "Girl". I just read the other posts.

Hey Anna
Do you feel the same way about Jen A who is probably balling Vince as we speak? How about George Clooney who is rumored to be banging Terri Hatcher or Renee Z or maybe both at the same time? How about Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams who just had a baby girl out of - hold on to your chairs ladies - wedlock? How about the virgin Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise? Doubt any of them are seeking your God's forgiveness. Maybe you should be the one seeking forgiveness for being such a judgmental asshole. I'm just saying. In honor of you, I think I'll go have some sinful out of wedlock sex and I promise to think of you the whole time.

dear d. allen,
which "pages" are you suggesting? i think you understand i'm not saying that if she did ask God for forgiveness, He would not forgive her (of course, He definitely would). then are you suggesting that we are being "judgmental" & "casting stones" at her without looking at ourselves? or maybe that we should focus on her "humanitarian" works? the basic issue is that she is currently buddhist. well, this isn't the place to bring a huge discussion about the points made in the Bible regarding certain subjects, so i won't bother you guys with that, but clearly there are certain sections in the Bible which people apply to their lives & others which they don't feel is "necessary" to pertain to them. i was just responding to another's assumption that God would forgive her even though she hasn't asked for it.

regarding, "those who do the most preaching are the ones who are in need of God the most" - yes, indeed, those who truly believe in God realize how small & helpless they are without Him. Thus we need God the MOST & that is what brings you the really joy!!

Anna needs to masturbate more. It'll do her a world of good.
BAMZ +1 rocks my world

To all the CHILD-LIKE Jennifer haters, you can't accept the simple fact that people other than you have different values, morals, ethics and OPINIONS. That does not mean we "hate" like you do. I'm sure TeamAniston is loving the fact that Angelina worshippers are STOOPING SO LOW in order to defend Angelina. It reflects on Angelina. It shows that only wackos, sickos, psychos, photo stalkers, street trash talking sluts who are unstabalized people in the head are supporting her.

And someone said that the more we hate the more you love Bangelina. No one's trying to convince you to hate Angelina ANYWAY. It's all in your head! We're simply stating our opinions on the situation. Debate like grown adults, not unstabalized idiots who internalize these things.

Grow up, you pathetic morons!

Most respectable people will debate issues, not act like 12 year olds play the "dissing" game.

There's no one else hating except you. And let's face it, you don't hate Jen. You hate US, the people who have an opinion and statement against Angelina.

And you hate us because we're stating the truth for what it is.

People who feel guilty about the truth always start spitting curse words and insults at the person who brings up their flaws!

I MASTURBATE EVERYDAY! HEEHEE!!! Brangelina I'd like to masturbate in front of you! HEE, HEE! HEE,HEE!

Debate like grown adults,
Grow up, you pathetic morons!
February 26, 2006 06:30 PM

What's your definition of debating like an adult?

Debating PATHETIC MORONS, is what I consider an EASY debate. But obviously, I can't find any adult debates here.

Did you forget to take your meds? You are contradicting yourself left and right. And no I'm not going to do the work for you. Read over your own posts. You're so angry I can almost see the little vein on the side of your head throbbing. I work in the medical field, if it persists get thee to a doctor. Stat!

Sharon - unfortunately, same goes for all those you mention too. but you can do whatever you wish.

5:57 Anna: Are you claiming that all Buddhists hate God? You are an ASS! Do you know anything about the monks of Tibet who spend their lives dedicated to meditation, non-violence, and just being good for the sake of karma. Are you kidding me? I think it is wonderful that Angelina is a Buddhist. I have studied Buddhism, it is one of the purest, most beautiful religions. Its whole focus is on dictating your path and being absolutely quiet and good as you travel on the path to complete enlightenment. I can't think of anything that is more Godlike than that.

wow, people get so riled up about brad and angelina. i think everytime there are new pictures of them here, the comments box goes wild. but it's always the same people with the same comments. they either love the couple or hate them. or start talking about how they're homewreckers or how jennifer aniston this, jennifer aniston that. GEt over it people , brangelina is a couple, i wish this family the best, and they all have moved on including JENNIFER ANISTON. haters are gonna hate

I do hope Jared is paying attention to all these comments. I don't know what has happened to this board. Ever since Female First directed all the Aniston fans over here and suggested that we be riled up, the general quality and substance of what is posted has deteriotated slowly. There are inappropriate comments that are being made by both sides. One of the things I have enjoyed about this site was that the participants all shared a desire to communicate and discuss this subject. Not by calling each other names but by sharing our experiences and communicating our position in a mature and civil way. I am dissapointed that so many of you seem to think that blogs are strictly for acting up and insulting everyone and that being "anon" on the internet is an excuse to say things that would embarass. shock and hurt your parents, your children, your ministers etc. I really hope that most of you doing the hating and the nasty name calling on both sides are kids and not adults who should know better.

I only express here what I would express to anyone's face even if they are a "star", without sacrificing either my self-respect or my integrity. I wonder if everyone can say the same? Our legal system is based on innocent until proven guilty. All the religious beliefs that I am familiar with teach us not judge lest we be judged and to treat others as you want them to treat you. If verbal abuse is something you enjoy then perhaps you need to go to one of the sites that promote S& M.

I have noticed that a lot of those whose posts made this site so different are rarely on anymore. I think I will do the same, at least until some of juvenile behavior changes or ends.

I'm sick of Brangelina already.

Wonderful pics of Angie and Maddox. She is a gorgeous woman.

I love brangelina. AJ and Maddox look so happy.

fed up | February 26, 2006 02:07 PM

You made me laugh with that post, you took the words right outta me mouth Matey!!!
Who the fuck is this Mira "blah blah blah" idiot??? geeezzzzz They appear to be posting on the wrong blog. "Hellooooooo", if you don't just wanna luvvvvvvv Angelina & chill awhile, then go try typing all your crap "somewhere", where "someone" may even want to wade through it all! Again I say, "blah blah blah blah blah, talk to the hand".

Also "fed up", I agree with you on the Buddhists post = anna is an arsehole!!! They are absolutely beautiful and 100% peace loving in their "belief system". I am positive GOD sits back smiling, sooooooo proud of some of his finest work/people in existance in the world today!

It's not Brangelinia, BAMZ, BAMZ+1 or any other name we attach to these people. It's all of you here. The positive, the negative, the foul and profound. That is what this site is. Really has nothing to do with any of the people in the pictures we look at.
Just our perception of their reality which, is NO real reality at all. We all just make it up as we go along feeding our own illusionary psychos and giving ourselves a chance to speak our piece on the issues.
ANNA doesn't even know what she is talking about. Buddahism if Angelina is even practicing it, she never told me she was, is the path of the authenic heart. The center of the heart where GOD resides in all of us, even those of you who find it necessary to masturbate in front of others.
I hope everyone has cleared their minds and feel better at these people's overexposure and violation of their lives to be hung in front of us to dissect.
It's not them that should make anyone sick, it's the blantant
followers injecting serum of darkness that cast such diease in what should be a celebration of life and the good works of just 2 people. To all of you who bring light and intelligence. Thank You.

ps... The post following said it all so "cool" before, I decided it was worthy of a "second go round". Cheers. BAMZ + 1 rules guys. Love your new site J2. Keep it up. ":)

"It's funny how some people who dont like Brangelina waste their time typing up LONG ASS posts to express their dislikes. I mean honestly, if you don't like them, then why waste your time clicking on the link, look at pictures, then type up long ass essays? Are you THAT obsessed?

Nony | February 25, 2006 04:54 PM"


Please get your facts right before you spout off....UNICEF is part of the UN system (and yes I used to work there so I should know)!
UNICEF is considered a much weaker agency than UNHCR (High Commission for Refugees) that Angelina is an ambassador for. In fact a few years ago, there was some concern about whether they would be able to retain their budget.

It may come as news to you that Angelina's humanitarian work preceded her relationship with Brad Pitt (just google her work with refugees).

At the end of the day, why would anyone be bitter about someone trying to help others and make more of their life than a more superficial existence? Sure, not ebery Hollywood star has the inclination, interest or talent to help others around the world, but don't put Angelina for trying in her little way. Look into your heart and ask yourself if you really care about those without a voice ior hope in Cambodia, Pakistan, Ethiopia and so on. If she draws attention to the needs (as she is supposed to as an a Ambassador), more power to her. Actions speak louder than words...

Superficiality, shallowness and pettiness come and go. True commitment will still be around when you've moved on to the next tabloid story that grabs your attention.

To all the wonderful original inhabitants of this blog (both pro and anti-BAMZ + 1), don;t let the loonies take over....they'll get bored if they're ignored and as some other Hollywood "scandal" becomes hot.

In the meantime, please keep these wonderful family pictures coming. The kids look content and Paris is Paris...love it!

P.S. If Brad is as awful and ugly as some posters on this board claim, aren't you thrilled that Ms. Aniston is rid of him, happy for her and so over him? But noooooooo, lots of negative energy expended putting him down.

The only reason this cunt adopts brown children is for publicity.

What happened Ang, did the pillow fall out? You don't even look pregnant anymore, Slut!

They are a boring conservative couple who have BOTH lost their looks and both will not be working or hot for much longer. Thank goodness.


Oh brother,
Hope springs eternal and just maybe there is hope for you.Let go of the hate and you'll feel better.

THIS COUPLE HAS LOST ALL CREDIBILITY, and no matter what they do they will come off as SELF SERVING. That's too BAD, BUT THEY SUCK.

you guys are crazy. There are kids dying every day in poor countries and you are fighting about a couple? Does that make sense? And I am talking to BAMZ or JA fans. You are all pathetic and should look yourself in the mirror before going ahead.
The time that you have wasted money writing here could have been wisely spent for food for empoverish people.

Once again, the debate is over Brangelina, not the people who support or do not support her. You want to look at us and spew hate at us for stating our opinions but you cant look at yourselves for your own infidelities and admit that somewhere deep down you're trying to justify all the wrong doings in your life by setting wonderful saint and sinner Brangelina as an example. Look at yourselves first before you judge the so called Brangelina haters. Because there’s certainly nothing abnormal about a bunch of normal, mature people who have had pregnancies, marriages, children, relationships, family values and so forth looking at this relationship in a negative light and somehow affecting Brangelina’s image.

Granted there have been many infidelities like this in Hollywood and outside of it, but the mere fact that so many people have a problem with this particular couple should worry, not only the Brangelina supporters, but Brangelina themselves. Because even if their films suffer as a result of this or grow in box office numbers, they should be uncomfortable in knowing that it had absolutely nothing to do with their "fine" acting. This whole Brangelina issue has become a fiasco because of the Jennifer haters and the not so supportive Brangelina crowd . And I say ‘not so supportive’ because I truly believe no one hates Angelina or Brad. They‘d have to do more than cheat in order to grow a crowd of haters. It would have to take more than that, like a bunch of Jennifer haters spewing nonsense, to result in a growing number of Brangelina haters.

If you want to defend a couple who is such a sore topic to so many people opposite from you, then I suggest you sit down and think first before you do it. Simply because you cant come up with a good enough defense for Brangelina doesn’t mean you spew hate towards their other fans. Because despite the popular belief amongst Brangelina worshippers, their nay sayers are there to support them INDIVIDDUALLY as well. Sorry if the Brangelina haters are bursting the Jennifer haters' bubbles, but let's face it, middle America and many other parts of the world have traditional, moral, religious and ethical beliefs.

The fact that Angelina goes around talking about being a good working mother and ambassador, this sudden turn of events have had people up in arms, saying, "she lied to us'" making her look like the biggest hypocrite of all time. By looking at Brangelina as these saints, which they apparently aren’t, you're therefore making people want to debate the issue even more. The fact that people cant accept Brangelina's relationship should tell you something.

What a bunch of bs. anon,11:15. Yea so what are you doing on this site? What a hipocrite. It is doing is I say and not as I do people like you who are the problem. The ones who are moralising and castigating while your husband is in his office watching porn or looking for some action on the single sites. You go to church every sunday but you cheat on your taxes and you will do anything for the almighty buck. Who made you God or Jesus so that you can sit in judgment of anyone. ? You probably think sex is dirty and only for having babies too? No wonder your husband is on line or at work looking for anyone whose heart is not as cold as yours seem to be/

And there goes the spews of hate again. LOL, you jennifer haters simply don't get it. I feel sorry for brangelina to have such a bad crowd destroying their image.

I think We should something to do for poor people like Angie!!

normal, mature people who have had pregnancies, marriages, children, relationships, family values and so forth looking at this relationship in a negative light and somehow affecting Brangelina’s image.
What a joke! you all wish you were affecting their image. You should be more worried about how you and your kind of bigot and hypocrite fan has started a backlash against jennifer. You are a joke to everybody in the media. I hear at least one joke a night about Maniston crazed fans carrying their jihad . My friend works at a movie and he said it is true about what they say about you all. You are all fat and fugly with your big buckets of buttered popcorn and boxes of candy. Yea, if I was married to you I would sure be wanting me some skinny young thing instead of your bitter fat ass.

Yea okay there Anon. Another psychotic.

THIS COUPLE HAS LOST ALL CREDIBILITY, and no matter what they do they will come off as SELF SERVING. That's too BAD, BUT THEY SUCK.

whoathat's lame | February 26, 2006 10:51 PM
You must certainly referring to Vaugniston right? Yep, They sucked as a couple (if they are a couple?)

Actually, I kind of feel sorry for Jennifer, because, clearly one of the reason for the breakup is her attempt to become an A LIST. But, recently two of her films DID NOT do well on the BOX OFFICE.

Probably, so many people got tired on her whining and "pity party" or she doesn't really have it in her to be a BIG SCREEN star.

You do’nt have to feel sorry for them because we love them more.Actually,Angelina came
back No.1 popular foreighn actress in Japan
this year.Jen is No.49.Sorry.

Anonymous [February 25, 2006 06:01 AM] wrote:

"thank god other sides exist. diversity is better than reading all the time same posts from mija, dolphingirl etc."

I'm all for diversity of opinions and sharing different views. Elena's right on in her assessment. It appears to me that the board is getting flooded with not just mean spiritedness toward celebrities but also to everyone posting. It's a shame to see that. You can dislike the stars on the blog and still post that opinion with out swearing at each other or calling the celebrities bad names. I fail to see how that makes your posts interesting or worthwhile.

If Catherine Zeta Jones before she was married to Michael Douglas, went around saying she loves sex and admits that she falls in love & steals her co-stars away and THEN goes and does what Angelina did with Brad and Jen, you'd be like "What the hell?!"

The fact that Angelina admits this makes her excuse that Brad left Jen because she wouldn't have kids, even more of a farse.

There's a difference btw a relationship that develops due to fate (even if out of infidelity) and one that is the result of many years of a habit of taking men/women away from their significant others. This is what pisses people off.

You don't seem to get that she does this on purpose, not by accident. So, this is typically not seen as a good thing.

So, when she goes and does her UN work, people are eyeing her as a hypocrite. Do as you preach. She is basically preaching "treat others the way you want to be treated." And I have not seen her do that. And her desire to adopt kids is her own personal desire. It's not going to help the world or sink poverty.

I have to admit I was in Kenya for a couple of weeks not long ago and had a long layover in the Amsterdam airport. The magazine covers in Nairobi and Amsterdam, had Angie and Brad all over them and they were portrayed in a positive light. No Jen to be found. She's not as big worldwide as some of you think.

Jen is 37 y/o, old lady in Hollywood standard. what role can she get ? cutie role which she is adept of will be going to the younger , prettier actress , intense,dramatic role just didn't suit her look at what happen to "Derail" . she 'll eventually follow the path of Meg Ryan. out of A-list after 40 y/o. or even earlier. she had already 2 bombs. worst, she didn't had an A-list husband to boost her career anymore. Jen stock is plummeting, which make her fanatic fans insecure .this could probably be the reason they put all the hatred on Brad and Angie. because they knew Jen Hollywood A-list days are number .(this is just my opinion)

Europe is probably the total opposite when it comes to viewing things morallistically or conservatively. They are the first people to supprt Brangelina. Europe has a different view point on things. So I am not suprised they are supported there. They are supported alot, but it doesn't make what Brangelina did right.

The other thing is, in my previous statement I talked about Angelina only. Regarding brad, people just can't believe he would just give up on his relatonship with Jen like that.

And it's not really support. It's tabloids. Reporting & gossipping are not necessarily "supporting."






I just checked out this weeks top DVD rentals. I wanted to see if Mr & Mrs Smith since it was released back in November (and held the #1 spot in preorders, rentals and sales for 4 weeks) was even in the current top 100 or 150. Its actually sitting in 36th place. 36th place is actually pretty darn good for a movie that came out on June 10th and went to DVD in November. In Industry terms, there seems not to be much backlash against the Brangelina machine. I really recommend that you Jen lovers/Brangelina haters put your energy into getting people to see her next two films or bye bye jenny.



And it's not really support. It's tabloids. Reporting & gossipping are not necessarily "supporting."

Then you all better get out there and support aniston's ass by going to her movies because you haven't done a very good job of it lately. Now have ya.

THIS COUPLE HAS LOST ALL CREDIBILITY, and no matter what they do they will come off as SELF SERVING. That's too BAD, BUT THEY SUCK.
whoathat's lame | February 26, 2006 10:51 PM

I agree and will not be paying to see them on the big screen.
maybe DVD rental is their FUTURE.

Brad ,Angie were all over our local celebrity news since last year but they were portrayed in a positive light. Angelina was even voted as the most popular and love Hollywood actress in a poll (2005)taken in greater china region (china,taiwan,hongkong), Jen Aniston came in 6 or 7 out of sympathy. Brad came in third after Jude law, Orlando Bloom. Brad and Anegelina are very popular in this region we love them!

Anonymous,what does CZJ and MD have to do with this subject?Since you bought them upCZJ dating MD while he was still married and became pregnant,thats why his cheap butt finally paid his ex-wife so he could get divorced.Angie does not steal people husbands, you are taking the Laura Dern thing and going to town,buy the way Ben Harper the man Dern hooked up with after BBT was married,why do you think it took so long for them to get married.You haters can keep trolling this site all you do is make Brad and Angie all the more popular.This relationship has not hurt them in anyway.JA is not as popular as you fans think.Everyday on ET,Etra,Insider they show Brand and Angie,not Jen very often.They are always on magazines because they sell,They did a poll on E asking fans who they wanted to hear about,Lohan and Jolie were the top two out of 5,JA came in last with less than 20% of the votes.So I think you haters so go and send all day logging on JA site,and buy a moive ticket to help her out.

Well maybe Angeliho will hook up with Jude Law. 2 cheaters perfect for each other. haha.

Well maybe Angelina-ho will hook up with Jude Law. 2 cheaters perfect for each other. Ha ha.

Do you think anybody cares what you think about Jen? Angelina could have taken Brad away from ANYONE and we still would have been more supportive of his ex-wife than Angelina.

And secondly, the only reason Brangelina did well in dvd rentals is because of their relationship, not their HORRIBLE acting which everyone, even movie critics, agreed was TERRIBLE.

That's a good idea!

Instead of scrolling down, it's better to see the latest comments on TOP of everything...like a regular message board.

It depends on Jared and his wonderful GF, I guess. Smileys would be great also to add and put emotions on what one person just commented about. Just a thought.


Angelina is an overpaid average actress.
she is popular because she is attractive.

Jennifer is more mature and better actress. She is an adult and
caring humanitarian.She doesn't need people to help her out and defend her because she is a MATURE AND CARING PERSON.

Yea, I think Angelina is better off with Jude Law.

maybe she'll manage to hook up with jonny depp and he'll end up seperating form his french wife. who wants to bet that jonny depp will end up seperating/divorcing (if they're married) after this movie he does it with Angelina? I bet you all the french supprters of his wife/girlfriend will be pissed.

MR. And MRS. Smith was the worst movie I saw in 2005.
Maybe instead of making moves on her costars Angelina can take some
acting classes. It would really help.

MR. And MRS. Smith was the worst movie I saw in 2005.
Maybe instead of making moves on her costars Angelina can take some
acting classes. It would really help.


Sometimes, "critics" have their own pattern of observing a film. So, it does not necessarily means that, when they gave some actors/actresses a C...that the movie will tanked in the Box Office. It depends on what the audience would like to see. Mr. and Mrs. Smith received (correct me if I'm wrong) a C review from the critics and it made 186 million in the US but Globally, it made 450 million plus.

So, it just proved that they like the movie and the STARS of the movie.

"And secondly, the only reason Brangelina did well in dvd rentals is because of their relationship"

See now you're just making excuses. As any director will tell you. Curiosity gets butts in the seats but word of mouth keeps people coming back for more. Meaning: a movie may do well its 1st weekend but if it stinks, movie goers don't come back. Same with dvds, sales may be high the 1st week but won't stay there into the 2nd or third week.

Rottentomatoes.com keeps track of movie reviews, only from the top reviewers across the country.

Mr Mrs Smith 60%
(60 or above is considered fresh)

Derailed 22%
(anything below 60 is considered rotten)

Rumor Has It 20%

Keep your money in your pocket. Brad and Angie aren't missing it.

I'm not going to buy a movie ticket to help Jen A out. Its not about competition between Angelina and Jen. You cant seem to realize that people just dont support Brangelina's relationship. And just because the tabloids and media r following their every move means absolutely nothing for their approval rating. You can watch a soap opera everyday and still call some character a "bitch" because you didn't like what their character did, but you're still gonna watch it for the drama.

That's because people wanted to see Jolie and Pitt kissing.

Jolie sucks but all you people seem more intelligent than the idol you worshop. Angelina Jolie is so annoying and ambitious.

Thank you for the correct information on UNICEF, Thelma. Yes, UNICEF and the UNHCR are both under the UN umbrella - I think they're called sister agencies. They are not NGOs but I know that UNICEF works with and sponsors some NGOs.

Mira - your singling out of Pakistan and the UN sounds like a personal bias to me.

Is there corruption in the UN? Yes. Is there corruption in every government worldwide including Pakistan, India, African countries, America, Australia, the UK, France etc etc? Yes. We should all work to eliminate corruption but to say that AJ shouldn't visit refugees in Pakistan because there is corruption in the government is an untenable statement.

I live in an area devastated by the Tsunami. From personal experience, when you need help desperately and fast, you don't care if Kofi Annan's son is a corrupt idiot; you're just grateful to anyone who is willing to offer that help.

Everyone has to make his/her own decision about which groups of people to support. It might be battered women, abused children, the homeless, refugees or former child soldiers.

Personally, I sponsor a child in Afria and go with my children to help out at the local prison school. Could I do more? Sure.

If Angelina Jolie, Bono, Oprah, Bon Geldoff, Alyssa Milano (whoever she is), or any other celebrity can use his/her 'star' power to help one village, one family or even one child, then that's a success.

Okay, I will keep my money in my pocket.

Sorry to burst your bubble,

Two Fims that TANKED on the Box Office last year....

Derailed --> went of the track big time

Rumor Has It --> same thing, Just a Rumor and tanked also.

Thank you fed up and others for clearing the ignorance spouted by Anna about Buddhism. To go further, I have my own 2 cents.

Anna, that's funny you even condemn Angelina for having no god when certain schools of Buddhism believe in a god. Besides the point, a Buddhist is accountable for her own actions as there is that principle of karma and taking responsibility for what you've done. A Buddhist is also supposed to live one's life with compassion and respect for others and be just.

You're clearly showing your prejudice and bigoted attitude against Buddhism as if Buddhists live less moral lives. I would contend that countries where Buddhism is the predominant religion have less divorce rates, less dysfunctional families, less alcoholism, less drug rates and less violence than many so-called Christian countries. America alone leads in many of those rates, especially crime rates for a developed, industrialized nation.

There have been a couple of outright ignorant and racist comments made about Asians. Just because a faction of Asians prefer to have double-eye lids and a narrower nose does NOT mean they have a Western idealization. Do you think double-eye lids and narrow noses don't occur naturally among a large segment of Asian populations? They are in themselves ASIAN variation of facial features. Sure there may be some who idealize Westerners, but it doesn't mean the majority. The Japanese are among the most nationalistic, along with Chinese, there are in the world. They are no less proud of their cultures than the French. Who is among the biggest star in Asia? Bae Yong Jun? He starred in the biggest serial drama in Asia: Winter Sonata. Then, there are the Hong Kong stars of Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-Fat to name a few. There is a surge of the Korean wave of films taking over Asia.

It's just plain rude to attack Asians in general in a weak-ass attempt to dismiss the Asian posters support of Angelina.

On the debate of Pakistan versus India and who is more in need. Let's talk numbers and not rhetoric, shall we? By economic and population statistics, Pakistan is more needy than India. According to CIA World facts, here is the comparison with the first set of numbers for Pakistan and second for India:

Death rates for Pakistan and India 8.45/1000....8.28/1000 (Pakistan has higher rater of deaths)
Infant mortality rates 72.44/1000...56.29/1000 (Pakistan has more infant dying)
Life expectancy 63...64.35 (Indians have longer life span)
literacy 48.7%...59.5% (Indians more literate and educated)
GDP $385.2 billion....$3.678 trillion (India produces more GDP)
GDP (official exchange rate) $92.2 billion...$735.6 billion (India produces more)
GDP - per capita $2,400...$3,400 (Pakistan per person is poorer)
Poverty rate of population 32%...25% (Pakistans poorer)
Public debt 54.3% of GDP...82% (India more heavily in debt)
Economic aid recipient $2.4 billion...$2.9 billion (FY 98/99)
(Pakistan's stats can be pulled from the menu on the same page)

I recall after the Asian tsunami of reading about India's response to aid, India refused aid as they wanted to become self-sufficient and not a freeloader.

So things aren't as simple as India being overlooked for Pakistan over political relations. Check the real economic indicators and the attitudes of the aid recipients.

Please show me some proof that they have a low approval rating from a legitimate source (i.e. not Star magazine). Come on, they've been the hottest topic since Jan 05. They're must be something printed in the last 3 months that will help your cause.

Yes rent Born in Brothels, DON'T RENT MR AND MRS SMITH.

Save your money to send to starving kids in India.

Save the world from BRANGELINA.

Born in Brothels was narrated by Angelina Jolie.

Another reason to love her. BAMZ+1 fuh-evah!

.....but lately, I have been watching some of the re-runs of FRIENDS....Jennifer A. is pretty good portraying RACHEL though, other than RACHEL, her acting ability does not have any depth to it.

Boy, those haters are grasping at straws. They keep complaining that BAMZ supporters can't debate and defend with facts; that instead we have to resort to personal attacks either on them or Jennifer, even as they continue with their baseless attacks on Angelina or insulting us.

Well, the fact is that beyond MAMS doing well in the theatres with a take of $186 million, it did well worldwide of $485 million where the gossip about Brad, Jennifer and Angelina weren't even part of their news.

Yes, curiosity may help a film during its first week, but word-of-mouth will kill it the rest of the weeks. Yet, MAMS had enough legs to bring in $186 million AND continue to do well of over $100 million in DVD rentals (as of the end of last year, it may be more now) AND sell $50 million in DVDs for people's personal collection. $50 million is more than any of Jennifer's flops did in the theatre. $150 million plus in after-market (theatre) business is damn supportive of Brad and Angelina. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez couldn't even get that support for their two films Gigli and New Jersey Girl. New Jersey Girl didn't get that bad of reviews either but the public were tired of them. Just as we're tired of Jennifer and refuse to see her face plastered everywhere.

Good to see the Japanese fans posting from their perspective. Japan is a large and lucrative market for American films.

About the so-called Middle America values, what a bunch of baloney. It's in Middle America where the highest divorce rates, teenage pregnancies, etc. occur. The most stable are in the so-called blue states with the highest education. Yes folks higher education not only makes people less judgmental but more stable.

On the board format, I kind of like the one-page comments. If you need to find a particular post, you can just do a word search and get to it instead of having to go to each page.

Maybe if the posts were numbered it would be easier to find where we last left off. And yeah, maybe it's better to put the posts in ascending order with the latest at the top.

Born into Brothels was not narrated by Bragenlina, that was another movie. Zana Briski lived with the kids for yrs.


cheaters rule | February 27, 2006 12:38 AM

There is an appropriate site for your choice of words....femalefirst, have you heard of that site?

"Please show me some proof that they have a low approval rating from a legitimate source (i.e. not Star magazine)."

They won't have any but relying on their small cult of echoing opinions. Think FemaleFirst in the BAJ section which can't even get this much traffic on its sorry site.

Brad and Angelina consistently top worldwide polls (including those in the States) of ideal romantic couple, desirable, company-worthy etc. The bottom line, their film is irrefutable proof of support for them. The haters will throw out the same lame and ineffectual excuse that it was the scandal.

In every entertainment news show, they show Brad and Angelina as a loving couple and not as a scandalous couple. Scandalous couple is soooo 1930s. If Meg Ryan wasn't so weird looking now and living with her dated America's Sweetheart persona, even she could still be acting. Russell Crowe isn't lacking of good film roles despite his rep as a jerk.

3 R's
I believe in just the facts. Haters can call Angie and Brad names till the cows come home but the facts remain the facts. Brad and Angie's careers are not hurting. Yes, they may have lost some fans but they gained some too. All of the major Brad and Angie fans sites have seen a surge in registrations. New fan sites devoted to them as a couple keep popping up and there are even one or two devoted just to Maddox and Zahara!

Also, don't forget there is an entire huge segment of the US and worldwide population who couldn't give a rats ass about who is sleeping with who. They will go see a movie starring Brad or Angie or Jen if its good. period. In the end much to do about nothing.

Even if you put the latest post on top, you still have to wait for the whole page to finish loading in order to post your own comment. I like the more than one page idea better.

And why would you want to do a word search? So you can go back to that poster and berade them and misquote their every comment?

*** cb stands to salute, offer's her handshake & comments on the amazing post by >>> ***

3 R's | February 27, 2006 12:54 AM

"Well typed/spoken!!! Excellent argument Matey...ya deserve a medal! ":)

*cb blows her whistle*

The only problem with the latest post coming up first is that you haven't read whatever came before, and since usually a post is a resonse and not just a separate comment, you are clueless about what they mean. I think having "Day Pages" might be a better way to quickly find where you left off. It isn't a problem with 30 or 40 posts, but wow! The BAMZ pictures attract hundreds of responses, and that gets unwieldy. But back to Brad and Angelina!! Where are they? Is his hair still dark? Maybe he went to NYC for a "hair repair". As you can see, some of us cannot be side-tracked by the high-minded and important information. We just like to see pictures and escape for a few minutes. That is why it is so heart-breaking and discouraging when the foul-language people "contribute." They spoil the fun. I disagree that we are intruding into Brad and Angelina's love affair. They are entertainers and they are entertaining us by letting us watch from the sidelines and cheer them on. Sigh. Bring everyone home, Brad!

"But back to Brad and Angelina!! Where are they? Is his hair still dark? "

As of today (Sunday) they all are back in Paris. Yes, his hair is still dark. Or at least I think it is because he was wearing that darn baseball cap. lol

good post 3R's !

Well, I have broadband so loading isn't a problem. But I can concede it may for modem connections.

I wonder if the comments can be pulled up with just the text and not any graphics. It's usually the graphics that slow down the page loading.

I'll agree to indexing the comments to maybe 100 or so. Keep it high enough so we don't have to click on so many pages just to keep up, but not high enough that it slows down the page loading.

As for the reason I would like to search for a particular post, I like to remind myself of what some people might have said and not to go back to berating someone or beating a dead horse to death.

Good night to all the BAMZ+1 supporters. Your anonymous ally is off to bed. Remember when the haters rear their ugly heads just hit them with the facts. They would rather engage you in a name calling contest. Don't. Facts always have a way of shutting them up. Again, I'm still waiting for the proof that Brad & Angie's careers are hurting but I have better things to do than wait forever. Till tomorrow.

SEEM LIKE , there are some PSHYO, WANT TO DESTROY THEIR FAMILY, You're going to be a real homewrecker.

Hey Lou. DolphinGirls and the other posters who managed to communicate their opinion without borrowing Jesu's Crown of Thorns or spitting venom. Trying to communicate with someone with little or no emotional intelligence is like trying to explain a color to someone who is blind. An open mind is able to share ideas just as only an open heart can let love in and give love out. Sadly if the content of so many of the posts are a reflection of the poster's emotional maturity regardless of age.... there are are a LOT of closed minds and closed hearts posting on this subject.

But regardless what is said about them here , they are living the life most of us wish we had. For ourselves and for our children. One only has to look at the pictures that Jared has posted to know that they are a happy and healthy family. There are two adults who obviously adore each other and who adore their two children. It is beyond my comprehension why individuals who make such a big deal out of their being all about family etc.. why they cannot give credit where credit is due on how this family is melding and bonding. It is also beyond my comprehension how despite all attempts and documentation that support Angie and Brad and prove the inaccuracy of all those negative rumors and assumptions people choose to turn a blind eye to truth , fairness, compassion and kindness. You want to penalize Angie for what she did 5-10 years ago yet you condone Jennifer's currently using coke for weight control. smoking pot, drinking too much, gambling and for who the only foreign aid she is involved in might be tipping the busboy or waiter. From my perspective if anybody has an askewed value system it is the person who values someone whos is totally self-absorbed and self-centered as well as self-destructive over someone who makes her children and family a priority and is trying to do something to make the world a better place for her children to grow up in? I have yet to read one post from a fan who can explain this double standard. And I find unfairness like prejudice. very offensive and worth standing up for.

To 3 R's | February 27, 2006 12:54 AM :

India has over 1 billion people living in it's tiny country. So 50% in India is equivalent to half a billion whereas 50%in Pakistan would be equivalent to it's SMALLER population.

50% in India is much larger than the 50% in Pakistan. Pakistan's poverty rate is large for it's country. But if you count the actual number of people in poverty in Pakistan compared to the actual number of people in poverty in India, you will find major difference (e.g., For every 1000 in poverty in Pakistan, there are 1 million in poverty in India... that's not the actual number but you get my point).

The reason for the low literacy rate in Pakistan has more to do with the muslim religion than poverty. In india, literacy rate is higher in select places, like south India where after the caste system was destroyed in some parts of india, they made sure everybody learned to read and made sure to spread free public education to everyone. But in north India, you will find the illiteracy rate still high because of the Hindu caste system where they won't allow people who are extremely poor or part of a low caste to learn to read.

India is made up of 70% villages. Pakistan is not.
In those villages are poverty stricken people. Even the ones who are considered "middle class" are actually poor or living in less than civilized conditions.

The fact that Pakistan is getting $24billion in aid is bigger than India for it's population. Whereas, for india's humungous population, $29billion is not enough or nothing compared to Pakistan.

Regarding India not wanting any outside help. India's government is somewhat corrupt (as with many governments, including our own in America). So their government's decisions are not helping sometimes. So, we still need to help India even more, because of that.

I really don't understand why the Brangelina haters keep coming here. I don't like JA, therefore I have no interest whatsoever in everything that has something to do with her. They keep saying they are fed up with BAMZ+ 1, but they know their every move and keep coming here. It doesn't make sense.

I live in Autralia. Could you please tell me , most American really hate ANGELINA or just a few peeple?bUT I can tell you right she's popular in ASiA for actress, whatever I wish them happiness.
HATERS, please don't curse them, why don't you
think about an unborn baby.

Umm, I realize that India's population is higher, which is why infant mortality and death rates are denominated in per 1000 and GDP is enumerated in per capita. India also has a GDP at least 10,000 times Pakistan when India's population is 10 times Pakistan's 162 million. That says India's economy is larger than Pakistan's not only in absolute terms but proportionately. And it also means that India is better equipped to get themselves out as a developing country.

No matter how one wants to slice and dice it, it is Pakistan that wants more of the aid than India.

And the bottom line India as a government wants a status as INDEPENDENT of foreign aid, as China wants to become a net forgeign aid giver (as opposed to forgein aid recipient).

Help is where help is WANTED. So it's still a specious attack on Angelina that she brought attention more to Pakistan's EARTHQUAKE disaster than India's poverty.

To further the supposed argument that Middle America aka the Bible states aka the Red States have better morals, that is such bullshit.

1. Divorce rate: 2.4% for Massachusetts, 4.1% for Texas. The AP reported that US Census data shows that the Bible Belt states have a divorce rate 50% higher than the rest of the country.
2. Teenage pregnancy: 7.4% for Massachusetts, 16.1% for Texas.
3. High school completion: 85% for Massachusetts, 76% for Texas.
4. College completion: 33% for Massachusetts, 23% for Texas.

The Northeast states were all solidly in line behind Massachusetts, while the southern red states were all grouped with Texas. d'Antonio cites that the emphasis on education in the blue states keeps young people in school longer, so that they tend to marry when they are more mature, have better paying jobs, and are less likely to get pregnant at a young age.

d'Antonio concludes: Indeed, it is the "blue" states, led led by Massachusetts and Connecticut, that have been willing to invest more money over time to foster the reality of what it means to leave no children behind. And they have been among the nation's leaders in promoting a living wage as their goal in public employment. The money they have invested in their future is known more popularly as taxes; these so-called liberal people see that money is their investment to help insure a compassionate, humane society. Family values are much more likely to be found in the states mistakenly called out-of-the-mainstream liberal. By their behavior you can know them as the true conservatives. They are showing how to conserve family life through the way they live their family values.

There are numerous websites detailing the breakdown of the stats but that should suffice.

No, tnn, most Americans don't hate Brad or Angelina. It's just a small bunch with loud mouths. And they tend to morph into other posters posting under different names to make themselves look more than they really are.

You look around other forums and you'll see more posters in support of Brangelina, especially sites that have require all posters to register (like AOL). Angelina has the most hits in recent months. Though the haters will see it's because of the rubber-necking effect, no it's not. It's one thing to watch an accident that has happened before you, but people don't actually drive to an accident out of the way just to see it. In that same sense, people who go out of their way to research and find out about Angelina aren't doing it to take pleasure out of some disaster. Why the haters continue to follow the gossip is a whole another thing about their illness.

Sorry to post this separately but I had to run a search on India's official policy on foreign aid.

India has grown tired of its image as a nation in need of a handout.

As a first step in its efforts to be seen as a rising world power, New Delhi has decided to prune its dependence on foreign money and only accept government-to-government aid from a club of six donor countries.

Emboldened by a treasury chest holding $82bn (€71bn, £49bn) in foreign currency, India said it planned to stop receiving "small aid packages", as part of a wider plan to become an aid donor rather than aid recipient.

Mr Andersson offered a broader explanation. "India wants to see itself as an emerging regional power with the ambition of having a permanent seat on the [United Nations] Security Council," he said.

India cannot easily achieve this ambition as long as it depends on foreign aid.

Financial Times, 7/8/03

That excerpt from that article clearly shows India wants to position itself as a world leader and not a panhandling country.

Help is very much wanted in India. Just because it's government is bad, as in other countries, doesn't mean it's people don't need help. Just leave those poverty stricken people in villages & cities while India's goverment is making money off of taxes that are triple the amount of America's taxes? You'd be surprised how much the tax would come out to on a bill, when dining in a restaurant in India.

Simply because it's government is corrupt does not mean you should ignore the cries of help from its people. Look at communist Cuba, and the people who try to escape it.

And as far as India being able to do better economically because of it's population. Let's put it this way, 90 percent of the people living in India are living in economically disadvanatged conditions. That leaves 10% to be relied upon to help bring up the economy. You're saying because India has a larger population, that it will be easier for them to do better economically? A majority of that population is suffering in poverty. How are you going to get those villagers or beggars on the city streets to help the economy when they don't even have water to survive or enough electricity to study? A friend of mine who's father was raised in the URBAN area of India where you're so called 10% is trying to bring up the economy, use to joke that instead of having to go to a neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar, he would have to go to a neighbor to borrow a cup of water, that's how bad it was. My other friend who's father was raised in the village area was considered rich because of the crops they grew for business. But do you know what their bathroom facilities were like. Let's say, women know how to squat and aim better over there than here. They'd be lucky if they had electricity. And usually their water came out of a well. But still they were considered rich for a villager, compared to the others who had nothing. And sometimes they still ran out of money.

Because India's population is so huge, it will be harder for them to get out of poverty.

Mira, you are making me not want to ever pay any attention to the Indian problem with your nonsense plight of India and Pakistan. By posting this , do you think anyone will care? No, we won't even read your shit. Fuck India, Fuck Pakistan and Fuck you!!!!

This is why I hate Angelina fans cause they post shit like Mira above. Jennifer Aniston rocks.

I also don't like Asians and don't see why Angelina adopted that kid. I hate their squinty eyes, their flat asses, aand the way they kiss ass all the time. I think Asians look really deformed. Like Down Syndrome people. NASTY! Angelina is a freak for adopting one.

Hmmm, I'm surprised the F word doesn't get censored?

What the hell are you talking about Mira?

Only 25% of India's population is considered under the poverty line. That means 75% is above poverty making their means of living.

Just because your standard of living is different from India doesn't mean they aren't SURVIVING.

No doubt India still has a lot to go which is why it is still considered a developing country, but they are doing much better than Pakistan in all relative terms!

But you don't see Pakistan fighting off aid as if it were a plague. And for the record, India DOES get aid from the UN.

This is such nonsense of who needs more aid when any aid or attention devoted should be applauded.

What next? Are we going to debate which animal should be more on the endangered species list? The blue whale or the Siberian tiger?

Sheesh, the length the haters go to nitpicking in their criticisms about Angie and much without merit or substance.

To the other haters, just because this is a blog site doesn't mean you should disrespect Jared's site. Apparently the racists love to display their ignorance and ugliness.

Just one more thing, China has a population of at least 1.3 billion and it's better positioned to become a world leader not only economically but as a policy maker, as many eminent economist have predicted China will be the world leader in 2050.

Size doesn't necessarily matter.


Who Cares About India | February 27, 2006 03:15 AM

^^^^^ and yet another complete ANISTON MORON, trying to prove "their" point!!!

siiigggghhhhhhh "THEY" CAN'T even get their limited "blog" facts straight and proceed to "kill/attack" the right enemy!

hahahahaha Hilarious. YOU just proved your yet another "dip shit clown" in this world! ":)

Great! The Chinese taking over. Short men with no dicks - just a bunch of ugly down syndrome looking people. YUCK! Fuck the Asians. I don't trust them. They pretend to be so subservient but then they wll stab us in the back. Like the South Koreans. Let's get rid of those trollz. And why are all our white men dating Asian women? They are so ugly!!! They must just want a dumb woman to do as they please. Angelina should move to Cambodia with that Troll of hers.

Joy, although we dont liek hearig the F word, a blog should be something that should allow freedom of speech.

3R, its good to read your posts where you've done the homework about India and Pakistan. Mira, I think I can understand your frustration. I've visited Mumbai several times and Karachi only once. One of the things which struck me about both cities was that in Mumbai, you see lots of beggars, even in the best part of town. In Karachi, you really don't see as many beggars. That being said, the statistics which 3R quoted are familiar to me.

In any case Mira, the thing is, helping those in need is helping those in need. We can always argue about which person's need is more deserving of help and will probably disagree. Not to put too fine a point across but remember that little boy with cancer who had been befriended by Nicole Kidman and received a visit from AJ? Well, his prognosis is not good. If we want to be brutal, the thousands of dollars donated to helping him would arguably be better funding vaccinations and basic medical healthcare in India or Pakistan. But his parents love him and are going all out to try to obtain financial support him. As a mother who is aware of his mother's plight, how can I not send some money? that child has a face. It could easily be my daughter's but for God's grace. I'll admit, I'm not willing to help everyone and change my lifestyle completely to do it. Does this make me a hypocrite. so be it.

Who cares about India, go fuck yourself. You obviously have issues.

I don't mind the little black girl though. At least she has normal looking eyes. Those squinty eyes freak me out on Asians. Jennifer Aniston has the perfect look. Blonde, blue eyes and a nice body. Angelina loks like Pocahontas on crack.

cb you're just as psycho as "who cares about india"

as far as i c here, from your berating people, ur the only 'retard' here.

cb probably is "who cares about india"

This is just a freaking gossip blog site, not one on policy matters where freedom of speech is most important.

This site is supported by advertising. Advertising needed with visitors. If it doesn't want to degrade to some white supremacist or hate site, freedom of speech should be moderated.

The pictures of celebrities are for visitors to enjoy.

Angelina is Pocahontas on crack and speed. Besides, can she really prove she is Native American? Bullcrap! Pocahontas is on crack! 3:43, I don't have issues but why are we letting these people into our country? Remember Vietnam and Pearl Harbor and the Korean War? They're all ugly Trollz. You know they look deformed admit it.

Who the fuck cares about India, how in the world can you see from that pinhole eye in the center of your warped face, Cyclops?

At least cb is attacking only the troll under the name of Who cares about India. The troll is so fucking retarded she doesn't even realize she's the fucking joke.

I am actually not CB retards. Hard for you Angie freaks to believe more than one person can see things differently than you. I hope some Asian prostitute steals your man. That is what they are good for.

How come India is considered a third world country and Pakistan is not?

Pakistan is simply getting more help because of biasness. And because they chose to help with America's war.

Let's put it this way. Let's say you have a Pakistani friend who is your buddy and man you'd do anythign for this guy cause he's just a nice guy and he's funny and he's cool. All of a sudden, one of his brothers dies and he needs some money. You remmeber how he helped you alot in something, so you wanna repay him back. So you give him the money. And he talks to you about the conditions of how his brother died, and they were rotten conditions, and you get pissed cause it shouldnt have happened. Because this Pakistani guy explains to you these struggles, you become biased towards him.

This is how America is with Pakistan and it's refugees and so forth. Because Pakistan helped America in the war, America is backing pakistan up. And they are using Angelina to help with the process.

And there are other reasons why India wanted to be independent from other countries, in every way. Because they did not want control form another country, especially a country like america which likes to control everything.

They want to become as stable as America on thir own. But we still need to help them.

Pakistan is getting the attention because they asked for it.

Who are you kidding that Pakistan isn't considered a third world country? In your dreams.

For the record, America is still a foreign aid donor to India as it needs America's vote to get it a permanent seat into the Security Council. So India is going to continue to its aid relationship with the States, along with Great Britain and Russia (big permanent Security Council members).

End message replying to Mira.
With the latest idiot, the haters are proving that there is no bottom to their depravity.

Jared should ban trolls.

Mira, you probably just hate Pakistan because they are Muslim. That is the real deal here. You sound like a pig like a lot of the other posters here.

Jared, can we erase some of the negative posts as well as some of the unnecessary "Thesis on India and Pakistan" posts?

We are here to have fun and talk about a light subject like our favorite stars and this woman wants to take over the site with her insecure ranting about world politics. You are annoying us Mira and none of us will care more because of your continuous posts. We will just remember how annoying you are and avoid this topic because it brings back bad memories of your endless posts.

Please leave the site and leave us alone. Go on the MENSA site where really smart people might be debating really smart things. Leave us alone. You are harassing us now. It is not fair. We don't care, really, we don't care. We don't care one bit.

Please stop. You're being selfish and unfair to us all to have us scroll down (quickly) through your ranting.

Jared, can you block her and some of the racists form postiong? Otherwise, you will lose your fans, I am telling you. No one cam here to have a UN debate on world politics, Jared. Do something! Please.

At least cb is attacking only the troll under the name of Who cares about India. The troll is so fucking retarded she doesn't even realize she's the fucking joke.

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 03:53 AM

^^^^^^^^^ HAHAHAHAHA Matey! Ya know what my Mum always taught me? >>>> "A true idiot, never ever even knows when they are being an idiot!!!"

I THANKYOU for YOUR defence. Even though I don't really need it, I do appreciate it! > for the shitty scum here, speaks merely to "the hand"!!! giggle ":)

I love only intelligent & sensitive humans!

As I said earlier, I have no sympathy for the scum of this planet, they reap what they sow.

For your information, there are plenty of muslims in India. There are even muslim cities or states in India. In fact, Pakistanis probably have more friends who are indian than American.

The ignorance you portray here proves everything. Who cares about India? And why don't you say who cares about Africa? I definitely see a bias here.

This little emily girl represents Angelina and I am so glad that we can bring out the bad side of Angelina's fan base here.

FInally some mind stimulating debates. THANK YOU!! If we keep the intelligent debate on issues up and going the haters diminish. To over their heads and out of their league. I agree 3 R's that part of their illness is a whole other thing. Brad & Angie are stimulating pro active people who are led by their hearts and minds. Angie's work in Washington along with Bono is gaining momentum as the JO-NO affect for stars to follow suit in trying to gain support for issues from both sides of the political platforms. Angie has class. She also doesn't have a publicist which seems to really play to her advantage. I believe as long as one can keep the mystery going the people will follow and take note of what she is doing. Since her life and eyes have been opened up to her compassion for children and her relentless quest to help others, it's the next 5-10 years I look forward to seeing. The kids are great eye candy and Brad is good as he also had like projects for humanitarian issues that compliment and support her efforts, and she his.
To those of you who support JA (not that I have anything against her) it appears hypocritical to denounce AJ & BP when she was banging VV before her divorce was settled too. To raise her up as a model for Americans who have good marriages, families and go to church on Sundays is an injustice to Jennifer, she just is not about all that. You see in her upcoming interviews she is about lounging in Mexico drinking maragritas, bedding her boyfriend, doing yoga, eating lots of salmon and asking her fans to move on and hopes everyone just finds happiness. There isn't anything BAD about that either IMO. She is living her life as she pleases, finding her own happiness and hasn't had much to say about BP, AJ, marriage, church, charities or kids. So we can surely see why the marriage had conflict and struggle and why perhaps they "after much thought and consideration" decided to part as friends. Brad checked out. I guess he needed more substance in his life than what it was with Jen. That does not make him cold, unloving or a cheater. It just makes him a man who had more than yoga , salmon and the ocean sunsets on his mind.
Jennifer is beautiful & cool just not every mans dream. Angie is buying sewing machines and paying for classes so women can
become more self sufficent and make clothes for their families and communites. Angie is beautiful and cool and for now she is Brad's dream and he hers. More power to them all.

I did not says who cares about India! Show me where I said that in my post! I said who cares about your ranting.

All I am saying is why is it Mira that you find it appropriate to bombard us with your information? You are forcing us to read things we are not here to read about. This is a celebrity blog. Sorry but us simple people are not as sophisticated as you. Like I said go to MENSA or the Harvard website and debate with really smart people unlike us little people.

Mira, what I am saying is you are being unfair. You are manipulating the fact that we have no choice but to allow you to rant and force feeding your info down our throats. This is not why we are here.

You actually do a disservice to your concerns by discussing it on a celebrity blog. You make a mockery of the things you care about by coming on a site that has pictures of celebrities to start a discourse on the state of India and Pakistan.

What is it that you are trying to prove?

I can sympathize with your insecurity and your need to have people accept your point of view and hear you out. But don't you think, you are abusing our patience just a little bit. You are not being fair.

And just because someone says who cares to you does not mean they are saying who cares to the issue you're discussing. And just because we say it is the worng place to talk about India does not mean we are choosing Africa over India. What is this "your holocaust verses my Holocaust crap?" Caring about Africa does not mean someone hates India.

You have a very manipualtive nature from what I can read of your posts. You are like a bully. You are being unfair and you need to take a few minutes and really reflect on your posting and what you are trying to atttain with them. You may find this is the wrong place to get validation for yourself and your issues.

4:27 Anonymous, you reduce my valid points to being a crazed Angelina fan? I have no response for you - it is too childish.

wow over 300 post bravo!!!!!!

Emily, Who Cares about India, and cb You think you are stirring people up and making people flustered and riled up here. The truth of the matter is at best you are simple minded people & all amusing as any joke usually is, at worst Annoying which just piss people off cuz you're such a waste. Not that your vulgarity holds a lot of power except in the fact you validate mental illness is still rampant in the JA camps.

anynomous | February 27, 2006 05:12 AM

^^^^^^^^^ I am still on floor laughing....sooooooo.....I do apologise....I cannot even respond, at this second. as to how FREAKING STUPID you are!!! hahahahaha phewwwwwwww ":)


Hey....You better go investigate "yer goss" on me Matey!!! ":)

Hugs & Cuddles....Kisses go to the BAMZ + 1 community...Luv you guys!!! xxx

LOOK !! How horrible haters are!!!, use bad words to look down (ASIAN PEOPLE).
You're sick!!!!

OK cb I shouldn't have added your name to that list.......but you didn't have to say I was freaking stupid. I confused you with whoathat'slame. Honest mistake and I apologize. you just have a harsh post's here too.

Kudos to 3 R's, elene, emily girl and the others who took the time to present facts in response to Mira. I think she's got a fixation w/ her issues and she'll fight that till she's blue in the face.

I think MIRA, you should stop the notion that Angie represents the whole UN organization because you're misleading some people here. And maybe its time for you to go join a political forum or phone in to Dateline at BBC so you can discuss the issue of India & Pakistan to your hearts content. Some people here visit celebrity blog sites to escape and just to engage in superficial and not so deep discussions.

Don't impose on people on how they should participate in social activism because we do it in different ways and in our own little way. And pls spare us the litany on how poverty seem to be only most prevalent in India. Visiting here, I just want to see my favorite family. You talking about this issues here won't take the causes you're trying to lobby for. I think you should redirect that to the right forum. Thank You...

Harsh post??? called "you" freaking stupid??? and when did "moi" do that? > lmao rofl ":)
and I am now to not take "your" comment, personally", am I? >>> Oh. anynomous , one | February 27, 2006 06:10 AM

That's Cool...Forgive ya. All is forgotten. Cheers Matey. ":)

cool, diversity stire things up in here.
keep on going, one sided thoughts get boring and unrealistic.

I am just amazed that once someone gets an "image" from Hollywood, an awful lot of people seem to hold onto it like it was gold! There are at least 3 sides to this story, and none of us really knows the truth. It is possible that Angelina told Brad she wouldn't have anything to do with him as long as he was married and sent him home to work on his marriage after the first shoots of MAMS. It is possible that hitting 40 caused Brad to look at his "perfect" Hollywood life and find a lot missing. It is even possible that he asked Jen to adopt/have kids and she still wasn't ready. It's possible she can't have kids - ANYTHING is possible.

None of the people involved are saints, and none of them are sinners. They are human beings, flawed, changing, growing all the time. I'm happy for the Jolie-Pitt clan because the adults seem to have found someone who shares their goals and the kids have doting parents. I feel bad for JA, but am totally sick of all the whining from her camp/tabs. Whatever happened in the BP/JA marriage is between the TWO of them. Not our call.

I admire Ms. Jolie greatly. I have been a casual observer of her over the years, and must say, she has grown into a fine, caring, generous woman. Yeah, she told her truth every time she was asked when younger. Maybe some others who had similar problems were even helped by her talking about it. Let me tell you, cutting is no joke - I know what I'm talking about. Since she adopted Maddox, she has changed so much, in so many wonderful ways. Yes, she has the money to do so, but she is giving [without public fanfare in most] a great deal of money to help the less fortunate. Yeah, maybe she could help the poor of the US, but, compared to the Third World, all but the very poorest here have it better. Ms. Jolie has stated that she would never have an affair with a married man because of what her dad did to her mom. Why not believe that? I don't believe one is still "married" when divorce papers have been signed.

Re: Pakistan - they are getting more aid because they are an ally in "war on terror" imho

Re: Jingoist haters - you are so ugly - please leave - I cannot believe I read such ugliness in 2006.

Mira, you're in the wrong place. Please go somewhere else to vioce your care about India. This Blog is about Angie and Brad. We don't want hear you talking angthing other than that.

mira, accept the fact that jennifer is not popular all over the world you are just wasting your time typing and thinking what to write to criticize angelina. no matter what you say people angelina is very popular all over the world even before bra. Jennifer aniston she is just popular in america because of friends and brad , other than that she is not a good actress , not even considered as hollywood actress she's just a tv actress period.ja aniston's fans are getting insecure that's why they attack angelina they are jealous, ignore them.

mira you were out of topic this is about angelina's pictures with her family , why you keep on talking about india and pakistan? stop it , it 's not entertaining.

sorry but jennifer aniston is not only popular in america.
its completly stupid to say that. i live in paris and i can confirm you that she is as popular as angelina...
angelina is popular only because of his beauty..sorry most of the guy i know who dont care about gossip can not say in which movie she played. they know her only because she is sexy..
i am a jen'FANS but i never never insult angelina but i dont like when someone say something he dont know..



Elena, Ange,horsewrangler,Dolphingirl and other Bamz fans,please keep your intelligent words coming.This site has been invaded by haters and we need to keep the hating at bay.The thing that kills me is I don't mind a difference of opinion on this site,but the vulgar and vile way the opinions are being stated I have a problem with.Bamz fans don't let the haters discourage you from visting and logging on this site.


Brad and Angelina all set for a summer wedding

According to a Tiffany’s registry, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a wedding in the works. Under the names Angelina J Voight and William B Pitt, the expectant couple are listed for the swanky store's wedding registry.

Going by the date on the Tiffany's site, the couples' big day is set for June 27, 2006.

However, it seems guests may not yet be aware of the couple's plans. Out of hundreds of requested gifts, including wine glasses, silver flatware, and $340 serving spoons, not one cup and saucer have yet been purchased.


I have checked the Tiffany's wedding registry site and they are really registered

Brangelina fans are seriously in denial! Let me ask you a question, the same one you use on the ugly Jennifer's fans. "Were you there?" How can you so vehemently deny that Whoregelina and Scum sucker weren't having sex while filming, Mr and Mrs. Sh**?!?!?! WERE YOU THERE?

The Tiffany registry is a fake. Just like TomKats. Just like Mandy Moores. I could go to Tiffany's and start a registry under Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Anyone can do it. Sorry.

In the United States, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. The accused are innocent until proven guilty. Since you and others are accusing them of adultery, it is on you to bring forth proof.

Curious, you say neither of them are sinners? What in the hell do you consider sin? How about adultery, lying, stealing...? Brad the Bland will soon be over his mid-life crises and looking for the next 'hot' actress.

If that's true, then why do all of you crazed Angelina fans blame the former Mrs. Pitt. Especially since her cheating husband testified in her defense that the "no-baby" rumor was false!

Its me again. The fact that you call others names to get your point across tells me that you aren't looking for proof or the truth. You are looking to be right at all costs. As Dr. Phil would ask, "would you rather be right or happy?"

You all want your cake and eat it too!

who cares about india
are you a psycho or a racist? what is your problem about chinese people?

I don't blame Jen. Also, since you call Brad a "cheating husband" you are also calling the former Mrs. Pitt a liar. She said that she doesn't believe that he cheated. Her friend in VF, said that Brad was honest about his attraction to Angie and that no cheating occurred. You can't have it both ways, naomi.

She said she chose to believe her husband when he claimed he wasn't 'involved' to AJ.

Brad and Ange need to just keep on making babies and rub it in Jens' face. Ya'll are getting way to carried away here!

So if you think that Brad lied to Jen about having an affair with Angie, why is it not ok for some of his fans to believe that he lied about Jen wanting babies?

I only bring this up because you seem to pick and choose what you want to believe. If its anti-Brad then its true. If its pro-Jen then its true. Why can't it be: Brad did not have an affair. Jen did want children. Their marriage ended because they fell out of love with each other.

Also, Brad and Angie denied having an affair while making Mr. & Mrs Smith and prior to the Jan. 7th separation. They never denied having a relationship after that. They chose not to discuss it with the public, the same way Jen and Vince chose and still choose not to discuss their relationship with the public. Afterall, its none of our business and they've all been burned in the past for revealing to much. Do you really blame either couple? Look how they are being picked apart even now.
Off to work. Bye

Hey anon.......Jen doesn't want any kids cause she can't have them. Jen isn't the mom type like Angelina Jolie. Brad finally got his dream. A family and a gorgeous wife.

i agree with you anonymous, jeniifer aniston's fans dont' want to accept that they fell out of love. for them it's okay if jennifer was having fun , when it comes to bard and angelina they condemned them. but good news to all bamz supporters brad is back.

Who cares? Jen is a slut anyway.

brad is back, he looks so happy to see his family.

Jen cheated just as much as Brad did. She cheated him out of 5yrs of a family.

Just had a last minute cancellation so I have a little time... FIRST, I would like to apologize to our Asian and African friends for the racial comments made by a few ignorant people. I hope you realize that it is not how we all feel. I for one enjoy hearing an opinion coming from another part of the world. Perhaps they are jealous because some many of the over achievers in their school happen to be Asian but they probably have something negative to say about anyone and everyone.

(3R I have so enjoyed reading your posts...I have learned to go past some and make a point to read others. Yours is one that has me coming back. However as a mother who is very involved in her children's public schools here in Texas. I would like to defend my state briefly . It is not fair to compare us with Massachusetts. California would more fair as we both have to deal with a large illegal population and how that reflects on education etc. Not only do our schools have to deal with bi-lingual education but all the social service needs of these children and their families regardless of their illegal status. Texas schools absorbed the majority of Katrina children who were displaced...Taking another chunck out of that education budget. The highest number of drop-outs are Hispanics for many reasons. I am not going to get on my soapbox here.. But we are doing what we can with what we have and that includes dealing with school board members and educators whose own personal agendas have nothing to do with the quality of education.--:-)

Mira, I admire your passion for your country. From the time of your posts I will assume you live in India. It is not that we are shallow and do not care, but perhaps you would find more kindred spirits in a political forum and not one that deals only with entertainment. May I suggest you connect with some of the Indian groups that i am sure exist all over the USA. I know for a fact that Houston has the largest Indian community here in the States. They are very active politically and socially. The same can be said about the Pakistani population . I am sure you can connect with them through the internet and be instrumental in making a change for your people.

LYLIAN. hope your trip with your daughter was full of wonderful memories. LYAS, bon jour. I am glad to see you back;. We don't agree on everything but I appreciate and respect your opinion.
JADE, CURIOUS, EMILY GIRL, MALAYA and all those others who make an effort to communicate without insulting or demeaning anyone... Maybe if we keep it going , we can have a site that we can enjoy regardless of who we support. Thanks you all!

Ps, Lou you are always the voice of reason! Thanks.

I got this article this morning, for all the Bamz fans....this will make you smile...happy monday

Actress Nancy Balbirer, who lived with Jennifer Aniston in NYC, put on quite a performance the other night spilling Jen's secrets.

At an event promoting the paperback release of a book called The Underminer: Or, the Best Friend Who Casually Destroys Your Life, Nancy -- and a host of others -- shared their real-life stories of their personal "underminers." Nancy's underminer was -- you guessed it -- Jennifer, who she met in the '80s when the two ladies were auditioning as extras on Saturday Night Live. At the time Nancy allowed Jen -- who she referred to as "Jane" throughout her performance -- to live in her apartment rent-free for a few months. Later, Jennifer stabbed her in the back. Here are some of the not-so-nice revelations about Jen:

Jen, who worked as a waitress in a hamburger joint, was obsessed with her looks and would give her bikini waxes while lying upside-down on the couch.

She advised Nancy to be "more f---able" on auditions and to stuff her bra with chicken cutlets from the Food Emporium. Before Jennifer would audition, she would always ice her nipples.

When Jen moved to L.A., she got liposuction, a nose job and a hairline adjustment. Jen also slimmed down after going on NutriSlim.

When Nancy was going to visit L.A., she called Jen to see if she could stay with her. Instead, Jen gave her numbers of local hotels, telling Nancy not to be so desperate, because it's unattractive, especially in a town like L.A.

Hours after Nancy landed a recurring role on Friends, she was inexplicably fired but received her pay -- plus some. Later a producer friend told Nancy that Jennifer had her fired. The women never spoke again.

thanks elena

thanks estelle, i know it from the star she is a bitch and vain , you can tell , she's so plastic/hypocrite pretending to be nice. obviously, she had cosmetic surgery i saw her pictures when she was young ,she was so ordinary.i think deep inside she's really not a good person that's my opinion.

Mira and 3rs your comments are intelligent and thought provoking,but this is not a political blog,and I mean no disrespect when I say that. There are some great political blogs out there where you can go to to argue the pakistan/india issue till the cows come home. Think Progress might be a good one.
Lou,Elena,Dolphingirl,African girl,Rica and all the other posters who support this family,as much as we dislike the trash level some posters take their comment to,it comes down to free speech.
Also for the sake of this blog surviving it is all about traffic,which equals advertising dollars.
I do wish though that the racists would go find,a site out there and I am sure there are plenty to spew their venom.I strongly believe we should ignore the comments that are blatantly racists,treat them like the lowest common denominators that they are. For the bible quoting posters out there let me remind you Solomon one of the gretest kings of the bible was born out of a so called "adulterous" union. If you know your bible then I don't need to name the parents.
What is so ugly about Angie and Brad's union if it is just simply based on love. They both loving,what each brings to the table. Who exactly is Ms Aniston anyway,Prince Charles fell out of love(oops wrong eg he never did love her,he just fulfiled his duty) anyway you get the picture.
In away I am kinda glad for some of these hateful comments,because now I know for sure what the problem is. That poor breeding/low life specimen of a human being stated what I believe is the reason so many Aniston fans are angry.Oh yes people how could Brad leave A Blond Haired Blue Eyed Woman,for a Brunette who has French/Indian blood in her veins,whose stunning looks are border line ethnic,shaming her self with her little asian and hispanic babies. You just can't stand to see Brad with that beautiful Zahara in his arms now can you. You would rather see him as he once was an empty shell of a man looking all shiny and botoxed up,flashing the ole fake ken and Barbie smiles for the cameras,to perpuate the image that beauty is about only being blond haired and blue eyed. The Golden Couple my ass, look closer people,their eyes had no depth. Now take a look at Bradley,even on his tired days,yes tired the man is now a father,look hard at the pictures of him at Davos. He is a changed man,changed for the better. Angie and Brad are by no means perfect people,I am one of her fans who did ask questions,and answered them honestly for myself. Life it holds no guarantees,but for now they are doing the best they can,in a world where they are under constant scrutiny. For that I will gladly where the title of fanatic,and no Lou I refuse to run I will be here when I can DEFENDING, DEFENDING,DEFENDING!!!

OOPs I meant Black Baby.

Ange,defend on.Bamz fans we all need to defend as well.I don't mind a difference of opinion but the vulgar and gutter talk from the haters needs to stop.You can voice your opinion without using foul language and picking on the kids is just low.

Lou,people who know better,do better, so it is safe to assume,the ones using the profane language and picking on the kids just don't know any better.

Here is the link/address for the address to read the article on Jen. Rachel the character she played would not have anyone I would have wanted as a friend but thanks to a great publicist and pr people and of course marriage to Brad, everybody thinks that is who she really is . The reality is that she is only nice if you can be useful as she is ammbitious to an extreme and treats you like shit if she thinks you are no one or like the woman in the post once she has gotten all the use she can out of you... That is a FACT.


I have noticed Jen fans are so nasty mouth.
Angelina and kids look like they are having a god time.

Angelina Jolie is a gorgeous lady with two cute kids. Brad's dreams finally came true. Love this family.

I think it's about time.

Most of you would have realized early that we try not to read tabloids or listen to chatter about what we (Angel, Mad, Z, and our third child whose name I won't mention) or we are not supposed to be doing, thinking, wearing, saying, making. We have too much fun in our basement doing laundry so that we could wear our favorite uniform daily to pay any attention. I can't even stay on the phone too much as I need to give Z needs diapers, bottles, lullabies every now and then and Mad won't let me stop laughing at new antics he picks up (right now he's watching French cartoons and no doubt gonna jump behind soon and read aloud what I'm typing). But somebody handed us a copy of fans posts from this blog and I need our fans and Jen's fans to know these.

I will always love Jennifer, she has a special place in my heart.

And when our kids grow up, they will know everything about my previous marriage from me.

Did I cheat during our marriage? I'm not surprised this rouses a storm of speculation, but the answer is really not something fans would know because there's nothing I could say that would matter to people who just wish to...speculate.

Having said that, many concerns appear to be rooted in Angel and I being unmarried and living together. I say we will be.

The choice to breathe outside the US right now is something many of you seem to appreciate. As Angel said, we're just going to be a family and we're doing just that.

I want to tell you all, I never knew this joy existed. But it does, I have it, we have it, and many of you, I'm quite sure, have felt something like it in your own lives. To you I say, cheers. And to those who wish for it, just follow your heart and it won't fail to get you there.


Well said Ange

Opinions are fine if given in tatse. I have no problem with a well written opinion. (positive or negative.) My problem lies with the vulgarity used in a lot of these hateful posts.

Freedom of speech is just that (look at the KKK and other hate groups) They are given free speech but hate is not a speech it's hurtful, mean spirited, degrading and even denigrating.

why belittle someone in an effort to prove your point?




bamz+1 supporters...just try to ignore the ignoramous, stupid and retarded comments from haters and losers....i don't know why they come to this website if they don't like this family....

i think like us, they need to have a bamz+1 fix even just to spew their hate (???) or love :) :)...

truly, they are not on the site that support their idol or favorite....they are here pretending to hate!!

we love bamz+1 forever and ever :) :) :)

Who is the grey haired guy I always see in the pics? A bodyguard?

Great pics JJ. Love this family :)

Hi BAMZ + 1 fans! You know who you are. Does anyone have a link to any new pictures of Brad, Angie and the kids after Brad returned to Paris?

I know... sounds a little crazy to be so addicted but honestly, I love seeing this happy family. They look so happy in all the pictures, it kinda warms the heart.


Go on the post that show Brad coming home... I think Ange put some links there . Look towards the last quarter

Elena, please don't take my posting of those stats as any attack of your state. I basically borrowed the first reference I could find on the subject of so-called morality and values between the so-called middle America and liberal America.

Stats are just stats. They are not a reflection of each individual but just an overall snapshot of a populace. It doesn't mean your children will grow up with all those dysfunction. I can tell from your posts alone that you have the right mindset to guide your children to a righteous and peaceful path that is not confined by the supposed sets of sins that only imparts more guilt and harm than living a life of compassion and respect.

Without having to look over the state-by-state stats, I'm sure Texas doesn't lead the pack in the social ills. It's more a point of giving your children the best education available and making the best use of it. Education doesn't have to be limited to mainstream institutions as Angie is proving by exposing Maddox to other educational media than just schools. Education results in enlightment and the broadening of our minds. I'd think the haters' major hindrance is the low quality of their education. Good education breaks the syndrome of narrow-minded attitude and small-minded thinking.

Ange, I didn't mean to degenerate this blog into a political debate. As you can see from my later comments, I was a reluctant participant to setting Mira straight on her misinformation and disinformation in her misguided attack on Angelina's humanitarian work. As I saw her repeatedly dodge and evade the substantiative points made by the Angie fans, I couldn't stand Mira's continual misstatements without real facts to bear her contentions. So I came on with indisputable numbers, hoping that would end it. But typical of haters, they can't see the forest from the trees.

Anyhow, if anything, I do have perspective. After all, this was what I said:

"This is such nonsense of who needs more aid when any aid or attention devoted should be applauded.

What next? Are we going to debate which animal should be more on the endangered species list? The blue whale or the Siberian tiger?

Sheesh, the length the haters go to nitpicking in their criticisms about Angie and much without merit or substance. "

And I'll let you in on another one which I forgot to put a name on:


This is just a freaking gossip blog site, not one on policy matters where freedom of speech is most important.

This site is supported by advertising. Advertising needed with visitors. If it doesn't want to degrade to some white supremacist or hate site, freedom of speech should be moderated.

The pictures of celebrities are for visitors to enjoy.
Anonymous | February 27, 2006 03:49 AM"

I don't mean to offend any BAMZ supporters intentionally. I don't mind offending the haters though.

Aww come on people. you take things too seriously. Why make this a debate? Why do you think they (Brad,Angie,Zahara&Maddox) where black constantly?? Like "Brad Pitt" said "uniforms" In my opinion (this coming from a small town girl) they get sick of the criticism. I wouldn't want their life (no offense!!) if it was handed to me on a silver platter. I like being a recluse. Gives me more time with my two little girls. Teach them right from wrong and how to snowboard and Karate. You know, the important stuff. Sometimes I think they would like the same. How can you people wonder why they do this and do that? Maybe they would like to live normal healthy lives with their children with out people saying "I can't believe they they did that!" Maybe they want to do what THEY want to do not what everyone thinks they want to do. LORDY. I would suffocate under all that crap! I like seeing pictures of them because it keeps things real. People are people. I like seeing them that way

P.S. I have Karate with a Lady who is pregnant and about as far along as Angelina. She is as skinny as a rail and hardly shows. She is 5'9. Eats like its goin' somewhere without her. She looks like she swollowed less than half a basketball. Pregnancy is different for everyone. Some carry to the back the front, low, high or in the general area of the abdomen. Being 5'3 and small boned I was Huge!! By the time my due date passed I thought I was gonna DIE!!!!! Hang in there Ladies. Just proves people don't know nothin'

Love the pic's Thannks a ton, I love this couple

I don't mean to sound like I am more addicted than the average BAMZ lover, but does anyone else do what I do? Go back to every picture on this site every day and read all new posts, even if it is quite old like this one? Maybe you, BJ?

AddictedtoBAMZ+1 | March 3, 2006 09:34 PM

nope...you're not alone...see i stayed so late last night rereading the bamz+1 thread that i overslept so i didn't go to school today...especially the fanfics of rica....
that girl has a really good imagination!!!
that's how addicted i am...he! he! he!

but the class is boring so....here i am!!

Joy, 1:16pm---
Do you think it's just you and me? No one else has been here since February 28! Maybe we should seek help?

nope...this is our therapy :) :)...

we can't help it the we love bamz+1...sometimes..i
m just worried that i am not paying attention to my classes...but they are boring compare to bamz+1....he! he! he!

don't tell... but i have such fun mocking chin at that thread "chin going to the oscar" with the other bamz+1 supporters....i am bad..no......well just a retaliation for those haters when they come to bamz+1 thread and trash our idols!!

bamz+1 rules!!

Joy @ 7:36--
Don't you feel sorry for her? She just blew it so badly. Can you imagine getting Brad Pitt to marry you and then LOSING HIM?? Where do you go from there?

Joy & Addicted... don't worry - you're not alone in this. Enjoy!

You guys are arguing with a bunch of twelve-year-old scrubs who get on their mother's computer at work and post as various names and anonymous characters.
Just ignore them, already!!!!!!

AWWWWWWWW what a cute happy family. Look how much fun Maddox is having in pic #40. How exciting Angelinas due pretty soon. Angelina and Brad are like the hottest people ever. Just imagine how hot their kid is gonna be...Awwww I just cant wait. Oh by the way, why are people being so negative? Honestly, have your moms never taught you the phrase "If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all" ? why do u have to leave such nasty comments? If you dont like BAMZ, thats fine, youre entitled to your own opinions, but why do u have to post such mean opinions. Just keep them to yourselves. theyre really not appreciated. i mean have some self control people. If you dont like them, thats you own choice, but dont leave rude comments. GEEEEEZ


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