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Brad Pitt Comes And Goes

Paris, France :: As soon as he landed, he left!  Brad Pitt, 42, was on business in New York City the past few days but is already back with his family in France -- Angelina Jolie, 32, and kids Maddox, 4, and Zahara, 1.  This entry's full of pictures of Brad travelling through JFK airport earlier this weekend and then finally touching down back at his pad in Paris (Brad travelled through Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris via Air France).  More pictures in the gallery!
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling11
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling12
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling13
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling14
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling15
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling16
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling17
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling18
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling19
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling20
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling21
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling22
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling23
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling24
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling25
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling26
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling27
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling28
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling29
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling30
brad pitt france brad-pitt-travelling31

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Before you all comment on his same clothes he wears, I read that many stars including Brad and ex- wife Jen and Madonna, like to wear the same clothes out often as to stop paps from snapping away, all pictures look the same, so value goes down, get it?

oh my gos his back again, i'm happy he's back.

he looks so happy, i think he's so excited to see his family

the clothes are terrible but he looks hot

without angelina brad looks happy with angelina brad is sad

Grace,you are right about the clothing,but the haters will still try to pick at it.Brad looks very happy,guess he wants to see his family.

in this pic http://www.justjared.com/pictures/2006/02/brad_pitt_france/brad-pitt-travelling18.jpg brad looks very good ...but sorry the hat is ppuffffffffff

Shut up, please, Anonymous. You don't know anything.

Brad is so unhappy to be with Angelina that he was only away from her for a few days (not even a whole week!)

Yes, Anonymous, you must think you know it all.

he is just pretending to be sad with angelina cause he doesn't want to see jen hurts. but deep inside he was so in love with angelina.

Postscript: I am SO happy he is back and he sure looks happy to be back with his family too.

Thanks for the pics, Jared.

ignore the haters. we love bamz.

sorry but in these pics brad looks calm and handsome, when he is with angelina looks very tired

he is just tired because of paparazzi, but he is happy to see his family

brad I hate you because of pathetic angelina but you are so hot....jen and brad were the golden couple with angelina....

dont excuse yourself, it is in the eye of the observer.
and in my eyes this man is getting grey as his clothes. no happyness.
and all the fanatics with brad, get a life. if a guy wears the same old boots all the time, THEY STINK.

my god, ho can you be so absorbed with brangelina and not see shit happening?

waiting to hit me hard.....

anonymous just go to jen's site not here, if you adore jennifer go to her site and tell her how much youadore her. we love bamz. bamz rock

Please ingore the haters,they see what they want to see.We know the man looks happy with or without Angelina.He's happy period.Haters should worry about if Jen is happy or not with vince.

he is just pretending to be sad with angelina cause he doesn't want to see jen hurts. but deep inside he was so in love with angelina.....................ridiculous

Angelina is just 30 years old.Thanks for the pictures of Brad who is still the sexiest man in hollywood in my opinion.

this page is for all realistic people.
if you cant bear diversity, go to brangelina anonymous. theyll help you there.

we love bamz, ignore the haters , they are jealous


Did it ever occure to you that maybe he returned quickly because his KIDS (and he does consider them that) and the woman he loves and who happens to be CARRYING HIS BABY is there.

Don't delude yourself, this man is happier than he's ever been. Why? Because he's got EXACTLY what he wants. something JEN wasn't equipt to give him.

You bet they are,if they really thought JA was so happy they wouldn't be here hating.Bamz lovers keep the love coming.

the happyness was with jenn...angelina is dark and evil

video of Brad walking through the airport, leaving NYC....


Go Rica!

from splashnews:

**EXCLUSIVE** Brad Pitt heads back to Paris on a late evening flight out of JFK airport in New York City only with a carry on bag and his hat. The star was greeted by his many fans and photographers as he arrived to the Air France Terminal and signed some autographs on the way inside. Pitt was very cordial to a photographer who said "Hey Brad how are ya?" and replied "Im doing good". After a few kind gestures to the staff that helped walk him inside that star headed toward the securtiy checkpoint. Once again a photographer said" Brad good luck to you and the family" which Pitt replied" Thanks man" and walked towards the metal detectors.

BP always stayed weeks away from JA - wonder why? I think I'd rather spend my nights with AJ than Jen-all-i-want-is-a-tan-and-my-hairdrsser-Aniston.

I think Brad is taking a dip a chew every now and then.... mmmmm

For some reason Brad and Angelina always look guilty.

BP always stayed weeks away from JA - wonder why? I think I'd rather spend my nights with AJ than Jen-all-i-want-is-a-tan-and-my-hairdrsser-Aniston...........the difference is that angelina is pregnant and brad loves that baby

They look ashamed, there true lies are shining thru. Jennifer looks embaressed to, don't get all excited. Oh Don Knotts died

Get a life some of you will you? Please. This guy can't stay longer then a few days away from his family. Look how cute he looks when he's looking up at the building. He can't wait to see them. It's obvious. I've been a BP fan for a long time and I have to say. I don't think I've ever seen him this happy, relaxed and with someone as Angelina. He's really happy and it shows and all you haters should just get used to it . Bitch all you like but the best revenge is a good life and he's got one.

I say guilty

i am a jen fan by the way i do not know why yu guyz keep on abusing her and dissing her i just wish yu guys would stop doing that yes she gave interviews but yu and i know that she hardly mentioned brad or ange's name and yu guys tend to forget that she gave most of theinterviews because she had to talk about her films brad looks happy and i really hope he is but doesn't jen deserve that much oh yes she does because everyone is meant to be people who kill still live happy lives how much someone who really deserves it after reading this plug i almost wantted to be an ange's fan but ihave seen jen in interviews and have heard people who have met say good things about her guess what guyz they cannot all be wrong she might not be getting everything brad has now but time always bring the best and does who are left empty alwayes get fulfilled and she will who knows what tomorrow might bring noone jen deserves happiness so let there be less of abuses and criticisms she is no saint nor his brad and ange remember this we all make our mistakes but time makes us grow strongfer and wiser please do not abuse me this is the truth

Beatiful man. Found true love with beautiful woman Angelina. Love it!

Helen, who else was she talking bout if not Brad and Angie? Chinnifer is manipulative. Brangelina did not talk to the press. So now we have one sided view of what happened. Chinnifer is manipulating the media and the public for sympathy votes.

Chill out Hater! Your derogatory insults to BAMZ are backfiring to hunt and haunt miss Ainston and Vince.
If some Team Aniston worshippers cannot get over their Aniston misery then they have got to hold on their tear for now because the hour of turmoil awaits them when The Break Up film will bomb.
Team Aniston! Spitting vileness on every picture of BAMZ is more of a sickness and behold, what stomach ulcers some of you are destine to have.

"I can see myself starting a family in the next year." OMG - how backwards was that choice - leave Brad then decide to find someone to start a family. Hey AJ - your family man was right there - good luck finding someone better.

Aniston did talk, she talked to Vanity Fair. She tried to hurt him, Angelina and the children with the comments in that article. Her fans need to really focus on her and Vince Vaughn and just let go of Brad but they just can't seem to. They're obsessed with BAMZ

Oh come on haters, Go back to femalefirst, I know most of you guys are from that site. Please, if you don't like them why come here and maked about NASTY comment. I am not fond or a fan of Jenninfer, so I just simply do not go to her site, why WASTE your energy to somebody you don't necessarily fond of?

Wether most of you like it or not. He's happy with Angelina and the children. If you noticed, he didn't even spent a week without the BAMZ. He went to NY, did what he had to do and come to to HIS FAMILY. (BAMZ+)

leave Brad then decide to find someone to start a family....with jennifer,but with angelina?

yeah, I think they got the initials backwards.

He's happy, Angelina's happy, the kids are happy and they're overjoyed to be having a baby. No psycho posters on a blog/picture site is going to stop the BAMZ train.

HIS FAMILY??those children are not his and angelina is not his wife

Of course that's his family. He's adopting those children, they have his sir name and they're having a baby. That spells family to me

You know anonymous...

I think that if all the Pro Jenners and Aniston Cheerleaders were to grab a greyhound and meet up at the opening night premiere of 'The Breakup', this chick might actually break 50 million....LOL!!!!

Who am I kidding, for all their hate spewing and grandstanding they're all just a bunch of gum flappers! They won't show this time...just like they were all no shows the last two times. 'Friends with Money.' Oh yeah they'll show for that one too....NOT!!!

JA is a girl - AJ is a woman - Brad knew the difference. Women love their men ( yes sex matters - hence BP unable to stay away very long - and he LOVES his babies - quality of a true MAN ) - girls get their nails and hair done, daily, and spend hours upkeeping their tans.

Hold on. Female First? That crazy U.K. site? Sheesh. Now you know why the colonies were started. Sheesh.

Who looks ashamed?Brad and Angelina have nothing to be ashamed of,and if Jen looks embaressed it might because she let a good man slip threw her fingers and now she looking at vince everyday.Deep down you haters know that Brad didn't cheat,and Jen probably didn't want childern at this time and was more focused on her career.The marriage was on shaky ground for years due to various reasons.This doesn't make Brad or Jen bad in anyway,just not compatible.You can argue till the cows come in but a man that wants 6 or 7 kids should not be married to a woman that wants 2,it won't work.The fact that Angelina said she didn't want to give birth to childern,but is now pregnant shows me that this couple is compromising,and it speaks volumes.I feel Brad and Jen didn't have that.So in conclusion haters you need to let go,these people have moved on and so should you.Posting Brad looks ugly etc won't change a thing.

JA is a girl - AJ is a woman ?? please...JA is a woman and AJ is a whore

The question should really be why these Aniston people are so into BAMZ. Serious, why aren't then on Aniston's sites or Vaughn's for that matter. Does he even have any? JA is ovah. She had her 15mins about this in Aug/Sept but as we all saw the American public could care less

JA had pre-martial - this does not make her a WH..........and neither does it make AJ. grow up - Aniston who???? poor stock-plummeting jen jen.

That's the stinking truth, about Jennifer's fan/supporters?????

Yeah, why not instead of the on going psycho babble, why not support Jennifer and her movies? Why not buy a ticket and actually showing up on Jennifer's movie. You know, she might thank you guys for supporting her...Remember now, Jenfans...she has 2 movies coming up. So, this time buy her tickets and actually show up! LOL

Angelina said she didn't want to give birth to childern,but is now pregnant ...why???

aj is not a whore she did not ask money for sex.

"I can see myself starting a family in the next year." Jennifer said.

Okay! Please Vince we rely on you, hurry up and become a family man and miss Aniston’s followers will have s sigh of relief and lay off BAMZ.

I cannot image for how long the hater will continue to vilify BAMZ.

brad looks sooo happy to be home, he's tryin not to show it too much...but his smile tells all...go bamz always....

Buttercup, they are so into BAMZ becuz they are jealous ..probably on behalf of Jen..and they don't know it. they hate to see jen's husband happy anywehere except with Jen...they would hate anyone he was with after the separation. just ignore them

it is because she was in love, why are you so dumb.they call it compromise.

While he's busy working, being a father and raising a family Aniston's out drinking, getting pulled over for suspicion of D.U.I. Doing a pole dance in Vegas, smoking up a storm, lying on television to Larry King and Oprah about her relationship with Vaughn and her association to Plan B, being lectured by Courtney Cox, bombing at the box office and telling everyone she's the happiest she's ever been.

That's why her fans are obsessed by BAMZ...they see her decline and are afraid to admit the only real interest in her has always been Brad. He's a worldwide Mega star

Good point Buttercup,because I'm not a fan of JA and I sure as hell don't vist her sites to post vile comments about,because I could care less about JA.But haters spend so much time and effort visting Bamz sites and spend ALL DAY loggong comments about them.

bamz rock

because they are obssessed too, they check every minute what's going on, jen is becoming boring to them they don't want to accept it.

I know Angie said when she was married to BBT that she was open to having a baby. I just think she never thought it would happen for her. She fell in love with a man. She said in an Aussie interview during PR for M&MS that she realized after making the movie she had never truly been in love before. That's a HUGE statement and her pregnancy confirms it.

Poor used JA - Oscar presenter?? - c'mon now - tell me she's not being used as a freak show. But I guess since she's not smart enough to pick a good script why expect her to see when she's being used - she truly believes she's a "star" - too funny.

Angelina said she didn't want to give birth to childern,but with brad YES...hypocrite

*I'll say it *
Well Said!

i like angelina jolie. i am team jolie

Christ I don't want kids but if BP approached me I may be convinced to change my mind. LOL

anonymous 12:14 are you really that stupid? Do you think life stays static? That people don't change their philosophies because of experience and relationships? How old are you?

Anonymous I just don't see Vince changing diapers and wiping runny noses.We only have two hands how will he hold his drink and cigarette?

we love bamz+1

is brad´s baby???

LMAO- lou.

Brad's happy, really happy and it shows.

i am team jolie

Jesus! These comments are insane! If Brad was SOOO happy with Jenn like all you Team Aniston fans claim him to be, why would he leave her? Think logically, and redirect your efforts on bashing BAMZ to supporting Jenn. She could really use it.

no matter what i will supprt angelina.

is brad´s baby???............you are pathetic

jolie rocks

alexia and buttercup, it's true. Aniston needs all the support she can get. It makes no sense for them to be this obsessed about BAMZ. I think they secretly love Angie and Brad and are afraid to admit it. You know, like the boy who pulls your pigtails in second grade. LOL

Yes, I love the BAMZ+ too.

Bamz+ supporter.

Oh for God sakes you JA fans need to join her for a few dozen smokes and a drink OR TEN!!!

Bamz is a beautiful family and I wish them the best. Bamz rocks. p.s hopefully jared will get us some new pictures of them soon.

The question should really be why these Aniston people are so into BAMZ. Serious, why aren't then on Aniston's sites or Vaughn's for that matter. Does he even have any? JA is ovah. She had her 15mins about this in Aug/Sept but as we all saw the American public could care less
buttercup | February 27, 2006 12:03 PM


The same reason they don't go to her movies.

They don't believe half of the crap that's spilling from their own mouths. Just to prove a point some of you BAMZ fans scuttle on over to a Jennifer website and read the posts. You see here the threads range from adoration of Brad and his new FAMILY (that's what happens when you adopt children and have a baby with your significant.) to the causes that they stand for and sometimes our own experiences.

Go over to a Jennifer site and you'll have stepped into trivial land. They can only talk about her hurt feelings, her life prior to divorcing Brad (HER MOVE PEOPLE) all monotonous comments, nothing deeper because their posts like the woman they claim to defend are all shallow. Jennifer does nothing that doesn’t serve her own interest, so they have nothing to truly discuss. So what do they do, these little scuttle creatures? They come to BAMZland to bash Brad and Angelina who do have a life and are trying to affect change.

You Jennifer cheerleaders or pro Brangelina haters, need to get a new record yours is wearing out. Your spitefulness will not stop Brad and Angelina from creating the FAMILY that they dream of. Your hate spewing and trite comment won't keep Brad from PLAYING with and LOVING his children. Your poisonous words and thoughts won't RUIN His and Angie's LOVEMAKING, nor will it INTERRUPT their sleep. So why bother? You call it an opinion, but unfortunately it smacks of hate, one-sided prejudices, and vulgarity. Your insults to this family are trite, banal and hackneyed. In other words tired and stale.

Why do you Anniston fans and Brangelina haters feel so threaten by the mere thought of Brad and Angelina’s happiness? Why should they feel guilty Becky? Jennifer filed for divorce, not Brad. He didn’t just walk out and leave her. She left him. Your insults, opinions or arguments (whatever you want to call them) Simply DONOT make any since. They are all equivalent to “Because!!!” as an answer to anything.

“Why do you hate them?”


Angie is a home wrecker. They never change their outfits. Brad never smiles. Angelina looks dirty. Brad needs a new hat.”

Translation: “Because…”

Now as us why like BAMZ and you’ll be reading all day.

i am team jolie

Oh Brad was the best thing since sliced bread until they realized that he was the one who wanted out of the marriage and maybe just maybe family really was an issue. Aniston fans live inside the box. BAMZ lives in the real world

JA is a girl - AJ is a woman ?? please...JA is a woman and AJ is a whore

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 12:01 PM

and your mother is a whore, your father is a bastard, your brothers are asshole and your sisters are mongrel and you are a bitch dog!!!!

Rica,that was one hell of a post.

To Everyone Here:
You ALL need to get a life!! Who give a sh_t whether AJ did this or JA did that? You're actually drawing all of your "facts" from various gossip mags, sites, etc. when you know NOTHING about these people, except what you read!! By the way... I thought this site was JustJared, not JustBAMZ!

and you're here because???????
Obviously you've read a handful of the posts, soooo????
If it so sickening, shut off the copmuter and go put your head between your knees.

Thanks LOU!!!! and that
Vince comment was great LMAO!!!!

Nauseated, this is a Brad Pitt post not some other celeb so comments about him and his family belong here. You should be angry at the people from that FF site that couldn't stand the kind comments and came in her to cause trouble. Be angry at them, not the rational defenders. With that said, you don't like it, look at the pictures and not the comments then

bamz supporters rock

nauseated - go join jennifer for a "pity party".

ignore the haters, we love angelina jolie.

Rica, the part of your post that stated that JA fans spend all of their time on her site raging about her hurt feelings and life before the divorce comfirms the fact these people can't and won't let go of the past.How sad,If any of these people pratice this in their own life how and the hell do they cope with problems?Sometimes in life you have to know when to cut your loses.

I was looking at the pix (like everyone else) cause I think their children are adorable... accidentally scrolled down and started reading... I'm not angry with anyone but really people... aren't there better things to get pissed off about? Just my opinion and sorry I stumbled onto such a hornet's nest of hatred!

go team jolie, we love bamz.

I think Brad looks great. I think he looks happy, really happy. The thing about the clothes? Well, it's common knowledge celebs do that to bring down the price and demand for photo's of them. Just the fact that it's such an issue with people proves it's working. He knows what he's doing. He's been around a long time.

Read this article of your want to be famous JA:

Actress Nancy Balbirer, who lived with Jennifer Aniston in NYC, put on quite a performance the other night spilling Jen's secrets.

At an event promoting the paperback release of a book called The Underminer: Or, the Best Friend Who Casually Destroys Your Life, Nancy -- and a host of others -- shared their real-life stories of their personal "underminers." Nancy's underminer was -- you guessed it -- Jennifer, who she met in the '80s when the two ladies were auditioning as extras on Saturday Night Live. At the time Nancy allowed Jen -- who she referred to as "Jane" throughout her performance -- to live in her apartment rent-free for a few months. Later, Jennifer stabbed her in the back. Here are some of the not-so-nice revelations about Jen:

Jen, who worked as a waitress in a hamburger joint, was obsessed with her looks and would give her bikini waxes while lying upside-down on the couch.

She advised Nancy to be "more f---able" on auditions and to stuff her bra with chicken cutlets from the Food Emporium. Before Jennifer would audition, she would always ice her nipples.

When Jen moved to L.A., she got liposuction, a nose job and a hairline adjustment. Jen also slimmed down after going on NutriSlim.

When Nancy was going to visit L.A., she called Jen to see if she could stay with her. Instead, Jen gave her numbers of local hotels, telling Nancy not to be so desperate, because it's unattractive, especially in a town like L.A.

Hours after Nancy landed a recurring role on Friends, she was inexplicably fired but received her pay -- plus some. Later a producer friend told Nancy that Jennifer had her fired. The women never spoke again.

angelina A woman who has been an admitted herion user, lesbian, cutter, death advocate, blood.. we knows she loves blood. AHHH....

What was the recurring role on friends - did she actually go on air? Thx Estelle - I'm sure none of us are terribly surprised by this news - tans, nails, cigs, partying - c'mon aniston grow up already.

I think what Brad and Angelina did was WRONG. I don't care about Jennifer. And I don't think Brad and Angelina are right for each other. If Brad went out with Sienna Miller, I wouldn't give a damn. If Angelina went out with Leonardo DiCaprio, I wouldnt care. But the way Angelina is, admitting she steals co-stars, is why people are not happy about this new relationship. Granted it'll go on, but there will be people who will look badly upon their reputations for doing it. I'm sure Jen doesn't care. She showed signs of not loving Brad a long time ago. So, we all knew that relationship was doomed. But still dont like Angelina for what she did because she keeps repeating this bad behavior.

anelina does not love brad loves the publicity

yeah team jolie!!

Great letter Rica!

People it is cold, People wear hat to keep warm. Caps like the one Brad is wearing are caps that guys shape until they fit just right. The same with those boots he is wearing. The same goes with boots... It is only when they get seasoned that they are really comfortable. If you hike you can understand how stiff a new pair of boots are.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall to witness the home coming... Home is where the heart is. I was looking at those pics of Brad and Maddox playing with the cars. There is one where it looks like Brad is having a "man to man" talk with Mad... You know , Dad is going out of town. I am depending on you to be a big boy and help your mom and watch out for your sister. lol

in the photos of the other day brad looked ugly and tires but in these photos he looks happy and hot.

How insane are you 12:54. Brad Pitt has a RIGHT, to live his life the way he wants to, as does Angelina Jolie. It's his America too!

Who the hell are you or anyone else to make demans or judge who he loves or how he loves? He was a man who ended an unhappy marriage. If you don't care about Aniston they what's your issue what he does and who he does it with?

I got this article this morning, for all the Bamz fans....this will make you smile...happy monday

Actress Nancy Balbirer, who lived with Jennifer Aniston in NYC, put on quite a performance the other night spilling Jen's secrets.

At an event promoting the paperback release of a book called The Underminer: Or, the Best Friend Who Casually Destroys Your Life, Nancy -- and a host of others -- shared their real-life stories of their personal "underminers." Nancy's underminer was -- you guessed it -- Jennifer, who she met in the '80s when the two ladies were auditioning as extras on Saturday Night Live. At the time Nancy allowed Jen -- who she referred to as "Jane" throughout her performance -- to live in her apartment rent-free for a few months. Later, Jennifer stabbed her in the back. Here are some of the not-so-nice revelations about Jen:

Jen, who worked as a waitress in a hamburger joint, was obsessed with her looks and would give her bikini waxes while lying upside-down on the couch.

She advised Nancy to be "more f---able" on auditions and to stuff her bra with chicken cutlets from the Food Emporium. Before Jennifer would audition, she would always ice her nipples.

When Jen moved to L.A., she got liposuction, a nose job and a hairline adjustment. Jen also slimmed down after going on NutriSlim.

When Nancy was going to visit L.A., she called Jen to see if she could stay with her. Instead, Jen gave her numbers of local hotels, telling Nancy not to be so desperate, because it's unattractive, especially in a town like L.A.

Hours after Nancy landed a recurring role on Friends, she was inexplicably fired but received her pay -- plus some. Later a producer friend told Nancy that Jennifer had her fired. The women never spoke again.

This old fuck is looking tired & scary! He was hot, but now is not. Check out Paul Walker, he is looking good. I guess you you are really ugly, Brad would look good to you now. Get some standards please. AS to all the rest, I don't care!!! Let him live with the freak show, if he likes it then OK. Get off Jen's back too, she is better looking than all you BAMZ freaks & she knew better than to have a freak show baby.

Nobody's ever even heard of Nancy Balbirer. That's why Nancy "Ballbearer" has nothing better to do. She's a liar who wants to make money. Come on, these jealous actors who see their friends move on to celebrity are bitter and jealous. It's so sad they want revenge because what goes around comes around. The lowly always stoop so low and will stay down there for the rest of their lives.

Fed up with BAMZ ...you are stupid paul walker is 10 years younger than brad

Anonymous ,If you don't care why are you still whinning he cheated?Jen and her friend stated in Vanity Fair that he didn't so get over it.People in hollywood date or marry co-stars all the time.Like Brad was going to the local store to me a girl,get real.These people fell in love thats all,its not like they killed someone.If all of you people claim you know the marriage was doomed ,why all of the complaining?This is 2006 can we please move on.

Care factor Anonymous 12:54?

i love angelina jolie, she's my favorite actress

Nauseated-- I agree. I love this family-- but this site is pathetic. It's not o.k. to say anything hateful (or negative opinion, or observation ) about B & A, but nobody seems to mind throwing hate(or negative opinion, or observation) at Jen.

P.S. Brad looks GREAT!!! ( this shouldn't be an after thought)

Reading through these posts I can speak for myself and say if you can dish it you better be able to take it. There's been an influx of posters from a specific site mentioned here and their sole purpose is to spew hate. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

Good laugh buttercup about the colonies.

Just curious--Am I required to hate Jen to be a BAMZ+ fan???

i am team jolie, goodluck team jolie

Lou I just responded to you about us running on the Angelina play grond thread.

team jolie rocks

he's hot and angelina is beautiful perfect couple.


Rica nice post!
Brad looks happy and in the other pics...all FAMILY is really really happy.

Team Jolie Rules

i like brad and angelina together, perfect couple go team jolie go, ignore the nasty people

This is how senseless and unintelligent and obsessive Brangelina worshippers are. We love Jen more than Angelina? Does that comment make any sense to you? WHO in the world is obsessed with Jen? I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Simply because people dont approve of the relationship doesn't mean they hate or love someone. The fact that it's NOT Jennifer fans who are insulting Brangelina makes the relationship look even more terrible. It's not even Jennifer fans who are opposing this. It's Angelina fans themselves! I'm a fan of Angelina but i'm not a fan of some of the decisions she makes.

If you care so much, then you should be worried that it's not even Jen fans who are opposing this. It's Angelina fans.

I am not stupid I am just not blind! Have you seen some close ups of Brad? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Scary. Brad is going to be a has been within 5 years. At least Robert Redford & Paul Newman were gorgeous, aged gracefully and kept working because of their talent. I used to be a Brad Fan & I went to his movies for one thing..... He was incredibly HOT. His acting was horrible, but I did not care. Johnny Depp is his age & he is still gorgeous. Like I said, Brad's looking still looking good if you have no standards. He would still look great standing next to the regular fat housewife. Angelina always picks ugly guys so she looks better next to them. Scare me, I am thinking Billy Bob even looks better than Brad now. Don't get your panties in a wad though, if you like ugly wrinkly Brad, go ahead.

yeah, Angelina's lesbian fan base that are angry she's with Brad and having a baby

i am team jolie

I think, Nancy Balbirer is telling the truth. Because, I saw the THS (True Hollywood Story) of Jennifer Aniston, and I'm telling you, some of the shots whilst she was on Friends, she was always looking or staring at the mirror making sure her hair is okay. She's so VAIN! I also noticed that this girl, does not have a brain. (not intelligent) Even Matthew Perry commented on how Jennifer's like to talked about her hair.

I like Brad and Angelina too,I would'nt say love cause I don't even know them.I find it funny that people seem to think they know how Brad feels.His life changed drastically in a short amount of time,it's an adjustment for him,that's for sure.I'm sure he is thrilled to be a father.He does seem a little bit tired sometimes,who would'nt with two small children.So of course he seems rested and relaxed,he had a few days of sleeping as much as he wants,no kids to take care of.Every parents loves a little bit of alone time,but that does not mean he did'nt miss them.

brad is hot angelina is hot

Johnny Depp is his age & he is still gorgeous........i love johnny but he looks old AND with wrinkles....is sexy but no gorgeous

i agree jennifer is vain , she is just pretending to be a nice person but she is selfish.

Have you really seen a close caption shots of Jennifer? Oh boy, that girl have some LEATHERY FACE. That's the side effect on tanning too much.

she choosed her career over brad , so people move on, she's happy brad is happy so that makes them eve.

we know she's vain, she is so conceited

i am still team jolie no matter what they say about her at least she's not pretentious.

Brad looks happy and excited to be back with his
family...can you blame him ...they are so adorable. He can't stand to be away from Angie and the kids for even the shortest length of time.

CC The point AGAIN IS:


You and all your lil' buddies and those you don't know are free to spout an opinion but why not try to do it with a little taste and class. Not just spouting whatever happens to cross your mind at the time. If you wanna spew hate...take it to a site that caters to that!!! IF YOU (CC AND YOUR BUDDIES) Love Aniston sooo very much WHY ARE YOU HERE????!!!! Why aren't you on a Jen site boosting her self esteem, cause I'm sure she visits them from time to time. And while you're there raising Jennifer up...feel free to vulgarly bash, hate, dislike and insult Brangelina all you like!!! Trust me we reugulars here don't care what you do there.

Like the old saying goes: "I don't care what you do in your own home...it's what you do and how you do it in mine, that I have an issue with."

Ditto Rica,why are they still here and not on Jen's site?

bamz+1 4ever and ever!!! u rock jared!!

haters are losers!!! hell 4 u!! put an ax handle on ur ugly fatso asses :) :) :)

Paul Walker from 8 below...he is hot but rather skinny.

When my kids and I saw the movie...I thought he reminded me of BP (of course before he went to the dark hair).

Yea...PW would be someone my daughter would probably go crazy for and I'm the one crazy over BP...It’s the age difference...I grew up with BP and she'll grow up with these younger and just as sexy actors. Although she loves BP as well.

Great pictures of Brad's Homecoming...when I saw them, I thought, just as the other BAMZ lovers...he can't wait to see his FAMILY...he's running.

Now Rica you should do a FanFic on the homecoming...boy that would be PERFECT! What happened with that anyway…did you just give up?

Noone is even saying anything bad about anyone. You all act like you know them..? You keep ranting and raging over and over. Jennifer will live, Brad will live and angelina will live. They are big kids know. .It seems your arueing against yourself here..Weird people.yada yada yada.....

P.S Rica,they spend all day commenting on how Brad looks.Is that all they care about?I see why he took a good look at his life and made a change,a change for the better I might add.Life is about family not clothes and getting a tan.



Wow, I posted as #7 this morning and now the posts are up to 135 and counting.

Anyway, Rica and lou, I saw that you misunderstood my original post. I was arguing the post by Anonymous when he/she said Brad looked happy without Angie and unhappy when he was with her.

I merely tried to argue the fact that how could Brad be unhappy with Angie if he was only gone for a few days (not even a week could go by and he was on his way back to Paris already.)

I guess it was important for me to reiterate that I am just as much a BAMZ supporter as both of you, as much as Mija288, Cindy2, ange, elena, joy, African Girl, dolphingirl, and well, all the regulars (too many to mention.)

I don't post much, but trust me, I SKIP all the negative, non-intelligent comments about Brad and Angie, and go straight to the insightful discussions - and that's how I've gotten to know who the regulars are.

Unfortunately, once in a while, I end up reading a few ignoramus posts where I feel the need to defend Brad and Angie.

I know people are entitled to their opinions, but I always wonder why the haters MAKE SO MUCH EFFORT to go into a site and post comments about people they claim to dislike.

I think deep down, they are obsessed with Brad and Angie more than the fans.

I'm glad the Jolie-Pitt family are back together. BAMZ + 1 supporters ROCKS!

I know it probably just freaks out these Brangelina fanatics that most people can't stand Brad and Angelina- they try to tell themselves we're all "Jen fans". Sorry, not true at all. Brad and Angie disgust me because of their lies, cheating and whoring out the kids for PR. It's caught up with them. There are a handful of Angie worshippers, like here, who obsessively post over and over on these blogs to try to convince themselves this is the general opinion, but it's not. Brangelina is a worldwide joke.

Brad just looks freaky and confused. Angelina has wrecked him.

truth hurts | February 27, 2006 01:50 PM ...

thanks for your opinion...moving on...

truth hurts | February 27, 2006 01:50 PM

If Brad and Angelina is a worldwide joke, why did MAMS made 485 million worlwide? Would you care to explain that?



This is the address for the article. I would say you Aniston fans jihad on Angie has backfired and people are coming out and being honest. I have a friend who is a personal assistant for one of the top directors in Hollywood and who has told me stories about different people. She said that Jen is a cold snobby bitch. Her friends are "friends with an agenda " just as she is. The only reason is because her marriage to Brad gave her clout and money . But the tide is turning and as you can read, the many people she has stepped on on her way to the top are coming out of the closet. Note who has bought the rights to the Book that this is in. VINCE!
Remember what they say about making sure you step on anyone on the way up because payback is a bitch.

If she was the person everybody thinks she is I would be wearing team Aniston but she is everything but . I understand why Brad escaped and it would not matter who he was with and it insults my sense of fairness to have someone so undeserving not only of Brad but of the fanatic devotion of her fans.

"Truth hurts," that's true. These Brangelina worshippers are claiming that their relationship is much accepted. Not true! Everyone I speak to, including family members, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, they all say they either like Brad and Angelina and Jen individually, but the cosensus is they felt that the way their relatonship came about and then having the baby like this is not something they look in an admiring way. It's only the crazy psycho 12 year olds or teenagers or college students (or atleast they seem that way) that keep posting and posting on this board defending Brangelina and insulting others. They don't get it. And if they do get it, then they're only doing harm to brangelina's relationship. The more they insult us, the more we look at Brangelina in a negative manner and eventually the general public are going to agree this is ridiculous and not give a damn about Brangelina anymore.

Sorry about that BJ...I did misunderstand.

Hey Me again I responded to on another thread. I think it was the Pitt leaves for NY thread.

I did write a fic but someone asked me to start from the very beginning so I did. I just haven't posted yet. To busy chatting with the resident Brangelina haters. You know how it is.

Oh and girls (the regulars.) You'll love this...LOL!!!

Tsts called me 'chicken shit' tooo funny HAHAHAHA!!!!
I think I like that girl/guy (whichever). In tsts defense I believe it was in response to me saying he /she was maliscious

truth hurts:

Now, this time the JOKE is on you. You know as well as I do that Jennifer is a BIG JOKE. Why? Do I really need to remind you about her 2 recent films that FAILED on the Box Office?

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 02:02 PM

Why not put a NAME on that comment...why hide under Anonymous?

I think it's about time.

Most of you would have realized early that we try not to read tabloids or listen to chatter about what we (Angel, Mad, Z, and our third child whose name I won't mention) or we are not supposed to be doing, thinking, wearing, saying, making. We have too much fun in our basement doing laundry so that we could wear our favorite uniform daily to pay any attention. I can't even stay on the phone too much as I need to give Z needs diapers, bottles, lullabies every now and then and Mad won't let me stop laughing at new antics he picks up (right now he's watching French cartoons and no doubt gonna jump behind soon and read aloud what I'm typing). But somebody handed us a copy of fans posts from this blog and I need our fans and Jen's fans to know these.

I will always love Jennifer, she has a special place in my heart.

And when our kids grow up, they will know everything about my previous marriage from me.

Did I cheat during our marriage? I'm not surprised this rouses a storm of speculation, but the answer is really not something fans would know because there's nothing I could say that would matter to people who just wish to...speculate.

Having said that, many concerns appear to rooted in Angel and I being unmarried and living together. I say we will be.

The choice to breathe outside the US right now is something many of you seem to appreciate. As Angel said, we're just going to be a family and we're doing just that.

I want to tell you all, I never knew this joy existed. But it does, I have it, we have it, and many of you, I'm quite sure, have felt something like it in your own lives. To you I say, cheers. And to those who wish for it, just follow your heart and it won't fail to get you there.


Good that's what we want you non-brangelina people do...don't give a damn and MOVE ON. OK...Ok you think they cheated, okay you think they are ugly, okay you don't believe she gave 1/3 of her salary to the poor, okay brad is missing a sensitivity chip...ok, ok, ok, are you tired of them yet? Okay MOVE ON.

One thing I've learned...I (we fans) can't convince anybody of anything...he if you're addicted to drugs until you realize that and come true with yourself...you will never see you have a drug problem...so vice versa with this SITUATION...it the hater can't see there hate or whatever it is that dwells with them that won't let them move on...they will never LET IT GO and MOVE ON...SO OKAY... :-)

Wow, a "Brad Pitt" impersonator. Once again, you Brangelina worshippers are psssyyychooo! Wow, this is just silly. And if that was Brad Pitt, that makes him look even more pathetic. Now people are really going to hate him. Oh boy, what a public relations mess!

First of all Angie is not 32 she is 30 and Brad Looks fine to me he just has to get used to being a father to children . That's why he looks tired sometimes. Plus AJ has to have some playtime too. Give them a break they both look happy now and in the past with their ex's. But they apparently love each each considering the sacrifices and scrutiny they have endured to be together.

LOLOL... I know. This is RUINING Brangelina's rep.

bamz+1 rocks!! and they're hot and famous coz even haters come here and spend time to write comments even if those comments are stupid and nasty comments!! these losers can't live without bamz+1...they are here reading and writing their own 2 cents....welcome losers and haters....u make our bamz+1 family more famous and hot....thanks much from the bottom of my ass... :) :) :)

Angelina has aged in two days lol. She is not 32 she is 30. LOL

Brad Pitt | February 27, 2006 02:11 PM

I would almost believe this one if I hadn't mentioned that I mailed a packet to Brad/Angelina and the Publicist...boy would I believe this one....the words of encouragement are good though.

Now only if "BRAD PITT" could tell me what the cover letter said (signature name) and the return address...then I WOULD believe this one.

So what you say...Brad Pitt | February 27, 2006 02:11 PM...Are you here to play?

ah brad pitt comment was cute!! enjoy your life!!!

Why do you people think that insulting us is going to help Brangelina? It's only going to make people really hate them. Simply because people have their opinions doesnt mean anything. We say what we want. You can say what u want. But I dont believe our criticisms of the relationship is as bad the psychos who berate the opposition. Our criticisms may be bad enough to do a little harm to their reputation, but the nasty comments made by the BAMZ worshippers is definitely not helping and probably making it worse. Why is it so hard for you to believe that people dont accept the relationship? And that there are no personal problems or love/hate thing going on behind our comments?

yep!! bamz+1 are hot!!! losers and haters come here to spend their time writing comments to stars they don't like....

INDEED, they really like the bamz+1 family because they are here and not on the site that are favoring their suppose "idol"......they really really love bamz+1 family!!!

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 02:20 PM

Nehhhh, you're just jealous, I find it fascinating how some of the BAMZ fans really have some good imagination and I must say EXCELLENT writing skills. (not me though, maybe bec. I am TAGLISH. (Tagalog and English)

Anywho, I'm here to support my BAMZ+.

That's another thing. There's no jealousy involved. I would have been much happier to see Brad in this relationship if they had taken their time with things. But the fact that they rushed thru it, makes it look wrong. I would have been happy to see them together, but the way they went about it is all wrong.

love bamz+1 family....brad can't live w/o ange, mad and z and the baby...he comes home right away...

bamz+1 forever and ever!!!

What a waste of energy . Do you actually think that Pitt and Jolie give one's rats ass about what Jennifer Aniston's freakish fans think?

Seriously, do you really think you have that type of power? If Pitt cared what people thought he would of stayed in an unhappy, childless marriage for the rest of his life. Who are you people fighting and what exactly do you think you're fighting for?

People makes mistakes, what makes it great is how you dust yourself up and move on okay. It's like when you travel...it's not the destinations it the journey of your travel. That's what makes it meaningful.

Anyways, Some people file for divorce and move on with their life quickly, and some don't. You hve to understand that every person or individual is different, some people cope right away and some don't.

rica my friend, i didn't go back yet to the other thread, did you or ange or african girl or anyone continued to write more fanfic episodes??

i would love to read the episode where b comes home from his trip...if you have time...i would greatly appreciate the fantasy...thanks! lol...

I am 38 and love BAMZ+1. But I am happy to live in Europa and enjoy my life . Get life or you visit us here and you can see live is beautiful. Thanks JJ for the pics.

ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH "i have a friend who told me jen is a bitch""my father is a director and told me she is very ugly"....

"She's a very deep person. She's had a complex life and it's not just been easy, which makes her extremely compassionate. Jennifer's been through so many things, with relationships and family, things that have made her stronger. That's what makes her so interesting.
the reason why I love her so much is that I feel very safe with her. Always."- Courteney on Jen

"Jennifer is one big throbbing heart to me.She's all emotion, feeling and support. Even if you were to say you'd accidentally killed someone, she'd reply 'Honey, it's not your fault.' That's loyalty, her unconditional support and love."- Lisa Kudrow on Jen

"I never thought being married would make me feel this way. It's an amazing feeling. I look at Jen and think...she's my wife."- Brad on Jen

Ted Cohen (Executive Producer): "Jennifer brings a truth to Rachel that allows her to be funny, even when she and Ross are fighting, breaking up, having a baby, etc., which is incredibly rare."

"I believe Jen to be one of the finest comediennes ever. Her timing, her instincts are so, so good, and so on the money. She has this rare combination: not many girls that attractive are that funny and have that much heart. Shes got the emotional life underneath it to match the funny. And shes adorable. It's a triple threat." - David Schwimmer

"Jennifer is the sweetest, most sincere person... not to mention she is so damn funny! freddie prinze junior.

She finds joy and beauty in small things. She gets excited by a flower in her backyard. Most people let the gardener take care of that stuff. She is so grateful for what she’s experiencing; that’s why none of her friends resents her success. It’s so easy to get lazy when you have everything at your fingertips, but I think that’s why she and Brad hooked up. Each will make sure the other doesn’t get lazy when it comes to the important things that matter when you’re 80 and no one gives a crap. They challenge each other to have real intimacy, as opposed to getting away with what the world allows them to get away with." - Kristin Hahn

"Brad was constantly haranguing me. Did you kiss her, did you kiss her? No, he came around once or twice, very nice gentleman, really cool guy. They make a great couple, really sweet. She’s tremendous. We work well off each other because Jennifer is a completely different person than me. I’m a person who just throws myself out there and does wild stuff and she’s like the center of the wheel. She’s the type of person that can sit there and allow things to come to her. I seek them out and destroy them. It’s a wonderful kind of mix. She’s very solid and very centered. You look at all magazines you see her in and you just think it’s amazing. Before you know her you wonder why are people so interested in this person. They just never seem to get enough of her and then you meet her and you go there’s a reason. She’s just a very cool centered person. Sometimes when you meet people like that you’re disappointed at the reality of them. The idea is always better. Sometimes they’re playing an idea and she’s just being herself." - Jim Carrey

AND MORE.........


"Nehhhh, you're just jealous, I find it fascinating how some of the BAMZ fans really have some good imagination and I must say EXCELLENT writing skills."

now THAT is an egg-cellent post and i agree with this BAMZ fan.

try reading anti-jolie/pitt posts and their vocabs run out as soon as they use up all their monosyllabic drone.

my cat could spew more elegant furies.

What's really odd is that Jim Carrey quote that Pitt only visited there once or twice. He never went more then three or four days while she was filming in NY or he was in Canada. He was always with her and she him on the Jesse James set. I think that's interesting behavior from him.

Angelina that is.

Who said that about Angelina ,source please

Someone said that Jared should block off people that insult brangelina. Even if he does, that's gonna be worse because someone out there is going to create a "we hate angelina" website and then it's going to be all out there. That's just worse. Imagine a long list of hateful posts against Brangelina. How awful! And i'm sure the person who creates that website will eliminate any personal attacks on its posters. And if people create a "we hate aniston" website, then you're really doing Brangelina a disfavor, because the general cosensus is that she never did anything wrong. And people will feel even more bad for Aniston and will want to stick up for her even more, by going to her movies. The way Jennifer is, people just can't believe she's evil, espcially since she has a better track record than Angelina in being a "good girl." You can all agree that in this Brangelina relationship, there was some infidelity going on and Angelina has alot to do with it. People know this. They're not going to deny it like you all are.

ALYS you sleep or eat ?

LOU | February 27, 2006 11:01 AM

"Grace,you are right about the clothing,but the haters will still try to pick at it.Brad looks very happy,guess he wants to see his family."

Lou, the power of suggestion is a mighty thing, and maybe if the idea that crit will come isn't sent out, the idea TO crit wouldn't get in to some heads. Ok, doubt that, but you get my drift?

Aniston a good girl? I wouldn't go that far. She was engaged to Tate Donovan when she met Brad Pitt and then dumped Donovan. He's never had good things to say about her, none of her old boyfriends do. He always said she was ruthless, wanted to be an A lister and that she felt he wasn't powerful enough for her in HW. Keep in mind this guy is also really good friends with Clooney. Same goes for the director of RHI. She created mass chaos on that set and the guy got fired. No celeb is ever going to come right out and say bad things about another actor they're working with unless they're crazy or on drugs. You just don't do it.

Meh, I see Aniston and think neurotic and that was confirmed when she said she loooooved to be in therapy, actually enjoyed it. Screams narcissists.

She's over though. Way over. Keep up the good fight Aniston fans but you're running at windmills

"in this Brangelina relationship, there was some infidelity going on..."

What's the problem with this sentence?

They might have had SEX after the separation, but they eventually divorced. It's not like He went back and slept with Jen after he slept with someone else....

ell honey i am not here to insult your angelina nor brad....i have some respect for people i dont know... but i don'T like all This war betwween jen and angiee..

so when someone say jen is a bitch,other people say she is nice.....and the same for angelina...


The other thing is if someone creates a "we hate aniston" website, nobody's going to read it. But everyone'll read the Brangelina or Angelina hate website.

Meant to say A and B might have had sex after the separation but J and B eventually divorced.

I get Alys' point.

Listen. Nobody makes the right decisions 100% of the time. I'm sure almost everyone you know, including yourself, has made a few mistakes in your lifetime. But that's no reason to go riding on your high horse about how you hate Angelina for doing the same. They are all flawed. All three of them. Angie, Brad, Jen.

However, no one here has the right to say that Brad is unhappy with Angie, or that Angie is a bad influence on him. She didn't "pick" him just to ruin his relationship. Most people that know what they are talking about, know that Brad and Jen were long done when him and Angie started canoodling.

These are people we are talking about here. People that have made mistakes, and have lived with it. Why are we still set on bringing up the past? Angie doing heroin, and cutting herself, all of that was years and years ago.

Seriously, just appreciate the pictures. Whether you are Team Aniston, Team Jolie, or neither, you should just hope that they are happy with where they are in life and then get over it. Enough is enough, is enough is enough is enough - and this is getting insane.

I'm Team Jolie, but that doesn't mean I hate Jen. So lets try to be civilized, and just comment about the PICTURES, and not about how much you hate someone you don't even know. Thanks.

For the people who think brad is not happy, what type of glassed are you wearing, he looks extremly happy,

buttercup | February 27, 2006 11:59 AM

"Hold on. Female First? That crazy U.K. site? Sheesh. Now you know why the colonies were started. Sheesh."

LMAO!!!! That's the funniest thing I've seen in ages on this board! Good one buttercup, I love it.

Some people care about this break up and divorce more then the people involved. Seperate Aniston from Pitt and let her live her life. The more her fans keep her attached the longer she's stuck.

Her two movies worldwide have only grossed about 120 mil dollars. M&MS has grossed close to 490 million, The proof is in the pudding. Bitch all you like about Brad but he's a huge, HUGE worldwide star and beloved by a lot of people. Proof is in that pudding.

Ok I'm gonna respond to this "hater" stuff. Why, because I'm bored and my classes are done with LOL.

I have read that some here think people that support BAMZ +1 are too touchy, that they are going too far by saying those that don't like them are haters. On some posts I would agree. But in many of the posts I see alot of wasteful hate.

I'm gonna take a stab at this whole they “handled it wrong” and “Angelina is a homewrecker” “Jen's a victim of them nonsense.” I'm doing this even though I know when I come back there will be some lame poster that will take all my common sense and say something stupid and wrong. But since I have some time to kill I'm gonna do it anyway. LOL

Brad and Angelina did a excellent job at handling this. Like many celebs. they have a image to maintain, they have to worry about certain things getting in the way of their careers. Jennifer Aniston tried very hard to save her ass in her VF interview and in many of her following interviews. No fault in that.

In the real world there is nothing wrong with not having children,getting divorced, and falling out of love. This is America after all. People in the real world are just as fucked up if not more then the people in Hollywood. The divorce rate is 50% plus as of 2004. But in their world, the “fake” world, when you are held up to be the most perfect couple that lived lol these things can be a killer of your career. It’s all about profit. All parties had to make sure that they came of favorably. No one really snubs anyone in Hollywood for falling out and in love with each other and having sex outside of marriage. This is California not Utah lol. But there was justifiable concern over what this “scandal” would do to their careers. Jennifer Aniston saved her’s by giving her interview with Vanity Fair. Good for her.

When Jennifer Aniston gave her interview with VF she did so because so many people were telling her story for her. She felt the need to tell her side, her feelings. I respect that. I DON’T respect that her friends were added to the mix. That she under-minded a legally binding contract and allowed a worker of Brad Pitt’s production company to bash him and his relationship with Angelina Jolie. I don’t respect her choice of allowing that reporter to bash Angelina's UNHCR work AND her children. Going after children is the low of the low. For those reasons I'm not the worlds biggest fan of Jennifer Aniston. Loved Friends, still do, but have little respect for her as a person. One could argue she was simply in a weird place and allowed all this snarky behavior because she was hurt. Part of me believes that, another thinks she is simply evil and vain. Regardless of the reason I could care less. LOL I don’t lose sleep over it.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the other hand handled it VERY well. They never once said anything about Jennifer’s MANY interviews. Many though that Brad would tell all to Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters, ANYONE after that interview Jennifer gave to Vanity Fair. But it never happend. The last interview Brad Pitt gave was about a PBS documentary. Other than that. He has not spoken about his personal life or anything for over a year. Angelina Jolie has taken the same route. She refussed to go on and on and talk about the interview. She did as she always has done since 2002. She went about raising her children and working with the UNHCR. She didn’t shift gears at all through the entire thing. Some see the charity as a stratagy, these are the minority btw lol, but it really isn’t. The cold hard truth is that charity work can make ANYONE look good. The devil could go to a soup kitchen and help out. People would go ‘oh I know he’s the devil but he has such a great heart to do this in his free time” lol Charity work makes you look good. That doesn’t mean that its NOT sincere.

Jennifer Aniston may have gained some supporter, annablers really of her pitty party talk, but she lost out in the PR. She lost because no one wants to pitty a millionaire. There are tons of woman that regardless of how many time Brad Pitt wears that hat! would not only give him a baby or two but would tap that in a second. lol. She ain’t getting any love from them. lol Aniston failed because no one wants to hear a 36 going on 37 yr old wine about their life. Notice that at every opportunity given Angelina and Brad do not wine about fame. They don’t complain about being talked about. They simply move on and face the reality of it all.

I think they, Angelina and Brad, handled it the best way anyone could handle this nonsense. Its 2006 and people are more interested then ever in these two, want to see them happily married, want to see their babies, want to know the sex of the next one, want to see them kiss and hold hands. Considering the vibe last yr. I think this speaks volumes to the fact that they handled everything well. They did it ALL right and NOT WRONG.

Angelina is not a home wrecker btw. If the home is already in ruins what was there to wreck? Jennifer Aniston filed for divorce in March of 2005, she agreed to separation in January 2005. Exactly what was DONE to her? How is she a victim of anything? I can’t wait to be 37 and have all my faliures attributed to someone else. LOL Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

I say good luck to all of them. Jennifer Aniston is no saint, no whore or sinner. Same for Angelina and Brad. They are only human. They have made their mistakes but its their lives and mistakes. Not yours or mine. So don’t internalize all this so deeply. Lighten up! All of you. It's a blog not the supreme court or Presidental debate lol

BAMZ+1 fan & mild fan of Jennifer Aniston :D

take a look at these pics...

If anyone is a narcissist, it's Angelina.


Jennifer met Brad on a blind date. She did not dump Tate for brad. You people r making lies one after the other. Atleast the opposition is here to say things for what they really are.

YEA, I've noticed that too! He smiles more when Jolie's not around.

Do yOu think she has him on a leash? She's got him wHooped gooood.

Of course she is, she's pregnant and everyone loves pregnant women. Plus, she's purrty.

yes, she did dump Tate for Brad..she hadn't broken up with Donovan yet.

People are so funny. He looks the happiest he's looked since the Paltrow days. They're always laughing and smiling at each other.

ALYS | February 27, 2006 02:51 PM

ALYS ALYS....if u love jen so much ??? why not go and start a thread about her in femalefirst??? she's no more in here...she got dumped and her movies suck....

show your support of her by buying her t-shirts, her sitcom dvds and most helpfully for her career, a ticket to her movies!!!

she's gone gone gone...no more a-list brad to hang on....if u don't wake up to reality...

this is what will happen to your idol....jen/rachel who???

wake up and smell the roses that surrounds the bamz+1 family...:) :) :) full of love!!!

i am now questioning your sanity because if u don't like the bamz+1 family, why you are here to this blog, to this site spending time reading and writing comments???

Rica, nice photos! thanks.

Oh I have a feeling Brad has a very huge smile on his face - all night long. Poor Jen would have messed her hair up. LOL

Yeah, I want to know too. The opposition? Exactly whom do you think you're fighting and for what?

3:34 Rawr. You bet your ass he does ;-)

No one hates Brangelina. People simply disapprove of their relationship. I don't think people make much sense of it, that's all. You go and get a divorce from your wife and then you go and have a baby with the hottest actress in town. Nope, people don't like either of you for that. It's shallow. And you're right.... Jen who?

GOOD post anonymous 3:39
Hey but for the record Jennifer divorced Brad.

I'm just sayin'...

Wasn't it BP who stuck up for Miss Stuck Up saying she didn't have a bad bone in her body? All JA could say was - he's missing some sensitivity chips - BOOO HOOO - hey Jen the world does not evolve around you for once.

Why are the Aniston fans around? Because they think they own Brad Pitt. The way they carry on you'd swear he was married to them.

No one disapproves of their relationship. You want to disapprove of something. Disapprove of the handling of the 6 ports, disapprove of the war in Iraq, disapprove of the millions of people dying each day because of starvation, lack of medical supplies and AIDS, disapprove of child sexual abuse. For real these rabid Aniston fans are creepy

FREE BRAD, and hope he can get off the leash.

I LOVE JEN AND WHAT,,,,,,,??? you love angie....and some people love kidman; some love lohan.......



Honey, any leash he's on, he's enjoying every minute of. Mwaaa

I think Jen divorced BP before he did so she could save face - I mean - isn't that something she would do? She had just spent 2 weeks with him - if he was soooooooo bad would she have agreed to go with him, walk hand in hand and try so desperatly to win him back. Nope - he was already in love with AJ - good choice BP.

Well, it's a technicality she filed. He left her and wanted the divorce. No doubt though he let her file. She was all fine and good letting people believe she was divorcing him...then Kenya happened and she got pissed.

If BP doesn't smile in the day maybe its because he's been smiling all night long.

Alys, that last post was absolutely okay.

joy... a fellow taglish, and a fellow BAMZ supporter.

That's cool. I also saw in previous posts and previous blogs of brad and angelina supporters in the philippines.

they are known and supported internationally.

If you want to preach about love go to the Christian Science Blog already.

You people r bringing up other celebrity couples and religion.

Those r not the issues. When you take a couple like Brad & Jen and then add Angelina in there, people get uneasy because they know what to expect. Jennifer trusted Brad and yet this happened. Now no one is blaming Jen and Brad. But then who should we blame? Well, bring in the bomb that broke them apart...Angelina. And yes it was that bomb. Because otherwise, they would have worked out their marital issues. So now since Angelina factors into their break up, people are starting to wonder why she went around talking about how she loves being a "mother" and "UN work" before and making herself out to be this person who seemed like she had some ETHICS. Then later breaks or HELPS break up this marriage.

Every marriage has problems and unique problems at that. And that includes wanting or not wanting or wanting more kids or delaying having kids. Haven't you heard of mothers tying their tubes because they don't want anymore children after having a couple already? What if their husband or significant other wanted more kids? It's the same thing with Jen. Jen just delayed it a little that's all. She simply wanted to be ready, like Gwyneth Paltrow was, and do it at the right time. Brad cant force that upon her.

For people who believe that Brad Pitt was any type of vanilla and had forgotten about the groovy, sexy, funny, freaky Brad Pitt, I give you this. It's from the Vogue article about Marily Manson. (he wants to bring a comic book to film and wanted Angie to be in it but alas she's having a Pittster) He invited them over for dinner.

Dita's kitchen is fifites show-home pink and black, their living room horror-movie Victoriana. The couple's four Devon-rex cats, Aleister, Lily, Edgar, and Hermann, prowl among the quirky curiosities: twenties children's store mannequins and medical-study torsos, the pelt of a two-headed lamb, a leather and wood prosthetic leg from the Civil War, Johnny Depp's wig from Blow(traded for Manson's fake breasts from the cover of his Mechanical Animals album), and papier-mache Venetian Manson Masks. He gave one to Brad and Angelina and was amused at the sexual sparks that flew when they were deciding who would get to wear it.

It's not fair to compare Angelina's success to Jen's success (even though Jen became popular before she did, but on TV). Angelina was at a point in her life professionally where she could have a baby. She had done movies, which makes millions more than tv. Now Jen wanted to have her chance as a professional movie actor.

Problem is, people are having trouble with this because it's Angelina, that's why. Not because she broke up a "golden couple" or what have you. People who worship Angelina (and never hated her) are now disappointed by her. They think of it as a negative thing and how can you blame them. She outrightly says she falls in love with co-stars. But in this scenario, she turned out to do the same thing she always does but at the wrong time. I'm sure that if Angelina had waited a little, and she never does, then everything would have turned out for the better. It would also give people enough time to absorb everything. But instead Angelina is the one who turned this into a battle, especially by getting pregnant.

Well have you seen the Kenya villa they stayed at???? Talk about romantic - I guess it finally sunk in he was sharing a bed with AJ - what did she expect - for him to wait another year?? JA, and as a guy I can say this - comes across as only doing it missionary - hair laid out in place - posing as usual.

Also, she and Brad just rushed right into it, which made them look bad and that made people feel sympathetic toward Jen. If Jen did something really bad, atleast that would give people some incentive to accept this new relationship. But she didn’t do anything enormously wrong, which is why people are upset with Brangelina.

I saw one poster say, what if this were Julia Roberts and not Jennifer Aniston in this situation, with Brad.. Then people would be really pissed at Angelina. But the thing is, Angelina would never do that to such a big star like Julia. Julia could probably woop her left and right. Battle of the big lips. But the thing is, OF COURSE, everyone would be sympathetic to Julia and eventually people would hate Angelina. And that is what’s happening now with Jen and Angelina. The thing is Jen and Angelina are two very different people. One looks like a vixen and cold and the other looks very sweet and warm. I think that makes another big contribution in people’s minds against Angelina.

Maybe people just don’t agree with the guy Angelina picked. I think she should have gone for someone else like Jonny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tommy Lee, anyone but Brad. A lot of people simply don’t find Brad and Angelina a compatible couple, but who knows. Angelina made it seem her ex’s were compatible for her and it turned out they weren’t.

Karen, Jennifer was with Brad Pitt for close to 7 years and the producers of Friends actually wrote in a pregnancy storyline for her. I actually don't think children were the main issue. I just think they never lived together, barely spent time together, wanted different things and grew apart. She stopped wearing her wedding band in Nov. They had to wait until the end of promotion for Troy, Friends and the holiday's to be over.

buttercup, too funny on the masks story. Groovy Brad is sexy Brad. Glad he's back


JA, and as a guy I can say this - comes across as only doing it missionary - hair laid out in place - posing as usual.


Aniston is a silly twit and didn't deserve a great guy like Brad Pitt. I'm so happy is is with Angelina Jolie and their children. Aniston THS will be know and the silly, vain twit that lost the lotto ticket...hahahaha

Poor sweet Jennifer - now look at ya....hope making those B movies were worth the loss of Bradelicious.

Um, 4:06 Anonymous, you think Aniston with her post smoking, drinking, almost DUI, straddling Vince Vaughn, Vaughn's hands down her pants in public, walking, smoking is something that should be looked up to? Cukoo for cocoa puffs

Julia? Are you kidding me? Look at her track record. She's the one known around HW for sleeping with and getting engaged to all of her co-stars. The list is endless with her. Then look at what happened with Moder and his wife. (moder worked on M&MS by the way) She walked around with that crazy t-shirt 'low Vera" on. The things people said about Roberts- whew...all she had to do was have a baby. The public love couples and they love couples having babies.

CUKOO FOR COCOA PUFFS? You people r nuts.

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 03:22 PM

"Ok I'm gonna respond to this "hater" stuff"

Seriously excellent post.


Karen, do you honestly believe that Angelina and Brad don't have the right to have a child together because of his ex wife? What planet do you live on? Whoever said it was right. The Aniston fans are really creepy and out of wack with the realities of life.

BP knew when JA had had an orgasm - she dropped her nail file.

They have the right to have a child. It was the way they went about doing it that people aren't too happy about.

Anonymous,Ok I'm going to respond to this hater stuff.Very intelligent post,you made some good points.

Brad's an indentured servant didn't ya know?

Someone needs to tell the Aniston groupies Lincoln freed the slaves


'Me Again' You can check the Brad NYC thread.

The fic is there now...

Have a good night girls!!!

OMG...They way they went about it? He's NOT MARRIED to Aniston anymore and has under The Constitution of the United States the right to the pursuit of Happiness.

LOL 4:29. Ain't it the truth

God forbid if karen has a child that isn't molded into the morale mold of christian insanity - whatcha gonna do? Send it back?

rica, can't wait for the fanfic!!! as for the subject at hand, brad and angelina are together ,they found one another they fell in love, he is adopting her kids kids, she is 7months pregant ,they are a family, jen is with vince now...........please DEAL WITH IT!!!! i love this blog, love seeing the pix of bamz, plus one. but some of you, have way TOOOOOOOOOOO much time on your hands.

They have every right in the world to go about their relationships the way they want. But let's say it happened to one of your friends. You'd call the guy who is like Brad, a creep. And you'd call the girl who took the guy from your friend and got pregnant with him, a slut. You can see your friend was not too happy about it, just like Jen was otheriwse Jen wouldnt have expressed that she's hurt by it. So you automatically side with your friend. it's not like Jen didnt care about her relationship with Brad or else she would not have seemed upset over it.

See what I'm saying? Fruit Loops the Aniston fans are. They actually think she's Rachel Green.

Hey kerchy - you have that right - I could be saving the world, but hey, thsi is easier, cheesier, and far more fun!!

rica, what thread? where is it? nyc?

The reason why Jen did not have her ring on in November was because she probably knew or found out that Brad was fooling around with Angelina on the making of the movie M&MSmith.

Please don't tell me what I'd think in any given situation. If I had a friend who was in an unhappy marriage and that means if one person is unhappy that means they're both unhappy and decided to end the marriage I'd say don't waste your time on someone or something that's not fulfilling. Let him/her go and create your own life and your own happiness. I wouldn't harp on how put upon said friend is because the spouse is happier with someone else. Because the fact is, three sides to every story. Her's, His and the Truth.

Look her own best friend Courtney Cox even stuck up for him in that VF article and dispelled the b/s.


'Big Apple Brad On Business' thread, kerchy

Karen, the way they went about it?Jen has been with Vince for six months,do ya think the play checkers at night?We all know Brad was having sex with Angie after he spilt from Jen,so why is it so shocking to some they made a baby?Hell Jen could have gotten pregnant,but I wonder if this much of a fuss would have been made about Jen having Vinces baby.

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 04:28 PM

"BP knew when JA had had an orgasm - she dropped her nail file. "

Oh that's ugly, but TOO funny!


She's 30 not 32

If they were so unhappy in the marriage then why did Jen seem upset? She didn't want the marriage to end. She expressed that she was hurt over the break up. And she took the high road and didnt mention anything about Brangelina.

I hope they were fooling around back then cuz that's too much mad sexy to waste on Aniston or your right hand.

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 04:06 PM



People have selective memories. They both made comments publicly in 2003 that made you wonder if that marriage was going to last. I can't get over how people act surprised by this. What? You think when an actor is promoting a project and they deny their marriage is falling apart it's true when all signs point to the fact it's over? Naive people, very naive. That's what I think the JA fans are angry about. They fell for it.


if Jen was so terrible then why did Brad MARRY her? He could have had any woman in the world, but he chose Jen.

Forget about Jen. I Just dont think Brad and Angelina are right for each other.

why did he marry her? because he was in love with her at the time and thought they shared the same visions and dreams for a life together. obviously they didn't. people change. plus, you know brad had just come off that big break up with paltrow right before their wedding. maybe, he wasn't really over her and got involved with aniston too soon. i think the difference with aniston compared to know is that it was a breakdown over a number of years. he was done

Brad told Diane Sawyer he had "No Qualms" and that he "knows his truth" I have to say he certainly acts like a man who has a clean concious. He just hasn't looked back. It's like he was never married to Aniston.

I can accept the fact that there were problems in Jen & brad's marriage. I can accept the fact that Brad and Angelina just simply fell in love with each other and wanted to have a baby together. But I simply dont see Angelina in a good light anymore. And if Brad could justify this in anyway, it would make their relationship more believable. But he hasn't.

Inside Addition said Brad's trip to NYC was in part for a meeting at the UN.......interesting. Maybe he went on behalf of Angelina?


Yeah, but HB why should he? Who does he need to justify anything to? The only people who matter to him is his family, friends and the people involved. Aniston herself has come out and said there was no animosity between them and Brad told Sawyer his divorce was multilayered.

He's never spoken about any break up he's ever had to this day. I will say this though, I think Angelina has been dragged through the mud by the tabloids and Aniston fans. She's had to take one for the team. I think they just must love each other so much to be able to put up with bull they've had to by the tabloids and yes Aniston

Wow. 'K?!

People sure can get worked up.

Brad Pitt can go for all I care. He's mildly attractive and he's mildly entertaining.

So whatevah...

Annon,thank you for resonding to Anonymous 4:54,because I must say reading that post made me feel sad that some people can't understand that people change,fall out of love.Whats so hard about this?It not rocket science.

Why does Brad have to justify his love of a woman who happens to be the mother of his children to anyone? I understand this. They love each other and their family. That's good enough for me and most people.

If I really hated Brangelina, trust me the words of insults would be far more worse. But the discussion was on the relationship. Theres no anger. Nothing to do with hate.

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 03:22 PM

GREAT POST !!!!!!!!

Havent you heard of people questioning other couple's relationships? I had a friend who got married just because of pressure from her family and because she wanted to have kids. But NO ONE else agreed with the relationship, except her parents who wanted her to get married. The guy was not right for her. Immediately after they got married, they had a baby of course, which she wanted. NOw that baby has to put up with him and her fighting all the time. Now if it's the same with Angelina & Brad, where they just did this because they really desired to have a family, it's not enough. A marriage/relationship based on just wanting to have a baby is a bad idea.

Life is too short and too hard to be in any relationship and/or situation that is unhappy or fulfilling.


Thanks...just printed all the fics...starting my book...

I will wait for the next installment...can't wait.

And she also said that she has had the best sex with this guy. Sex is also not enough for a relationship. And the children suffer for it.

Even with JA's publicists working overtime to prevent her failing stock from plummeting into oblivion - they can't help her. I think the Oscar presentation will be looked on as a joke by most. Not many members of the academy truly believe she is worthy of presenting - but hey we all stand aside and say nothing - she's entertainment of the truly saddest kind.

You think that Brad Pitt left his wife just to have a family/child with someone? He could of done that with anyone. He chose/wanted Angie

You think Angelina was just looking for someone to be a father to Maddox? Then you don't know anything about Angelina. She chose/wanted Brad. These are two people who take family and children very seriously. Why is it so hard to accept it's pretty simple, they love each other.

He just wasn't in love with Aniston anymore.

Thoughts - you have that right......if they applaud her i am going to UPCHUCK....

Anonymous 5:16 Brad could have found any hollywood actress or twit to have his baby and had a hell of lot less trouble.These people fell for each other and fell hard.They are in love.

HB | February 27, 2006 05:02 PM

"I can accept the fact that there were problems in Jen & brad's marriage. I can accept the fact that Brad and Angelina just simply fell in love with each other and wanted to have a baby together. But I simply dont see Angelina in a good light anymore. And if Brad could justify this in anyway, it would make their relationship more believable. But he hasn't."

That's fair, yet unfair at the same time lol. Why is Angelina the bad guy here? Brad was the married one, not her. She had no gun to his head, and from more than a few pictures during the filming of MAMS, Brad is the one in HER grill everytime you turn around. Why is the woman always seen as the homewrecker when a marriage breaks up like the other party....the man...had no say in what's going on?

Another thing, Why is it beyond belief, "especially since there's a plethora of proof out there to back up that each member of the Aniston-Pitt marriage had hit the "stop, I'm not sure, but I think I might want to get off" button nearly a 1yr and 1/2 before MAMS was even on the drawingboard? It's like there's this brick wall standing between all that on good authority DID happen in that marriage bringing it to the point of separation and then divorce.....and what people have chosen to ignore in favor of believing Jennifer got the shaft.

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 05:18 PM

"And she also said that she has had the best sex with this guy. Sex is also not enough for a relationship. And the children suffer for it."

Who exactly are you speaking of?


Forget Jen. Why always somebody must mention her name . I see Brad or angelina's pics and what must I read: Why Jen? Who is Jen? where is Jen?

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 04:06 PM

Let me ask you something, Do you think Jennnifer's fornicating with Vince is not considered wrong in the eyes of GOD? hmmmm.

My parents got married because of pressure from their families to get married and because they each wanted a kid (wonderful ol' me!). But at the age of five I decided my parents should get a divorce. Watching them fight tore me apart. To this day, they are still together and still fight (although the fighting has died down to petty little arguments), but now they don't really talk to each other, except over simple issues. But there's no lovey dovey, hugging and kissing going on anymore. My mother once told me if she had known what she was getting into she would have never gotten married.

So, folks, simply rushing into things like Brangelina did is not always a wise choice. What about their children? How will it affect them? Don't go into a relationship like this for selfish reasons or so quickly. And people, observers that is, may not be IN the relationship, but people are perceptive. They will speculate and judge.

Brad only spent 2 days way fom the fam, he couldn't bare to leave them there longer
Love BAMZ+1
and rica love those fanfics, keep them up

JPF - not me of course. Cause I was one of those people who opposed my friend marrying this guy. And I was right.

Pat, while I appreciate your story the thing is, Brad and Angelina had gotten to know each other over a good year of filming Smith. That movie's shoot went on forever. It's not like they met, had a romantic relationship right away without really getting to know each other. They were friends first and got to know each other and what they really both wanted out of life. That's a very different scenerio from your parents story.

No one pressured them into being together. When you're in love you want to be with that person and you want to be with them all the time.

JPF - i was talking about the friend who got married to the wrong guy because she wanted to have a baby and because she has great sex with him. now he's threatening to leave her and they fight all the time which I'm sure will hurt their son eventually if it gets worse. And it has already gotten worse.

Pat | February 27, 2006 05:33 PM

I don't know you, but I am sorry for your parents relationship however, different people have their own way of dealing with their relationship. That is not to say that what happen to your parents would happen to you or to Brangelina. Yes, people's relationship change, love changes it's shape and form but it the responsibility of two couple on out to nurture that relationship.

Pat | February 27, 2006 05:33 PM

With all due respect, I've also known couples who met, fell in love, married in what wasn't considered a proper period of time, and are still happy as they were they day they met.You left out a very important part of your parents rush to marry. You never mentioned that they loved one another. Yeah, I can see why they'd be unhappy if that wasn't at the top of the list.

Not gonna apologize for truly believing that at the top of Brad & Angelina's list is real love for each other.


...but for the meantime let us enjoyed our support for the BAMZ+ okay. Thank you.

pat 5:33pm, Love comes in different ways and with different time lines. I am a child of divorce too. Some people find love in 5 minutes and for some it takes five years. Every story is different. I have friends who met and got married after 3 months and are still together. Whereas I have been in very long term relationships that end up negative so time is not the factor. It is almost about fate, I think.

We should all think positive for a couple like Brangelina until proven otherwise. I wish any couple in love all the best.

I think the trash talk about JA is perpetrated by BAMZ's PR. Why would some lady come out & say stupid things like that after so many years. For money! Also I am sure every single Hollywood Actress is vain. Why is that a surprise? Also have you ever noticed Ms. Jolie talk about one female friend? (One she doesn't have on the payroll) My guess is no! I don't think she has any, where as JA seems to have quite a few. Think about it. I truly in my heart believe that one day what comes around goes around and it will not be pretty for Brad or Angelina. You cannot hurt people in such a horrible public way without it coming back to you 10 times over. And it will.

No my parents got married out of love. I've seen the love notes my father sent her and the photos of them together. But they should have waited to get married. If my mother had found out how my father was, and he can be very cold and has another side to him that people dont see (and lemme tell you he's quite a looker and very charming even at his age), she probably would have hesitated on the marriage. She thought he was the right guy because of how he was. But then he changed (and i'm sure he never really changed, but hid any negative side of himself from her in the beginning).

5:48, Angelina Jolie has many a friend and not only that, friends in high places. What? Because she doesn't parade them out to the public all the time means they don't exist? Hello.

It's already come around look at Aniston's box office results

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 05:39 PM

See, I don't feel like Jolie-Pitt rushed into anything neither were ready for, wanting for, and willing to work for.

I believe them to be two people who didn't plan on feeling what they do for one another, and in my heart of hearts, didn't even know they could feel like that about someone. I'm not being a romantic here, I'm just saying everything in us isn't mapped out with a route marked from point to point. I mean, "we" map it out, and try to stay the course, but hey, sometimes we also turn a corner and your life runs smack dab into something that wasn't ON the map, in the plan, and it's turns out to be the best thing ever.


Why, thanks for reminding me! Aniston said that no man can compete with her girlfriends. She said they're her mother, husband, lover, everything and no man is equal to them.

I think that just about sums it up as to why she isn't married anymore.

And like Brad, my father did his part as a father should. In fact, he did more. He is the hardest working father (not just breadwinner) that I've ever met. He did everything and more than he needed to. But that doesnt help a relationship nor the kids' mentality. Being a good father is not enough. You're also going to screw up a kids future in relationships. I to this day do not agree with marriage simply because my parents had a bad one. But all my friends say that I'll probably end up with the longest marriage because I know what to avoid in a bad relationship.

Why,your theory doesn't make any sense.If Brads PR people came up with a scheme I think they could do better this this.

rica, i read the fanfic and i love it...you're so good!! maybe you should be a full time writer!!!

I think Angelina relies on the love of guys too much because her own father wasnt around. Hence, the attraction to the older father figure, BillyBob. She really wants that father figure in life a whole lot, doesn't she? She should be careful.

Nice site. I really love it since I found it from Megite Gossip News.

Angelina is not a hypocrite for deciding not have her own biological children and then getting pregnant by the man she loves. She stated in an interview that she didn't want to have her own children because she felt it would be depriving another child who was already born and could be adopted of a home. She met Brad and has changed her mind. Now she intends to have their own children and still adopt more children who need loving homes. Nothing wrong with that.

lou [February 27, 2006 12:17 PM] wrote:
Anonymous I just don't see Vince changing diapers and wiping runny noses. He only has two hands how will he hold his drink and cigarette?

That totally tickled my funny bone Lou. This is an example of what I mean about it being ok to poke fun at celebrities in a tasteful and humorous way. I love this site for all the great pics of my favorite stars, the engaging exchanges we participate regarding their lives and even our own experiences. And yes, definately for the laughs too :) I know I've said that before and am being "boring again" ;-P But it's so TARUE!!!!

I don't think Angelina is the same as she was before she adopted her son. I think like everyone else who has had a child, her life changed. If she ever was one to take what she wanted (regarding men) like some of you say, I don't think there is any way she is like that now. Her focus has been on her son since the day she adopted him. She wouldn't bring any man into her life unless he was interested in making a lifetime committent to her family (becoming a family with her and her previously adopted kids). Brad wanted that and he has successfully accomplished that. I'm happy for them.

Also, regarding the accusation that "nobody seems to mind throwing hate (or negative opinion, or observation) at Jen." That is simply not true. There are a lot of posters on here who refrain from calling her vulgar names in our posts even if we may not be fans of her work that much.

Anonymous [February 27, 2006 01:08 PM] wrote:
Just curious--Am I required to hate Jen to be a BAMZ+ fan???

You are not required to hate ANYBODY in order to be a BAMZ+1 fan! I'm still going to rent The Breakup when it comes out on DVD because I find Vince Vaughn funny and I enjoy his movies. I think the point we are trying to make is that Jen is no longer a part of Brad's life so some of us don't understand why her name keeps coming up on these posts regarding current events. We've covered the past already and now it's just become a lot of "kicking a dead horse" type situation. It seems to be leading only to hatred and worse even racism if you check out the playground thread.

Rica, I'm going to go back to the Brad NYC thread to check out more of the fanfic. Thanks for posting that even though it was controversial. A lot of us enjoyed it and you did a great job (as did ange in helping).

Anonymous [February 27, 2006 05:18 PM] wrote:
"And she also said that she has had the best sex with this guy. Sex is also not enough for a relationship. And the children suffer for it."

I'm not understanding the point being made here. Please expand. Stating that the sexual aspect of relationship is good is not saying that this is all the relationship is about. Also, 50% of american marriages end in divorce with two things being the leading causes...problems with sex or money. Obviously money is not an issue for this couple. If the sex is good then that is a good and healthy thing for the relationship. How will this hurt the children??? Is it because you think they only got together because they both are family oriented? I doubt that they got together for only reason. Both are a little bit older and have quite a bit of relationship experience.

I made the foolish decision of rushing to go have a baby with the most brilliant, hardworking man on earth. And what do i get? A divorce. Watching my kid scream and cry when we seperated KILLED me. Because i know what the love for a father at such a young age feels like as I loved my own father very much as a little girl. My ex was my children's superman or hero. Then this happens. Not only was I little jealous, but the kids blamed me for it. I kept quiet most of the time and never got angry at the kids for feeling what they felt and luckily my ex made them undertsand it wasnt my fault. But I really feel like it was my fault and my ex's fault. Becuase we rushed into our relationship too quickly and look what it did to the kids. I understand that alot of people have gone through this, but why would you INTENTIONALLY rush into something? When I married him, I didn't have any kids and I didn't know that if we did break up, how it would affect a kid.

Just because Angelina's own father was never there for her as much as other fathers, (and I know he was there for her somewhat), doesnt mean that the first guy that comes along wanting to have kids is the right guy for you. Did she really consider how this could affect the kids later on, if Brad and her seperated?

I wonder if she does not plan on marrying Brad but likes the idea of having a father figure around for her kids. And in order to keep Brad around, she was willing to have his kid.

There is something fishy about this, otherwise why wouldnt they be open about their relationship??

You're all crazy. OMG...they're in love and having a baby they don't need to be open about anything least of all, all the people on the planet. They're actors not elected officials. Get a grip people.

With that said...I just saw the sweetest damn pictures of BAMZ in Paris today. Brad has Z in a wool sling . Man, he's so adorable with the kids.

I am a regular poster on this site and specifically on this subject. I am going anon because I would like to share some things that were told to me in confidence by individuals very close to me.

My ex husband and the father of my children is from the Springfield-Branson area . My former in-laws went to school and are Bf with Brad's parents. My ex is one of Brad's brother's best friend who has known Brad all his life. I knew Brad before he was anyone. I have not met Jennifer because of our divorce but my kids have..

I am not as rule attracted to pretty boys. I like the Johnny Depp . Sean Penn type of guy. I am old enough to have kids that will be going to college so I do have experience. Yes, I have been cheated on and had my heart broken. If I had my way I would have had at least one their cajones.... But Brad is really one of the good guys we women hear as part of urban legends. He is like Jimmy Stewart in Its a Wonderful Life kind of man. I have no persona agenda I am just so offended by what some of you say about someone who definitely does deseve it. Ladies. the fault in the end of a relationship is not always the man's.

I would never betray something that was told to me in confidence which is why I am going anon. But all of the sanctimony and hypocracy that so many of you who hate/judge Brad is really bothering me. My kids think the world of him and he has shown them nothing but kindness through the years. I wish I could say the same about Jen. But I can't....Of course it is all based on how she treated my kids... Trust me on this, she doe not like children.

All you Jennife fans. you will deny etc this but it is a fact. Brad begged Jennifer to drop her movies and focus on the reason they got married... To become a family. SHE PROMISED HIM WHICH IS WHY GOT MARRIED!` And guess what ??? She said NO! Her attitude was pretty much my way or the highway. As insecure as she is supposed to be. she also has a very highly inflated opinion of herself and she does feel that she is worthy of Oscar.. She thought that what Angeline or any other woman had to offer... it could not compare to her.. She truly expected Brad to come running back with his tail between his legs.

As to his family, It does not help that Jennifer has dumped and dumped on them about Brand and Angie. She has continually bad-mouthed Angie and Brad. She probably sounds like what so many of you sound when you write about Angelina. Brad being who he is has said nothing... Because that is the kind of man he was raised to be. Just as he was raised to want the Norman Rockwall family life. But I can vouch for this, the acorn does not fall far from the tree. The Pitts feel sorry for Jen because she is acting like such a basket case, but they are all seeing how much happier their boy is and bottom line that is all any parent wants for their child.... And they want him home and they are so excited about their new grandkids. They have already fallen in love with Mad and Z. Branson/Springfield is a great place for those kids to get to know.. Brad comes from a very close family that any child would be lucky to be a part of....

You all, it does not matter what we think for these people. The only ones whose opinion they care for is the one those they love. One always tries to do the next right thing. I like so many of you had my reservations about Angie because of her rep.... But actions do speak so much louder than words. They are a happy family . Wish them well and also wish Jen well. We all make choises in life and have no choice but deserve the life our choises bring.

You women who are on this site defending the instituaion of marriage etc... You should be doing something for yourself . your marriage, your family and not spending so much fime here hating on someone you do not know and a relationship that you arw really clueless on.

Where did you see that Chelsea?

"There are a lot of posters on here who refrain from calling her [Jen] vulgar names in our posts"

That is one of the issues here. Why would you even think of insulting the woman when she did nothing wrong during this whole terrible stage for her? What did she do for you to call her vulgar names? The only people that keep bringing up Jennifer's name are the BAMZ people. Why r u spewing hate at her? She's just an innocent by stander who happen to be the one who Brad got a divorce from. What did she do regarding the relationship and at the end of the relationship that was so nasty?

"There are a lot of posters on here who refrain from calling her [Jen] vulgar names in our posts"

That is just awful. Why would you say something like that? Brangelina fans are just awful. I never want to watch another Brad or Angelina movie again. You people are thoughtless and it disgusts me that these are the type of people who support Brad and Angelina.

"The only people that keep bringing up Jennifer's name are the BAMZ people."

That's not true either Anonymous. Posters who bash BAMZ bring up Jennifer's name. I think it's a just vicious cycle perhaps.

I meant to say they bring up her name also.

Nicky, I say that because it's true. I don't bash Jennifer on this site. And there are others who come here to talk about Brad and Angelina and they don't name call or bash Jen either.

Ahem, I'd appreciate it if you people would stop insulting others in the name of "Brangelina." It's understandable why people would disagree with the relationship. Let them state what they want. But the more you spew hate against Jennifer or ANY fans at all, the worse it is for Brad and Angelina. You are simply ruining their image by making them look bad and showing that their supporters are insulting and degrading to others.

Gee, VV is wearing a hat and boots today. These were Brad Pitt pics weren't they? Hey JA team this isn't Vince Vaughn coming back from NYC to see Jen. Think you just have to accept that your girl Jen is with Vince now and just because you don't like it it's not going to change just because you are over here ragging on Brad and Angie. Brad's marriage was well on it's way out when he met Angie so regardless of what you all think about the "relationship" it wasn't AJ who had anything to do with the failure of their 7 year "realtionship". Sounds like JA & BP had plenty of time to figure it out and by the time their "personal" seperation & divorce hit the media it was well over folks. Quit blaming AJ for having anything to do with it. Brad and Jen made that decision not AJ. You all project your own lives on these poor people. Let them alone. Jen is with VV and Brad & Angie are happy making their family and doing their thing. I agree with you D it was all about saving public face out here and PR decisions to try and save face for all involved. If JA was smart she would have just taken her "shock" on what this all did to her publically and ignored it all and never talked about it. She is the one that has gotten all this mud slinging going on and could care less as she sits on the beaches of Mexico slinging her margaritas, passing the blunt and hiding her guacomole recipes. I don't think she was one bit sorry she filed for divorce and FYI people she was hanging with VInce VAughn during the making of MAMS. Every one said it was about their "MOVIE" the Break Up,but everyone in Chicago knew that was BS. I am from Chicago and my brother lives in Lake Forest and knows the family. Jen & VV were together long before the public knew about it. They lied for quite awhile.
Yea truth hurts. Put it in your pipe and smoke it and BE HAPPY! Jen is.

The new pics are all over the entertainment shows. He's holding Zahara in a wool sling and Zahara drops her bottle and he stoops down to pic it up. So cute. Angie looks like she has pastry in a box she's carrying. Brad is the sweetest!

Blue Water..5:00 p.m. I totally agree and to me that says alot.

It's refreshing that some people herre actually have some connection to the people involved and can shed some light on the truth oabout Jen & Brad. Thank you Jade & anon 7:00 for giving some insight. I know the hater will say you are lieing and postering and blah blah blah, but these people can't take much of any of the truth as they thrive on media stories and their own fantasys. Aleays rgood to hear something real about people we are talking to that doesn't have media or PR bias. Thanks

Why? | February 27, 2006 05:48 PM

There's nothing to come back around to! What have Jolie-Pitt done that assures them bad karma? They are not the reason Brad & Jennifer "chose" to separate, and ultimately divorce. You can choose to blame Jolie-Pitt all day long, but IMO, the reason's aren't valid ones.

Thanks Chelsea, hopefully JJ will have new pictures for us tomorrow.

Anonymous 7:00 and Jade,your posts left me speechless,the two of you confirmed many things I have suppected to be true.I am not a JA fan,but if you look at my posts I never say anything vulgar about her and if I say something bad I do in a nice way.Haters you really need to let it go,really.JA is not a victim,if anything got hurt it was her pride.This couple knew the end was coming,and both have moved on.haters move on.

Thank you Jade and Anon 7:00. I believe every word.

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 07:00 PM

My gut tells me you're who you say you are, and I agree, I have always thought that BP was the real deal...a good guy, and one with serious family values. In fact, it's pretty much what most people even in hollywood say about him with the exception of course of JA's camp.......just have to read Vanity Fair to learn that one.

I'm not a JA hater, but I just don't believe she and he really shared the same dreams deep down, and I think she knew that from the start.


Okay, I found the pics...someone posted them at a fan site. I've seen this tag on pics before ....anyway



The baby dropped her bottle and he bent down to get it. She's sooo cute

hey bamz+1 fans check out brad and zahara
credit to bamz arena

Chlelsea,thanks for the pictures.They are sooo cute.

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 08:34 PM

That has got to be the coolest, cutest picture of Brad & Z to date! I love it! thanks so much...


Thank you Anon 7pm,you echoed what we have been saying on this site for weeks now. Now can the JA fans just please let it go and move on already.

She's a Daddy's girl all the way. They are so cute together. Mad and Brad have a special relationship too but him and the baby is just beyond adorable. I think his heart will bust if he has another girl he loves them so.

Chelsea | February 27, 2006 08:32 PM

O my! Brad is looking SO fine, and daddy like, and Z is growing like a weed. I love it! Thanks


Hey, she's looking at the camera, maybe she was trying to hurl the bottle at a pap?! "teach em young!" lol.


am glad his back with his family.love them!

Look at Z's little Ugg's . Did he just put her in that scarf and make a sling out of it? Hysterical if he did. He's a Daddy all the way. It's fantastic to see Zahara thriving

Does anyone know what kind of car or SUV BP drives in Paris?

Rica love the fanfic. Rica,Dolphingirl,Africagirl,Cindy2 and especially you Lou. I don't know you,but I feel like I know you. Here's to all of you and the other Bamz+1 loving chicas,you are all class acts. PS and to you too Elena,how could I forget you. Much respect to all of you.

I think it's a Mercedes

chelsea...thanks so much for the pics...daddy is home!!

Z is going to an exotic model...she's pretty and brad is loving it...daddy rocks!!!

buttercup | February 27, 2006 08:44 PM

"Look at Z's little Ugg's . Did he just put her in that scarf and make a sling out of it? Hysterical if he did. He's a Daddy all the way. It's fantastic to see Zahara thriving"

It does look like he got industrious there doesn't it? It's so obvious that the guy has found his true self.

He's now like this FINE earth daddy bohemian living like he always wanted, but probably never thought he would......love it.


If it is a Mercedes, it doesn't look like any I've seen in the States, but I don't know cars. Sometimes I think it's a van, not an SUV.

the only reason why aniston is going to the oscar is that her sister weatherspon is nomenated.

and oh!dad jay leno will be there too.

OK. These pics are to adorable!!! He had this look in tokyo, MAMS premiere. DADDY, does ROCK!!!

Chelsea,thanks for the pics,Z is definately a Daddy's little girl,and Brad looks hot,really hot. I keep asking myself what exactly are people lookig at when they say he doesn't look happy. Well he looks like a man who couldn't wait to get home to his family. Let me put on my Ms Cleo hat,I say Angie and Brad are going to have three biological babies all boys. They will adopt two more,most likely girls. I say a total of seven all together,I also see them proving the naysayers wrong,and totally going the route of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward,and for those of you who don't know theirs was a similar circumstance.

thanks chelsea, for the pix!!

I guess, jen is busy this week; dieting, waxing, tanning, for her big OSCAR debut, sun 3/5/06. boy, people sure can want different things out of life. bamz t 1 and jen preparing for the oscars...........hope it was worth it, jen..........

he said he always wanted at least 7, angie wants to adopt a child, from each continent..........

Haters can't hold Jen down. Keep hatin kerchy and other low lifes who slander Jen's name. She is an angel. Angelina is a media whore. Hate! Hate on! Haters try to bring people like Jen down, but they're not going stop her. While Brangelina are busy with the kids, she'll become bigger and better. We love you Jen. And we wouldnt be surprised if your kid with Vince will become better looking than Brangelina's.

Ange,I feel the same .It has been a pleasure and a learning experience talking with the Bamz+1 loving chicas.I thank you all so much for your wisdom,life experiences and insight.Ange and Elena you both have opened up your hearts and souls to us,and because of it we are the wiser.You are very special people.Rica you have a imgagination that is out of this world.Dolphingirl and Cindy2,I think of you two as the cleaners,because when the haters are at bay and the rest of us might not be online,you handle it and I so appreciate it.I look forward to corresponding with all of you on this site.

Ange,how strange you mentioned Paul Newman,because was on biography tonight.Maybe certain people should watch for some insight.

it is just amazing how much attention, this famiy gets, pro or con. i can't imagine, how it is going to be, once their baby is born.......


I bet you not only a growing number of fans are starting to dislike her but many hollywood peeps don't like her.

Don't worry, the only who'll bring down Aniston is Aniston herself.

Brad's so cute with Z isn't he? That look on Z's face when the bottles dropping is priceless.

nice spelling.........snake!

Angelina is one of the most respected and professional actresses out there 9:45. Take your b/s and try and sell it someplace else.

BAMZ worshippers, your words just dont offend us and Jen doesnt give a damn about what a bunch of computer geeks think.

over 485 million spent by fans can't be wrong. Go my fellow python's. LOL

9:45 isn't it past your bed time?

Betting against Jen is no REAL bet!




Yea, I know how to spell.

Do I give a damn about her name anyway?

heh. Apparently you and the rabid Aniston fans do because you're OBSESSED about Brad and Angelina because Aniston is just too boring for even you. 9:49

So, what netowrk does everyone think Aniston's going to end back on? NBC again or the old WB?

Snake you need to crawl back under your rock.

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 07:00 PM
(from Missouri)

You made me think of something else. How we judge people, and then tether them to that judgement infinity, even when we see they've made an obvious change be it for better, or for worse.

Who would have ever guessed that Angelina Jolie is happiest being a mother; being with her family. She really gave the impression in her Nightline that she would have no problem giving up moviemaking for them. She spoke about how nice the last few months had been just being home. The irony! So many have chained her to the wildchild woman with a penchent for shocking the world, when now she's this woman who's happiest being a mom.

The next irony is that she's a child of Hollywood, divorce, and textbook disfunction. By most accounts was an outcast all through school for a variety of reasons. Had self-mutilation issues, alcahol & drug abuse issues from a very young age. Has had a love/hate relationship with her father most of her life, and now they don't even communicate at all.

Then we have Brad. A child of Midwestern Christian values. Who's alway's enjoyed a close relationship with parents who've been "happily married for nearly 45yrs. Enjoyed high school hunk status, and from all accounts was, and remains extremely popular, and still thought of as a great guy.

These two people came from two extremes, but they've ended up together because they share the same core needs/desires.....family. His comes from being a part of a loving one. Seeing how it was done. Being taught why it was important. Her desire for it was completely the opposite reason "because she never really had any of it".

People say how can they have anything in common, or what could they possibly have in common, and I see it so clearly that they filled the void for each other on so many levels. I just look at BP, and he seems so free now. So unencumbered by the need to be "Brad Pitt, moviestar".

I really think his parents, and a lot of other people in his family after meeting Angelina probably got thrown. I also bet they probably did some serious soul searching because "here was someone who not in a million years would they have ever thought shared with their son so many of the same values they themselves instilled in him". They were expecting all that from the American Sweetheart Jennifer Anniston, and yet the person who has turned out to be Brad Pitts soulmate is none other than Angelina Jolie.






LMAO. I have these visions of all the rabid Aniston fans in their padded rooms screaming, biting their nails and bumping into each other and the walls everytime they see a picture of BAMZ or when one of her films flop- Again!

What a bunch of complete old bad t.v. actress worshipping losers!

They all need to get laid. Then again, they'd all be screaming BAMZ's names at the top of their lungs.

angie/brad's baby is due 5/2/06...jen's movie THE BRAKEUP, opens 06/02/06, talk about bad timing. I've never been a fan of hers, that is going to SUCK!!! that baby will be barely a month old.....facing that mediastorm, she may prove, that she is a good actress, after all............

Ange, who you talkin to? Angelina? Cause "SNAKE" is her middle name.

it's like how that saying goes, "look like the flower, but be the snake underneath" and that's what Angelina is!

Please ignore the haters,they sound like little kids.They are not worth it.

9:57, ANGE-FUCK-ELINA? That's what Brad screams out when he's giving her the high hard one. HA. Atta boy Brad!

buttercup, funny and true.

Anon 9:56,well said. Lou thats too weird,about Paul Newman,He got married to Joanne Woodward,the same month his divorce was finalized,and they are still married. I see the same thing happening for Brad and Angie.

How degrading anon... to Angelina. But so true. Brad got with her cause she's fuckable, that's all. And like all her previous beaus, he'll get over fucking her, and then leave her.

Angelina got pregnant so soon to trap Brad. These 2 nutcases deserve each other. I mean if Brad Pitt was such a nice guy would he pose in W with Angelina, ONLY TO HURT JEN. JEN DESERVED BETTER. and GOOD LUCK TO JEN.

Anon 9:56,very insightful post.I also feel they complete each other,its nice to see people in love and happy.


Lou, it's true. Ignore them. I mean, shouldn't they be getting their clothes ready for school tomorrow anyway?

10: 09 Dream on. This Aniston fans are like the Clay Aiken Claymates. They're that crazy...and I don't know many women who'd um be upset if Brad Pitt said that to them in the heat of passion. Damn...Brad is fein!

Lou, I'm just curious. Do you have a job? I mean, do you have any real job at all instead of posting here every 5 seconds?

You know I have finally come to the realization,that these Aniston fanatics are not in love with Aniston but Rachel Green. I believe they somehow believe that the two are one and the same. I mean how did she get the title of "America's Sweetheart". That doesn't say much for our culture if our "Sweetheart" is the selfish,self centered, air head next door. Why is no one hating on Heath Ledger who left Naomi Watts and in no time had a baby with Michelle Williams,and plans to take the next year off to be a stay at home dad. Can someone please explain why you are picking on Brad,and not the other actors who have gone the same route. Come on Admit it,it's because of Rachel Green,to you guys she is a real person. WOW!

His family is probably embarrassed and asked his friends to post on here to make Brad look good. But Jen was right, BRAD IS MISSING THE SENSITIVITY CHIP.


How obsessed and insane are these people. Do you actually think Brad and Angelina do anything because of Aniston? You contridict yourself. They only obsessing is your little rabid, foaming at the mouth group

Chelsea,I will second that,he's fine and a daddy of of 3.I just love it.Brad looks sooo adorable with this kids.It makes him ever sexier.

I bet Brad's family does not approve of Angelina at all. And who's parents would? Even Brad's brother doesnt like the idea of this relationship at all.

Wow. I feel bad for these people. They really are sick with suck an obsession. It makes you wonder about how empty their lives must be to take up a cause of a person who's said over and over again there is no drama with the people involved.

Why do they want to paint Aniston with such a pathetic brush? I'd be embarrassed if I was her to know that so called fans talk and carry on like this.

ange | February 27, 2006 10:17 PM

Ange, I've wondered here and there if JA had never first found fame there, would we even be talking about her "here"....Brad Pitt or no Brad Pitt.


The only people foaming at the mouth here are the idiots who berate fans all day for stating their opposing opinion on the relationship. They go psycho and take things personally. Brangelina doesn't give a shit about them. So, why they're going crazy when someone criticizes the relationship, I don't know. It's very odd to me. And this relationship is odd to me.

Brad's brother has the biggest supporter of his relationship with Angelina. Wrong again. He said himself in an interview with his local paper. It's personally insulting to him and his family for people to actually think they don't like, care for and want Angelina in their family

at least you didn't forget the 'N' this time.......

Again, who is bringing up Jen except YOU guys, the BAMZ people? Is something missing in your brains or do u not realize this?

Oh, I don't know about that Anonymous 10:26. There seems to be a lot of really unnatural, mean spirited, hateful posting from the majority of Aniston fans. They always go to the same really misguided arguments. I guess I just don't understand why they are really this concerned about Brad. Shouldn't they be supporting Aniston in a healthy way and not like this? How do people get that upset about a situation they weren't/aren't involved with? That display's some real psychological disorder.

lou's obsessed. What I do or do not have,is no concern of yours.

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 10:22 PM

"I bet Brad's family does not approve of Angelina at all. And who's parents would? Even Brad's brother doesnt like the idea of this relationship at all."

That's were you're wrong. His brother Doug Pitt has made the statement to the contrary:

People Magazine Thursday Oct 06, 2005 2:00pm EST

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship continues to progress: Now, his family is giving her a thumbs-up.

Pitt's brother Doug, who owns a computer store in Springfield, Mo., made it clear during a recent business speech to the junior Rotary organization Rotaract, "We've met Angelina, and my family really, really likes her. She's great."

Doug, however, means no disrespect to Pitt's ex. "Of course," he added, "we liked Jen too."

I'm also providing the link so you can it for youself.




BRAD PITT's brother DOUG has lifted the lid on his sibling's marriage - and he expects to become an uncle "soon".

The 37-year-old younger brother of FIGHT CLUB star Brad, 40, says his brother and wife JENNIFER ANISTON, 34, have reasons for not starting a family yet - which don't include the 'work pressures' blamed by those close to the pair.

It had been thought that Aniston - who married Pitt in a romantic ceremony in July 2000 - was reluctant to become a mum until she had completed work on hit sitcom FRIENDS, which is due to end this year (04).

But Doug has intriguingly hinted that the world media have no idea about the real reasons behind Brad and Jen's decision to postpone making babies.

He says, "They will start a family soon. I won't tell you why they haven't but it's not to do with work."

06/01/2004 17:55


oh sorry, i meant THE BREAKUP.............these aniston fans are distracting me............

Rule number one of marriage. Never trust a mother in law. At the end of the day,that is still her son,and that is still her grandchild Angie is carrying, Little William Bradley Pitt the third. Let's see how much the ex Mrs. Pitt stays in his parents lives once that baby is born,and I don't care how often they send Aniston flowers.give it time she will be a blip in their memory.

Blue Waters, they don't get it and they never will. They lived vicariously through Aniston and her marriage to Pitt. They feel like the divorce happened to them. It's all about control. Brad's controlled this situation from the beginning. He left Aniston and started his new life right away. Didn't look back just moved forward.

They feel abandoned. If Aniston had been the one to leave Pitt and take up with Vaughn it would be okay because they identify with Aniston it would be fine. It is irrational and the Claymates comparison was perfect. They're that scary. No wonder Brad is so protective of Angelina and the children. These people are crazy

This is the article you want to read from his local paper:

Doug Pitt says the family is elated.

"First and foremost, I'm just happy for Brad and Angie," he says. "It's a big step. I'm just happy for them," he says.

He's glad speculation has ended and now hopes the media give the couple a break.

"I would love for the press to just give them some space, to let them enjoy it," he says.

Doug maintains that while his brother's divorce didn't change how the family feels about Jennifer Aniston, they welcome Jolie.

"My thing is, why wouldn't I? Of course we do. And any discussion outside of that is personally insulting."

See how crazy her fans are? They tried to vandalize his car. They're out of control.

Thanks "I'll say it" good article

Thank you annon for your wonderful insight to the "real" BP. Somehow, I thought it would be like that....thank you for the confirmation and I can only hope that at least one or two people take the time to really digest what you have posted. Then venom spewing out here is scary.

ange | February 27, 2006 10:37 PM

"Rule number one of marriage. Never trust a mother in law. At the end of the day,that is still her son,and that is still her grandchild Angie is carrying, Little William Bradley Pitt the third. Let's see how much the ex Mrs. Pitt stays in his parents lives once that baby is born,and I don't care how often they send Aniston flowers.give it time she will be a blip in their memory."

Boy is that not the truth! Yeah, there are always exceptions to the rule, but not much where this one is concerned. One of my sisters was blessed with a mother-in-law who never changed in her effection for my sister even after she divorced the son, but that was like the only time I seen it happen. Angelina is bearing the first biological child of the Pitt's first born son? Jennifer who? lol


Bamz+1 fans check out this piece on our precious Angie.

ange | February 27, 2006 10:37 PM

"Rule number one of marriage. Never trust a mother in law. At the end of the day,that is still her son,and that is still her grandchild Angie is carrying, Little William Bradley Pitt the third. Let's see how much the ex Mrs. Pitt stays in his parents lives once that baby is born,and I don't care how often they send Aniston flowers.give it time she will be a blip in their memory."

Aniston better make up with her mother because in a few short months her ex mother-in-law will be bouncing a brand spanking new grandchild on her lap and Jenny will cease to exist. You'd think I'd feel bad for her. Not so much.

Aniston fans were insecure because they knew Aniston A-list year are number. She's 37, old lady in Hollywood standard, she's good only in light comedy role which is a no no when you are not getting any younger, she doesn't had a husband just a live in fat bf, no family, no baby, with 2 flop movies. thaswhy, it's been a year after the divorce they still put so must hatred on Brangelina

Hey I got here late (oh well) HEY JPF Thats the best I have seen (?) in a LONG time. Keep commin' back!!

Doug Pitt also told People how Angie had his mother, sister, her daughters, his wife and their daughter's down to Malibu for Brad's birthday.

Angie took them to get hair cuts in a salon, pedicures, manicures and then she took them all to a Kelly Clarkson concert and they had a great time. He also said they spent the weekend before Thanksgiving in Springfield with his whole family before they went to Pakistan and had a blast then too. Rumors abound that Brad's sister is adopting a child from the same orphanage as Zahara. So, I'd say his family likes/enjoys/welcomes her just fine.

"They will start a family soon. I won't tell you why they haven't but it's not to do with work."

If they were going to start a family soon & the delay isn't due to work, then why didn't they start one?

JPF 9:56.. Great post. If you get a chance go on Oprah's sife or just imago.com and read a bit about it to get a better understanding of why.
It is my obsevation what matters most in relationships is having common values and goals. Unfortunately that is something that a lot of people forget in blindness that lust tends to give one. specially in Hollywood, people seem jump into marriage and relationships without spending the time to really get to know each other and discuss clearly things like children etc.

What Angie did have of major importance which she and Brad share is a very close relationship with her mother. She knows how to be a good mother from example... I do think that Jen's issue;s with parenting stem from her relationship or rather lack of relationship with her mom.

As far as father... well I can tell you that children who grow up without a father feel that loss even if they do not express it. For Angie that was very painful. Sometimes it hurts so much one becomes numb. That is why kids cut themselves--to allow them to feel again. As a mother who loved her child more than herself, she was acutely aware that you can put 200 per cent of yourself into mothering but it does not make up for a father. She knew that the greatest gift she could give her kids was a father who would love her and them .

You know I have come to think that sometimes it is all about timing. Brad and Angie met at a time when Brad was questioning Jennifer's commitment to their marriage and family.. He was past 40, in fact a lot of his friends from high school had kids in high school.... Angie had experienced enough wrong relationships that when the right one came along, she knew.

to the one asking about lou if she's obsessed because she is posting every five minutes....how about u dude, your here i think every seconds to read comments from lou...your obsessed with her and a stalker...so go away weirdo!!

Silly Putty,the Pitts don't have a biological grandson yet?

(well, it does sound like someone has fertility issues, especially with 'rumors' that AJ's pregnancy was via in vitro.)

Elena welcome,haven't heard from you in awhile.You are truly one of the voice of reason on this site.

Wow, there's a lot to read in this thread.

First let me say how nice it is to be back. Second, in this post I'm going to refer to brangelina anti-fans. This is to recognise that not all Brangelina haters are Jen's Fans.

I think it was Elena who said in a previous post that if we are on this page, we have something invested in the Brangelina/BAMZ saga. Very true. both Brangelina fans and anti-fans alike are projecting their fantasies on to this couple and this family.
You might say Brangelina fans are sad cases claiming to "love" the couple or the family when we don't even know them. That is probably true but at least it is a good kind of sad. Brangelina fans at least have positive fantasies. When they look at the Brangelina and BAMZ photos, they see good things - 2 people who found their soul mates, a new and loving family being created before their eyes. Brangelina fans project on to BAMZ and Brangelina, what they want for themselves but for some reason, don't quite have those things at this moment in time. But in projecting these good things on to Brangelina and BAMZ, it is safe to say that at least, Brangelina fans want these same good things for themselves.

But got the Anti-fans, what are you projecting here? what do you see in the Brangelina - BAMZ photos. You see a cheating couple (and given that no one has said any cheating went on, then your choice to see cheating is not as objective as mine to state that there has been no cheating), you see unhappiness for them and the children (coz, of course, Brangelina won't last - which they might not), you see ugliness (Brad and Angelina wear the same clothes, they haven't washed and they look ugly). But given that you don't know Brad, Angelina and Jennifer, or the BAMZ family, what do your fantasies say about your view of your own life?

Just Jared is of course, just a celebrity blog and anti fans can come and make all sorts of comments here if they please. But it says a lot about the negative energy you carry within you all the time, every day, to come and make comments here. I don't particularly like Paris Hilton and I wouldn't waste my energy or time posting a comment about her in Just Jared. Most times, I don't even bother to read a caption about her.

As for the brangelina fans. Please, take the high ground and don't bother responding to the anti fans. Enjoy your daily fix of BAMZ and get on with getting the same good things out of your life.

I SEE BRAD's MIDLIFE CRISIS and people who write paragraphs of nonsense.

Too many Anonymous around here. Some good, and one particularly bad (Anonymous 9:54) Are you the same Anonymous since 11:00 A.M here? If so, your post keeps getting worst. For the most part nobody is bad mouthing Jen, poking fun maybe, but it's you who have a deep seethed hatred for Angelina. Why? Where you left or cheated by someone in your life, and you are reliving life through this hollywood couple? Or is it that you have issues in your life and you are looking at this one situation so as not to face your own personal problems. I think it's time you have to just accept that you cannot force people to think or live their lives the way you want to. That is why we were given by God almighty 'free choice.' Brad and Angelina will live their life the way they see fit as well as all the BAMZ+1 will keep cheering them on and live their life as well.
What I may say here could very well fall off your dense head, as no matter how hard people try to explain to you what most likely happened seems to just roll off you. Time to get off the 'puter as you may have grown roots on your chair. Adieu one and all.
THANKS JARED FOR BEING ONE OF US AND CONTINUALLY PUTTING IN PICS OF WHAT WE WISH OUR LOVE LIFE COULD BE. Yep, I am a left handed Gemini so I definitely feel kindred to Angie J. :)
I predict it won't be long these two will just flat out leave hollywood and pursue other business/job ventures and we'll see less and less of them. They don't even party out with the hollywood folks, and seemed content to live outside US. Can you blame them? They just want a normal life. I wish them the best.

wake up girl!! what's wrong with these aniston fans!!! it's like they don't want to be awaken from a nightmare!! brad is gone! move on!! he has his life and his dream is fulfilled...with kids and of course...the best...angie baby!! whatever u say about this relationship....it is not a theory or assumptions..it is a FACT!! BAMZ+1 IS A REALITY NOT FICTION OR A DREAM!!



"I saw one poster say, what if this were Julia Roberts and not Jennifer Aniston in this situation, with Brad.. Then people would be really pissed at Angelina. But the thing is, Angelina would never do that to such a big star like Julia. Julia could probably woop her left and right. Battle of the big lips. But the thing is, OF COURSE, everyone would be sympathetic to Julia and eventually people would hate Angelina. And that is what’s happening now with Jen and Angelina. The thing is Jen and Angelina are two very different people. One looks like a vixen and cold and the other looks very sweet and warm. I think that makes another big contribution in people’s minds against Angelina."

Funny....Julia nicked Vera's husband but nobody seems to remember that at all. I guess it is okay since Vera is not a celebrity. Julia is still American Sweetheart and still Oprah's friend.

lylian, it's true what u said the as a bamz+1 supporter, i wish to have this kind of relationship with someone!! but alas i don't... but i can always dream on and fantasize...that's why i love bamz+1!! :) :) :)

i know they're real...and that's a good thing...because it's not fantasy...

and before negative comments start spouting or stupid remarks about "get a life"...i have life but being a fan of this family...can't help it, so be it :) :)

craaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy in love with bamz+1!!! he! he!

bamz+1 rocks!!

Glad you did not leave Ange. What I wander sometimes when I read some of the comments made against these couple; is how do they interact with their children and other loved ones? How could a child communicate problems with someone who won't listen . Or worse judge without listening.

There are so many lost kids today who feel no bond or connection with their parents or their peers. Life is full of emotional obstacles for which only time and maturity teaches us how to deal with. Not all of us have the perfect life . A lot of kids feel lost . ... Much as I am sure Angie did. But what I admire about her is that she is a survivor. She has made some bad choises, but she has learned. and look where she is. She could have gone the way of Courtney Love but she didn't. She is a good example of how making mistakes does not have to lead to failure. I also like "women who run with wolves". She is definitely a woman who is independent and in charge of her destiny. Her happiness has not been defined by anyone but her. She has not compromised herself.


FREE BRAD | February 27, 2006 11:27 PM

To tell you honestly, I learned so much from other posters negative and positive sides. Most of the parts are from the BAMZ supporters. You need to try and read their comments in between the lines. I do not think their comments are meaningless, it was actually insightful. Most BAMZ+1 perceptiveness are quite fascinating.

*just want to say HELLO to BJ...Yes, I am a "fellow" TAGLISH. *

so true Elena!! that's why i admire and respect angie...she never compromise and don't give a damn to naysayer or hypocrites (???) who are at heart wants to be wild like her...they are the first one to throw stones or hate but they are the one that are scared!!

angie is very independent and all those things that she did in the past are just the past and she evolved... to be the woman she is today, independent, caring, wild at heart, responsible, successful, loving to her kids and partner, beautiful, and not the least famous and infamous!!!

these are the reasons some people hate to love her because they're jealous and envious!!!

angie rocks!! brad is lucky that he got ange because angie will never be on his shadow but on his side...standing side by side...sharing their love with their kids and family!!

bamz+1 forever and ever!!

Elena | February 27, 2006 11:10 PM

Great post. I don't think people realize how much Jolie-Pitt's parental relationship have into what brought them together.

You know what's interesting? Jennifer Aniston's parents splitting up had the opposite affect on her it seems than Angelina's parents splitting up did. She's been hesitant to commit to parenthood, while Angelina has embraced it, yet they each came from very similar backgrounds.......both products hollywood/showbiz. Both products of divorce. Both estranged at one time or another from one of the parents.

It's interesting how the same, or similar life events can happen to people, but 9 times out of 10, how we react to them will take us in totally different directions.


FREE BRAD | February 27, 2006 11:27 PM

To tell you honestly, I learned so much from other posters negative and positive sides. Most of the parts are from the BAMZ supporters. You need to try and read their comments in between the lines. I do not think their comments are meaningless, it was actually insightful. Most BAMZ+1 perceptiveness are quite fascinating.

*just want to say HELLO to BJ...Yes, I am a "fellow" TAGLISH. *

Anonymous | February 28, 2006 12:40 AM
sorry forgot my name...


i told you bamz is so popular , checked the other pictures of celebrities there were not enough comments , and when it comes with brad ang angelina up to 400+commented. i told you bamz is popular. admit it haters you like bamz too.

i am team jolie

i am disgusted by the off set shots of mr and mrs smith.
ang is a homewrecker. now i know definetely.

she has no self discipline in keepimg her hands out of f a marriage of someone else.
she deserves what she does, one day it will be coming back at her.

really think she is hypocryte and should never be seen as role model i humntarian work. she had her hands all over him the whole time.

two faced woman
that brad did a huge mistake.

doing humanitarian work, what a laugh.
number one rule of a supposed to be role

i can't wait till the baby comes, he's gonna be such a great daddy, as he already is, love BAMZ+1

WOW! 411 posts in less than a day? Lots to comment on.

More than anything, that shows how rocking Brad and Angelina and what traffic JustJared is picking up! That vile, foul FemaleFirst site wishes it had this much traffic as JustJared. As both are supported with ads, even the haters coming on here boosts Jared's revenues. Whoohooo!

Let the haters have FemaleFirst to themselves and watch their revenues go down the tubes when people get disgusted by the messages on their Brangelina forum. Rica, you're so right about the banality and repetitiveness of the Jennifer fans. FemaleFirst is another prime example. They are so pathetic, they have to resurrect old threads dated from August, September 2005. When Jennifer told people to move on and turn a page on Oprah, she never knew she was actually talking about her fans. How sad and ironic!!

And don't buy into the haters pretending to be fans of either Brad or Angelina. No fan would harbor such disdain and nastiness in their comments of someone he or she proclaims to be a fan of, adding fuel to the hate.

With Brad wearing the same clothes, he didn't even stay in New York City long enough for a change of clothes. He seemed to have left Paris, arrived in NY, did his business and returned to Paris with little down time in New York. That definitively proves how much he loves Angie and his family that he didn't want to spend one wasted moment away from his family.

Don't you love the arrogance of the haters that Brad and Angie should live by their standards? Hell, why don't we buy them an island so they can institute all the social laws as they clearly can't control even the morality within the so-called Bible states??

They moved too fast? Was Brad supposed to remain celibate for 9 months until the divorce became finalized? He knew who he loved. He and Angie connected for over a year but from all accounts remained respectful by not taking their friendship to another level. When that opportunity opened up once he and Jennifer ended their marriage, why should they wait even one day later? For Jennifer? Please, when was Jennifer made the martyr queen?

How is that Angie rushed into having a family with any man that came into the picture? She raised Maddox entirely on her own (with the help of babysitters) for 3 years. It wasn't for a lacking of male suitors! Male celebrities were practically telegraphing their wish to hook up with her, including Nicolas Cage. Instead, she remained celibate for a year or so. Even Colin Ferrell, whom she got along extremely well (they were even more cozy than Brad and Angie), wasn't suitable enough as the man in her life to be Maddox's father. Angie wasn't fickle or rash in her decisions about THE man in her life. You haters need to think through your attacks.

As for Jennifer feeling heartbroken over a failed and loveless marriage, have you ever thought that maybe Brad was her salve to stroke her ego of all her insecurities? She had the prize. And for 7 years, he put up with propping her up emotionally. Who wouldn't miss that even if the marriage was loveless? But a person can have that savior mentality for only so long before giving up. I think Brad had enough of that crap.

I thought it was interesting that Brad was attributed to saying that their going into marriage was an experiment (I'll post links and the exact quote for anybody who needs it). What a lack of testament to love that he saw stepping into marriage as an experiment!

It's so funny the double standards the Jennifer fans/Brangelina haters have. They will rail about Brad wearing the same clothes to death, even ragging on his boots. But when it comes to Johnny Depp, of whom many of them love, they won't even breathe a sound about Johnny wearing his favorite boots to death to the point they have holes in them. Johnny wore his worn-in boots with holes on his interview on Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton.

Besides, I like the fact that Brad is actually walking the walk. When he said in his interview with Diane Sawyer tha he wanted to whittle down his wardrobe, I was more than skeptical. Here, indeed, we see he isn't sporting the flashiest clothes or wearing different outfits the entire year. I've often wondered if celebrities were so confined by their own superficiality that they felt they couldn't wear an outfit more than once, which would contribute to the wasteful effects of disposable consumerism.

The haters may try to discredit Nancy Balbirer, but they can't discredit what Nancy knew about Jennifer. How funny the bit about Jennifer icing her nipples. No wonder Jennifer's nipples were always making their stage appearance before the cameras.

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 02:01 PM
There are a bunch of bitchy stories about Jennifer. But the haters and Jennifer fans could never accept it. Instead, they'll bring up the vapid excuse of why all the stories are just coming out now when they've been hiding their heads in the sand. Jay Mohr has always spoken about what a bitch Jennifer was to work with. Then, we have the stories about what a diva Jennifer was on the set of "Rumor Has It," mainly because she didn't like the way she was being filmed. There was also the time when she forced a magazine to redo its cover of her because she didn't like the way she looked on it. See the recurring theme? When Jennifer doesn't like how looks on celluloid, she pulls rank (the little that she has from riding Brad's coattails).

Just because Jennifer knows who to be friendly with doesn't mean she can't be a bitch to the "lesser" people. Look no further than the bitchy girls in Kimberly Stewart and Paris Hilton. They obviously have their girlfriends who will say the most loving things about them, but they are bitches to the Olsen twins, Mischa Barton, and that whole circle of young female celebrities.

But if Jennifer were consistently friendly, she wouldn't have had been designated among the worst autograph giver by AmIAnnoying.com and another compiler.

Hell, I'm known to be among the nicest, giving person but even I can be a super bitch to assholes on a dime. Don't think people are simple cardboard cutouts and Jennifer can't be a bitch despite having her circle of friends. Having friends or not is not an indication of how great a person is. KKK members probably have thousands of like-minded friends. Rather not having friends can be more of an indicator of one's independence and self-confidence in being comfortable in one's solitude and not necessarily evidence of the lack of social skills. Clearly, Angie has social skills in spades to move in her circles of politicians, A-list stars and humanitarian workers and disenfranchised people - yes, running the gamut of powerful and not powerful people. Being a single mother, it's not as if she has a great deal of free time to spend with her friends, though I don't doubt she has loyal, devoted friends besides Holly (nice to see Holly spending her personal free time with Angie and the kids!).

To Anonymous | February 27, 2006 03:22 PM, loved your post. Would have loved it even more if I could distinguish you from the other anonymous posters? So how about posting with a name? :)

Buttercup, I love your tenacity!! You rock, girl! And thanks for that Marilyn Manson tidbit from Vanity Fair. I would have never bothered to read an interview with him though I don't really mind his schtick. Interesting that Brad and Angie actually had dinner with him. I knew he was deadset on signing her on to his film.

Anonymous | February 27, 2006 07:00 PM
Thank you very much for your insights of Brad's family. The haters just love that bone of Brad's family hating Angelina such they won't stop chewing on that bone. They keep saying Brad's parents hate Angelina and throwing that nugget of Brad's mom and sister still being in close contact with Jennifer as some ex-communication of Angie. But I couldn't see how any close and loving family would not be supportive of their son's newfound family, including his girlfriend. So thank you!!

Moreover, if the family were against Angie, why would Julie and another family member pursue adoption, which they were influenced by Angie? Angelina herself mentioned that 2 "almost-like" family members were looking into adoption. And we hear that Julie is in the process of adopting, even giving it away when she was shopping for Brad and Angie's baby in a store called JellyBeans (the owner confirmed it as so).

"BAMZ worshippers, your words just dont offend us and Jen doesnt give a damn about what a bunch of computer geeks think.
Anonymous | February 27, 2006 09:49 PM"

If so, then why bother opening a thread about Brad, which invariably will be supportive of BAMZ and because of the haters will invariably be dismissive of Jennifer? It's primarily because of the Jolie haters that Jennifer is even dogged as much. If you didn't put so much energy into dissing Angelina, the fans wouldn't be returning the double-faulted serves back.

Much love to my fellow BAMZ chicas (as Rica puts it)!! My connection to you people is by far the best thing to have come from this site and the BAMZ world.

mina | February 28, 2006 01:35 AM

No disrespect, but it's not fair that you dump anything/everything in Angelina's lap without looking at the complete story.

You've decided that some photos taken on a movie set prove what you already decided a long time ago, and what you never had intentions of seeking out the truth about.

That's sad that you'd rather hate for hates sake instead trying to find a tangible basis for your feelings, but it really doesn't matter anyway now because it's all said and done,

I'm thrilled that Jolie-Pitt found each other, and I wish them all the best that life has to offer. I also sincerely wish Jennifer Aniston the same.


of course you dont accept my thoughts and standpoint while at same time you are saying you are glad they got together.

i am not suprised.

i just dont see much of her and of him, disrespecting marriage so much. and she is the one to blame more, because she could have stoped it in advance.
if you want to be concidered as a role model for humanitarian work, dont mess so much in private and then try to ide and keep it a secret.

Thank you Elena. Lylian , Joy for givin such fantastic comment. and rica, chelsea for those nice picture. I think Angelina was so lucky to have Brad, he is a really good person, good father and soulmate. Brad is so lucky to have Angelina too, like Joy stated angie will never be on his shadow but on his side...standing side by side...sharing their love with their kids and family!! God Bless this family.

cynthia, what you just wrote was so cheesy and made me feel sick.
welcome to your dreamworld of pure happiness in brangelinas world...where everything is pure and none get hurt.
grow up and pen your eyes.

mina | February 28, 2006 02:01 AM :

girl...are you in a coma??? what marriage are you talking about??? the "golden couple" marriage?? you are delusional!!! that marriage is no more!!! brad has left her and has his own family...

and you are blaming angie to stopped it in advance...my goodness... your like a whiny child that stop asking why? why? why? you took my brad?? girl, grow up!!...brad will never be your jen's anymore!!!

as for angie being a role model, at least she is doing something beyond hollywood...not going to hairsalon to fix her hair or go to spa to have her tan or whatever beautifying stuff in hollywood...she's not so superficial like others who always wants to look good but can never be look good despite how much money they spent because inside they are not pretty at all and this will show on their physical appearance!!

ange and brad never hide their relationship that's why u and i are here arguing about it...so your comment is just full of crap (sorry, i don't want to be nasty).

and it's their lives to do what they want to do...if they want to keep their mouth shut...then good for them...because they don't give a damn how others perceived their relationship...they are family and family is the most important thing to them...

so mina...smell the roses that surrounds this family...and be happy for them even if they look less deserving to your kind and beautiful mind and heart!! :) :)


Brad and Angelina were so popular globally, love and like by people all of the world. I 'm looking forward for their next movie -Jesse James, Babel, Good shepherd. I bet they will have movie promotion then and might talk about their baby . this is really exciting. I hope they can came here to asia for one of his promotion.

No one cares if you sincerely wish Jennifer the best of everything. The things is we are not her fans! But we will still criticize Brangelina's relationship if we want to.

Secondly, I feel bad for the baby that's gotta come outta that used ho's vagina. Imagine knowing your mother had expressed on tv that she had all these lovers. Imagine if you happen to be talking to some man in hollywood at one of their events and you later find out he's fucked your mother. Damn!

And good, down home, old fashioned, all-american, baptist, monogamous Brad wants to have a baby with this lady? Not even he has had as many women as Angelina has had men AND women.

That's why Angelina is doing all this UN work and having a baby for Brad, because she wants to make up for her slutty past. For god's sake , I like sex as much as Angelina, but I don't go screw around with guys and gals like she does.

Before you get married or have kids, lead your life in a way that you won't regret and that your future kids won't be ashamed of or embarassed or shocked by. If I knew my mother had sex with all these guys, I'd be like, "Woman, you disgust me!" Nasty. And if i knew my dad screwed too many women, I'd beat the krap out of the women if I saw them. Ugh!

It's one thing to know that your parents had former relationships, but I'd be pissed and disappointed as hell if I knew my mother of all people had "LOVERS!" Geez! Have some respect for yourself.

Angelina, control yourself, you sex addict.

pssssst...hoop hoop away....next!!

What's funny is that mina takes set pictures as the smoking gun? Strange I didn't see any sexual intercourse between Brad and Angie in those pictures. Instead I saw them simply enjoying each other's company as friends. The same thing that Brad does all the time on sets with his female co-stars such as Claire Forlani (whom he spent lot of time in her trailer) or Julia Roberts (whom he chatted with a lot and played guitar and sang with). With Angelina, she is friendly with her male co-stars as well. As I've noted before, she's hanged out with Colin for drinks and even vacationed together in Egypt. Yet, Colin and her were never lovers. Just the same Brad and Claire or Julia were never lovers.

Pictures don't always tell a thousand words, as the hand can be faster than the eye. Magicians partake in those illusions all the time. For those not trapped by simple minds, there isn't just one scenario to an image.

jealous and envy of this couple ? then go back to your Jen and Vince site.

at least angie had sex...your so uptight!! tell the truth...you want to do it also..sex with men and women because your so focused on angie's sexual relationship...tell...tell...you like it don't you???

at least angie is not hypocrites like some (??)

as for the kids...don't worry about them...they will grow and said to those moralistic buffoon if told about their mother sexual exploits..."all right! mom rocks! she is so cool and hot!!"

hmmmhmm..are you jealous yet tashia or wetting your pants!! he! he!

Who are we to approve or disapprove of other people's relationship? How do we know whether a relationship or marriage will last or not? Are you sure yours will last forever? As happy as I am now with my marriage, I couldn't tell what will happen in the future.

People do change. Johnny Depp had a wild past but now, what a great father he is. How about Madonna? The things we read about her in the past? Now, she is such a strict mother and write children books. Even though they are divorced, I don't think Demi Moore and Bruce Willis children turned out badly. How do we know Julia Robert's marriage will last either? Her husband never look happy in any of the photograph.

you obviously are back.

though i missed your therapy-worth-long-posts.
what happend to you?

its amazing how people cant deal with questions about brangelina.

you know i actually enjoy teasing you with question you dont want to answer because of your perfect-world-dreams.

i could do this for ages, you dont seem to wanna wake up.

here comes again the haters....so uptight...so full of moral judgment...they must be saint??? oh no!! not...they are full of vile and hate...spewing uncontrollably from their salivating rabid mouth!!

pssssssst...stop barking...you noisy dog!! Shut the fuck up!!

I am having PLENTY of sex with my one and only man. Sex with a woman, is not something I am interested in, WHICH I AM SURE U R, thank you very much. I am not attracted to women.

So, "my dear," your saying your mother's a slut or former one? Sad. You must be messed up in the head. Wait a minute, you just posted some psycho, overly emotional post against another poster, so you must be messed up in the head, OVER A CELEBRITY! LOLOL.

LOL, the fact that you people are easily ticked off by our rants, is enjoyable. We know how to push your buttons, dont we. But we're not low lifes like you who cant come up with a good excuse to defend Brangelina so you insult. Talk about going crazy. The craziest people here are you BAMZ lunatics. Makes it easier for us to hate Brangelina even more. So please continue with your childish insults will you. It's not like people are going to stop their god-given right to express their thoughts on celebrities anyway.

You're not going to stop us from insulting Brangelina. We're going to keep going.... and going.... and going.... and going.... and going.... and going.... and going.... and going.... and going...... Brangelina whores, stop masturbating to Angelina and get a real life.


you got it right.

people with no point are insulting.
and please bragnelina FANATICS. the only guys that uses the one word "hate" are you!

hate means a lot to you.
how sad that is

Oh, mina, is that supposed to be insulting? Was I supposed to hang out just for you to help you on your therapy, sweetcakes?

What questions? Those weren't questions of yours. Those were outright accusations of merely pictures on the set. Right, as if Brad and Angie would go doggie style for the photographers on the set just so you can present those pictures for Jennifer's divorce lawyers. Funny how the divorce didn't mention anything about adultery. But I guess those with simple minds would rather read pictures with their own unadulterated hatred to see what isn't there.

Seems like the ones having a pissy fits are the haters. Sweet tarts, we're mildly amused by your tantrums, but we're more astounded by your obsessive-compulsive disorder to keep coming back to threads and pictures of people you despise.

Tasha is the biggest hypocrite as she continues with her insults while criticizing the fans for calling her on the carpet. I'll say you're one crazy bitch all right. Try as you might to hide your hate-filled tirades as opinions but your agenda is too transparent.


missed a session with your therapist?
relax, try again and dont be so pissed.

"people with no point are insulting."

So that must be your and Tasha's self-confession as most of your posts are nothing but insulting without any substance to your arguments.

"and please bragnelina FANATICS. the only guys that uses the one word "hate" are you!

hate means a lot to you.
how sad that is"

How sad that your brain must be so disconnected that you don't see that you've used the word "hate."

Keep it up, haters, you are the freak show.

I lived in America for 3 years. I have not met that many women who only being with one man all their adult lives or enter their marriage as a virgin. And I bet you are not the first woman for your husband. So, please cut this morality crap. Make me wonder in which part of America you live?


Missed your session with an English teacher?

You really need to try something new with your insults. In fact, maybe you should go to your nearest brain transplant donor bank. You obviously don't know what you're talking about.

You are too funny!!

well the two insulting morons are here and happy to rant like a pitbull...no brain cells working just moth to bite...it shows on their comments...they really like to rant and rave like bitchy dogs!! spewing so much hate because of disappointment because brad dumped jen....they can't accept that...oh what a pitiful life...they live in a "friends" world where rachel and ross have 10 years of on-off relationship...no more a-list brad to hang on....ouch!!

they're so full of hate and they enjoy ranting and spewing their hate...hope your jaw wouldn't locked out for spewing, chewing and grinding your teeth, gum and mouth!!

as for depending brad and ange...there's nothing to depend because bamz+1 is the winner and we know who is the loser and they can't accept to be the loser...so they spread their vileness, venom and hate to the winners...bamz+1 rocks!!

thanks tasha and mina for your i cents and being so intrigue about bamz+1 that you spend your time looking at their pictures, reading comments and writing your very mature (??) i cents!!

The fact that I just got insulted by another BAMZ poster, I'm going to make damn sure to spread negative words about Brangelina to all my friends and family. You BAMZ psychos are not going to make me want to see their movies anymore. I WAS interested in seeing a couple more Angelina movies (like Sin City or the other one with Jonny Depp), but now after reading these BAMZ posts against other posters for posting their own opinions on celebrity couples, it's just driving people away.

If the shoe were on the other foot and it was Angelina that this divorce and cheating scenario happened to, then I'd support her.

Maybe Brad will get seduced by some exotic french woman and angelina will be sitting at home with her breasts sagging after all that breast feeding to her little "bunch" of kids she said she wanted.

You think Angelina's going to be able to juggle 13 kids and an acting career which she needs to keep to support them and the poor.

i am funny,thanx for your complement.
your not.
you seem pathetic, full of bitterness.
and we could go on and on and on.....

i just dont like your responds at all.

and you seem to think i live in the us?
wrong. you knwo it is english:www, for world wide web.
thats english

go on gossiping

"I am having PLENTY of sex with my one and only man"

Tasha - you are either very lucky or very ugly. You are the first for your husband too?

"The fact that I just got insulted by another BAMZ poster, I'm going to make damn sure to spread negative words about Brangelina to all my friends and family."

Tasha - you are one sad sad woman. I am sure you have better things to do.

tasha needs sex theraphy....or maybe prozac or veterinarian...to inject anti-rabies...she is like a crazy pitbull...wooow...woooh

she's so jealous and envious of angie...she dreams that brad will fuck her even in her dreams....eewwww!!

mina also missed being fucked....she likes it so much that she and tasha are having orgasm with their vile, venom and hatred!!!

eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww...nasty mina and tasha.....get a room you bitchy dogs!!!


of course she can handle that.
13 kids must be her lucky number.
angelina can even save the world, dont you know that........she can do this in her movies.

Little fool, mina, I'll sign you up for remedial English as all subtlety has flown over your head. You're funny in a you're-a-board-fool kind of way. But you'll take any backhanded compliment as you seem like the insecure type as Jennifer.

Honey, the only bitterness comes spewing forth from haters like you. We don't come onto a site trashing sets of pictures of celebrities we don't like. Yet, you sit around all day prowling to share your animus. Nope, I'm going to upgrade you from funny to your being a riot. Right out of the loony bin.

The more you post, the more hypocritical and insane you come off. So, please, continue to demonstrate your mental disorder.

Hey, Tasha, if that's your purpose in life to spread your hate, I pity you. I'll be sure to buy your family ear plugs or sign them up for call blocking to spare them of your venom. In fact, I'll send them the antidote. Jennifer's DVDs!

Did the veterinarians forget to give Tasha and mina their tranquilizers?

tasha, bamz+1 doesn't need your support...we are here to support them...as far as going to mention and say negative things about brangelina to your so called family and friends...i don't think that you have friends or family because your so uptight, full of moral judgment, spiteful...nobody wants to be around you!!

you are so full of hatred and indignation...you really love to rant and spew venom and vile...

dear..you need to calm down!!maybe go to sleep and fucked your husband a little bit ... your so stressed out!!!


let us stop this.
it is really getting boring. you judge me and tasha the same way you think to know everything about brad and ang.

it wont let myself stop informing me and reading jjared.

brangelina fans start to suck.
stop your morals about non fans.

did you have your orgasm yet???fuck!! not yet...oooh taaaashaaaaaaaaa...mina didn't not have orgasm yet...spew more vile and hatred!!! bitchy dogs stop shaking your tails and wagging your tongue...stop barking and....shut the fucked up and licked my balls!! he! he!

are you still alive and kicking??? what happened?? tasha and mina, the bitchy dogs did not bite your hoops yet!!! we'll it's a miracle the three moralistic buffoons are still alive and kicking!!

obviously brangelina fans have no morals nor a brain to use it for anything else.

you guys suck.
stop your dirty remarks.
you are offensive.

Stop anytime Mina. You're the one who started the nastiness. I don't back down to the fight. You haters like to bitch about the insults while you sling mud at every word. But you can't stand it when you're dished that and second helpings.

Nobody is stopping you from coming to check out the BAMZ pictures, but it sure is messed that you would want to when you despise them. Hell, I'm so sick of Paris Hilton, I'm about ready to write E! News to stop featuring self-promoting clips of Paris so I don't have to change channel every time her face appears on the screen. I'd suggest the same healthy avoidance scheme for you. Then you can use that time for happier things. Maybe, just maybe, you can be a better person.

I don't claim to know everything about Brad and Angie. But I do come here and other fan sites to learn and consider opinions and thoughts of other BAMZ supporters. I'd even consider the critics if they weren't so obvious with their commentaries tainted with unadulterated hate. I don't mind diverse opinions but not when hate is clearly written all over those so-called opinions. That's not opinions, it's slurs.

suck my balls hoops....you like it so much....don't be so hypocite and pretend to be indignant!!!

see...you feel offended if we got into a dirty fight!!! you want to come to this site and use 45 to shoot bamz+1 supporters, i'll use ak-47 or canonball to fight back...so don't be messing in here....u stupid moralistic morons/buffoons!!

u think we just keep quiet...if you want to be insulting, sarcastic or just being plain moron or stupid...then we will bite you like tigress or kingkong till you all morons leave this brangelina thread...


"obviously brangelina fans have no morals nor a brain to use it for anything else.

you guys suck.
stop your dirty remarks.
you are offensive."

The insults of a child.

Have you figured out how to use your brain yet? Doesn't look like it. Did you get your fulfillment of offensive and dirty remarks from your own comments?

i`ll wait till something normal comes up to respond to. something that is not so full of fanatism about brangelina.

and cindy2,do your reserch properly, girl.

go to femalefirst...that's your kind of blog....buffoon!!

to Cindy2:

Insulting someone's English is like when you're a little kid, & you have nothing better to tattle your younger sibiling on. It's obvious that the poster is not a native English speaker.

Saying something like, "In fact, maybe you should go to your nearest brain transplant donor bank."

(Why, so that she can split her brain into many parts, while she can still succeed VERY WELL in life with just a remnant of her brain, so that people like YOU can have a better shot at life?

This shows your LOW standard of behavior.

And the rest of the things you say, just makes you sound extremely IMMATURE!! (but I'm guessing you're older than junior high)

brangelina rocks!! i love them!!! +) and i know many people do!!!! cant wait to see their baby,,so to all the BAMZ bashers..stop it!!!! u cant do anything about it..just go to a jen site then try to put some life in their lifeless site hahahaha

Umm, you think your highlighting my criticism of Mina's English is any less of a detraction of your deficiency of having any points?

Since Mina can't understand my post, it's obvious she needs to learn English so she would know what she's talking about or reading - something you should take up as well.

I first addressed mina with substantiative counterarguments. But she could only return with banal insults. What better than to insult her back? Thanks for telling me what you do when you tattle on your little sibling.

For all that supposed maturity shield of yours, it wasn't thick enough to hide the childish insults in your post.

Yup, I just love those haters' hypocrisy and feigned innocence, as if their hands weren't as bloody and dirty from their guerilla attacks.

I just noticed that of all the threads, this one has the most entries! It is the most exciting too, don't you think so?? :) All Jen's fans can say what they want to say, but the truth remains, her marriage to Brad Pitt ended in divorce. And Brad is with Angelina now -- a much better looking woman than Jen and has better purpose in life who is willing to carry his baby! Jen and her fans can cry all they want. But nobody can dispute the fact that Brad and Angelina is together!!!

Insulting someone's non-native English speaker's skills is almost at the level of a racial insult.

Furthermore, just because you perceive someone as returning you with "banal insults," doesn't mean that you need to retaliate back with even worse "banal insults."

If you had read her post accurately, she said that she was "teasing you." And that's what makes it fun.

Regarding the "deficiency of having any points," I'm not here to join a nonsensical "war" regarding Brangelina vs. Maniston. None of them mean anything to me.

But your response is uncalled for. Although it isn't full of profanity as some of the native English-speaking posters here solely use (but of course, you don't tell them to go take an English class although they seriously need it), you are stepping on the bounds of discrimination. Please don't do that because you know that you are in the U.S. & that is not acceptable behavior here. Capice?

i dont get why all of a sudden my english is so bad to be misunderstood.
wrong argument.
that is not a strong point to mention.
built your discussion on solid ground.
since you can answer my posts CINDY2, means you get it quite clear in your head.

you talk so much, you could be a salesman trying to sell crap to the puplic.

reading your posts make me feel very sorry for you.

your reactions could hopefully be blamed to the late night you are having right now.

thank you Cindy2 is immature for bringing a strong point of view into these one-sided-posts.

Why don't the BAMZ bashers just go away ... or comment on other news items/photos other than BAMZ ... there are so many in justjared and waiting to be commented on. Why be fixated on BAMZ if you cannot say anything nice?


i only can speak for myself. i dont bash at bamz.
i dont wish them dead or anything else.

it just happens that i ask questions or make remarks about the so called perfect couple.
and i can see that this is bothering people sick. and i wonder why they are so fanatic?
i am sure you guys are able to question brangelina and the jen triangle, as much as i hope you can question ang UN work.

i am not a jen or ange or brad fan.

Cindy2, I had to get up for a sick child and now I can't go back to sleep ... So here I am with back up...Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Or iemotional intelligence is not always found in those with intellectual intelligence...

One of the things that is so frustrating is what is so clear to some is difficult for others to grasp. In the academic world it is intellectual frustration but here it is emotional intelligence frustration.

One cannot have good relationships with co-workers, children, spouse , friends etc. without developing certain skills that only come with emotional maturity. Some people get stuck in a rut of blame and defensiveness so they never learn and therefore fail to grow in maturity. Like Mina.

Oh "Cindy2 is immature," are you still here to demonstrate your hypocrisy? You're so above the fray that you're still dishing the dirt. And for what? To nitpick over my telling mina to sign up for her English lessons? Well, since the girl can't follow while insulting at her mouth, she better learn English. I don't have a problem with people's English when they don't engage in insulting. But if you decide to step into the ring, better do it right. Better understand what is being talked about, as well.

Mina, crawled out from your hole to continue with your prowling, huh? Is that all your only purpose in life?

I thought you wanted to stop it, hmm? Didn't take much to show yourself to be the two-faced liar.

racism meets übermensch.

Gimme a freaking break, mina. You don't just ask questions. You accuse and condemn.

You already THINK that Angie and Brad had an affair when everybody says they did not.

Don't go pretending you're being productive on this site when you're nothing but a pot-stirrer.

Seriously, why don't you go to a hater site where you can see only the one-sided views that is palatable to you? You don't want diversity, you want hateful comments about Brad and Angie.

i stopped it. but you obvioulsy cant hold your racists remarks and thoughts to yourself. and this is not acceptable. i will not watch this bashing at me continuing.

you should think about apologizing, you go far too much into that believe, you are a better person in any skills.
sorry, girl, you have no clue who you are talking to.

In defense of Mina... I am assuming you are German? I admire how well you are writing in a language that is not your mother tongue. after reading your next to last post I think it is a matter of miscommunication and maybe defensiveness on your part because of language differences...

Hey mina and lecturer to Cindy2, go fuck yourselves.

You're fucking blowhards.

Mina's ignorance meets emotional retardation.

What's so racist to advise you to learn better English when you chose to engage in English insults? If I were to start insulting you in German, you can tell me to learn German.

I don't go around telling people their English sucks as long as they're commenting on point. But you went to personal attacks, and this is your payback.

To top it off, when you asked for it to stop, you come back at the very moment of feeling safe with someone's hypocritical attack on me. You are serious piece of work.

What are you contributing to this site but your negativity? Have you even been involved in a constructive or productive discussion on these threads? No, you're just a troublemaker.

Mina. I am not sure how old you are. But I am 38 years old. I come from a traditional South American Catholic background . My husband was the first man I was with. I am divorced and still single. I have made many relationship mistakes since then and have learned from each and everyone of them. I also a therapist.

I find it impossible to not look at this situation and the individuals involved without proffesional eyes/mind. We all fit an emotional profile..


For the most part, I just try to ignore the haters as I've learned in my encounters with them they aren't intellectually equipped to debate or reason with facts. They argue purely emotionally...with hate.

I tried to set the record straight with mina about the pictures but she goes off on her petty tirade. Sometimes, I just like to give those haters a dose of their own medicine.

sorry folks, but i am not german.

i will wait for a new picture of brangelina, this gets lame.

elena, thanx but there was no miscommunication.
its amazing how nice your post is compared to the one before. now i am getting compliments for not being american.

cindy2, please stop your attacks.
if that helps gossiping again.
in everything you say you are right!

ok for now?

Nobody is as racist as the BAMZ haters with their racist attacks on Maddox and Zahara. Anybody need to be reminded of Who cares about India?

Hell, even Americans can be awful with their English so there's nothing racist about telling someone to improve his English.

I like Cindy and so many other supports of this couple did not come to this conclusion blindly. It came as a result of life experiences that taught as lessons about life, love, and definitely the media. we are definitely not blind. we also have a very high sense of fairness. Our kind of person is the kind of person that will stand up for anyone who is being mistreated or unjustly accused or prosecuted. What we have learned about life, relationships and ourselves tells us that Brad and Angie are being unfairly prosecuted by individuals with a lynch mob mentality...

Cindy 2 I have always enjoyed reading your post. I get irritated as hell at some of the posts. But it has been wonderful to communicate with an amazing group of women from everywhere. It is what is lost on a lot of people , that in a way this is a forum for us women to share our experiences and collective wisdom in order to enlighten each other and perhaps in the process entertain and enlighten. Thanks... No I amgoing back to sleep.. Oh I wrote the 553 post..

Wow! 487 comments! Praise and happiness for BAMZ intertwine with wrangling, bickering and attacks from Desperate Haters at the brink of despair.
Don’t the Haters all have a better life to live rather demonizing their selves in wedging a battle of war of words against this family (BAMZ)?

i like people stiring things up in here....this is a forum for gossip!

Yeah a forum for gossip, not hate!

Discuss the pictures. Discuss gossip. Hate adds nothing to the gossip.

There are some seriously disturbed fans that have found this board. Like someone said waaaay up there the link here was posted on Female First and those posters made a decision to come here and just slagg off BAMZ. That's just plain mental

Please are sick of these two, and not as obsessed as mental fanatics who worship people who cheat and lie to their wives and fans. Find more interesting celebs to stalk.

BAMZ are just living their lives just like you and me hiding behind the computer.
If you cannot support them, then don't prove your selves to be mental stalkers who go around vomiting their venom on BAMZ.
Those who love BAMZ are not fanatics or worshippers and cult of bitterness towards them only proves how wretched and miserable their haters must be.

Tasha you're hilarious! I love to see the responses to your posts. Keep 'em coming!

bamz rock


To Mina, I am a non-english speaker myself. English is just a second language to me, but even I cringe everytime you open your mouth (write comments on this blog). Please stop! You are putting us all (non-english speakers) in a bad light. Before putting ur thoughts into letters please internalize carefully what is written here on the blogs. There are some american/english slang and innuendos some non-english won't truly comprehend. I won't try to use big words and high sounding words to coz i feel you won't get the gist of it but i beg you: stop making us all look like a dumb freaking ignoramus!

Mina, you are making us all non-english speakers look like mindless idiots foaming at the mouths upon hearing the name brad and angelina. Stop and desist!!!

mina, i hate to say this but shut up!! because you might not understand the meaning of these words...i am a also an immigrant to this country, just arrived 4 years ago...but man...your a shame to all of us whose first language is not english...if you want to comment on bamz+1 blogs, you need to go to esl classes first to fix your written communication skills...can't even understand what you have written or even the gist of it... or is this the way you also speak??? shame on you!! stop coming to this blog to show your ignoramus self and go back to esl classes...then come back so that we can understand what you are saying!!

Please do yourselves a favor and go get lives immediatly. There is so much more to this world then what someone else is doing...celebs are just people with jobs...stop idolizng them and find the beauty in your own life!


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