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Britney on Will & Grace

Here are the first screen captures of Britney Spears filming her guest appearance on NBC's Will & GraceBritney may not be be playing the Christian conservative she was originally scripted for but it turns out she'll definitely be a guest on Jack's talk show "Jack Talk." This episode will air on Thursday, April 13.  Also in the gallery are some pictures of Britney Spears in Hawaii not wearing her wedding band from earlier on today.
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Why do people assume that because you don't have a wedding ring on that there is trouble? I never wear my band or engagement ring when I am home. I'd rather not worry about say, scratching my daughter's face with the stone or getting it dirty. K-fed is a douche, don't get me wrong, but just because you don't wear your ring doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong.

Even in photos you can tell how bad an actress she is.

she looks so gorgeous and she's really great at comedy, so happy she's on my fave show!

You are so right! I think they make such a big deal out of that, I feel sorry for these people because they can barely breathe you wouldnt wear your wedding band to the beach why the hell should they?

Maybe she is looking for her ring in those pics....
Lose something Brit????

Cannot wait to see her on W&G, shes was great on SNL, so i think it will suit her well.

Maybe she isn't wearing her ring because she's gotten too fat for it. If her belly is any indication, those digits are probably quite sausage-y.

She looks hot! You all are haters

I think she looks cute in the W&G pics.

she's looking better than ever since sean preston happened.

I love this show is my fave and britney looks so cute she is a great actress and specially in comedy. shut up katie you suck brit is the best i cant wait to watch this episode of WandG . I LOVE BRIT.

She looks so hot! I'm really happy my fave singer is back to work!

She shown a great comedy verve in SNL, I'm sure she will be an amazing actress!

So who says bad things is just jealous, to my opinion.


good for you, brit!

that is the nicest she's looked for ages, and if shes fat then i must be too coz im a uk size 10 and shes just about the same as me!! lay off her, im not her biggest fan i think shes trailer trash but she looks great in these pics!!

Yay, she looks awesome. Go Britney!

what's with her wonky finger?

Jessica Simpson called and she wants her look back!

She is such a friggin' mess. Man, her face is jacked up.

She's looking for her career in those pics.

cristiano, you're kidding right? The woman is a has been. She's nasty and rank.

"just because you don't wear your ring doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong."

Tell that to Nick and Jessica ;)

Diversify your talents girl! And if those rumours are true and what your ol'man said about you being fat (after just having a baby), dump the dude! He definitely has no heart and is frozen over with his own ego. Remember, Brit, SEX IS NOT LOVE! May you be blessed with courage and stamina to withstand whatever comes your way. PEACE

is she trying to look like jessica simpson or something?

is she trying to look like jessica simpson or something?

she looks great after having a baby and she she is a good atcress all are haters

she looks great after having a baby and she is a good atcress you all are haters

they did a good job of hiding the mommy fat. impressive.

You know what's strange? When Jessica Simpson lost her weight, I was like wow she looks like Britney.. and now everyone is discussing how Britney looks like Jessica now in the pictures from W&G

Trailer trash all the way!

She looks awful! Yuck.

This is what happens when your career is in the toilet.

Britney got fat!

She's looking a bit like that nasty marya carrie

Have any of you damn haters out there ever had children? Nah I didn't think so. You're all either males or you're 15 year olds talking crap about someone you don't know. It's hard to lose baby weight that quick, and some people have more trouble losing it. So until you give birth and try and lose it, drop it.

I think people should just lay off.Maybe the seen does not call for her to wear a wedding ring.Some props are better left unseen,such as tattoos[etc]

Wow, she looks fantastic! She even looks better than she did before she was pregnant. Oh, and Britney did not take her look from Jessica Simpson, she simply allowed Jessica to borrow it while she was on that corny tv show. GO BRITNEY!

Britney, you look HOT girl!!!! Especially without that 'gold diggin scrub' riding your coat tail.

Yeah... Britney is PHAT alright... the girls finally got some Back too!! She looks good with a little junk in the trunk..So to all the haters out there.... JUMP OFF!!

Let's see if anyone remembers her non talented self in ten years. Jessica Simpson too. These people are not artists. They are flashes in the pan who get by on their looks. Any one over the age of fifteen knows that.

Pleassssssse! The bitch is broke and fat to boot, and just look at her pics at Marti Gras. Three words. Kitchen. Ass. Weave. Bitch you have more money than me buy yourself some decent weave. And while we're at it stop with the cheet-o's girl. Enuff.

Just for the "record", Jessica Simpson has an actual voice that can belch powerful tonalities. In other words...she can sing. She didn't just stage a career off of being drop dead gorgeous.

You look good girl! You did a good job on Will and Grace! Get rid of that triflin ass husband of yours and you'll be alright!


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