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TomKat in Tahiti

Jason Reitman says a projection error -- not Tom Cruise -- was responsible when a Katie Holmes' sex scene was missing during a screening of her upcoming movie, "Thank You for Smoking," at the Sundance Film Festival. "I was sitting there in the theater, the scene was missing, and my immediate thought was, 'Oh my God, Fox cut the scene out of my movie,'" Reitman told AP Radio in an interview. "And then I realized, 'No, if it's at the end of the reel, the projector probably just accidentally cut it out.'" Some blamed Cruise, Holmes' fiance, speculating that he had pressured Reitman, son of "Ghost Busters" director Ivan Reitman, to remove the scene. "That's a fun story. I'd read that story. The problem is that it's not true," Reitman said. "The problem with 'projection error' is that it's the truth but it sounds like a lie. It sounds an awful lot like 'wardrobe malfunction.'"
Tahiti, Polynesia :: Director Jason Reitman came clean but did he really?  Above are pictures of Tom Cruise, 43, and Katie Holmes, 27, walking the dock in Tahiti, an island of the southern Pacific Ocean.  It also looks like Tom's children,  Isabella Cruise, 13, and Conner Cruise, 11, also tagged along for some family fun in the sun.  More pictures in the gallery!
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Doesn't something just seem off? I can't put my finger on why they make me turn away. Almost father daughter like!! YUCK!!!!

yes he's too old for her. Almost 20 years isn't it?
She's going to have a lot of weight to lose.

am i the only one that thinks it is terribly sad that this young woman seems to living on an 'island' herself. why isn't someone helping her on the stairs? what the heck is she doing traveling like this so late in her preggers? she must be getting absolutely sick of it by now. lonely. stuck. this is sad sh+t.

Is Katie pregnant or not? Is that a pillow? Why in the heck isn't Tom helping her up the stairs. The kids look bored. Are they on springbreak from school? How come Nicole never has the kids. She's been hanging out with Keith Urban in TN and going here and there. It's all one big circus. I feel sorry for the kids.

why is she always one huge step behind him when they are walking around? yeah, katie is def gaining a lot of weight.

Who is the woman in white shirt and khaki bermudas, is that jada pinkett smith?

You know... Katie looks so lonely :( And the whole stair thing... I hated it when my boyfriend helped me up the stairs when I was preggers *Shrugs* Maybe she justdidn't want help. Everytime Matt helped me up I basically shooed him away so maybe thats it

Yuck, my Aunt works in the advertising agency. She told me TC called the editor of Seventeen and asked about what girls were the most popular right now. YUCK!! Poor Katie said she dreamed of marrying him, I bet now she realizes it was a nightmare!! I hope her family will be there to pick up the mess TC has started. I believe he is not straight and uses these women as shields to cover it up. Hmmmm NK and MR,his 1st wife, were not fertile???BS... I bet Katie has twins... higher when it is planted in there!!! Lets just hope Katie is getting a lot of money out of this obvious deal!!!

Poor Katie! No sarcasm here. She really looks lonely and sad. Def not like someone who is in love and carrying her first child.

Anonymous is right on regarding the Seventeen magazine deal. Tom Cruise also went on a "date" with Joss Stone shortly before Katie Holmes. He was out for young blood to ease his midlife crisis...

Caption: Tom Cruise on vacation with his three and a half children, Bella, Conor and Katie and the unborn...

I know, it's bad, but it's true, he looks so old now that his beard, oops, girlfriend/fiancee/wife-to-be is so young...when is she supposed to finally have this baby?

It seems really sad to me that Katie used to have a career, and a life. Almost the minute she started dating the looser that is Tom Cruise, she ceased to exist. When you see her she looks like she has been brainwashed, and just looks empty. I think this whole thing is a stunt, and she might be pregnant, but I don't think it is Tom's kid. For her sake, I sure hope it isn't. Can you imagine being tied to that nut job for the rest of your life.

Very nice. Glad to find you from Megite Gossip at http://www.megite.com/index.php?section=gossip

I totally agree that she looks so lonely... breaks my heart to see her...
She should be glowing like she was in the begining... but it seems like every picture I see of her lately she is sad.. and possibly lost...

Poor Girl...

She lost her svelte figure rather quickly. She is large boned like her mother. She has looked tired and ill for most of her pregnancy.

You know, I feel bad for Katie just because everyone has a speculation on how she should look and how she should act. Those of us who have been through a few pregnancies of our own know that each pregnancy is different and, especially late in the pregnancy, she may not feel like "glowing". Give her a chance to be cranky and fat and uncomfortable. That's the reality of pregnancy. Just because she's a celeb doesn't mean reality just passes her by.
Give her a break.

Father daughter? No. it's only 16 years. Very modest for hollywood standards - (or any rich couple for that matter).
Ever heard of Michael Douglas + Catherine Zeta Jones(25yrs); Warren Beatty + Annette Benning(19yrs); Billy Joel + New Wife(32yrs!!!). Why aren't you crowing about those February-December relationships?

You people are so nasty. I appreciate that even as an adoptive father, TC has always been there for his kids. And even thoug he's a divorced, it appears he'll remain so.

Jare, I agree with you.. He is definitely there for his children.. You always see these two at both of their games and such. Where is the mom? No one seems to say anything about Nicole Kidman not be around.. He is a great father. Age is nothing but a number and if you love someone it shouldn't hold you back.

AND SHE IS PREGNANT. I'm so sick of everyone "she lost her svelte figure" DUH, she is approaching her due date? Gosh, people are so classless when it comes to celebrity pregnancies. as if they aren't allowed to gain weight.. get a clue


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