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24 Death Toll Six and Rising

SPOILERS!  They're dropping like flies on this season of 24!  The death toll is high and rising as two more agents were killed in the line of duty during last night's episode of 24, the fifth and sixth "major" deaths of the season. Here's a list of the 24 Season 5 deaths so far :: President David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert),  Agent Michelle Dessler (Reiko Aylesworth), Agent Edgar Stiles (Louis Lombardi), Chief of Staff Walt Cummings (John Allen Nelson), ex-Agent Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard), and most recently Homeland Security liaison Lynn McGill (Sean Astin).  R.I.P 24 Season 5 casualties. More pictures in the gallery with production stills from last night's episode!

How many more CTU agents must die for the nation's security? 
And did anyone else cheer when Lynn McGill (Sean Astin) died?
 Come on, raise your hand. Admit it, you hated him too!
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24 march13 24-march13-02
24 march13 24-march13-03
24 march13 24-march13-04
24 march13 24-march13-05
24 march13 24-march13-06

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THIS IS THE BEST SEASON EVER! I predict Kim Bauer will met her maker, her goose is cooked. KILL HER PLEASE!

I agree, this season ROCKS! I really hope they kill her off too.. She annoys me, even more so now with her stupid BF/therapist, yuck!

Actually, I think this season has been the worst one yet. It's obvious that they are starting to turn a corner based on the negative feedback. They've used every storyline atleast twice.

If one more person negotiates a written agreement from the President before they speak I'll shoot my TV screen. I'm guessing the deaths and incoming "Homeland Security" storyline is an attempt to get back on track and become more inovative. After all, you can only bomb and spray nerve gas in CTU so many times before people decide it's not worth coming into work.

Good luck Jack. You have a hard road ahead of you if you don't want this season to become like so many other great shows that have simply run out of great ideas.

i was jumping up and down when that stupid hobbit died! i was also happy that edgar died! his accent annoyed me.

I hated the character of McGill but still found his death very sad.

>>My Hand is raised

Shocked with Palmer but in a good way. Sad for Edgar - he was amusing. Thrilled at Lynn but Tony? That just sucked in the worst way possible. I hope they kill Jack at the end just to shock the crap out of us.

The edgar death was surprising but kinda dumb how they played it out IMO. Other people are dying right in front of them, who cares? But Edgar dies and suddenly its "OH NO!".

The Red shirt and McDildo death was stupid too, why didnt they at least make a run for 1) the antidote, 2) the exit, 3) gas masks. Oh wait we should just sit here and die in fron of several cameras.

Ok now to the apparent tony death. Why didnt he just freaking shoot the guy with the GUN. No he gets overpowered by a drugged up guy who is supposed to be in a coma and then sticks himself in the stomach.

Im like this season, just see some poorly written parts that bug me.

Is anyone else suspicious of Kim Bauers therapist boyfriend. Maybe hired by the Russians to pose as her boyfriend and hang around until Jack resurfaced? With the way this show works, it wouldnt surprise me in the least. Can't trust anyone.

I was SO happy when "Edgah Th-stile-th" died.

So long, you fat tub of goo....I hope your death was agonizing.

i hope they will not kill jack bacuses that show is over. kiefer is main star but it is sad whenha tony and edger becuse they where good character. i cye when they die. becuse only 16 year old

i hope they will not kill jack bacuses that show is over. kiefer is main star but it is sad whenha tony and edger becuse they where good character. i cye when they die. becuse only 16 year old i hope that don't kill kim becuse is to party to die.

Oh..please. 24 writers: stop killing everyone just for fun. Tony & Michelle shouldn't have died!

Kill Audrey! Now she is one annoying woman! I would say bring back Sarah Wynter, but they would probably just kill her too!


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