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Britney Spears on Will & Grace

Spears talked about her "Will & Grace" guest appearance and said, "the cast is absolutely hilarious and they were so welcoming...I've loved that show forever and I've seen people go on the show, so when they asked me it was an honor." Spears revealed Sean Hayes as her favorite cast member saying that he is "hilarious." "Everything he does and says ...It's just so funny...I like him. He's very cute." When asked about doing additional episodes with the show, Spears said, "I don't know. It would be cool, but we'll see."
Here are the official promotional stills of singer/actress Britney Spears, 24,  making her sitcom debut as 'Amber-Louise' on Will & Grace.  For the record, I must say Britney looks absolutely fantastic in her post-baby-body wardrobe (both red and white outfits) and I can't wait for this episode to air.  And check out who else makes a guest appearance below!  WOW. Will & Grace episode "Buy Buy Baby" will air on Thursday, March 30 on NBC (8-8:30 p.m. ET).  More pictures in the gallery!

Britney Spears (in Gucci heels) plays va-va-voom Amber-Louise
 as a red hot guest on talk show "Jack Talk"on Will & Grace.

George Taki, 'Mr. Sulu' of Star Trek fame, will also be making a
 guest appearance on Will and Grace. The 68-year-old actor
 came out to the world (er, galaxy) about four mouths ago
 and will be playing himself as a guest on '"Jack Talk."
britney spears will and grace britney-spears-will-and-grace04
britney spears will and grace britney-spears-will-and-grace05
britney spears will and grace britney-spears-will-and-grace06
britney spears will and grace britney-spears-will-and-grace07
britney spears will and grace britney-spears-will-and-grace08
britney spears will and grace britney-spears-will-and-grace09


26 Comments Have Already Been Posted

I don't care what anyone says.....she looks beautiful!

She does look very pretty....and yes, very pregnant

She is fat! Jesus! She's a total bore. Next!

Ugh, she is NOT pregnant. She stopped breast feeding, which totally screwed up her metabolism, therefore she gained weight again. Trust me, I've seen guts like that on plenty of co-eds who like their Smirnoff Ice a little too much.

^__^ she looks very beautiful

I love Will & Grace. Britney looks beautiful! Good for you, Brit! I can't wait to see the episode.

Brit is so pretty. I am looking forward to the episode.

i'm surprised she didn't pass out from sucking in that gut for so long. at least she got good extensions for the show. if she had it her way i'm sure she would have worn flip flops and sweat pants, and no bra of cours.

kealeen are you brits publicist? how do you know so many responses to what is going on with her body?

She looks like the girl on those Orbit commercials.

God I hate her and the abortion that should've been husband she drug into the spotlight.

The real story is Mr. Sulu! Let's hope Britney took acting lessons from him.

wow. britney is trying to capitalize on jessica simpson's hairstyle.

sorry britney, jessica is way hotter than you. she sings better and she acts better than you.

GAG gaggg barf PUKE ...white trash makes me SICK! GAGGG!

WoW, all the haters of pregnant women and post pregnant women need to be slapped. Britney has always been sexy as hell, and she'll continue to be. I always thought that people sayings she was ugly because she was pregnant were dumb and idiotic. Well, none of us would have a chance with Britney anway, although that dumb ass Kevin F. shouldn't anyone, he somehow gets to have her.

She's an ugly fat cow with fake hair and ten pounds of makeup. Go back to the trailer park britney!

why is she wearing a tight, revealing dress when she's still recovering from pregnancy weight?

Actually, when you stop breastfeeding, you normally lose MORE weight. Your body holds onto a few extra pounds while nursing for the fat stores. Believe me, I know - I've nursed 2 children and have many friends who have all had the same experience. She is most definitely pregnant. Go look at pictures of her right after she had Sean Preston. She was MUCH skinnier than she is now.

The girl just had a baby give her a break. I think she looks great!

I AM SOOO SICK OF PEOPLE BASHING BRITNEY. She is BEAUTIFULL. It's people like all you shallow A**holes that are the reason people have all the disorders they do (anorexia etc.). How can you not see beauty in someone like her? ESPECIALLY looking the way she does. AND, you trash her for her "extentions" and stuff, but I guess you could say that choosing to wear "designer clothes", braces, contacts and such would be equivelant? Basically trying to look good? In that case... WOW... we're all trash then. ERGEHRGEH. CAN YOU SAY HYPOCRISY????

I still think she's absolutely beautiful. I love how she's confident enough to still be out there when she's not in her best physical condition. It shows us that even the most beautiful people have there heavier times.

After you see her in so many pictures looking horrible and behaving horribly on Chaotic...how can you still buy the camera magic? Hasn't the reality of her trashy attention starved behavior made you wake up?

What did all those sexual terms she rattled off to Jack in last night's episode mean? Skunk-ball, poodle something or other, etc.?

What did all those sexual terms she rattled off to Jack in last night's episode mean? Skunk-ball, poodle something or other, etc.?

♥I really hate all of you people bashing Britney, it's pathetic! I love her and she's gorgeous! She looks great and she's getting over the baby stuff! You're beautiful Britney! ♥

Britney is so beautiful!!! She's so amazing, I love her! You go Britney!

I hate the fact that somany stars are wasting thier lives getting pregnant and doing the family thing. But you have to admit she was awsome in this eposode and is still a verry beautiful girl. All you you ass holes picking on her about her shape is esactly why we have so many young girls with body issues. Screw you.

OMG, EWW.She is Fat Zitty and smokes around her baby. She is utter and total WHITE TRASH with money. I swear if you like Britney Spears you either have to be NO ALL THERE or incredible ugly urself...eww she needs to be worried about her fat gut hanging out before she goes on tv agian. Brit go have a starbucks with ur kid on ur lap agian..UR SO COOL


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