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Keira Knightley For Chanel

Fresh on the heels of her Oscar nomination for 'Pride & Prejudice,' the 20-year-old starlet may have snagged herself a major endorsement deal with Chanel. "The ink isn't even dry yet, but she is going to be a face of Chanel Cosmetics," my source says. "It's for three years." A Chanel rep, however, says there is no deal.
Keira Knightley would simply be the perfect spokesperson for the Parisian fashion house and there's no better day than today with all that's she's got going on right now.  Keira Knightley as the new face for Chanel!  More pictures in the gallery including  Keira Knightley at the Diamond Aquifer Pre-Oscar Suite and Keira having some fun in the sun with her Pride and Prejudice co-star / boyfriend,  Rupert Friend.
keira knightley chanel keira-knightley-chanel01
keira knightley chanel keira-knightley-chanel02
keira knightley chanel keira-knightley-chanel03
keira knightley chanel keira-knightley-chanel04
keira knightley chanel keira-knightley-diamond-aquifer01
keira knightley chanel keira-knightley-diamond-aquifer02
keira knightley chanel keira-knightley-diamond-aquifer03
keira knightley chanel keira-knightley-diamond-aquifer04
keira knightley chanel keira-knightley-diamond-aquifer05

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shes gross anyways. Why would ppl be happy shes the new face of chanel? didnt they want lohan? so now they settle for knightley since they pissed off witherspoon. not very impressive at all.

Anyone but Lohan.

Eww god no. This pouty chick does not need any more attention! She and her stupid pout need to dissappear of the face of the earth!!!

jealous people? oh dear - look in the mirror and you might understand yourselves a bit better - jealousy comes from hating yourself - do you have reason to? the girl's beautiful - that's why SHE is the face of chanel and not you. truth hurts - good luck, ducklings.

ducklings? what ARE you? A 50 year old? who calls anyone duckling...especially when trying SO SO hard to be catty.....and I like how if someone doesn't like a celeb. that automatically means he/she is jealous. And I gotta say, if ur Chanel's sloppy seconds after Lindsay Lohan, that doesn't make you beautiful, that makes u last in line...just so you know, "duckling";)

Ok I totally agree w/ junki3, M stands for MORON. Lindsey Hohan was not ever going to be Chanel's "face" she was coked up with Kate Moss and got confused.

I just blogged about your article in covering Chanel at MotherPie.com
Here's the article... http://motherpie.typepad.com/motherpie/2006/03/motherpies_dail.html
Thanks for the Chanel News and Knightley... awesome. Good match. MotherPie approves!

woah, woah, woah. why the hate? keira knightley is one of the few young actresses around today that is actually talented. plus she's gorgeous. if you don't like her that's fine, don't buy the product, but there's no need to talk shit like that.

I've worked with her in the past and she is a total idiot. can't act her way out of a paper bag and really needs to control the pout. Funny how she's on pout alert on set, and gets shouted at if caughty doing it. Thank god she didn't win the oscar, otherwise she's be awful to be around. yuck.

If she didn't have the body of a ten year old boy and the talent of a frog, I'd probably like her. Otherwise, Lohan or Witherspoon should have gotten the Chanel deal--not that it smells good anyway.

"I've worked with her in the past and she is a total idiot"... you fuckin liar!!!

junki3 and OChotty (trying SO SO hard to be cool) - this was my first time putting up a post and i won't be rushing back again now i've seen the angry losers that come on - no good banter at all and no intelligent comments to make. enjoy the bitching, hope it brings you SOME form of consolation, ugly ducklings...

Awwww.. This is so sad all I see on this site is haters. Keira Knightley is beautiful, talented and has such a cute personality. Don't hate her for no reason. I am glad she is getting alot of stuff right now she deserves it! Yeah Keira!

I agree with you Aimee Keira really deserves to be the face of Chanel coz obviously she is much prettier and more talented than Lohan I like her but not as much as Keira now...that's what you call talent and beauty and she's getting offered more serious roles than Lohan just like Pride and Prejusice love that movie. So I suggest to all the the Keira haters out there just SHUT IT!


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