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Kim Basinger For Miu Miu

Never posted these here but if you missed them too, actresses Kim Basinger, 52, and Camilla Belle, 19, are the new Spring/Summer 2006 faces for Prada's younger hipper diffusion line, Miu Miu. Kim Basinger was personally chosen by Miuccia Prada for the new advertising campaign after she saw Basinger's performance as Eminem's mother in 8 Mile. Thanks, ohf! More pictures in the gallery!
kim basinger miu miu kim-basinger-miu-miu01
kim basinger miu miu kim-basinger-miu-miu02
kim basinger miu miu kim-basinger-miu-miu03
kim basinger miu miu kim-basinger-miu-miu04
kim basinger miu miu kim-basinger-miu-miu05
kim basinger miu miu kim-basinger-miu-miu06
kim basinger miu miu kim-basinger-miu-miu07
kim basinger miu miu kim-basinger-miu-miu08

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Would this hurt her in court, with the custody battle and all? And what is the artistic meaning behind these fashion photos? I don't get what Miu Miu's idea is here. These photos are unusual and I don't get the meaning behind them. How is this making MiuMiu fashion look good to buy and wear? And what is Camilla Belle's role in these photos? A daughter helping a drunk mother? This is going to sell MiuMiu?

Wow those are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

what the hell happened to her? she's skin and bones.......she was much better with curves. Bad example for her daughter. Alec should have her anyway!!!

Hey KC it's called fashion. The meaning is they show the clothes on models or famous people. If you're familar with mui mui or prada's previous ads, this one follows the same style. Get a clue, it's advertising. It's not like she's posing for penthouse.
and knockers, look at past kim basinger picks, her body is the same. How stupid to say she is a bad example for her daughter.

Kim is one of the most gorgeous creatures on earth.

Baldwin is a hothead.

Those shoes are BEAUTIFUL.

At 52 Kim is so much more attactive than that FAKE PARIS BITCH.

@KC, i agree: ''This is going to sell MiuMiu?''
Poor pics.
Kim's sexyness is gone and it has nothing to do with her getting older. It's her desperate junkie look. Plenty of women her age look much more interesting.

Are you sure that's Kim Basinger?

god, she looks like crap in those pics. she usually is very pretty but not in those pics


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