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Kristin Kreuk Is Pakistani

Partition Synopsis :: Determined to leave the ravages of war behind, 38 year old Gian Singh (Jimi Mistry) resigns from the British Indian Army to a quiet life. His world is soon thrown in turmoil, when he suddenly finds himself responsible for the life of a 17 year old girl, traumatized by the events that separated her from her family. Slowly, resisting all the taboos, Gian finds himself falling in love with the vulnerable Naseem (Kristin Kreuk) and she shyly responds. In a moving and epic story, woven into a rich and exotic tapestry, they battle the forces that haunt their innocent love, fighting the odds to survive in a world surrounded by hate.
23-year-old actress Kristin Kreuk, who plays Lana Lang on Smallville, is set to play a 17-year-old Muslim girl named Naseem Khan in Partition, a film about the division between Pakistan and India.  Neve Campbell, 32, also stars in this film and will play the passionate but lonely Margaret Stilwell, a woman who helps Gian Singh.  More pictures in the gallery! ¶ I haven't been too impressed with Kristin's acting in Smallville but I'm cautiously optimistic about her role in Partition (Release Date :: Tentative Spring 2006). Watch the trailer below and share your thoughts.  Do you think Kristin Kruek has the looks and the acting chops to pull off a Muslim Pakistani girl?  Do you believe Kristin and Neve's accents?
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I think she is an under-rated beauty. There are a couple of shots that exudes a little Pakistani flare. I haven't seen the video... so can't comment on their accents but I actually like Kristen Kreuk as an actress. Veryeasy on the eyes. I think it is hard to base her acting skills on the TV series. Acting caliber just isn't the same. Now for my questions, would you happen to know what is Kristen's real native background? And is this a independent film?

To #1, Slim: She's French, Dutch, Chinese.

what a beautiful film. Beautifully shot and looked like wonderfully acted. I wish filmakers would make these kind of films more often. It is not just about racial and religious issues but I think more on the survival instinct of the human race and our capacity to love. That's what set us apart from other creature anyway

To #1 & #2: Actually she's just Dutch & Chinese. Her dad's Dutch and her mom's Chinese. There's no French in her blood. She's from Vancouver though.

I'm a big fan of Kristin's, and I think she's beautiful. But just to be realistic, I'm cautiously optimisitic, as well.

I really wish people knew how to spell her name correctly. Krist-i-n.

She is pretty attractive. I wasn't really a fan of smallville, but she is definately very pretty and definately underrated

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It sounds like they use music from Black Hawk Down in the first half of the trailer. It looks like an interesting movie though.

At this day in age, I can't believe people still use White actors to portray ethnic actors. they could not find a Pakistani for this role? if not Pakistani, what about the girl on ER who was in Bend It Like Bekham? At least she is Indian. Geez.

To #4: I stand corrected.

To #7: AGREED. I think that girl from Bend it Like Beckham and E.R. should go for that role. I wonder how they ended up with Kristin.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of Kristin. I'm just curious about the whole casting situation.

Kristin is not entirely of white origin..she has half asian blood . She's a ethnic beauty and is cast perfectly into this role .

Her Parents are both are landscape architects. Father, Peter, is Dutch; Mother, Deanna Che, is Indonesian Chinese making her Eurasian like fellow actresses Jessica Anderson Devon Aoki, China Chow, Kelly Hu, Jaymee Ong, Maggie Q and actors Andrew Johnston, Brandon Lee, Keanu Reeves, Rob Schneider, Russell Wong and Michael Wong.

why didn't they get a pakistani girl? to answer your question.. It probably has to do with the sex scenes. No conservative muslim family or muslim family for that matter from that area will allow they're daughter to go on screen to do that. That's probably why Kristin was cast. yes she is asian but she isn't Indian/ Pakistani.. South Asian and East Asian are two different things... but neve cambell on the other hand.. that's a pathetic excuse.. as an indian myself we are totally misrepresented.

How hard could it be to find someone that actually look pakistani? There are plenty of indian actresses or pakistani actresses that would have been able to do the role.
It still amazes me that they can't cast people of the right race into roles and just use people of other races and try to make you think 'oh yeah this person is x race'

Ok, as far as not being able to find a muslim/pakistani/indian girl to do the role because their families wouldn't allow it, that's not true, because trust me- there's many "desi" (term used for indian/paki/bangladeshi people) girls that are willing to whore themselves out. A lot of Bollywood films are "bad"..plus remember that girl from "Mississippi Masala" and "Kama Sutra"?? Anyhoo, from what I've seen, Kirsitin is beautiful and pulls off the look of a paki girl, but her accent is off. In the trailer I heard some desi accent, and then british and american too. Oh well. I just wish they'd made it a little more realistic by making the guy muslim and the girl hindu/sikh. Hopefully the movie won't disappoint though!

I think she looks gorgeous as a Pakistani, but she would probably fit into more of the role of an Afghan woman because if you've noticed, some of them have Asian features in Afghanistan. And Kristin would fit more into a Nepalese or Bengali role, because those people also have Asian features. Either way, I am south indian american, but my mother's face looks exactly like Kristin's - asian/almond shaped eyes, light skin, silky black straight hair and a very thin nose exactly like Kristin, even more 'white' looking that Kristin's.

Anyway, maybe they couldn't find a Pakistani or Indian woman that would fit the role. Actually, Ashwarya Rai would have been very good probably.

Maybe Kristin fought for the role. Some of these actresses do that. Or maybe the creator of the movie wanted to show a diverse face of a South Asian.

I think she's absolutely gorgeous, and I do think she can pass as a Muslim girl, although why the producers didn't go for an actual Muslim is hard to say.

Still, she reminds me a lot of the Muslim girl with the green eyes that was on the cover of National Geographic. And she does look a lot like Ashwarya Rai in some of these photos.

Maybe they were looking for a recognizable name with good English skills.

You see how Memoirs of a Geisha turned out, after all. Great actresses with relative name recognition, and yet stick them in roles where the language is foreign and the dialogue dies.

To # 10: I think that Neve Campbell was probably cast as a British descent cuz if you watch the trailer again, the part where she asks for the Muslim girl, she does it with a British Accent.

As for Kristin being casted, I think its a bit odd to get someone more of a south asian descent rather than someone who is actually pakistani or indian... however, she does a great job of playing the role....

as for the mention of muslim/hindi not doing sex scenes, i thinks that's over the top cuz i remember watching that "Kamasutra" movies are done with muslim or maybe hindi actors/actresses... please correct me if i'm wrong... therefore, i dont think its an excuse to say pakistani/indian actresses didnt audition for this role


She's cute but she doesn't look Pakastani. She looks Chinese. And she really doesn't have the acting chops to pull this off. I've seen her in Smallville and Legends of Earth Sea and she's very wooden and unremarkable. And she seems to play the same characters over and over again; beautiful, tragic, defenseless, orphan who's saved by a man. Her pretty face is the only thing she seems to have going for her.

She's cute but she doesn't look Pakastani. She looks Chinese. And she really doesn't have the acting chops to pull this off. I've seen her in Smallville and Legends of Earth Sea and she's very wooden and unremarkable. And she seems to play the same characters over and over again; beautiful, tragic, defenseless, orphan who's saved by a man. Her pretty face is the only thing she seems to have going for her.

she is beyond hot. i think she is the reason i stick with smallville, that and for the day lex turns pure evil. she kind of looks like princess jasmine in the one picture.

She looks something like Aishwarya Rai in some of this. Google Ms. Rai and be blown away.

I have a paki background and i was there last summer.Believe there are plenty of girls who'd be more than happy to throw off their clothes.If u see any paki film and video you'll understand what im talkin about...sex is just everywhere now.I dont know why they chose her when they could have picked a paki girl but it looks like a nice film :) cant wait to see it

oh my GOD Neve Campbell's accent makes me want to beat someone! A lot of people talked about Kreuk as a pakistani, well what about the absurdity of casting Campbell as a brit??? Are we all out of brit actresses for crying out loud?? Absolutely horrible accent!
As for the person that thought Aishwarya Rai would be good for this part... She is pretty, but hello! The part if supposed to be of a 17 year old girl. No way!
I think Kreuk is a good match lookswise. Her acting skills are a bit more negotiable...

Just because someone looks NOT WHITE doesn't mean they can be cast in another NOT WHITE role. ZOMG FOREIGNERZ!!!11 Whatever. She's way pretty, that can't be denied, but there is no way she can pull off the skill to do a meaningful kind of movie without over pushing it into the over-sentimental and overall annoying. Jimi Mistry, why, why, why must you always do films with women that annoy me? Kristen Holden-Reid as Giles was your best on-screen lover, if you ask me.

LOL, I agree design_officer, I only watched Smallville because of the good looking guys. And I kept waiting to see more dramatics with Clark's super powers. They really need to push the envelope on that show, if they haven't already. But I haven't been watching for a long time. Got sick of waiting for something exciting to happen. It's a little calm and dull sometimes, or atleast it was when I was watching. They needed to add more drama and romance.

OH PLEASE! As a Los Angeles born Pakistani who works in film, you've GOT to be KIDDING me! There are so many talented Asian (read: Indian/Pakistani) actresses out there and they had to cast someone from the WB (sorry, I mean the CW)?! This is just plain laziness in casting.

This is completely ridiculous! I will not see this movie for the sole reason that both Neve and Kristin's accents are HORRENDOUS! What the hell is Neve supposed to be anyway, English, Irish?! Horrible! Don't freakin tell me that out of a population of 2 billion there isn't one chick who knows English and either has a REAL Pakistani accent or can successfully imitate one. Give me a break....

i think that this movie is going to be AMAZING! who cares if kristin isn't pakistan descent, but the fact that she can pull it off...and i think that's what makes her a great actress. i really believe that she pulled it off...but i really had no doubts, b/c she is a GREAT actress.

and i agree with some of you about kristin being very UNDERATED! i think that she is one of those actresses that has everything, beauty, intelligence and the "balls" to do a hard and controversial role. she isnt like lohan, jesicca and all those stereotypical girls from hollywood. but then again, thats why i love her.

I applaud Kristin for taking on a role like this. The fact that she's not actually Pakistani is a non-issue. None of the leads in Memoirs of a Geisha were Japanese either, that's not really the point of filmmaking. You judge the FINAL product. I also think, that along with the rest of the cast, she's improved on Smallville with each new season. It's wonderful for her to be stretching her wings like this. She's an amazing natural beauty too, something very rare these days.

this is a good essay to read
goes with the topic being discussed here

I have seen many Pakistani girls that look like Kristin

FINALLY! Just Jared posts a Kristin Kreuk related blog!

O how I've waited for this day!

WoW! I just finished watching the trailer and this film looks good. Granted it is hard to judge a whole film from a brief trailer but it did leave me quite impressed. Kristin looks absolutely amazing in those pictures and in the trailer. I am glad to see her branching off ...I wish her all the best. I was also happy to see Neve C. I assume this is an indipendent film? Any scheduled release date?

People can ONLY talk about how they casted a non-muslim for the role.... shame on however does. Kristin is beautiful for the part!! Her accent way believable...why don't all of you who are complaining about the movie wait to actually SEE the movie, then whine. Absurd!! Anyways, I think she is going to be perfect in the film.

I don't see why they have to cast a person for a specific nationality to play someone of a specific nationality! That is absurd! Penelope Cruz and Christian Bale played greeks in Captain Corelli's mandolin, does that mean that I (greek) should be offended?? that is ridiculous! Cast choices are not made simply by ethnicity. They felt she had a combination of elements to bring to the part and they cast her, big deal! That's why it's called ACTING and not reality. The actor doesn't have to be what he or she represents.
Never Campbell and her CRAPPY ASS "accent" on the other hand is an unforgivable casting mistake. Yeuch!

Honestl people its about the acting, despite what ethnicity the person is, i mean thats why we go too see the movie cinematogrophy good script and good acting i mean give her a chance, i mean for christ sakes the guy was in the guru,

LOok at the PICTURE

well said blundht

I'm Paki born and I have no problem with Kristin playing a Pakistani. Sure they could have gone with an actual south asian actress but at the end of the day, as a fan of hers I have no problem with her representing my nationality and given the fact she committed to it, its fine good exposure for us. As far as her acting being wooden, she's not a natural actress, she only started acting like 5 years back and yeah it was essentially cause of her looks the Edgemont/Smallville producers got her but she seems grounded and this role gives her an oppurtuinty to try something slightly different. So what if she's typecast somebody's gotta play him. Even in atrocious smallville episodes where she was a possesed witch or an vampire she seemed to be having more fun that playing Lana.
Let's support this girl, it is tough that she's been in roles with hard core fanboys who dont like the adaptions of movies/shows she was in (Earthsea. Superman/Smallville) but end of the day, I hope she commits to her role and give it her best. That may sound unbelivabley sappy but that's just my thought on it

I heard rumours she might star in Steve Carrell's remake of "Get Smart" (Steve approached her agent about it). Let's hope she does big things!

My grandfather's brother-in-law was born and raised in Pakistan - but ethnically of ethnic Pakistani and Chinese descent - because outlying China is located so closely to Pakistan. His mother was a former Buddhist convert who moved out for job opportunities in the early 1900's. It doesn't mean much... but Chinese people conceiving babies with ethnically Pakistani people DOES occur, FYI.

Hey does anyone know what the song is that plays about half way through the trailer, right after Neve Cambell says, "I'm still waiting for a response to my request/The child will be grown up by the time you get to her case!"???? Its such a nice song and i know i've heard it before but i don't know from where or what its called. Can anyone help??? Please!

Oh and one more thing, the idiotic, "thundering", extremely americanized voice in the beginning pretty much sets this movie up to be another crappy, sappy love story, just in "new" setting. It doesn't help to see this movie as something special and different. Why do they still do trailers with these stupid voices in America???? It is sooooo annoying. It gives me a negative feeling even if the movie would be worth a watch.

This is a Canadian movie, not a American movie.

and the song you're asking about is "Nara" by E.S. Posthumus.

I loved that song for the longest, hearing it in the trailer for a Kristin Kreuk movie just makes me love it even more!

OMG thank you SO much Arelis!!! That song is beautiful, i love it! Wow, i had no idea it was the Cold Case theme and used in Unfaithful. Oh and the fact Partition is a Canadian movie helps make more sense on Kristen's casting. She is quite popular over there :)

To All of you who have no problem with a non Paki playing a Paki role:

When will it stop? A Pakistani actress was not picked to play June Carter in Walk The Line or would never be considered.

A Pakistani actress was not picked to play in North Country instead of Charlize Theron.

A Pakistani actress was not picked to play Angelina's role in Mr & Mrs Smith.

It is a joke. It is lazy casting and it is once again a way to make sure White people go see the film.

There are plenty of GORGEOUS Pakistani actresses. I have Pakistani friends and they are GORGEOUS and talented but they NEVER get acting work.

Please - the industry sucks. it is the same industry who could not find it in their hearts to find one NOT ONE Japanese actress for Memoirs of A Geisha - a film about one of the oldest and most Japansese traditions.

Why don't we go back to the 40's and 50's when White actors wore make-up to make their eyes look Asian to play Asian characters?

Why don't we go back to the days of White actors wearing Black face?

There is no excuse this day in age to not find an actor from the culture you are portraying - unless it is a role that calls for non-traditional casting.

Hollywood does not cast Black and ethnic actors in roles that call for a White actress yet they are quick to cast a White actress in roles that call for ethnic actors.

It is a double stasndard and it sucks. Until, we crtiicize it, it will never change. Write letters to the film company. Believe me, it makes a difference.

What type of roles should be given to Kristin then? Just half Asian/white roles?

I remember when Kristin first started on Smallville people were bitching from the moon and back about Lana being played by a half Asian actress, that when did Lana becomes Asian?!

Kristin will never win with any role she may get if the roles aren't a role for a halfie like her.

Again this movie isn’t a Hollywood movie it’s a UK/Candia film, by a Indian director.

Kristin can have access to both Asian and White roles since she is biracial - I don't have a problem with that.

We are not talking about race here, we are talking about culture.

The Pakistani culture is a very specific one. I don't even think an Indian actress should be considered for that role. To do so is to suggest Pakistani and Indians are the same - they are not.

There are plenty of gorgeous Pakistani actresses who are talented.

This is all wishful thinking because Hollywood is too screwed up to change - but we the audience can put the pressure on them to have more respect for people's cultures.

Zhang Yii may look Japanese but she was not she is Chinese. There is a HUGE difference.

When I refer to Hollywood, I am regerring to Candian and American or any other film industry. If the director is Indian, he should more than ayone else understand the ongoing strife between Indians & Pakistanis and Pakistanis (at least the ones I know) don't take nicely to people thinking they are interchangeable with other Asian groups.

Like in Memoirs of a Geisha, Chinse is not Japanese! Obviously, a lot of Whites seem to think so.

As I have said before, I have a wayyyyyy bigger problem with Neve Campbell "portraying" a british woman. It's not ALL about colour is it?
I also have a problem with hiring Nicole Kidman to play a "plain" looking woman by adding a prosthetic nose. That is way more stupid I believe. I find the notion of ONLY hiring people of the same nationality boring and unnecessary. This girl is already famous and well liked to the most part, the studio wants to make money from a name and a face that is already well known, she looks "ethnic and exotic", there you have it. It's not like she is blonde and pasty white!It's not about whether or not the actress is of the same colour and-or nationality, but whether the story and the part do justice to the nationalities and circumstances they refer to. Anything else I think is sweating the details and it sounds extreme to me.

hehe by the way, according to imdb, Jimi Mistry's mother is irish and his father is indian, and he himself is british... Should HE also only get mixed nationality parts? Or maybe only indian-irish parts? That is absurd.

So what parts would #47 and #48 suggest Pakistani actresses be offered in Western films? They are certainly not getting the Reese Whitherspoon parts?

Since a Pakistani role can, as you suggest, go to a biracial or White woman - what does that leave for the Pakistani actresses? Plesae explain.....

Also, you avoid the issue brought up earlier - should we go back to White actors in blackface too? Should we hire Reese Witherspoon to play a Black actress in let's say "Boyz In The Hood 2"?

Because Pakistanis are of a different race and since it is ok for White actresses to portray them - should Gwyneth Paltrow wear make-up to make her eyes look Asian and play in Memoirs of A Geisha 2?

I read in an article that the director purposely casted a non-paki/indian actress for the lead, to show that the themes of the movie were universal.

KK has improved so much since she's started acting on SV five years ago. The movie looks good, I can't wait to see it.!

Dear "Duh!"- you are avoiding the obvious, which is that this girl is NOT white, as I said. I prefer to see parts as parts, and not as parts for pakistani, parts for greeks, parts for canadians, parts for whatever. A pakistani girl should have the ability and opportunity to play any other part, provided it is not a part without a requirement for specific characteristics. I do not care if I watch a movie starring a specific nationality or not, because that is not what movies are about. In my opinion, a good pakistani actress should be casted in any movie, regardless of colour. As long as the actors are good and not *completely* irrelevant to what they're portraying, then I think it's silly discrimination to say that Kreuk shouldn't have this part because she's not actually pakistani. Would you have the same problem with the casting as you seem to have if a pakistani or an indian actress was cast in a part that has been given to a white actress? Would you also say the same things if Parminder Nagra was cast in a Meg Ryan movie instead of Meg Ryan? Would you say "couldn't they find a nice white girl to play this part?" I don't think so. Personally, it wouldn't cross my mind to say "oh look! She's indian!" She would be just another actress in another movie. In answer to your question, yes, I think that any actress should have a shot at getting the Reese Witherspoon parts and I do not see anything wrong with that, as long as the theme of the movie allows it. As long as Kreuk does justice to the part and doesn't end up ridiculing it, I don't see much wrong with this...
I hope I'm relaying what I'm trying to say here...

The point is an ethnic actress trying to get into a traditionally "White film" is reactive.

White actresses already have acess to most parts in film. Period. What we need is a system that tries to make amends to get ethnic actresses working.

If Reese gets the part of an Indian, it would not be fair. Reese already gets unlimited roles - why not leave roles to ethnic actresses? At least they could be GUARANTEED the ethnic roles.

So to compare the two is unfair. It is not the same.
A White actress can always work. An Indian or Pakistani actress cannot. I have a girlfriend who was a former model and has been trying to make it in Hollywood (she is Pakistani) and she gets NO roles - not even a TV commercial.

When was the last time you saw an Indian actress selling Verizon phones in a commercial? Or playing the lead opposite Mathew McCoughnohey? Or cast as a recurring role in Friends?

My friend and her ethnic friends were all turned down for all the above roles. It is a fact. Hollywood is not interested in ethnic actresses for these roles.

So when a role comes along and it is given to an actress, who eventhough biracial, can have access to other roles, it is unfair.

I personally think a film is more authentic when an actor is from that culture. For example, an English actress doing Jane Austen is not the same as Gwyneth Paltrow (even though good in Emma) doing it. There are nuances that only an actress well versed in that culture can understand.

There are always exceptions but for the most part, I find actors from those cultures do better at the role - my opinion.

ALso, the Memoirs of A Geisha example is a good one. There are brilliant Japansese actresses. yes, Zhang Yii and Michelle Yeoh were good in the film. But what sense does it make to not have ONE actress from Japan as one of the leads in that film?

What sense does that make? What is the justification for that?

It has nothing to do with the best actors for the roles. Those actresses were chosen because they were huge hits in Crouching Tiger and the producers felt American audiences could identify with their faces. Of course, what happened is the film did not do as well as expected and was a critical bomb. So waht was it worth in the end? Why not at least one JAPANESE actress?

If you think Hollywood or any film industry is making these choices to pick the best actor - you are so wrong. They pick the most marketable faces not the best actor. Zhang Yii is not the best Chinese actress even - she is the most recognizable one for White people.

This is, I believe, an important debate to have though regardless of what side of the argument you are on.

My girlfriend who is a Chinese actress from mainland China always complains about Zhang. My girlfriend is a very ethnic looking Chinese girl. Zhang is very fair with "European" accepted features. She gets more roles because of that too.

Same with Gong Li - the great Chinese actress. She is mor ethnic looking than Zhang and does not get as many roles. This is all marketing ploy based on really racist ideals of what is acceptable to White people.

Halle Berry, half White and half Black, being the #1 Black actress is NO coincidence. There are better, darker, more Afrocentric actresses. They won't get the work though. They are told they are too dark or too something or not sexy enough. Another Hollywood fact.

I hope you all understand these casting choices are not as innocent as you may want to believe. I have friends who work in the business. Trust me, it's not pretty.

I personally don't see anything wrong with Kristin playing this part, she looks the part and she is a really great actress. I mean who cares if she really isn't Pakistanian, she isn't american either and she plays the role of one. Why aren't you complaining about that while you are at it.

I know what you are saying about Pakistanians not getting the roles, and that sucks I completely agree with you. But I would guarantee that any of those Pakistanians would play the role of a character that is not their culture, they would not turn down a role in a movie that someone the right race or culture could play. I can guarantee that they would not refuse the part because they might be taking away an acting job from an actress or actor of the right culture. Why should Kristin be expected to do the same.

Kristin is not the problem. The industry and advertisers are the problem. Fim industries around the world know White people have the highest spending power and they cast to satisfy that economic base. They don't care about authenticity - just about dollars. It is all well calculated. Kristin is just the pawn in a business that is less about show and more about BUSINESS.

Again, a Pakistani taking a role designed for a White actress would be doing it to work since she has no access to other work. A White actress has access to a diverse amount of roles. You cannot compare the two. White actors work more than non - White actors - it's a fact.

I don't complain about Kristin playing an American because the American culture is not a marginalized one. It will not suffer because non-Americans are playing Americans.

Pakistani culture can suffer when non-Pakistanis play Pakistanis. In this post 9/11 environment where already Pakistanis are seen as the EVIL Muslims, it is time to allow Pakistanis to show us the beauty of their culture. And a film that is about the inception of such a fascinating state! It's unfortunate.

The Pakistani film industry is a very good one though and I think it is a matter of time that one of the really talented Pakistani directors will direct the story of the creation of Pakistan and will do it without Neve Campbell and the actresses of the WB. I bet that versions will be the official Pakistani entry to the Academy Awards for best foreign film. And I hope it wins....One day...

I agree, they think people will see this film because this girl was in Smallville and because of Neve. Both crappy actresses. Why not film actresses instead of dumb TV stars for a serious topic like this?

Would you guys rather have just Pakistanis and Indians watching this movie?

Because fact is if Kristin wasn't in this movie a lot us here could gave two flying sh*t about this movie (justjared wouldn’t had post this blog either) because we would have either known NOTHING about it or would had zero interest in watching the movie to begin with!

Casting only Indian/Pakistani actress to this movie would have left this movie only open to Pakistanis and Indians and maybe a few others that by chance caught buzz about the movie somehow... just every other movie bashed on the Partition with the casting of only Pakistanis and Indians actor and actresses.

And really what's the point in telling a story about a period of time such as the Partition to a group of people who already know it?

Last time I ever heard anything about the Partition was during high school world history…

Now at 22 with this movie it's going to stick… but if you rather keep it in the family then fine… but don’t complain saying such things such as how us Americans only think of
Pakistanis as evil people, but then turn around and complain about a casting for a movie that’ll educate others because the casting is mostly geared to American/Canadians.

If this movie would was cast by all Indians/Pakistanis I wouldn’t be here talking about it, because I care as much about the Partition as much you do about the Spanish American War.

#58 Arelis: FINALLY! Someone who is honest. THANK YOU! My point exactly. White people only like to watch other White people.

Of course, Crouching Tiger was a huge hit with all Chinese actors - so I don't know how you justify that. I assume it would of made even more money if Britney Spears was cast as the thief.

I want to see the next Civil War flick cast properly. Tom Cruise as a slavelowner who channels L. Ron Hubbard. And Gwyneth Paltrow as his Black slave. That would be hot!

I love being White. All the options we have.....

And in brokeback Mountain 2: Barbara Bush and Janet Reno as the two gay male cowboys. Ennis (Babs Bush) finds out his lover is alive and well and...oh you kow the rest....frolick frolick on Gayback Mountain....

Just face it, the only reason Kristin got this role is because she's a (marginally) recognizable face. I'm sure there were better actresses who could pull of the accent far better and matched the role's ethnicity better (I'm not saying they'd have to be pakistani necessarily, but this chick isn't even close...) but of course none of them are going to get the part because they are nobodys... I don't really have a problem with a person of ambiguous ethnicity being able to play various roles... The thing I have a problem with is that the girl is ridiculous in the role. And to reiterate, I'm sorry but even this short trailer can't hide the fact that her accent is more phony than Apu's (from the Simpsons..)

#59 I'm not white though, if anything I look more Pakistani/Indian than white ...

and the reason Crouching Tiger did so well was because it was the first in a lot ways to do the effects it did, not because of the story.

You don't need a real good plotline nowadays for a movie to do well in the box office, as long as you have a lot FX you'll draw people in...

Erica, the only people I've continue to see bash Kristin's acting in that trailer are those who dislike the girl because of her role as Lana Lang on Smallville.

I remember in the Partition forum on IMDB some girl was trashing Kristin's acting and swearing how she would be the down fall of the movie... come later, she admits she doesn't like Lana and starts swearing up and down that Kristin's role is being cut short because the actress who plays Lois Lane is a better actress.

That’s as bias as it comes!

Do you by any chance watch Smallville? ;-)

Because I swear I'm finding a trend in all these "this girl is ridiculous in the role" comments.

It's funny how this blog started off with everyone praising Kristin’s casting, now by the end of this comment box from the wood works people are coming out with nothing but not so very nice things to say about Kristin as an actress.

Arelis, Kristin an actress? Come on. Seriously. Come on. the girl can't act he way out of a paper bag. neve Campbell sucks too! Now are you saying, movies only do well because White people are in them? Ok, you're an idiot. Seriously, what is your purpose here? Yousound like a complete idiot.

Yes, Kristin is an actress. The character she's been playing for the last five years is poorly written. People can't just judge her based on the character of Lana Lang. Whenever she's allowed to break character like when she becomes Isobel (possessed witch) or a junkie...I think she excels.

just like America, Pakistan is an ethnically diverse country. In the northern tribal areas, you have people with caucasian features, even colored hair and colored eyes. In Balochistan and the Areas near China, you have people with Asian features.. Sindhis and Punjabis look more North Indian/"Middle Eastern"... no big deal that Kristin is playing a Pakistani girl. maybe its cuz she lived in Vancit

just like America, Pakistan is an ethnically diverse country. In the northern tribal areas, you have people with caucasian features, even colored hair and colored eyes. In Balochistan and the Areas near China, you have people with Asian features.. Sindhis and Punjabis look more North Indian/"Middle Eastern"... no big deal that Kristin is playing a Pakistani girl. maybe its cuz she lived in Vancit

# 64, the only idiot here seems to be you. I never said movies only do well because white people are in them.


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