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Maggie Strikes A Pose

I don't really have any news on 22-year-old Columbus, Ohio native Maggie Grace but do I really need an excuse to post pictures of her?  These pictures are so striking, I love it!  The former Lost survivor doesn't have any new gigs coming up whatsoever according to IMDB.  Hollywood, give this girl some work!  Anyone have any new news on her?  More great photos in the gallery!

A very leggy Maggie Grace flaunts her stuff in another photo shoot.
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures01
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures02
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures03
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures04
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures05
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures06
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures07
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures08
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures09
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures10
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures11
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures12
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures13
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures14
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures15
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures16
maggie grace pictures maggie-grace-pictures17

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15 Comments Have Already Been Posted

I wish I could play dress up like that. Eyeliner sure does turn you into a different person.

How can she have other gigs, she doesn't know how to act!!!

who cares? she's hot!

she looks evil in some of those photos :(

She is so annoying looking. I hate her. She's a dickwipe.

oh my gosh i love her!

There's really nothing special about this check...AT ALL! She's BORING. In some of the pics where she is heavily made up she looks like a tranny.

Maggie is beautiful. I spent 3 hrs with her at a family reunion Sunday in Columbus. What a nice, down to earth person. Her family should be proud

She is very beauty and nice I love her (v very) & Iwish to meet her

Po prostu piekna!!!! :))))

She is great!!!!! I can't believe it that she died-She kept this serial alive......

najladniej jest jej bez zadnego makijazu
pozdrawiam wszystkich polakow ;)
i amerykanskich fanatykow "zagubionych"

my tez Cie pozdrawiamy

It's just e tall cow :;>


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