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Here are some new behind-the-scenes pictures of Sofia Coppola's Marie-Antoinette from the Paris edition of Vogue April 2006. Based on Antonia Fraser's book about the ill-fated Archduchess of Austria and later Queen of France, Marie-Antoinette tells the story of the most misunderstood and abused woman in history, from her birth in Imperial Austria to her later life in France.  It's a stylized account of naive Viennese girl Marie-Antoinette who, in 1774, became the queen of France at age 19. More pictures in the gallery!
kirsten dunst marie antoinette kirsten-dunst-marie-antoinette01
kirsten dunst marie antoinette kirsten-dunst-marie-antoinette02
kirsten dunst marie antoinette kirsten-dunst-marie-antoinette03
kirsten dunst marie antoinette kirsten-dunst-marie-antoinette04
kirsten dunst marie antoinette kirsten-dunst-marie-antoinette05
kirsten dunst marie antoinette kirsten-dunst-marie-antoinette06
kirsten dunst marie antoinette kirsten-dunst-marie-antoinette07
kirsten dunst marie antoinette kirsten-dunst-marie-antoinette08
kirsten dunst marie antoinette kirsten-dunst-marie-antoinette09

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I am still voting for Kirsten to win an Oscar for this roll so Michael K has to eat his own pubic hair.

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Can't wait for this film to come out.

oh derek LOL!!! and I love mk, but I'm still laughing.

Happy B-Day Jared!

I admit she looks alright in these photos, but I still can't stand her.

I really like Sofia and want her to do well, but I can't stand Dr. Sunken Tits! I'm so torn!

More women directors in Hollywood.

she said mean things about Jake when they 'broke up' - I wouldnt pay a nickel to see her in anything

I dont care , shes hot, shes nice and id make love to her- so all the crap from jelous bitches doesnt matter. ahahah

only Scar-Jo could save this overly precious idea

I fucking hate Kirsten!!! What a skank whore! She was in Dallas a few months ago and I saw her at a restaurant (Deep Ellum Cafe) with a bunch of other "loser" girls. She went to the ladies' room and I went in right after her... Geez! You should have smelled the stank in there! She clearly ate something that died inside of her!

she looks so bored in these pictures - shes thinking, what a yawnfest making this stupid movie has been

ugh, i smell a turd! this looks whorrible

When I saw htese pictures, something came over me. Like a sudden fallen in love for this wonderful wonderful person.

Classy! ROLMAO.

I've been a great fan of her as well as the noble women she’s portraying (Marie-Antoinette) either the Historical background tha appears in the movie. Soooooo, I can’t wait to watch it!

Ou revoir et Voyez-vous tout dans les théâtres!

Atticus told me she was a huffalump, but I dont really think he knows what that means

She should have been an abortion. Someone said she's into scat, too.

That's just rude, Frances! Are you the bitch who works for Universal Studios?!!! I fucking hate you!

When Jake says the bitch is dropping by, Atticus thinks hes getting a girlfriend. But he likes to sniff Kikis butt

I dont know. Im sure Marie was misunderstoond, and didnt really deserve to die, but thats what happens when you dont feed people. Food>clothes. Bitch had it coming.

NOT GOING TO SEE THIS SHIT OF A MOVIE... Unlike her father, Sofia Coppola sux ass... Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette? This little cheerleader hippie... Sick of it! Sick of nepotism on Francis Coppolla's side, sick of Sofia's choices of actresses... SAME ones in all her crapy talentless boring movies... sick of their whole rich clique... But you'll eat whatever they feed you... Tasteless idiots!

she looks like a Dutch fishwife - I can imagine her skinning eels

This is going to sink Sophia - how could she cast Kiki after she totally ruined Elizabethtown?


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