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Mission Impossible 3 Stills

Director J.J. Abrams recast Scarlett Johansson and Carrie-Anne Moss back in May 2005, opting for his Felicity leading lady Keri Russell.  Here are some awesomely fantastic production stills and candids of actress Keri Russell,  29, filming scenes from the highly anticipated Mission: Impossible III opening nationwide in theaters May 5th, 2006.  More pictures in the gallery! Anybody looking forward to Kanye West writing the theme song for Mission Impossible 3?
Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt), Maggie Q and Ving Rhames (Luther
Stickell) aid struggling Keri Russell in Mission: Impossible 3.
keri russell tom cruise keri-russell-mission-impossible01
keri russell tom cruise keri-russell-mission-impossible02
keri russell tom cruise keri-russell-mission-impossible03
keri russell tom cruise keri-russell-mission-impossible04
keri russell tom cruise keri-russell-mission-impossible05
keri russell tom cruise keri-russell-mission-impossible06
keri russell tom cruise keri-russell-mission-impossible07
keri russell tom cruise keri-russell-mission-impossible08
keri russell tom cruise keri-russell-mission-impossible09
keri russell tom cruise keri-russell-mission-impossible10
keri russell tom cruise keri-russell-mission-impossible11
keri russell tom cruise keri-russell-mission-impossible12
keri russell tom cruise keri-russell-mission-impossible13


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Awww. Look at little Kerri. JJ got his wish. He finally got Kerri being kick ass. heh. Ladies and Gents, the real Sydney Bristow

give me jennifer garner over felicity any day...

Keri looks cute here. I miss Felicity.

these are fab! coincidentally, Spidey 3 is filming at my work today ... ssshhh! it's top secret!

love keri russell... she's gorgeous.

I used to really like...but now I find her really annoying for some reason... ahh

wow she looks great with her hair like that

I am with geniass---I miss Felicity.

stop being so jealous. i live in the apt. complex with Keri. She's sweet. Classy. Courteous. considerate. and dare I say...sooooo sexy.....eat your hearts out....

Ask Ausiello rules!!!!!!!


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