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Host Heidi Klum and the cast of Project Runway 2 (Andrae Gonzalo, Kara Janx, Nick Verreos, Emmett McCarthy, Heidi Standridge, Guadalupe Vidal, Zulema Griffin, Daniel Vosovic, Marla Duran, Santino Rice, Diana Eng, Daniel Franco, Raymundo Baltazar, Chloe Dao) sans John Wade and Kirsten Ehrig will be on The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch tonight, Monday, March 6 on CNBC @ 10PM ET.  The three finalists Chloe Dao, Daniel Vosovic and Santino Rice are also scheduled to appear on ABC's The View tomorrow, Tuesday, March 7 @ 10AM ET.  More pictures in the gallery including stills from the Project Runway 2 two-hour finale airring this Wednesday, March 8 on Bravo @ 9PM ET.

Finalists Santino Rice, Chloe Dao and Daniel Vosovic prepare
their models to show off their lines at New York Fashion Week.
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale01
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale02
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale03
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale04
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale05
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale06
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale07
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale08
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale09
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale10
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale11
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale12
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale13
project runway finale project-runway-2-finale14
project runway finale project-runway-donny-deutsch01
project runway finale project-runway-donny-deutsch02
project runway finale project-runway-donny-deutsch03

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the show was pretty lame if you ask me - head on over to santinorice.com for a mini-recap.

We were promised to see Project Runway like we'd never seen it before. But the actual show was actually aimed toward people who had never seen it at all!!

Project Runway is amazing show!!!!!!!!!!!!


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