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Kiefer Confirms '24' Movie

KKKKKKIIIIIIIEEEEEEEFFFFFFFFEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!  Days after signing a deal with FOX to create three new seasons of 24 for $40 million, Kiefer Sutherland, 39, will hit the big screen as U.S. federal agent Jack Bauer.  Movie production is already under way!  Kiefer told MTV, "The 24 hour movie would be a two hour representation of a 24 hour day. It would be the first time that we would not do something in real time, but the characters would obviously be derivative of the show. The timing issue is what the writers are working on now. The sky’s the limit for them as we wouldn’t be restricted by the time element."  These will be the two most intense hours of my life, I just know it.  How many times can one possibly pee in their pants from suspense??  More pictures in the gallery of Kiefer with mystery woman (not Tricia Cardozo) out and about in Hollywood yesterday afternoon!
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Isn't that exactly what his new movie is?? sounds the same to me!

looks like Blythe Danner to me

Will the movie be 24-hour long?

Great. no i have to watch all the DVDs before i go see it.

I'm predicting an X-files Fight the future type Movie.

Fox is smarter than I thought they were...I figured they'd let Kiefer get away....24 is the best show ever..and Jack Bauer is t he greatest character ever created....Kiefer as Jack is just larger than life.......24 forever !!

Just a random thought...The woman in the pics kind of looks like the aunt from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". Is that possible? Or, of any importance? lol Anyhow...just a random thought.

Forget the mystery lady. Look at the mystery guy. Especially the pics in the Malibu. It's Rocco DeLuca.

AHHHHHH 2444444444 THE MOVIEEEE...I am so wearing my 24 t-shirt to that....possibly the best thing created since french toast!! 2444444444444444

Darn. I'd much prefer to look at Rocco than some woman wearing really bad shoes!

It could be his twin sister Rachel...?


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