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HBO Signs Austin Nichols

Austin Nichols, 25, will start in a drama or comedy series project (um, that's vague)  with HBO (they rarely sign actors to holding deals).  Being in the tabloids certainly didn't hurt this deal one bit!  Remember Austin growling at the Grizzles with Jake Gyllenhaal and walking on the beach with One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush?  Of course you did. According to Paper -- Austin got his first big break as Rachel Griffith's boy toy on Six Feet Under. Soon after, Austin met Gyllenhaal while shooting the doomsday epic The Day After Tomorrow. "I've learned a ton from Jake. He's a really sharp guy. He told me everything about acting, the business, girls, life." Austin's upcoming projects show off his darker side. In The House of Usher, he plays a "twisted, terminally ill, fucked-up guy." In Lenexa, 1 Mile, he's a hard-partying, troubled kid with a violent temper. And in the HBO series Deadwood, Austin is mesmerizing as Wyatt Earp's murderous brother Morgan. More pictures in the gallery of Austin Nichols with short hair back in September 2004 (a look he should never ever return to)!
austin nichols short hair austin-nichols-short-hair01
austin nichols short hair austin-nichols-short-hair02
austin nichols short hair austin-nichols-short-hair03
austin nichols short hair austin-nichols-short-hair04

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Jake's with this guy? I thought he would have better taste than that. When he doesn't smile he looks like a skinny, creepier version of Vince vaughn

The adorable Austin

I don't particularly like this guy. He reminds me of Doogie Hauser for some reason.

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Aww, I think he's a cutie, especially in Day After Tomorrow. I admit, I pretty much hated the guy in Wimbledon, but compared to all the other beautiful, great talent like Paul Bettany and James McAvoy in that one (Jake's female ex not included?), it wouldn't be hard to fall short. That top pic is actually one of the best pics I've seen of him.

Austin is not easy on the eyes, especially when compared to Jake. Maybe he should reconsider being friends with Jake or being photograohed next to him. It would do wonders for his career.

I am sure Austn must've kissed a lot of asses, including Jake's (though that would be no hardship). But good luck to the guy. The test is in the acting and bring in the ratings, afterall.

This guy is a winner - cute, elegant - the Jake connection doesnt hurt either


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