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Pitts Make Namibia Popular

Namibia has become the subject of huge interest in the US since the arrival of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, according to the country's US ambassador. "The Namibian embassy in Washington DC has been inundated with calls from the US media and individuals," said Hopelong Ipinge. The film star couple arrived in the south African country in early April with Jolie's two adopted children. Jolie, who is eight months pregnant, is expected to give birth there. It will be an honour for Namibia to become the birthplace of her child," Ms. Ipinge said. She added that some American TV stations has asked for Namibian tourism marketing videos after requests from viewers.
Namibia, Africa :: Above is Brad Pitt, 42, and Angelina Jolie, 30, leaving an African jewelry shop and loading into their Range Rover earlier this week.  More pictures in the gallery!

Vintage Brad Pitt, anyone?  Brad Pitt made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno back on November 21, 2001. Brad starred in a series of skits to promote Spy Game and in this particular sketch, he tried to get people to watch his film. One old man refuses to watch the film and Brad asks if there's anything he could do to change his mind.  It then cuts to the two of them in bed and a naked / shirtless Brad asks, "Now are you going to watch the film?", the old man replies, "maybe."

DOWNLOAD :: Brad Pitt - Shamless Acts of Promotion (zipped video)
brad pitt shirtless brad-pitt-shirtless001
brad pitt shirtless brad-pitt-shirtless002
brad pitt shirtless brad-pitt-shirtless003
brad pitt shirtless brad-pitt-shirtless004
brad pitt shirtless brad-pitt-shirtless005
brad pitt shirtless brad-pitt-shirtless006
brad pitt shirtless brad-pitt-shirtless007
brad pitt shirtless brad-pitt-shirtless008
brad pitt shirtless brad-pitt-shirtless009
brad pitt shirtless brad-pitt-shirtless010


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AND i GIVE YOU MORE OF THE PITS..........ARENT THEY CUTE!!!more of the pitts

He looks cute...real cute.

Jared.why does it take so long to load a comment? Oh, Brad looks cute......I cant keep sayin that

That lucky ol' fart

Oh jeez I love this man!! He's so funny and beyoned cute.


The most beautiful couplel on earth.

I remember watching that entire skit when it originally aired and it
was pretty funny. It was also kind of surprising because it didn't
seem like something Brad Pitt would do--Jim Carrey, yes--but Pitt
uh uh. So, it was even funnier because it showed that he didn't
take himself too seriously.

Thanks Jared for the new pictures,the skit with the old man is funny.

WOW JJ you are killing us man!
Thank you , Tank you JJ we love you, you are keeping us so busy with these posts, the others are still in all ones. JJ you the best thanks.
BRAD and ANGIE makes NAMIBIA so hot on world Map right now.
BAMZ+1 rocks the World baby!

man...now i can't concentrate on my study...jj...you're killing me....i was so hungry before for any pics of them....now....wow...i need alka seltzer.....anyways, thanks much jj...you're the best!!

he is good looking but i like him better nowadays...he's a handsome man not a pretty boy anymore!!

bamz+1 rocks and rules!!

thanks JJ, that was funny, I've never seen this skit before.

What is wrong with me? I can't stay away today! Always something new. I remember seeing this at the time. It was so funny. Just a few years ago, and so much has happened to him since. Hard to imagine him being able to goof like this today...

go brad!!!

remembered in OC11 and OC12, beside GC, BP is suppose to be the leader of the pack in practical jokes.

Thanks JJ. Another good one!!!

Thanks JJ for the pictures

Thanks JJ!!

Lol! OMG! I have never seen it before! LMAO

STEF from UK where are you BAMZ+1 Fan ,
I got your people Magazine.

Brad is such a hot sexy guy, Namibia never being or look so hot since the BAMZ+1 Family.
Thanks JJ for all your input.

Very cute indeed!!!Absolutely beautiful..

I want to go to Namibia!

That's great for Namibia! The Pitts have a positive influence!

I don't know if you have seen this before, it just came up on MSN.


It looks like FRIENDS WITH MONEY made only 3.6 million dollars so far. I do feel sorry for JA and the movie career she was so eager to pursue.

Everything the Jolie-Pitt team touch is turned to gold! God bless them and the message of hope they send to the rest of the worlds. I thank them for being a positive American figure.. showing the world that we DO care about other people, and not just ourselves. They inspire and create good. They use their CELEB to help others, how NOBEL!!! I watched Oprah... I know.. I know.... but she had Lisa Ling, whom is ANOTHER WONDERFUL WOMEN!! and I was so touched to see that Angelina has inspired other actors to help these children. She has opened others eyes, and brought light to a cause that us regular folks have been fighting!! I thank her for that!!!

# 24 | Tish | Hi Tish, I feel the same way. You know I am huge BAMZ+1 fan, but the last couple of days I really started feeling sorry for JA. AJ is given the most beautiful person and their family the most beatiful family title. AJ is not only a great actress but a very influential humanitarian. I mean how can you compete with that.... I hope JA finds happiness as much as our favorite family has, instead of harping on what got away :)

This skit above was from the Jay Leno show, if you would like to watch it here is the link. It is absolutely hilarious. It has to be downloaded.


It is under 2001 -Shameless Acts of Self Promotion - The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno

Maybe JJ can add it to the site?



Love the "Water is Life" sign on the taxi next to them.

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