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Smell Ya Later, Colin

You may have seen this story about how Japanese moviegoers will soon be treated to scent-filled screenings of the Colin Farrell film The New World. How? "Special machines under the seats" will filter peppermint, rosemary, tea tree and other smells during key scenes in the film. Some homes in Japan are even equipped with similar aromatherapy technology, which costs about $600. -- PopCandy
Synchronizing smells to movies?  Nobody wants to take a whiff of dirrrrrrty Colin. Eeeeeewww.  More pictures in the gallery of Colin Farrell, 29, and his 2-year-old son James (Colin's middle name) visiting open houses in Hollywood so they can spend more time with each other!
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell01
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell02
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell03
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell04
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell05
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell06
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell07
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell08
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell09
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell10
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell11
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell12
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell13
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell14
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell15
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell16
colin farrell boots colin-farrell-son-james-farrell17


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SUre - make the woman with the broken leg hold the umbrella so you dont ruin your hair!

omg! omg! omg! he looks so hot! YUM, (Thats colin by the way lol not james hehe) XD NicePics thx Jared

Oooh I think the woman in the black is colins sister Claudine (Just to let you know) but she still shoundn't be carryin the umbrella :|

Colin is so gorgeous and hot. He is eyecandy. Love it.

I never wanted to like Colin, but I'm such a sucker for a man with an accent. I mean, a man with a kid. And he fits both, doesn't he?

This is so not news. Now Colin naked in a brawl. That's news.


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