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Tricked Out Jessica Simpson

In his primetime special, magician and psychological illusionist Keith Barry performs outrageous stunts such as a $1 million card challenge, blindfolded driving and a public hanging.  His mind control effects even commands singer/actor Jessica Simpson's mind with amazing results. (Can you really control something that's not really there?) Keith Barry :: Extraordinary will be broadcast Friday, May 12 @ 8PM ET/PT on the CBS. The special will also feature Barry displaying a range of magic skills and demonstrating his intuitive capabilities on actors Matthew McConaughey, Wilmer Valderrama, Elijah Wood, Nicollette Sheridan, Vivica A. Fox, Regina King and Tichina Arnold from the UPN hit comedy "Everybody Hates Chris;" supermodel Rachel Hunter; rap superstar; actor and designer Eve from the UPN comedy Eve; and CBS's David Krumholtz (Numb3rs). More pictures in the gallery!

Keith Barry uses hypnosis to instantly induce memory loss in
Entertainment Tonight's Jann Carl and Mark Steines,
causing them to completely forget two minutes of their lives.
jessica simpson magic tricks jessica-simpson-magic-tricks01
jessica simpson magic tricks jessica-simpson-magic-tricks02
jessica simpson magic tricks jessica-simpson-magic-tricks03
jessica simpson magic tricks jessica-simpson-magic-tricks04
jessica simpson magic tricks jessica-simpson-magic-tricks05


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I am so not watching it...

Look interesting, going to have to check it out...

By the way, love the new layout!

I have seen this poser around LA...he is such a wannabe. This will blow. Trust me.

He did a tour last year and I went to see him. He's amazing.

"That's a man, man!" Seriously, the girl looks like a dude...or some sort of tranny--pre-op!

Wow! Is that Jessica Simpson or his assistant? Her hair is horrible and that red dress makes her look CHEAP!

For a funny blurb on the photo, see: http://www.hollyboo.com/blog/index.php/2006/04/15/if-only/

count me in, saw this guy in his Hollywood show, he is amazing and
will take over from blaine/copperfield in no time

count me in, saw this guy in his Hollywood show, he is amazing and
will take over from blaine/copperfield in no time

Jessica Simpson is such an ugly man. I can't believe people think she is pretty she has to try so hard just to look decent. I hope someone kills her soon. She is soo fake.


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