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Who's Lost Their Gym Pass?

It's not that we expect celebrity men to be perfect... But we were slightly disappointed to see these pics of a former hottie looking a little wobbly around the midriff. Jude Law was chilling out on a Malibu beach with his ex-wife Sadie Frost and their kids, when he was snapped with his belly in relaxed mode.  Don't get us wrong, he's still fairly trim... but we'd been hoodwinked into thinking the Alfie star might hide a set of toned abs under his shirt. We were wrong, bless us. Still, the man was far too busy building sandcastles for his nippers and indulging in a spot of boogie boarding to be worrying about clenching and tensing.
FAMILY DAY OUT ::  Jude Law, 33, basks in the balmy Malibu beach weather with ex-wife Sadie Frost and their kids – Rafferty, 9, Iris, 5, and Rudy, 3 – on Thursday. 
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first!!! Like I care...

I don't care I still think he's gorgeous.

I don't care I still think he's gorgeous.

You KNOW he's still gotta be screwing Sadie Frost! I wouldn't be surprised if they end up getting back together!

Hm. I have to say, I like him with a bit of meat on him.

Ewww!! Jude is so hairy! He needs to shave his chest! Disgusting!

Please!!! People, your idea of a belly is a bit warped. He's normal....no, he's hotter than that.

He needs to at least wax his front.

I think he looks absolutely sexy. I actually couldn't stand Jude before. I'm surprised how sexy he looks with his ex-wife and children. He seems like a great dad (even with all the crappy attention he get). I think he should stick with Sadie and forget about the tart, Sienna.

Its not as if he's overweight! now it seems that Hollywood's obsession with weight is even starting to reach the blokes. It's ridiculous!on another note, i think its really nice that he and his ex-wife can both take the kids on holiday - it shows that no matter what problems they had, they can still be mature about it when it comes to their children.

He still looks good to me. I am glad Jude & Sadie are being civil finally.

OH yeah, let's see your six pack Just Jared.

Girls like guys with something to hold on too...no anorexics.

He is beautifull I don't care if he lost his gym pass, at the end is the kind off guy who no matter what the looks great! And yes is a good idea to keep Sadie close cuz is the mother of his beloved kids so its better, anyways Sienna is too strange and looks like she acts like a child and yes she is beautifull but a tart!

Despite being a pretty awful kind of boyfriend, he always looks like he's a great father. If anything, he never looks less than in love with those beautiful kids of his. He looks fit to me, and I'd lose all faith in him if he waxed the hair off. That'd be way too girly of him to do.

Someone tell me why people get so excited about commenting (and commenting first) just to say they don't care. Don't care? Don't comment. Don't read. Don't look. Putting effort into such a comment only makes you look like a hypocrite. Jeez, can't people be nice these days?

He is lovely.

He's gorgeous no matter what.

He looks hot, like the hairy chest and the extra pounds. A man should look like a man, not some steroid beast or Lindsay Lohan. Jude looks just right.

Love Jude....Love the hair....Love the handles....Love everything.....Love Jude!!!!

He looks great! It's sad that most have succumb to L.A.'s view of what hot is, waxed chests, spray on tan and a six pack. But at the end of the day, do you think Jude really cares what we think?! He is famous and wealthy.

Jude..wobbly around the midriff? Ummm, no. I can't stand LA.

I think it's great that he and Sadie can put the kids first. They are great friends- Sadie has said that she will always love Jude-they spent ten years together.But they are just friends-this is actually their 2nd family vacation together. They went to Africa over Christmas. I wish them the best with their little ones!!!!

There's supposed to be some fat there? I don't really see it. Not my fave actor, but he looks good.

Umm...Jude a good father? Are you forgetting that a while back he was screwing his kids' nanny and one of his kids walked in on them? And this was while he was engaged to Sienna! If he was a good father and had love and respect for his children, I don't think he would've allowed something like that to happen. Yeah, he really puts his kids first. More like he puts his pee pee first.

no matter what, this man looks dropdeadgorgeous! any man that doesn't agree, is jealous; any woman that doesn't, should take a good look at her own man....

Jeezz, what's the matter with you Americans? Obsessed with body-matters, but if you see a pic of a normal body you start to scream about "Who's lost the gym pass?" there is only one word for a country that has lost its way completely: SICK


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