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Lindsay Lohan Loses Luck

Just My Luck, from the director of How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, is a comedy that wrapped up back in April 2005.  Ashley (Lindsay Lohan) is the luckiest girl in New York City, where she has a promising career and a life full of glamour and romance.  Jake (Chris Pine) is the unluckiest guy in town, tormented by constant mishaps and missed opportunities.  Everything changes for Ashley and Jake when they meet at a swank masquerade party, share a kiss, and miraculously swap their luck.  Now Ashley's ultra-fabulous life is going completely sour while Jake is finally living large.  But Ashley is determined to track him down and steal her luck back.  Just My Luck opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, May 12.  More movie stills in the gallery!

Everything changed in a wink of an eye for Lindsay Lohan.
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck01
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck02
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck03
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck04
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck05
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck06
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck07
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck08
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck09
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck10
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck11
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck12
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck13
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck14
lindsay lohan just my luck lindsay-lohan-just-my-luck15


9 Comments Have Already Been Posted

I saw the trailer. This will be a fun movie to watch.

This movie actually looks pretty promising. Lohan's really a pretty good actress, but her party-life overshadows that, unfortunately.

And whoever that guy is, he's HOT.

the first picture looks like she's a mannequin

she looks really good! everybodys talking about how much she has changed since then but i see no difference-shes still as gorgeous as she was then!

I also think she looks great. The red hair is beautiful; I wish she would keep it.

#5 - how can you be so naive?? she filmed this before her dramatic transformation into a blonde (now brunette) skinny bitch. btw, it's great to see Samaire Armstrong in there.. LOVE HER

ooh. can't wait for this movie! so many gorgeous people.

what a ho bag....that's probably her vomit Paris is walking through....


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